A believer in the teardrop token, more views about the steemit campus invasion and a contest for 1 lucky winner

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Hello everyone!

this is going to be a short one

So apologies in advance for those expecting a long and unwinding post, Ill be doing one tomorrow.

Funny thing is, I doubt anyone reads the posts I drop to the end, the long ones I mean, but that doesnt stop me from posting them still. Its just my nature I guess.

For a few days now, my activities had been rather low on the blockchain, this was/is no accident. In recent times, the rate at which I had experienced data challenges and issues based on electricity has quadrupled. Its been increasingly difficult to access steemit and in some cases, had to sit outside in the night and in a frigging chill weather because I couldnt find a network.

Its annoying, its tiring, its weird, especially when you have to explain to vigilantes that youre not involved in any form of 419 scam. But no matter the obstacle that seems to come my way, I have always found a way toovercome.

This actually lead me to write this post.

Teardrops, a drop for your effort! Proof of tears!

Scrolling through my pile of messages om steemit.chat, I found out that I had missed a very interesting update by my boss, @surpassinggoogle.

This post, now two days old, is about an SMT called @teardrops which will be launched by @surpassinggoogle along side other SMTs. Now its not the coin that interests me, but the initiative behind the coin!

If this had been done by any other person, I would have immediately dismissed it as another attempt to get money from steemit.

But boss terry has shown and proven himself to have the people at heart!The token gets its name from the tears that every human has ever shed.

For a teardrop is a symbol in humanity. One thing that we all recognizes. It embodies in its little form, the emotions and feelings we express at that particular moment.
Many shed tears for different reasons, some for joy, some for sadness, some for a restoration in hope and other still for a failure of their plans.
Life presents us with different situations at which we shed tears for and I believe this is what terry seeks to embody. Nothing makes us more human than the ability to express our emotions.
Often times, we are caught up with the steeming and the typing and the autonomous nature of which the blockchain operates and we need a reminder of our humanity.
The proof of tears, tears that shows who we are.

There is a saying where I'm from, that the rich also cry. Everyone has that which they shed for. So lets get this going!

Community engagment via a campus movement

A quick google search will show you that we have well over 200 higher institutions in nigeria, all catering for more than 100m youths in the country.

In a country like ours, teeming with youths of every ag, its a pity that we suffer from what I would call a lack of interest in development from the leaders.

And so in order to ensure students, youths have something to do after school, I brought up this program to Integrating steemit, entertainment and business on campuses in one accord.

By the 4th of February, I and the team will be heading to otefe branch of the delta state polytechnic, Delta state, Nigeria.

With this, we hope to give you all a prelude of what is to come when we start the campus invasion fully!

The following is an exempt from a post I made 13 days ago

So yeah, ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what I have been planing. For months now, I had been trying to find a way to bridge the gap that I noticed when it comes to steemit.

In the coming months, I(@destinysaid) (@africaunchained), along side 4 companies on the steemit blockchain, @leadent360, @steemit-virus @debrecords, @mediahousent(our long time host and MC) are working towards a campus invasion movement.

Rather than just organizing meet-ups and all that, we are moving towards showcasing what steemit and the steem blockchain is capable of doing. We are utilizing the steem blockchain in a way that the developers never imagined it to be used. Providing entertainment values. Providing entertainment service and businesses initiatives to grow via the steem blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

In this initiative, we will be going to different campuses across Nigeria and Africa(thanks to the kenyan and ghanian community liasons), where we will be forming partnership with entertainment bodies and businesses in these said campuses to host an event tagged Steemit:The invasion(or any other name we so choose).
These events will happen across the countries at different time dictated by the school calendar.
In these said events, we will have dance sections, music and artist performances, afrolized theatricals, creative exhibitions(where people showcase their creations), food and snack services to keep fans from going hungry. Of cause, anything that can be bought, will have an option to be bought with steem or sbd.

I cant wait to move ahead and steem up the country!

Proof of love 12 sbd contest, recommended for but not limited to rep 58 and below!

I resonated with the teardrops message by surpassinggoogle. I really did, so I decided to throw a little contest for those that have been shedding tears of loneliness, joy, heartbreak, new love, sadness,happiness in this one-time-contest about love, peace and comedy.

Now before I continue I must state that this is my own way of spreading fun around once on a while. As much as I earn,, I try to giveback to those who gaveto me.

The last contest I did, I gave out 30sbd and 20 teem(or was it the other way around?!)

This contest however, will only have one winner,and the process of selection are by votes.

In this contest, the goal is to list a senerio that you experienced, that made you restore your hope in humanity and our way of life. An experience that made you go;


Thaats all!

Rules of the contest

  • You must resteem this post
  • You must be 100% awesome
  • You must comment story on the comment section of this post
  • Comment with the highest vote wins
  • Your comment must be shorter than 200 words but longer than 25 words
  • You must be having fun!



What can i say bro, oh how you got my message; it is touching. It wasn't entirely about the tears in that post. It was "human" i was talking about and the whole endeavor is to help us re-tap into the awesomest version of human which according to me is gift to humanity every and each time. I say re-tap for many who have entered outerspace and left down-to-earth and tap for many who would do great things, evolving in their substance. It is all tied "steemgigs" where everyone has something to offer; untalented curriculum that involves in the process by reminding us that we are genius and rewarding attempts at out-of-the-boxness, then the interface that will be on https://surpassinggoogle.com that plays out these things together making each person celebs which should be the case in the real world than in the painted world where inanimate characters like superman and batman and crypto-kittens can even have more value than human and a token Teardrops that will have one of the simplest whitepapers ever creating a revolutionary coin that every human can related to whether crypto-inclined or crypto-novice and one that can get celebs interested for its special usecase built on steem that already has the reward model and reputation model and blockchain capability to make it possible. It is going to be a hard route but i am driven . I heard it was being discussed on a crypto-exchange chat recently. I hope we can pull this off. Doing more research and using the untalented curriculum to evolve the whitepaper and structure. I am broken i wont lie, physically but we will push these playful looking thing into full-blown life.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens
and everyone here gets some too!

I have been hearing about you @surpassinggoogle.. I must say @eurogee talks alot about you to us his latest recruits into this platform.

We are in the era of sharing and that i have seen you do. Virtually every newbie has been resteem by you all this is because of the selfless nature of you.

Thank you so much for your write up. They are inspiring ...

Permit me to also appreciate some people respect on this platform They make things happen and i see them all as mentors..

Also, hoping that @blocktrades, @curie, @papa-pepper, @surpassinggoogle, @bayanihan, @steemgigs, @steemph , @acidyo, @purepinay, @marlon82, @reyarobo, @carine1988, @freshbeauty

would appreciate this post.

Thanks boss, your act of selflessness is unimaginable, I pray big for the tokens, and at the same time, I pray will all get the attention of the serious minded people to make the project a success and to make "Human" valuable.

God is your strength. That is all i can mutter right now to you.

I entered into steemit in July 2017 and found @euronation team. Somehow, i lost my master password. All attempt to find it failed. I decided to tell @eurogee my @euronation team leader . Immediately he swung into action. He adviced I write steemit support team. But steemit support wrote me that steemit is in beta mode and cannot handle lost password case.

I was unhappy. I lost 128 SBD and steems worth over 500k. I cried. But then @eurogee, adviced that i start afresh.

Upon making my re-introduction post, then i knew that WOW, THE HUMAN RACE ISNT BAD AT ALL. Why? Many steemians especially @euronation members assisted me. They want to help me recover my account. Immediately they asked a member to meet me physically to help find the hidden password in my laptop. Euronation members sent me steems/SBDs, even @eurogee, sent steems and SBD both from his account and the team's account. Moreso, he told members to blog about it and share earnings with me. Really the human race isnt bad at all. Thanks @destinysaid and @surpassinggoogle

Wow, this is touching. Thank God they were able to help. @adoore-eu

Hmmm ... I could also imagine that feeling

We we are proud of you as one of us and will always identify with you.

Wow!!! The bond in the community is great

Glad am part of it!!!

We'll stick together.

That's what a team stands for... All for one and one for all. Its nice to know you're enjoying blogging again.

We stand for our own!!!

Team work pays!

When the journey first started,it was as if heaven wont take my cry of supplication bcs i saw people earning alot but all ds cents i do earn wont make my dream be as i i planned it?? But thanks to @eurogee. Weldone @adoore-eu. The human race isnt bad but how do humans handle their races???

I gave you some tear drop tokens dear @adoore-eu.
100% upv by Dr. George

One love keep us together

I feel sorry for what had happened. But I know you will gain all that you have lost.

Wow, you have encountered really wonderful people here..

We are all different but unique. In our little ways of doing things. The members of @nation and @eurogee are awesome

Well said, the community is a great one.

wow. this is a super story. don't worry dear. 2018 u shall recover all u lost ten times over

I'm glad you had friends on standby to give a helping hand. Success

You're with the right team. You will surely recover.

Very sorry about your loss.It's really painful. Thank God you had the support of a wonderful community- @euronation, in your time of distress.
I'm sure you've taken the necessary precautions to avoid a repeat of such an incidence.
Keep striving, you will soon recover all you've lost!

The Human Race Isn't That Bad

I left for Abuja from Delta State, 2015 for my youth service, without knowing anyone, with no money, with no idea how life is over in Abuja, the three weeks in camp went bye like a flash, and then reality kicked in, with little money of about 18,000 naira, I was lost on what to do, the ministry I was posted to weren't accepting corpers as the new minister hasn't been assigned and we had to wait four weeks before requesting a repost from the zonal coordinator. Where do I live became a problem, 18,000 isn't enough to feed let alone think of renting an apartment., so accommodation and feeding was a problem but thank God for NCCF, they took many of us in, and fed us, until we are stable enough.

On this platform I've seen so many reasons to be hopeful, first @surpassinggoogle is like a big brother to us all, looking for ways to see we all make it, @swissclive building users creatively and rewarding hardwork, @annonymousdonor helping fellow Steemers in a way beyond everyday norm @greenman helping local vendors, my steemlife had been truly remarkable and filled with hopes for a better tomorrow. May each tear never go unrewarded @teardrops token

Good job bro...

Thanks bro.

Nccf new covenant if am right???

As i was reading throiugh, it was as if i want to cry...

Having just passed through the NYSC scheme myself...I can well relate with your feelings..... Thank God for those who began NACC, NCCF and MCAN associations....
they're like home away from home when we find ourselves in strange lands

Absolutely right, I felt home all through my stay.

I hope you can be a guide to others just like these guys who you mentioned are to you

I hope so bro, it's the plan , to support as as many as I can

Awwwn, this is so touching...
You will make it in life dear

By God's grace...Amen

My last thought on Africans'future.

For a very long time, living my life in Africa as an African, I never thought Africans could be rich in the future even when I see the riches we have that it isn't going round, "the rich keeps getting richer while the poor keeps getting poorer". My usual thought has been... Who would turn the table around? How can we turn the table around?. But, thank God Steemit crept in, and I was able to give my last thought on the Africans future... "If the decentralized world of cryptocurrency could help me make it without the help of the oppressors from Africa, then the Africans future is the brightest cos we "Die Hard".... Great thanks to @destinysaid for this great opportunity.

Alot of that change will come with this: "humanity is the brother next to you" and the true application of steemit in bringing about this change is in "developing the substance of the human and stubbornly attaining the awesomest version of you, for the awesomest version of you is a gift to humanity every and each time". Now steemit is modelled to obliviously help us accomplish both things above but seeing steemit in this light speeds it all up.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

We gat your back bro. Your point was expressed explicitly. In as much as I would have love to contest too, I want to give others the opportunity to air views.
I'm more of a reader than a writer and I admire the effort of @destinysaid and @surpassinggoogle towards transforming steemit.
This is just the beginning of greater exploits.

Thanks boss, very right of you. I pray a great success for @surpassinggoogle and his team for the project.

Thanks boss, very right of you. I pray a great success for @surpassinggoogle and his team for the project.

My turn has come. I eagerly step past the door, sit down and breathe a sight of relief. The rush came through me like flood water coming out of a gate. Maybe it's just something I ate, maybe it's not. When everything is said and done, I look to my side only to see there's nothing left. A single empty cylinder. No word of warning, no sign of help.

They said when you're at your lowest point, you're open to the greatest change. Caught between a piece of porcelain and locked door, contemplating should I make a run for it, panic sets over me. Will I suffer humiliation, shame, disgust, contempt or worse?

I close my eyes, breathe in deeply and ready myself. Three taps on the separator startles me then I see a hand gently put a roll of paper under. "I used them all, sorry". "Thank you". "You're welcome".

Sometimes you will only appreciate small gestures when you're caught with your pants down and no where to go. I guess "MAYBE THE HUMAN RACE ISN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL"

The human race isn't so bad afterall

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens


In 2013, when i was still in secondary school. I actually lost my dad at a very young age, we lost all we had to our father's people (as their custom demanded). My mom was blamed for the death of my dad and she had to go through all those traditional rites😟😟. I had to stop school for almost a year+, i started selling on the streets just to make ends meet, we were four boys in the family and none of us was in school because we had nothing again. All hope was lost for us all.

But God willing, i came across an online scholarship which finally became a success, i was happy because i could finally go back to school and things started turning positive. We were able to gather more money for education and feeding, but now we're living happily now.

I'm currently in the university.

Eyaa, so touching bro. I feel like crying.
Don't worry, the God who has seen you through will skyrocket you to the Zenith bro. You're destined to reign.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Wow, so touching...
What I like is that you never gave up, you stood up and eventually became great..

Yhh thanks

So sorry man buh tnk God u took up d challenge nd here u are...... Kip d flag high

Awesome! 👍

Don't worry dear, God will see you through

I am very happy for you and your family, it is always important to fight and strive to achieve happiness, in addition to that thank God for all the opportunities he gives us. My message to you ... "After the bad, the good always comes" Success!

God always got out back.

I remember the pains that comes with writing JAMB twice after 3years of Secondary education. The annoying part was writing POST UTME, getting a very nice score and succeeding in going through one admission list after another, until the obvious is realized, TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME.
It was as if JAMB saved my name on the database because thrice I sat for JAMB, I got same score ( over 200). I almost gave up pursuit of higher education after sitting twice for JAMB until I decided to give it a last try.
Coming from the Southern part of Nigeria, we were brought up to have dislike for people from the Northern part. My parents however, taught me to accept people as individuals without judging them based on tribe or ethnicity. Remembering that led to my seeking for admission in a Northern federal institution after defeated outings within my cachement area.
My first time to the North was possible courtesy of another POST UTME, as events will turn out, a NORTHERN guy took me in and catered for me.
After that, I looked at the world and thought within me, "WOW. MAY BE THE HUMAN RACE ISN'T SO BAD AFTERALL"

The human race isn't so bad.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Thanks so much for the votes my lords. @surpassinggoogle, I sight you boss.


My Dad is not literate so after my secondary education, i wanted to further but he told me that he isn't willing to pay what it takes to further (even when i knew that he could afford it) that i should learn a trade.
I was stubborn and decided to get the JAMB form ( which is what is required to get into tertiary schools) with my little savings.
I got admission into college of education Zaria in Kaduna, Nigeria and my troubles began. I had to work a part time teaching job while running a full time program in Biology/chemistry education to pay my fees. I could not live in campus because that would be suicidal already so i was going to school from the house.
At times, i won't have transport fare and would have to trek a very long distance ( am not good with measuring distance but for its pretty long walking from Sabon gari LGA to Kongo i.e if you know zaria). At times, after having a stressful lecture filled day, i still had to walk home weeping and thinking that i have been deserted by my ancestors. At a point, i felt like taking my own life.
After awhile, i don't know how a friend of my dad had about my predicament and started to see to it that i didn't have much financial difficulty so i could study properly and i did.
My Dad later saw that his friend was funding me and it affected his pride and he decided to also fund me. I got the certificate from the college and went further to study in the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

"The human race isn't so bad afterall"

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Thanks a lot @ surpassing google, wanderlass, bait002.MAYBE THE HUMAN RACE ISN'T SO BAD AFTERALL


I've witness many scenarios that do restore and strengthen my hope in humanity and our way or life. I am a lover of humanity and peace, and I detest cheating. So I will share my story.

It happened thay I was walking down my street in Ogun state, Nigeria, where I was serving my counry. A police officer, standing few metres away from his coleagues called me in "eh! Come over here tone". I didn't want to answer due to the way I was called, but I respect the Uniform and move closer.

I said "good morning" and he replied me with "is that how to greet"? I was shocked! He then asked me qustions about who am I and where I am coming from. I simply told him that I am coming from the "Copper's Lodge ", where I slept in order to charge my phone, and I'm heading to my house.

He came up with unreasonable excuses that there is environmental sanitation and I shouldn't be working around. I told him, "my house is over there" pointing to the direction of my house. And before I could say Jack Robinson, he had held me so tight by my pant.

I was confused, I even told him I am a Corps member, he did not even know the meaning. He called other and they manhandled me to their station. I was tired and the same time confused, because I can't even place what happened to me. They wanted to force me to write a statement and I refused, telling them I did no wrong.

A senior officer came in and asked about me, I was suprised when they said I was resisting arrest and he said they should have handle me with tougher hands and asked them to confiscate my mobile phone. He didn't ask of my offence ooO. Then I lost hope, I was crying with the latent tears all over my eyes.

About 1 hour later, some people arrived the Police station and demanded they release me with immediate effect, that I didn't do anything wrong. I was like "who are this people"? Most of those officers who arrested me had disappeared into thin air. The officer on counter had no choice than to release me when he saw the agitation and desperation of those people.

The oficers that were around pleaded on behalf of their coleagues. I was very happy at this moment and these people turned out to be those watching the drama between me and the police officer at the point of my arrest.
They had mobilized themselves just to rescue me from the police. They were afraid the police could harm me. I was very happy that day.

This made me to believe more in our humanity because they fought for me. Let's keep fighting for each other for the day we stop fighting for each other, that's the day we lose our humanity.
I am @shakz and this is my teardrop experience. Thank you!

The awesome personality himself. You are just selflessness personified.. Salutions the boss

Hey man, I thank God for you. This is really touching!
Go and win!!!

I'm still 58 and em @destinysaid, thank you, amazing guy you are and have always been.

Well in life not much had really made people have hope that humanity can be saved expecially in Nigeria, where we all believed its finished for us, but Everytime people feel Humanity can not be saved when we ourselves are the fragmentation of humanity.

I for one use to believe so too, until a certain day, I was going to buy a few things for my aunt, and I had close to 350,000 in my wallet given to me, I had boarded a bus and while going I pulled out my phone, and behold my wallet feel on the floor of the bus, when I came down from the bus, I didn't know my wallet had fallen until I reached my destination

When I finally discovered I was nearly running mad, in a desperate position I ran to a police controlling traffic, I didn't just know why, we all know police as corrupt people and after he took a long laugh at me, he asked me to follow him we got onto a car and he asked me to trace the location where I felt the bus went, then we drove to Oshodi in Lagos after searching helplessly I didn't see the bus, the policeman got down and started asking questions, and after a while in the park he got the plate number of the bus, and we kept searching until we found the driver who said he has been calling the number on my phone, I look it was nearly 14 missed calls but my fear and pain never let me notice it, however he delivered the wallet intact and money complete, I was elated and overjoyed it was like the movies after thank the driver the policeman asked me to be careful next time and left, I chased after him to give him some money and he rejected the money and told me it was wrong to be corrupt

The policeman and the driver taught me a lesson that humanity still has an ounce of sanity in them and can still be saved due to this

I'm glad I shared my experience, one nation, one race one world, we can be can be saved

Yes humanity still has sanity. It's in them. Needs to be re-tapped into.
Your wallet na ghana must come?

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Lol my wallet? I no get money o.

Well I hope I will be alive to see that sanity Terry hahaha

Yes, maybe sometimes we just have to be calm and attend to situations calmly with cool temper without fears of anykind.

Thanks boss @destinysaid and at @surpassinggoogle for this opportunity. Anyway i'm not the type that likes to earn pity, neither am i a sulker for attention but in this avenue, i think i'll just do a quick one.

If anyone says he has shed tears, he probably hasnt loved or tried learning, for i'm of thought that learning comes from pain, no matter how little and pain most times could be synonymous to tears! Like every average person from where you (@destinysaid) and i come from have been through tough times, mine wasn't short of that. After failed attempts at almost everything including trying to earn a living, i decided to just ride on the waves and try out everything, afterall whats a goofball that i was scared of anyway, i was introduced to steemit by a friend on whatapp @learnandteach01. After nonchallantly posting for a while, luck smiled on me, thanks to another steemian @admiralsp, mind you, i knew none of them before, but the fact that i have been able to see steem it as a social media platform has rewarded me, taught me to be better and eventually, enriched me. Hence, pulling me out of depression as a timely intervention and puting a new dimension to my creative side with the various contests i've participated in and won too, thanks to @stach and @ejemai...thanks to the @africanunchained community, the @airhawk-project, @bcrafts, @tezzmax, @motivatorjoshua, @hornblende, @AauThespian1 ...the list endless. Thanks for wiping the hidden tears away. Well, maybe the human race isn't so bad anyway!

That's exactly what we are driving at, this: "the human race isn't so bad anyway". The truth is there is no maybe but the world is very painted. Overall, this ability to create awesomeness is in us but many things pertaining to the state of the world deadens and relegates this ability and steemit/steem is becoming evidence of that. For Africa; "maximize the use of blockchain to re-tap into these special aspects of our human.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Thanks @surpassinggoogle! You're indeed a philanthropist

You are welcome

Thanks for the mention

You are always welcome boss ...

I used to compare my self with animals before and I have always run into one unsatisfactory conclusion of what reason, how they posses such great power and agility...seeing my dog Timmy makes me marvel, how he grew up to understand English or is't how he runs so fast while leaping ..yep but how is it? are we so inferior?

No, I don't think so, we are not, how sudden did I believe we are not, I will tell you... I was traveling from Abuja to Enugu by bus, on our way I witness a more superior pain, as compare to animal... A one legged man hopping on a hot afternoon with so much agility... My mind went in a tremendous exercise...increasing my heart beat twice it normal rate, out of my sight I recovered and was left silent till my destination... Okay here is another one:

Why is't that most foreign country are more advanced, when compare to Africa... I will tell you again, why? nature... Africa's are graciously endowed with all good natural equipment: no Earthquake, 0°C temperature... Making our brain so relaxed, no problem, no solution, so say the quote.

I am soooo WOW at my result, that human being can overcome any circumstance as long as it does not consume them, it will make them stronger... Take a look at Russia or any other cold weather country, they posses invention which was to help them adjust to their natural gift, "As long as they is life, we will succeed" their ancestors went through hell in making their environment suitable for them. And now they live and work freely in heavy snow, bravo.

The struggle to survive .....wwwwwaaaaawwww

"You are so so so endowed"; can you see that? Sometimes the solution is simply in how much we can see!

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

I really can see it, boss

Thank you for this opportunity.
I remember the pains from my last relationship where I as a Christian, was dating a Muslim Lady. Everyone were surprised and some even called me aside and asked why I have decided to do such, all I said was "am in love".
I was so much in love with this lady (Samiat) that my parents accepted her, but her family rejected me. I got neglected by friends but that wasn't the painful part, I thought to myself I can make this happen because of love.
She wasn't as strong as I am and caught her cheating on me, in several occasions. But I forgive her and try to make things work, maybe I wasn't treating her well. I did try my best for good five years, still she didn't change and she left me for someone else. People now laugh at me for this, but I stood firmly and God sent n angel to wipe my tears (Rebecca) whom mend my broken heart and changed my thoughts about Ladies.
That's the summary

Bring Rebecca on steemit

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

She's already on steemit She joined this year, username @arewa she wrote her introduction post two days ago. Thanks Boss

That simple word is big to me and the ideology behind it is superb
For the contest , I'd love to partake because humanity is my discipline

I am @olanrewaju
Am still on the verge of making the word a better place to live in

I have always said this

generosity is your label , humanity is your nature , life is big with you

My own @teardrops token too sir

Awesome. No love for higher rep guys? :)
I like this, keep up the awesome work.

tah, go away jor, yall are making waves already :D

Hehehe. 😬

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Hi destinysaid, i love what you doing especially with the campus move. I'd love to join your team. I currently stay in Delta state, Nigeria.

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Wow! Thankss for the token bro. More fun with unending blessings.

where in delta? lets meet

This is a great way of respond to the feelings of people out there and another wonderful means of appreciating and given back to the community. You are really doing a great job @destinysaid

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

My Entry Into The Contest

Am olanipekun adebola, a student of Oduduwa university studying quantity surveying, am presently in my part 5 and I want to appreciate @destinysaid for this privilege to share a little about my self and my experience.
I'm an artist. I mean a guy that would go through any length to record a junk or a demo just for people to listen to what I'm up to. I started as a child but no one could help, encourage or appreciate me. Most time I sing then, people looked down on me and make several jokes out of me. My father would say go and bring your books and after series of home work, he will then say "sit down there and shut up your mouth". I could as well remember uncle Taofeek, he will always tell me to go sweep the floor or clean his shoes if i have no work to do.Sometimes I cried, I get mad at myself but someone always got me and pull me back to my feet; my Mother. She will always cuddle round me and say; my son, always do well that which you know is right. That's me again, bouncing back and moving on with life.

Becoming a super star has been all I want all my life. I want to be that one artist everyone wish to listen to when they wake up in the morning and likewise when they sleep at night but things changed along the line.
Though God has been my backbone but my mother, who has always been there for me both financially and with her words of encouragement, died. I was so sad that i cried bitterly for years. Since i quit schooling, my father decided not to help with a dime again. He said he doesn't believe in my music and have got no one else to run to because i have no job as well. Now everything starts changing. My music after few years was now lacking behind. I couldn't visit the studio to record, I couldn't promote the tracks I recorded before time and I hardly write new songs because all I then think of is how to get a daily food to survive. I was so disappointed that I cried every time, questioned and blamed myself for the kinda lifestyle I'm living.
After many years of my stay at home and quest in becoming a star, I later realise I'm not too old to get in a university. I visited my dad, apologized and told him I want to continue with my studies. God so good, he was so happy to hear that and promised to help with his money.
I started schooling again when I met a friend. He's a producer. He did listened to my songs and he likes them. So we started working together. Now I'm progressing as I'm getting to meet more and popular music stars, and am doing fine with my studies at least am in my final year.

Great job Destiny. Steemit can't have a better Steemian. Thumbs up

Here are some imaginary @teardrops tokens

Wow! Thanks @surpassinggoogle. Thank You! This reaches the depth of my heart. I am grateful beyond measures.

God bless you! Thanks a lot.


I refused to be of any assistance to any body no matter the course. Looking at it from my own point of view, i wasnt at fault. My father looked at his brother who was now almost as thin as a broom stick and he wept bitterly. His only brother was suffering so badly and he could not be of any help because he was extremely broke so it was very painful. At that point, my big brother just gained admission into a private university so all the money my dad had was going into that. My dad placed the matters arising on a scale of preference but suprisingly, he picked his brother over his son and he gave him the money to start up a business thereby forfeiting my brother's admission for that year. My brother was unable to get admission for the next two years since my dad could no longer afford a private school. Five years later, my uncle was now a made man but he forgot his source. He started behaving funny. My dad asked him to lend him a little token so as to cater for the school fees of our last born but he kept giving excuses. We lost hope on him but when it seemed like all hopes were lost, my dad recieved a phone call from a young boy he has helped in the time past and so the situation was saved. This made me realise that no matter how long, a good turn will always pay back and that brought back the humanity in me.

Marawi Siege

Hello @destinysaid! I’ve read this post this morning and I thought of sharing a very fresh event that has happened here in our place- Philippines. Last year, Marawi City was attacked by ISIS inspired militants belonging to the Maute group because they wanted to have control over the place. The whole city became a war zone of the said terrorists and the Philippine Army/ Soldiers. It took months until the leader of the group was killed and the war ended. Many casualties were reported and many people evacuated to the cities nearby including Iligan City.

The war caused a great pain to humanity but what’s done is done and the terrorists are being defeated. I see humanity restored when people from different places helped hand-in=hand to give aid and donate whatever the victims needed. The never ending support and showing of care of other people signify that there is still hope in humanity, despite of what happened. God has made ways to somehow alleviate human suffering by using other people as instruments to lend a help. :) Then I realized maybe human race isn't so bad after all..

Human race is not bad after all. Amid the differences, we tend to help those who are in need without even blinking. Although, we can't deny the fact that the one who caused that siege are human, nevertheless, people extend their arms wholeheartedly eventhough some are not that rich.
Praying that there will be no next Marawi in the near future! And terrorism must be stopped!

many things happen around the world that we do not know about because they ignore someone's roof windows

I coudnt agree more! :3

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Firahs Haja

Marawi siege

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the good will always outeigh the bad, lets unite and we can make a difference in this world, I think that by focusing on our ultimate goals and doing good to everyone that comes to our life thats where we make the difference . Starting by saying God bless you friend and very nice to mmet you, hope to read more of you, the sky is the limit here!!

At the end of the day, we are still humans and we live our life in God's way. Everything happens for a reason and all we can do now is to help one another... thank you for the good words, I appreciate it alot.! :)

My mum told me that before she got married to my father, she went through hell. It all started like this.
They were both serving at the same place but different masters. And surely, they must have met quite a number of times till my dad met her one day and told her that he was gonna marry her. They werent dating or anything. But he saw something far beyond dating. Now, my dad was from Enugu and mum, Delta. This state difference bore the sufferings my mum went through. His mum and siblings had some bad belief about the deltans and didnt want him to marry from there.. After so much fights, my dad suddenly became really sick and almost died. my mum was pregnant for him. This caused her more pains even with her pregnancy.. They told my dad he should leave her that she was going to give birth to a girl. And he almost believed and left her because of the challenges he had at that time. To cut the story short, my mum was actually pregnant for me, choi poor me! She gave birth to me in her village, my dad got the news after his recuperation and went to see her. Today my mum is the first wife in his family making me the first grandchild and grandson in his family.. What a life!

Well, i decided to give this a trial, cos the human race isnt so bad afterall.
Thanks @destinysaid for this contest.

wow, the human race isnt so bad afterall

Well after my admission into the university, everything seems fine at first. But with the state of the nation and fate of things, i actually got feed up on being dependent on everyone.
I started up a petty business as a student, but on the long run it crashed.
Then back to the phase one of dependency accompanied by low self esteem, i taught so low of myself and everyone around me.
Everything about life was so unfufiling, i got so confused about what and who i was.
Constantly i pray, trying to get a grip of my self and the future. But everything seems so blue and blur.
Well i was all by myself, expecting a miracle.
Guess what? The biggest miracle happened!
I found steemit through a awesome friend @ttopswag.
I got into the community and it was all so lively, trilling, exciting and ...
The genesisproject started by @ehiboss and @ogoowinner was the best, everyone in there where all so wonderful and awesome.

Just at that point, i realise there was something more of the hunan race.
And now i exclaim,
"Wow, maybe human race isnt so bad afterall."

Thanks to @destinysaid for this contest.

@surpassinggoogle, thank you too

Not living in Nigeria, I do not know how to live there. But I can speak from my point of view of the life that can be carried in my country Venezuela. With so much despair and poverty that is lived every day in my country, despite so many events that tell you that there is nothing worse than the human being, bringing misfortune to their peers, seeing so many people eating garbage through the streets, the truth the hope in humanity seems to be totally lost. But at the end of the day, you always find yourself with a gesture that changes everything, the people who have less, sharing their breadcrumbs, I see how despite the misfortune they still maintain a smile; That, that does not lose faith in humanity, because each of us we are responsible for planting, sow a smile, plant a help, sambrar kindness, that will make the world reap more human quality and less hate, we are only in a transient where we must give the best of ourselves to give without receiving anything in return and not harm others for their own benefits.


Crossing the street, I saw two homeless men sitting near an overburdened shopping cart. A small dog walking around freely besides them.

Why had fate put me, alone, on that corner, in the exact moment to catch this man roughly grab his small dog’s back legs, turn him upside down while yelling and shaking this small animal violently?

With a throw of this dog into the cart, he raised his fist to start punching the yelping dog and I screamed “STOP!” Then I quickly called the cops. Technically, because the animal was not acting traumatized and there were no external physical signs of bleeding, or damage, the cops that showed up could not take the animal away.

However, this one of them with an admitted animal bias, whispered to me, “I will not leave this dog with this man,” and he bent some rules to take the man into jail for a few hours and, separated the dog to be sent to a shelter and find a new home. After days of hearing nothing, I finally received a call from the DA that they adopted the dog to a good home all thanks to a good-natured police officer.

My experiences, the ones that restore hope, cannot be contained in 200 or 25 words, they flow with time, like tides roving through the ocean, like a cascade felling trees. My being alive everyday, my waking up every morning to witness yet another disappointment of a day is hope in itself. I can't say the human race isn't so bad after all, because I never thought it had to be bad or good. I have only hoped everyday that I can find what I am constantly looking for from life. And right now, although I am many miles away from it, I can unfeignedly say that I am one step closer.

This is good contest you are doing @destinysaid...

2002 - I lost my mom after I graduated from high school. By this time, my father has completely abandoned us. I know now that my father only “used” people who love him so he can take money from them. He left us when my mom fell ill. My relatives made it clear that they will not help me go to school because they have already spent a lot on my mom’s medication when she was on a comatose state. My relatives suggested that I help them with housework so I earn money, instead of pursuing my studies.

Then an amazing event happened. The alumni association of the school where I went to gathered and decided that they want to help me go to university. They learned that my mom was a single working mom and that she has passed away. They have given me a scholarship plus monthly living allowance, without me even applying for it! The monthly stipend was not part of the grant and this was just out of their pockets.

Although my blood kin left me, people who are noteven related to me supported me on my way to a brighter future! “THE HUMAN RACE ISNT SO BAD AFTERALL''

Wow. Maybe the human race isn't so bad afterall

I've fall in love at age of 21 in a guy who told me that he will take care of me from the first time we've met, till death and I accepted him. Those words are so sweet. RIGHT ? A words that sweets which made you proud for everything. Our 5 yrs relationship faced so many problems, struggles, test etc.. I got pregnant for a babygirl :), and after a month I tried to call him and excited to share the blessing that we have! We talked. He said no. He reject. He cut the line. He get lost. I FEEL so down, broken and I asked myself that what I will do now ? How I can raise this child alone ? What other will say/talk about me.?
These are the questions made me feel crazy that time. But my family hug me and my baby. They didnt left us. They always there to support us, give us strenght and inspiration to keep fighting and going. FAMILY is the only one thing in this world who never leave you, never feel you down and never ever judges you who ever or what you are!

As a single mom its hard in a guy to accept whatever your past. But Im lucky! I found a guy /he founds me, that who never questioned my past and he accepted everything and ofcourse my child :). And I believe that human race isn't so bad at all ..100 % .. :D

Thank you for this contest I enjoyed to share my experience even life is unfair theres still humans with a good heart . :)

Remembering the pains i had to go through when i lost my father,my uncle had died 3yrs before him and at a point i felt something spiritual must be wrong.I was about to go in for my WAEC and NECO exams in 2011 when dad died,reading bacame hard,distanced myself from friends in class,felt so lonely,concentration in class became the last thing on my mind.my mom was just a petty trader,having to think about the burial expenses and my tuition fees,i watched her gradually lose weight,at a point she looked way older than her age.i would stay up all night crying and asking God why he had to allow such happen to us,most nights i would wake up to the sound of my mother crying and my brother consoling her.Life was hard.After the burial was done,mom had to go back to her business to help raise money for my exams,buh exam was fast approaching and money was not forthcoming,one morning i had walked up to her and told her i was willing to wait the next year for the exams since the money wasnt ready yet,but she assured me it would come and i had nothing to worry,soon we started getting donations from people,even my school contributed.money wasnt enough to cater for both exams so i had to go for WAEC and praying i dont fail one subject.Passed my exams and today am a proud 300lv student.AM HAPPY,my tear drop experience.

very nice, thank God for grace

Let's help to collect tears in Africa

Thanks to Steemit for allowing humanity to have the opportunity to improve. Many cities in Africa are abandoned and forgotten. I think that a look also expresses feelings and a tear is the explosion when the barriers of joy, happiness or sadness are overcome. If Africa has opportunities to improve, it gives me hope to have joy in my country Venezuela. 2 days ago I learned of the death of a couple who lived near my work, because of poor nutrition. Every day I see people eat from garbage, elderly people, pregnant women and children. God gave us a country with many wonders and we drown with our own wealth, because of people who only see their own benefits.

We hope to see positive changes where it is demonstrated that good always overcomes evil. Africa is a beautiful continent and there are many people who deserve better quality of life. I support this project 100% and I would like to help, not only with this answer, I would like to be part of this organization.

I was working as a Paramedic on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela, it was a team of two people, the unit driver and me. The ambulance in that time had a lot of specialized equipment to help people having a bad time. We were going to the station after a false alarm when the radio central called us saying that a car fell to the river of the city. We turned back in the first intersection with the alarm and answer that we were on our way. When we arrived, there was the rescue truck and the team was going down to the crash site. There was a girl and her boyfriend, both in very bad conditions, head trauma, closed chest trauma, fractures... The rescuers went up with her first, I received her in the ambulance and started with the first aids inmediatly. Meanwhile the other guy, her boyfriend, was in a lot more trouble, because he was stuck with both legs broken and the contaminated river filling that part of the car. Rescuers secure the car but there was no way to get it up, the crane didn't work after an accident to the rescue unit days before. Time was expiring in order to save his life and I had to leave with the girl to the hospital, meanwhile another ambulance was on the way to the site, to wait for her boyfriend to be rescued. The girl was in a really bad condition that we saw just after the ultrasound and x rays and she drank a lot of the river's blackwater, so a massive infection was on the table too. The father of the girl arrived to the hospital between crying and alteration, saying thank you to us every minute, but we knew the worst part was just about to happen. Her boyfriend never arrived the hospital, he was dead. The dead body was retrieved after hours in the crash site by police forces after the fire departmen had to cut the legs in order to release him from the car, it was a nightmare. Also it was the first time I got involved with a family story and what happened to them affected me so much. She was recently graduated from university, her boyfriend was in Venezuela for the first time, her father told me they were going to his house to celebrate but never got there. The girl survived after a severe contamination, several surgeries from fractures on one arm, hips and both legs. I visited her and her father every work shift since the accident, but one day her father called me saying she entered a comatose state. I offered him whatever we have to offer in the ambulance and the station. Days passed with no new results but maybe a week or more later it came out that an brain aneurysm was happening and the mobility had to be minimum, because a hard move could result in death. We had the responsability to take her to a clinic in order to make the full study of the brain, and the clinic was in the other side of the city. Her father told me he trust us and only us to do it, and it was hard, her life was in more danger with the aneurysm than the day we took her with fractures from the river. We used all immobilization techniques known and the good thing is that she was unconscious, so she won't be moving for herself. We did a good work going slow on the highway and get to the clinic safe, with the hairs standing but safe. All studies were done and we knew we've just done the 50% of the work, we had to take her back to the hospital in the same safe condition. We did. Her father and I became really good friends, and after a year in the hospital and two brain surgeries she was able to recover her life entirely, slow but secure. All that her father told about her, his only daughter, was a story of love for her, a father/daughter love and sacrifice story, everything he did for her to make her stay alive was incredible. He says that we were heroes, but to me he was the real hero of the story, because we did only a part of the rescue, the rest was on him.

Hello I would like to tell you about my love affair with my girlfriend and the wonderful ways that we were able to understand each other and find out about each other which was something I never believed could happen due me not believing in love or trust. We got to know each other little by little living very close in the same building and she would help me with things and I would see her and think "what a cute lady" and she was a cute lady. And it was just little by little we got to know, just to say hello. One day I invited her to a party and I had heard so much about her, people respected her, and she was good to everybody, she knew, people she worked with all adored her. And it was something so important, the respect that you have for somebody, for me was the most important. Being attracted to her and being...finding people respected her and I respected her. I love the fact that she sensed how my feelings were, and I learned to understand and respect and see her feelings and understand her feelings ahead of time.So it was so very easy to be together and look forward to being together and our love affair just blossomed the more we saw each other and the more we were together, we learned more and more about each other.
The Human Race Is Actually Not So Bad.

It all started as a joke and fun when i started my NATIONAL YOUTH SERVICE CORP, from the camp experience, i thought it was all going to be rossy and total fun. Not until after camp and i was posted to FEDERAL CHARACTER COMMISSION back in 2015 while there was no minister where we were delayed that the there is ni minister to cater for us and was rejected two month and few weeks later. During this period, i had to stay back in kaduna where and coming back i stayed at someones house that in i do house too while he was in kaduna and whenever he came around. Things was going cool and smoothnot until his girlfriend came around and everything dtsrted getting rough to the extent that i had to leave that house without knowing where to stay and accomodation is a problem in Abuja. Luckily for me, i got another 'place of primary assignment' {PPA}and also got a church where i stayed around not that far from my PPA and happy i was. After a while, she was calling and asking forgiveness that i should come back home but i said i can't go back to where i say good bye. Inwas bittered and plan not to even forgive her bue to the lesson and preaches i have learned, i came to a conclusion that, ''WOW. MAYBE THE HUMAN RACE ISNT SO BAD AFTERALL.'' Thanks to @surpassingoogle and @destinysaid for this great opportunity.

Hi,I get struggle after marriage.In before I an very happy.I have no child in 6 years of marriage. It is very big problem to me, in this stage my husbend is very supporting. We both go for many hospitals but know use.In finally I go for IVF also.I think we are know about the process In this IVF Process I get so many struggles,in besides this I am a diabetic patient.For this reason I made 6 injection per day to control diabetics.I think I go through this process nearly 6 months.On doing all the things also ,I am not succeeded. For this I spent so much money and I damage NY body a lot.At finally after 6 years by God grace I get pregnant. In this stage also,I made 6 injection per day ,this process is going on till my baby born.Are you thinking how many injection I made in whole process, I think nearly 18000 injection are more than.Now we understand how much struggles I face in this stage.

I have been expecting this kind of inversion from some nigeria steemians that are on the edge. I know this will add value so to some life by touching their life through this.

There are lots of lives we have to touch with our kind heart .

Blockchain is Changing things around, I know at the end of This,some people will be thanking their star for this project .

The human race isn't so bad after all
Thanks to @destinysaid for this contest. Am in a steemit whatsapp group that consist of great steemians who have proved me wrong with the way i saw the human race. They are always readily available to assist one another, recently one of us fell ill and everyone came around supporting her with some sbd to raise money for her treatment. That was out of this world for me, also another steemian was robbed of her phone and in two days she got another through the aid of the group contributing. I would say these have changed my perspective of the human race of being self center.