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This contest is ovr please join the 5/26 one.

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Daily giveaway 5/25/2018.

First Place: @selina2
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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Does success in life mean money?

Do you need a lot of money to be successful in life?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
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Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Success for me mainly involves family: raising my children well.


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You really are consistent with this @bunnypuncher. 👍👍
Money definitely doesn't determine your success, fulfilling your purpose does...
...and how many lives you've been able to affect

First of all, congratulations to the winners.I think they were well enough to win your contest. You are really a great person sir.This is the third time that I am participating your contest.Though both of the previous times, you didn't select me for one of a winner among of the eight.But I have no excuse sir, because you always choose them who deserves to win.Anyway, you are doing a great job sir,keep it up and keep making our steem community better than any other community.Keep inspiring the newers.At last I would like to say many many thanks from the center of my heart for these kind of great work.I salute you sir.God bless you a lot.

Does success in life mean money?

Do you need a lot of money to be successful in life?

This is really a big but good question. Both success and money work together in some area and works separately in another area.
Most people believe that success is money but I will say success is not money. Success can do without money (It depends on what you are doing) but after you succeed, money will come in (though not in every success).

For an example: Success in academic is not money. There are some people who have money but struggle to get good grades (without corruption) and there are some people who even struggle to get two meals a day but still do excellently in their academy.

(Note: In the economic situation we are in now, we all need money to do one thing or the other. It might not be a lot of money but a little amount will still be needed.)

I think I need to sit and write about this topic. It's a good one.

Money is not exactly 100% necessary for success in life but is probably very correlated with it especially when considering having enough money is important for food, shelter, water as the basics. To keep it short though, the culture of western society promotes an environment that is conducive to having more wealth (for several reasons both unknown and known). More wealth aids in attracting a mate, regulating the neurotransmitters in your brain, and providing you with more experiences to enhance your understanding of the world. Exceptions to the rule: Ghandi, Galileo, Jesus, MLK. Basically the other option is fame (correlated with money), civil activism, science, or religion and money frequently flirts in these arenas.

Great initiative as always and I appreciate your delivering the punch :D Congrats to the lucky ones!

Contentment is the key to happiness and success. Sure you can have all the money in the world but are you happy? Are you content? Are you healthy? We can have all the fame and wealth but that is not enough. There are those who are famous and successful who are still soul searching, finding the true meaning of life and existence. If we find the answers to our questions and be content and grateful with life, then that defines success for me. Go to the less fortunate and what do you see? Smiles and lots of it. They will entertain you as part of their family and give almost everything that they can give.

Good luck to all!

May succeed so can rich ..

Success is not measured by a person's money although money is needed in some areas for a person to attain success in life.

You don't need lot's of money to be happy and successful because there are those who have money but are not successful in life.

If a person's money is able to make others around him happy then such a one is successful.

Buen día, El éxito en la vida es hacer lo que te gusta sin pensar en el dinero, el dinero vieno como consecuencia de lo que hacer con amo y excelencia. Sigo en lista de espera

You need money to survive but it does not mean you have sucess

No, sucess is what you want from your whole entire life :)

Only if you’re around others that value money highly. I’d always rather change the game than compete at one I don’t enjoy!

Money is only a sign of success. You can be rich but not successful if you don't have the chance to spend your money because you are on the run from certain people.

Having a lot of money doesn't mean success from my opinion.

Success is to achieve something that we want, maybe something small or maybe something bigger.

yes we need money money inorder to fix basic needs in life. If not why would beggars be on the streets. However money isnot a standard for ultimate ultimate.
In conlusion, its a myth that having alot of money guarantes success. It only brings disatisfaction.

No, it's not all about the money. For me having the people I love with me is already a success. They are more important than the money. Well money is important too but not all the time.

Many believe that to be a successful person we must have a company, be artists, sports star, and all of the above have to do with money. But not necessarily a successful person has to have a lot of money, a person with success in life is one who is able to fulfill all their dreams, goals, objectives and to achieve them they have done it honestly, and because not helping others, teaching, educating, giving back to society everything that has been won from it.

There are a lot of people with a lot of money but still feel empty and unsuccessful

congrats to the winners
success comes in many forms.. i dont think much is needed, depending on location maybe.

success and money do not always go together, success is the way and is the result.
Success, your success, is what gives you satisfaction, what you can choose and carry forward with your own style without imitating anyone. The secret is to find what works for each one and not try to imitate a successful concept that works for someone else. I think that money does not always go hand in hand with success, success does not give money and money does not succeed.

We need money but it's not the only thing we need to be successful

good morning, I am from Venezuela, the reality of life do not need money to be successful, you are successful with what you do to win, in my country the need to see the difference between success and not having money
but finally you need enough to achieve what you want .. not much success you define it to sustain
buenos días, soy de Venezuela, la realidad de la vida no necesitas de dinero para ser exitoso, eres exitoso con lo que haces para ganar , en mi país la necesidad de ver la diferencia entre el éxito y no tener dinero
pero en fin necesitas lo suficiente para lograr lo que quieres.. ni mucho i poco el éxito lo defines tu para sustentar


can you help me promote my post please for a good cause, thank you !!

Good day to everyone.
The money is there, you have to look for it, and how you are looking for it, succeeding.
There is no secret formula for success, it is only the result of your preparation, perseverance, effort, wisdom, hard work and most importantly, learn from mistakes.

Congratulations to the winners

Great going keep it up

We dont need money, we need humanity for a successful life!!!

it depends on your perspective of success. don’t talk about how things should be, but how they really are. we all have different views and beliefs on what is success. the definitions are countless. so yes and no

To my opinion although similar, they are two different questions. My short answers are yes and no. But its way more intricate than that...

  1. Does success in life mean money?
    Not per se, but it does happen a lot. When you are successful money often 'finds you'. People sense success and act accordingly. It is like an upwards spiral, where being successful brings better and better opportunities. People who are successful are in higher demand and can ask (a lot) more money for their services. But it does depend on what you do. Therefore, success in life means more money. But not always and big cash seldom.

  2. Do you need a lot of money to be successful in life?
    Using money in order to find success in life is generally a bad idea. It doesn't hold up. Like buying a script. You won't be able to create a new/different script from it, unless you spent more money to buy it. So money (in that sense) has limited use. But if you are a good writer, you can spend money for lessons in order to get even better. You can write many excellent scripts, given only time. Thus, in order to be successful in life do what you are good at. And a little money sure as hell helps out. But a lot? Nah, it is way more likely to make you lazy instead of successful.

Congratulations to all the winners

no. We need money to live if we have plenty we have to share donate or give to poor money

The world today is set up for money. We live in a money world.
Those that have money have more power and political influence than those that have no money.

Money is tied to social status.
A rich well dressed person get respect from all.
A poor person in ragged clothing get contempt from all.

I think money makes success in life easier (depending on what your goals are), but people have had success in life long before we started living in a money world, maybe because they did not have the goal of owning as much as possible.

bunnypuncher congrats The funny video is so much good.

no , because for me as long as you live with God in your heart and you live a life with God , even if you fail a lot you can still manage to say I succeed , I don't need money because I have God that makes my life more successful . maybe you're successful here on earth with those money you've made but the race has not ended . the real success will be realized when we face God and he allows us to enter his kingdom . that's real success .

Success is not really all about having money but money is a very key factor in success.

We do not necessarily equate success with lots of money

Money is only a sign of success.

Honesty is the best policy in life.

I'm hoping to get lucky this round

i consider being happy n peaceful in life is the real success...money is for meeting ur basic needs and more materialistic things

Good bunny, success in life is not based on money is based on perseverance you have to do things, money helps if; but being consistent and persevering will take you far.

Wooo , can i win this contest?

Success is happiness and life fulfillment.

People think they need money to reach happiness, but when they finally reach it (for those who were successful), they realise they were killing themselves for a fake dream...

I'd like to say that it's not--but we all need money to survive in this world. However, money does not dictate happiness. So if we're talking about success in terms of how well we have lived our lives and how many lives we have touched in a positive way...then no--money does not define success. Although, it would still be really great if I have more money! lol

Congrats to the winners.
Some people would say yes. Success is entirely determined by one's financial.status.

I am not one of them.

Success in life for me is defined more by what we give, not by what we have.

The world has many people whose positive financial status still.leaves them spiritually starving for peace and contentment.

For me, Financial.prosperity may create choices that can be remarkable and memorable. It can be a true blessing to live in financial ease. However, it does not buy what is most precious.
Integrity.has no price tag. True courage can never be bought. Unconditional.love is priceless.

You have done another great job...carry on i support you all time..

Thanks you for this contest. It is really helpful. Hope to win.
Rarely will "having enough" money qualify as "succeeding in life." While you don't have enough, your brain makes you believe that having money equals success... you are working on surviving, or on a "ghost goal" - a goal you believe is real.

Not really, we know that with money we solve our economic problems but it is not everything, in my opinion that will depend on what you think it is to achieve success, your goals and above all what is really It makes you happy and fills your soul as a human being. That is why it will depend on each person and not on what society imposes on you.

It may not be totally necessary to have a lot of money to be successful in life but it is important.

Congrats to the winners.
The thing is Nobody really wants money - you want money for the things it can provide you(!). It's one of the saddest stories (and it happens every day) when someone works for 30 years to make a $million$ then when they get there, they regret it like hell that they didn't live.
The key is BALANCE and Conscious Living(!). Be aware that this (Life) is a Tremendous Unique Gift! One that will never repeat. Use it wisely. Live fully.

Not really, but in my case, it has sometimes been a part of the package.

Success doesn't necessarily mean money. Yes a lot of successful people certainly have more than enough money but it doesn't indicate that they succeeded in all aspects of their lives. True success means a sense of fulfillment and happiness in life knowing you have reached whatever it is you wanted to attain. This may mean with or without money.

Awesome indeed. Thank you sir.
This is really a suppprt.
To the question of the day.
I believe being financially responsible is one aspect of success, however I don't believe that is the only measure that we need to look at.
Try this exercise, write what you would like to see on your own obituary. Is he was a wealthy guy at the top of that article? Or does it start something like today we lost an amazing father, husband, leader, and friend? Figure out what you want that to say, and you'll find what success means for you. Once you've found that, then you can work backwards from there and start taking steps to make that a reality.

A BIG NOOOOOOOO, not always.
You succeed in life whenever you can do whatever provides you the most satisfaction.
This is the definition of freedom.
Money can provide you freedom but you don't always need mone to be free.

Money will always play an important role in every successful endeavor but in saying that someone will be needing lots of money in order to succeed in life is not actually true most of the time. The true measurement of success can be seen on the true character of a person. How he crosses the road of uncertainty and failure and took the winding road of success without wavering his determination and perseverance--that's for is necessary for successful living.

Hello, I think that to be successful you do not necessarily need money, money helps, but the most important thing is to fight for it, to have perseverance ... there are many people who have millions and millions and still are not happy.

No it doesnt. If this is how you qualify success, yes, but most people use money as a key to something more important. A vehicle to get them something significant. It depends what you want, because money cannot buy love, or health, but while working on those things, it sure is nice. Just remember to focus on those as well. :)

Absolutely not..

Life is not about money, life is about fullfilling your needs and living without regrets.

There are people who earn millions and lose millions. Rich people give away their money.. not because they don't like money, but they use their money to contribute. Contritubion gives us more fullfillment.

You have to define what success means to you.
Your version of success could mean money, fame, education, career accomplishment, family or many others.
Money is a tool that allows one to explore interests on a higher level.
If one wishes to travel, the cost-conscious person may backpack and hike. The one with money may fly to other countries or continents. Both have value and neither is "better than another."
No, to answer the question, money is not required for you to achieve success

Great contest and amazing topic.
Without money you really don't have the options it takes to make most people feel fullfilled. So if you can earn a living at what you love to do, then life is supposedly "good"
However, for many it takes being loved by others and children and an intimate connection to people to have a good life.

Well, I personally can't say because I've not had a lot of money before. However, I'll be very interested in having a lot of money, so when I finally state my opinion, it would be one with both perspectives of financial situation.

A person is successful if he/she is genuinely happy about everything he/she has no matter his/her status in life.

For me not necessarily. Plenty of people died paupers yet lived very successful lives. In fact, many successful examples come from people that lived in austerity, giving away any wealth they received.

el dinero es la solución en la vida cotidiana del día día

No, not for me. Success for me is when you touch other people's lives. It's all about being a giver!

I will say yes and no.

That really depends on what you are going to do with all the money you have.
If you are just hoarding money for the sake of it, then you are just a miser. If you are going to use it for some other purpose, then yes.
Money is just a vehicle to achieve what you want to do.

No, as long as you are happy of what you are doing and also you succeed on what to do with your life, that's what success means not just based on money. Success in life can also mean when you got the one girl you wanted and you are now married to each other because that is one of the most important thing that happens to your life.

"Money does not dictate your lifestyle, it's what you do to get it and how you manage your finances that determines your lifestyle" WISH ME LUCK :D

Success in life does not necessarily mean a lot of money, you do not need a lot of money to be successful, though you may be rewarded with any type of currency for achieving what you were told or proposed to do, it does not mean you are successful.
Depending on where you live,if you have a lot of money,you will have more things to worry about, you maybe economically/financially successful,but not spiritually/inner-self successful, so what can guarantee success is the balance between earning a lot of money and using it wisely,not only for your own needs,but helping others in many ways, such as you @bunnybuncher do!
I ignore the fact that you may or may not be rich in financial matters, but you are spiritually, your work speaks for your actions,thank you!

You don't need money only if you live in off grid sustainable place. Unfortunately, most of us are depended on money so you must have it. That doesn't mean you are more successful if you have more money. Just look at bankers, they have a lot of money (because they can create it from air) and yet they are bunch of morons.

Wow. Thank God ths contest is back after sometime. The fun thing is that we need growth. If we know how to make a million, we won't be happy by doing it another time. Think about it.. How many famous people have committed suicide? Their motiviation is not a lack of money.. or being unknown.

Good mood.

No, but it sure helps 😀


Congratulations to the winners.

Success in life does not entails having much money alone, according to the English dictionary which defines success one of which is "The achievement of one's aim or goal" Success could however be in the context of financial profitability but in the actual sense of achievement of aim or goal, success is therefore referred to mean acquiring some certain desired objectives such as, success in exams, success in a competition, success from being innovative, happiness and cordiality within friends and family even without having so much money can also be referred to as a successful life. So therefore in my own opinion "Success in life" doesn't only have to center around money or financial status alone.
When the goal is to become a millionaire, in building a career, starting in business or entering a profession, then success will depend on how much money is earned, but many people do not have that ambition to be immensely rich. Most people gain satisfaction from experiencing success when reaching career goals, by being innovative in business or from recognition of excellence in carrying out professional duties.

Of course not, not at all.
I'd always take a fun job with nice people over a well-paying terrible job. Money very much comes and goes... but making other people's lives as good and fun as you can lasts forever.

Wish you alway happy.

Not necessarily, but the characteristics you need in order to be successful, generally speaking, are the same.
Things like concentration, delay gratification, think ahead, have a desire and a good plan to achieve it, learn from your experience, but also from other people's experience/history, deal with your past and your shortcomings, be respectful towards everybody, but specially towards yourself, etc will guaranty your success.
If you succeed to be successful in life, happy, well balanced, healthy, the money will follow.

Success can mean many things to many people.
Therefore, does money equate to success?
Well, to the person who has none, yes, it can.

Nice one @bunnypuncher. For me, success is not about money but about achieving whatever you set your heart to do.

Hello thank you very much for having taken me into account, greetings and a thousand blessings.

Money is awesome but not messure success

Deep down I know and believe it doesn’t. The real success I’m searching for is happiness and comfort for my family. However, sometimes I search for that only with the thoughts of making money. Money is blinding! Money is hard for people and makes them become someone else. Money is also needed and can bring out good.

Money doesn't really define being successful. When you are successful, Money will surely come your way...success do come with money and a happy life.

Success depends on the goals achieved, money is only a tool to reach goals faster.

No, success is something you earn by doing the hard work and focusing on your life and not on the money or in the life that others might have.

May be , but most success missioners are jackasses

No, winning the @bunnypuncher contest is also a success!!

Another day, another contest. I hope I win

Money is very important to be successful in life. But everyone who has it is not always successful.

Money is just an end to success but it is not a basic one... Determination and ambition to do the thing or in other words success is the thing that I need to make money. I can deliver money from nothing just by insisting on doing this and success in it is always there the successful people start from scratch or below zero they don't have the money with work and determination and ambition they have a lot of it if you don't The is too much for success and not a way in many times

The success of a person depends only on their actions, money can buy many things but if you are perspiring you will always be a fraction, fight for what you want and you will always succeed!

Nope. Happiness=success. To some, just made me money but not to me. I am happiest helping other people. So in my own eyes I am extremely successful.

More than success is a personal achievement, because success is given by the achievements generated by that money.

@bunnypuncher friend ... Success depends on the perseverance of each person, money has nothing to do with our success!

good posting you best..