Comment Chain Contest With Ceepee; 10sbd up for grab.

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In the spirit of giving and keeping consistency on steemit, I welcome everyone to this episode of; Comment Chain with @ceepee; Q&A.

The last Q&A was interesting. Henceforth, the rest of the season will be Question and answer.

Comment Chain: Q & A;Episode 4

As I stated before!! the giveaway has its aims, which are:
◾Having fun while steeming
◾Ensuring Consistency on steemit
◾Rewarding/encouraging Interactions, ideas and creativity.
◾Appreciating and spreading the importance in the act of giving.

This is because, steemit should be fun and an addiction you can't do without.

"A comment chain contest."

It means only the first person to comment is allowed to reply to the post directly, others subsequent comments come under a previous comment(as a reply) until the contest is announced closed.

Lets get started:

We will continue with Q$A today. But we will be specific on the kind of question.

Todays specific kind of question: Most weirdest question you can think of.

How it works:

The first person to start the comment chain answers my question and ask any question of choice(any question is allowed). Next comment answers and ask his/her questions of choice.. Meaning every comment answers a question and ask a question.

How to participate:

REPLY to a previous comment(means your comment must be under the last comment on the chain). Questions should be as much fun/creative as possible.


◾Entry(comment) must not be more than two sentences.
◾Entry must be related to topic of discussion
◾Entry outside the chain is considered invalid
◾Multiple comments will be considered invalid.

Entry/Winning Criteria:

◾Must be my follower
◾There must be consistency on your blog.
◾No restrictions to reputation:

Who Wins?

There will be a random selection of numbers from the entry chain. You are a winner if your entry falls on that number.
Note that, selection of number will be based on quality of content and contest rule/entry requirements.

Winning Prize:

A total of 10sbd is up for grabs. 2 winners with 4sbd each and 2sbd to the first to start the comment chain.

My Question:

Are you dumb?

Get in here and get the fun started. Make steemit a fun place to be!!!

Thank you for participating.

Stay connected always.

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Entry is closed. Winners will be announced tomorrow. Thank you all for participating. I so love this. So much fun and interesting to participate.

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I am not dumb

Are you paranoid? 😂

  ·  last year (edited)

I'm not dear. I guess am rather too sane to have stumbled on this goldmine. Pretty interesting game and challenge as well.

So how did you locate this amazing challenge?

I saw the post in my feed.
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Travel to another country with little money.
If you win the first prize, what will you do with the money?

  ·  last year (edited)

I will sell it to pay an Uber driver.

Have you seen a ghost before?

I have not seen a ghost before because to me it's not necessarily important.

Why do you like money?

  ·  last year (edited)

I love money because it answers all things but with God all things are possible

Why do u hate SBD

  ·  last year (edited)

Erratic sbd? Why shouldn't I? It rise and fall without considering my plight.

Why can't I Resteem this post

Craziest? Well, I've done tons of crazy things....but the day I stood up to my randy Boss who tried taking advantage of me. Gave him an embarrassment of his life...

I didn't know I could come up with that.....

What is your biggest fear?

I think your comment is not a reply to the last person. Meaning it fell out of line. You may want to reply the last person when you see this message.

You are not on the comment chain, entry invalid

One saying is popular in my country, that "one who is dumb, think other a dumb", So i repeat back the question, "Are you dumb?" :D

I am not dumb but i talk awkwardly.

Are you a Dumb harmed-rubber

i am not soft as rubber so that dumb harmed rubber is not match my type ;)

No, am actually a lazy Nigerian, Are you a Lazy Nigerian too?

Yes i am. Do you have assurance?

There is only one comment chain and you are out of it. Entry invalid

Oh sorry, i did not understand the chain work. i saw one comment with 4-5+ reply, so i thought it will continue, Please consider my 1st comment.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks, got it.

You are not following the trend.

Yes i am,

How did you go this far on steemit

Not on the comment chain. Entry invalid

Yes, i am got caught last week.
Will you be my friend?

I will be your friend. What is your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is cheater's game. What will you like to improve or change in steemit?

Not on the comment chain, entry invalid

Ok, i quess i don't know to do it. How then can my entry be on the comment chain?

Your entry be on the comment chain when your answer relate to the previous question. What have you learned in this contest so far?

I have learnt that this contest is really achieving its aim of consistency.

what about you?