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RE: Who wants to win a week of 6,500 SP Delegation? Power?

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Hi @chronocrypto, that is really nice iniciative.

I run a project for Venezuela called @reveur, we have some little SP and some support but the community gets bigger and bigger.

On the south american side of steemit there is less than 500K SP curating organically and we struggle to retaing good users as usually the miners get their rewards from Bidbots and a shitpost with a picture of a peanut gets 100 times more than an original essay on quantum dynamics (Weird example i know)

Last time i checked Steemistry for the payouts of the Tags Venezuela, Spanish or castellano the average payout was 0.004 SBD per post.

Anyway, I would like to support @votovzla's application for this contest, as they have shown overtime that they are not there to circle jerk their friends, they strive to develop good habits and responsible users and in general do a great job organizing high quilaty meetups where no fake claims are made to scam in to adoption as many meetups do, but instead they portrai a real but positive vibe and that makes for recruiting the best to help them become steemians.

In @reveur we try to support as many good projects as we can afford (which if you look at my wallet is not much) So it would be great to have back (even if it is just for 1 week) the added incentive of a serious selflessness project like @votovzla is voting in the area and helping us retain the best users to make STEEM thrive.

I think they did a great job during the time @@@fulltimegeek was able to delegate to them, hopefully you can say the same afterwards!

Cheers and thanks for reading!
Nathaniel Narvaez
Witness: @castellano
Founder of @reveur / @delega

PS: You might think 6500 is nothing for a project, you would be surprised how much good can be done, in Spanish we are used to work with little and make it last :)


What an honor your comment, is of a great quality since it shows the commitment that is had by our community. In the union is the strength, a delegation for a project directed to our community is very important, you are a pillar for all.

Is a nice support, I think you deserve it, keep doing your job as yu're doing it, we appreciate such a interest.

Not much else to say but I love it.

I am sure that both Reveur and Votovzla are communities that deserve this support, I hope you take the proposal of @nnnarvaez into account, all my support for @votovzla and @reveur.

@joedukeg I am actually vouching for @votovzla, and will be glad to vouch for @celfmagazine if you apply for it.

@celfmagazine and @votovzla are the two communities I have been able to watch closely working in south america which are not driven by greed and self interest.

That is the reason i try to support you both as much as i can the more serious projects are thriving the best for us all.

Thanks for your support, I've already done it.

I totally agree with you @nnnarvez, these communities have a good behavior with the users and make an effort to support Hispanic users without selfishness and that's valued to all of us. So under my humble opinion, any of them deserve this delegation.

Projects like @celfmagazine @votovzla @reveur are always looking for development, pushing and growing of the venezuelan users in Steemit, and spanish speaking users too.

In Venezuela we need all the projects that help us in the growth of Steemit. Thank you. Best regards

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