Be A COOL CURATOR! - A Daddykirbs Contest to win $10 SBD (#5) - WEEK #4 WINNER Announced!

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Wow! 17 entries this week. Thank you for participating!

How To Enter this contest (read to bottom to see how to get a BONUS ENTRY)

Create a post of your own (on your own Steemit blog) sharing a Daddykirbs YouTube Channel video (any video you like).

Step 1. - Title your post "Daddykirbs Cool Curators Contest Entry - @yourusername"

Step 2. - Embed a video that you like from the Daddykirbs YouTube Channel and share a short story (a few sentences or more) why that is one of your favorite videos. (paste the url of the YouTube video into the post. Steemit does the rest)

Step 3. - Tag 2 Steemit friends in your post (simply insert their usernames in the post with the @ symbol like - @username )

Step 4. - Paste a link to your post in the comments of this Contest Post below

What You Get!

  1. a topic to post every week
  2. possible rewards on your post
  3. possible rewards on your comment in my post
  4. a chance to win $10 SBD
  5. great exposure to a larger audience
  6. bonding time with a great community!

What I Get:

  1. exposure to your audience
  2. a chance to grow this community
  3. an opportunity to bless someone with a some crypto!

Really I see this as a WIN WIN. So, let's see it... create those cool curator posts and let's get this party started!

Picking a Winner For Last Week!

The Contestants For Last Weeks Drawing

  1. @romelcordova
  2. @weetreebonsai
  3. @joannereid
  4. @simms50
  5. @sansoncarrasco
  6. @marybellrg
  7. @josedelacruz
  8. @underthekiltfarm
  9. @lauracampos
  10. @ektod
  11. @toronyor
  12. @freddycampos
  13. @ponyvet
  14. @christir
  15. @andysantics48
  16. @allforthegood
  17. @hebrewhousewife

The Winner!!

Congratulations to @lauracampos !

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

Participate each week for a new chance to win $10 SBD!

Get 1 BONUS ENTRY simply by resteeming this contest!

It would be very helpful to let me know in your comment that you did resteem this contest post.

With your entry post and a resteem you can get a total of 2 entries. When I make the list of participants I'll put your name on the list twice once your post and the resteem are confirmed.


Wish I have time to make one...

Hello daddykirbs!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

Thank you. You are entered. X2

I've got to say - pretty ingenious way to build an audience.

You think it'll work? :)

Congrats @lauracampos. . Resteemed!

Wow! Gané el concurso =D

Gracias @daddykirbs por esta oportunidad semanal.
Es una muy buena idea y me ha ayudado bastante.
No dejes de hacer esos videos increíbles.

Bendiciones... ¡Gracias!

Congratulations @lauracampos.

Also, I resteemed this post and now I am off to watch more of your videos, @daddykirbs.

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