The Kudos Poetry Competition # 3

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@damianjayclay and @nikisteem

are proud to bring you the third installment of

The Kudos Poetry Competition

The Kudos Poetry Competition has TWO rules:

  • Write a short poem in no more than 50 words, on any subject you choose, in any form or in free verse.

  • Post your poem to Steemit with #kudospoetry as your first tag, and leave a link to it in the comments section of this post.

For those who'd like to use a prompt, tell us a story from your life.

The deadline for entries is Monday 30th April – 10am GMT.

Winners will be announced on Monday 7th May – 10am GMT.

Prizes are

1st Place – 5 SBD

2nd Place – 2 SBD

3st Place – 1 SBD

Good Luck!

If you'd like to see what we think makes a great poem. Check out Damian's poetry editing course, available on steemshelves by clicking the image below.



Thank you for running this contest, it inspired me to write my first poem in many years. :)

Thanks for keeping up the contest guys! Here's my entry for this week:

Here is my entry:

I enjoyed doing my own poem. Thank you so much for the opportunity @damianjayclay and @nikisteem :)

Here is my entry to the competition: Bumblebee. Thank you so much for hosting this.

Great contest! Here is my entry:

The definition

Thank you sir @damianjayclay.

Another wonderful platform for poetry to thrive.

Here's my entry:

I managed to enter again. Thanks for running these. I appreciate the encouragement to keep exercising my poxe.

This is my submission for the contest.
Thank you.

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Awww too bad I posted my poetry without seeing this. Can't edit the post anymore for the first tag... Oh well.

Hello @damianjayclay, @nikisteem dropped me a DM in discord, I dropped the contest in the newbieresteemday discord contest room. @newbiegames another nice contest from kudospoetry team, that our new users may like.

Hopefully someone will be by to resteem your contest from @newbiegames. We at @newbieresteemday appreciate contest that do not charge to play, as we mostly try to help the new users, that may be shy on vote power. So I appreciate your contest.

Thanks for pointing this out to me, @bashadow.

Free to play and a nice reward, two from the chat room have already or plan to enter wehavewings and ossjay.

Yay! Kudos #3 , I am looking forwards to way more participants this time around:)

I dropped it in the newbieresteemday's discord chat, contest promotion box, thanks for letting me know round 3 was coming.

Hello. Please follow and upvotes for me. Thank you very much

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