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RE: A believer in the teardrop token, more views about the steemit campus invasion and a contest for 1 lucky winner

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I entered into steemit in July 2017 and found @euronation team. Somehow, i lost my master password. All attempt to find it failed. I decided to tell @eurogee my @euronation team leader . Immediately he swung into action. He adviced I write steemit support team. But steemit support wrote me that steemit is in beta mode and cannot handle lost password case.

I was unhappy. I lost 128 SBD and steems worth over 500k. I cried. But then @eurogee, adviced that i start afresh.

Upon making my re-introduction post, then i knew that WOW, THE HUMAN RACE ISNT BAD AT ALL. Why? Many steemians especially @euronation members assisted me. They want to help me recover my account. Immediately they asked a member to meet me physically to help find the hidden password in my laptop. Euronation members sent me steems/SBDs, even @eurogee, sent steems and SBD both from his account and the team's account. Moreso, he told members to blog about it and share earnings with me. Really the human race isnt bad at all. Thanks @destinysaid and @surpassinggoogle


Wow, this is touching. Thank God they were able to help. @adoore-eu

Hmmm ... I could also imagine that feeling

We we are proud of you as one of us and will always identify with you.

Wow!!! The bond in the community is great

Glad am part of it!!!

We'll stick together.

That's what a team stands for... All for one and one for all. Its nice to know you're enjoying blogging again.

We stand for our own!!!

Team work pays!

When the journey first started,it was as if heaven wont take my cry of supplication bcs i saw people earning alot but all ds cents i do earn wont make my dream be as i i planned it?? But thanks to @eurogee. Weldone @adoore-eu. The human race isnt bad but how do humans handle their races???

I gave you some tear drop tokens dear @adoore-eu.
100% upv by Dr. George

One love keep us together

I feel sorry for what had happened. But I know you will gain all that you have lost.

Wow, you have encountered really wonderful people here..

We are all different but unique. In our little ways of doing things. The members of @nation and @eurogee are awesome

Well said, the community is a great one.

wow. this is a super story. don't worry dear. 2018 u shall recover all u lost ten times over

I'm glad you had friends on standby to give a helping hand. Success

You're with the right team. You will surely recover.

Very sorry about your loss.It's really painful. Thank God you had the support of a wonderful community- @euronation, in your time of distress.
I'm sure you've taken the necessary precautions to avoid a repeat of such an incidence.
Keep striving, you will soon recover all you've lost!