Attention - Contestants Needed To Win Prizes (Over 25 SBDs Donated, 10 Prizes Left)

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Every so often I see something that I think is special and I try to bring it up. In this case, I want to spotlight the author @malloryblythe of course, but I also want to let you know that there are 10 spots still available to receive prizes from her game.

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Short Summation And Call To Action

So if you want to win a free Steem Basic Income membership for life, then go to Mallory's game and enter... Its easy, fast, and rewarding too! (Click Here To Enter)

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Full Story And Call To Action

@malloryblythe got @curie'd... She received a very nice payout of 24 sbds from her post (Click Here To Read), and she decided to hold her first contest ever. She wanted to pay it forward to others and hopes to inspire others with the proceeds of her post:

Why am I doing this!? It’s not like I’m swimming in SP over here!

I really appreciate you all and I nearly started crying with joy the first time I got that @curie vote, and even before that, I’m sure I would have given up after like, a week, if it hadn’t been for @newbieresteemday and @beeyou.

How awesome is that?

How many people with 150 SP take a big prize like that and just give it away? I think its incredible and I want to call this to other peoples' attention so they can give her respect if they feel so inclined.

The Contest Can Be Played By All, And She Will Give Half The Prizes To Newbies With Reputation Under 45

Right now there is roughly 10 prizes still not taken. That means if you simply enter, you might win because there is not enough contestants. If you are a 45 or under, there is especially room for you as only 5 newbies have entered by last count!

What I Am Going To Do To Help (Bonus Incentives To Enter In The Next 48 Hours)

If you read this post and have NOT entered yet, I will give you an extra incentive to enter her game in the 48 hours from the point of this post. If you go to the her post and enter, then come back here within 48 hours and drop your entry in the comment section here.

For everyone that enter's Mallory's game in the next 48 hours and comes back here and tells me, I will give the following 2 prizes:

#1 A minimum $1 upvote on your post (using a upvote bot)

#2 A resteem of your entry post to my 7000 followers

So you have 48 hours... You can win 1 @steembasicincome membership for life, plus you will get at least a $1 upvote on your post and a free resteem to 7000+ followers...

(Click Here) and get started right now!

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Too right!

I resteemed the very generous contest post by Mallory, how kind of her to do this!

I agree completely!... I want to help her to get full participation... Its truly an amazing gesture on her part :)

This is a very selfless act by @malloryblythe and she really does deserve all the support she can get.
Thanks for the resteem! @abh12345

Nice contest by doing my best on my article for the contest

Awesome @judeanth! Make sure you come back here and tell me you did it (drop me the link too so I can resteem and upvote it!)... And tell a few friends too ;)

Thanks man, I will do just that

Excellent! I'm looking forward to it... don't forget to drop the link in here too ;)

Dave! You're making me blush! I can't thank you enough for doing this, and for all the kind words.

Aww.. it is the least I could do, you did an amazing act of kindness by reaching out to others to have them experience what you've experienced... Very unselfish and I'm so happy to see your effort!!! I hope I help!

You deserve so many kind words for your unselfish love ooo ma'am.
Thank you....

Once again, an exceptional offer from you Dave, I am glad that I took up @mudcat36 and your offer to play in the newbieresteemday sandbox. I have met so many people that are "real" and that actually care about other people.

Me too @bashadow... It has been a pleasure to work with you (and everyone else) and you are exactly right about the fact that we have met some amazing people that are real and truly care! :)

Hi @davemccoy I entered this contest early doors and I have never been so in grossed in a contest on steemit as I have with this one. What a great following it has gathered. Hope one day I can do such a great thing too

I'm glad you entered and yes it is an amazing contest! And yes this is @malloryblythe's first contest ever! I'm so happy for her, because she went way too far and above what anyone would ever have expected and Im glad the community responded with some wonderful entries and lots of attention! (closing in on 300 comments... WOW!!!) ... :)

Awesome @leeart! Glad you made it here! And they missed the 48 hour deadline for my "special" prize.... But you didn't, you moved quick and I'm happy to see your wonderful entry in such a great contest by @malloryblythe! I have upvoted you, resteemed, and sent in a bot vote for you! Awesome as always @leeart :)

I did not see your post right away and almost forgot to post my entry here. So much going on outside steemit lol!

Thank you for your awesomeness!

It's a great contest that I finally got around to entering. Below is my entry for those interested in reading it. I couldn't pick just one topic so I touched on many of the suggested.

Positivity & Steemit !

you barely made it under the 48 hour deadline, but I gotcha! Good job @rentmoney, happy to have you enter and I liked your post very much!

I thought for sure I missed the dead line but as the saying goes -- no press is bad press and wanted to advertise my link and the contest :P It's good to see the contest is getting allot of attention.

Thanks for the upvote(s) and resteem.

You got in barely, but I'm glad you made it! Good entry and happy to see you're perspective on things @rentmoney!

wow a like this. this is the good part of steemit. good luck to all :)

I agree... you can enter too @norwegianbikeman... she also has 10 prizes for non- newbies too! Maybe even more if her post goes up in value

Thanks so much @davemccoy. Always there trying to help newbies. Its because of people like you that i decided to stick it here on steemit. Thank you so much.

I happily resteemed and upvoted for you! It was an awesome post, I hope others go read it and upvote it too! Great to see and so happy you stayed! :)

Hi again @dacemccoy! What a great contest to promote and kudos for your creative idea in doing so! Here is my entry to @malloryblythe first ever contest!

I commented over there, but love that you highlighted @ifc for this contest! Great job @iexplore and happy to see you participate!

Resteemed :-)...

Awesome @pangoli! thank you very much!!! :)

wow! this is fabulous! I'm kind of old enough to participate but I'll let all my friends know, yay!

you can also participate... only half the prizes go to newbies, the other half go to anyone... she is happy to include both.... And I am supporting both newbies and non-newbies with my offer, so you can go for it if you want! And thank you for spreading the word too, I love that you are doing that @melvadg! :)

How cool!!! May many people join in all this positivity and sharing <3

thank you @soyrosa! I agree... I hope she fills up with entries for her amazing generosity!

Ooops.... somehow this slipped under my radar! Off to check it out right away; it is an exceptionally generous offer, and I'm a big fan of @steembasicincome. And — as you know — I'm also a contest hound cat!


Allright, replying to myself here @davemccoy — I've put together an entry for Mallory's contest and "set it free," read some of the other entries and yippee!


Here's mine, for your generous consideration:

you are awesome!!! Great job, you are the first to get a resteem and I will get your dollar plus upvote going very shortly! Love the way you work, you should teach some humans what your trick is in moving so fast :P

Awesome, I'm looking very much forward to you entering... I know, you are a cat that loves to pounce on contests like they were a little mouse ;)

I've already entered, but looking forward to reading some more entries that you retweet into my feed.

Spread the word @sparkesy43! And good job on already being there, I'm not surprised you're on the ball already! :D

Thank you for the support to this contest. I love and appreciate you, @malloryblythe and most of all @beeyou for your effort in helping newbies like us.
By the way, @beeyou gave me the awareness about your post and i'm so grateful to her. Below is a link to my entry for the @malloryblythe's contest. love

Yes @beeyou and @malloryblythe are both amazing and this is an awesome contest... I was happy to help get you the $1 upvote and I also just got you resteemed and have upvoted you from my account too! Great post @perkyeunice! You are very talented!

Thank you very much @davemccoy.
I so so so thankful. more grease to you for good works on this platform.

@davemccoy, I have been following this post since yesterday, and I must comment that you are far too kind.

The contest is great, and I decided to join. This is my entry

I'm glad you like the contest @chiknows! I have commented over there, but I'm happy you are making such good contacts and I hope to stay more in touch with you in the future... You seem like a good person!

Just made my debut
Thanks for putting the word out! @davemccoy

I gotcha already resteemed and upvoted! Excellent @ossyjay! I love it every time I see you involved with something ;) .... You are truly a class act my friend :)

Thanks for the resteem and upvote! @davemccoy it's a great thing you're doing here in getting the word out about @malloryblythe's contest. I have resteemed this post as well. Have a great day man! :D

Thank you very much @ossyjay! I'm happy to see that you entered and that you are also spreading the word! Have a great weekend coming up :)

btw if you don't know about @dustsweeper yet, you should... It will take care of the small votes you get so that you get paid on them.... Just go to your wallet and send an amount that you can afford $1 sbd down to say $0.25 and it will upvote any post that you might not normally get paid on.... It will give you an autovote of $0.028 and you will be charge $0.014 sbd for each vote... Its a good deal... It is run with @danielsaori and it works really well! (I just thought of it because I upvoted your comment... If you don't have it, then a lot of smaller votes will disappear)... If you have any questions, just ask! Always want to help you my classmate and friend!

Always helping others. That’s our Dave. 🙂

awww... thank you.... but don't forget, I'm a bad boy too! :)

Hey Dave, Brian just did this post a couple days ago, and I submitted (as a surprise) on what steemit means to him. I thought it was a good fit for @malloryblythe's contest.

What a beautifully selfless thing she is doing!!

did he enter it into Mallory's contest? If so, then it will quality ;)

Yes, I put the link on her contest post.

Awesome, I will get the upvote and resteem going now :)

Thanks Dave :)

You're welcome... but I let the other one go out of courtesy! ;)

Wow, thank you for doing this as well! I made a contest entry and added it to her post as an entry, here it is as well

You have been upvoted and resteemed and I put a vote in to get you a $1 bot vote... Great job and nice entry in the contest! :)

I just joined the contest and here is my entry👇

very good @rolexxy! I just commented, resteemed, and sent the bot vote in... I will check tomorrow and make sure you got to $1 on your post, if not I will take care of for sure! Great job and thank you so much for taking the time to enter the wonderful contest of @malloryblythe :)

Thank you @davemccoy for the information. I got an entry in. Here is my link

Awesome @cheekah! I am happy to resteem and make sure you get at least a $1 vote on your post! It will happen in a few hours, and you did a great job! :)

Hi Dave. I have two of my followers that saw my post and joined in Mallory's contest. I've already given my little upvote support. Could you be a doll and also boost up their posts? Will send a couple SBD your way to show my support for what you're doing. :)

I will be happy to @beeyou... do you want me to upvote them the same as I have been doing my people at $1 or higher? jlmk

Same as all the others. If anyone else stops by my post, I will be sure to send them your way. 🙂 Thanks a lot!

My pleasure @beeyou :D .... And you have plenty on deposit for @davesweeper... :P

Now that is a bot I would happily invest in! 😁

haha.... thank you maam!

You know the southern charm always work on the ladies.

btw, I guess you affected a few more people than you realized huh? ;)

Full of smiles and happiness 😊. I can say the same to you.

I’m also the unnamed girl in DDC’s post. He was nice enough to leave me unnamed so I’m not affiliated with all that profanity going on there...may ruin my sweet girl persona. 😇

yes I know...

Lol, I’m getting off now. So much for keeping my VP in the 90’s. One day of activity and back down again. Ttyl Dave. I actually own a set of pink glasses. 🤓

:P ... I know what you mean... I'm ready to get in the 40s again... I have been bad! Ttyl! :)

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Could you kindly boost up another entrant to my contest for me? Matt showed his support on the post too. :)

I am sending you back the sbd for davesweeper. Please don't send any excess back. Thanks for helping this challenged helicopter momma. :)

done, but your @davesweeper balance won't go away... It is now currently residing at $1.50 sbd :)

It can stay in the davesweeper trust fund. Thanks Dave 🙂

:P ... you are the only one privileged enough to have a @davesweeper trust fund able to be set up

I know I’m special 😊

of course ;)

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Cross subject : cannot find your reply that helps me send $ - Brian + Lynn
I have an opp a57, and no transfer was on screen from your instruction.
I haven't been doing much on steemit lately as I've had a lot of driving to help the kids and have Ed not much time. I don't know what business you and/or Lynn are in at work, but I have a Visa CR, if you just want to email me a form and then I can email it with some cash donation.
[email protected]