Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/15/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 5/15/2018.

First Place: @babyluv
Second Place: @niji
Third Place: @puko
Fourth Place: @kres
Fifth Place: @berj
Sixth Place: @mara0507
Seventh Place: @romeshakila
Eighth Place: @greendo

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Embrassing Moments

Tell an embrassing moment that happened to you. Something you misjudged, a misktake that got out of hand, something that made you look foolish. Keep it PG please. This stuff happens to us all and it is always nice to know that we are all humans and make mistakes.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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I never get embarrassed. I just don't care when I do embarrassing things. Saves me lot of anguish. :-)


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Thanks for organising @bunnypuncher! I am in again :)

Thanks for hosting this!

thank you to the @bunnypuncher who has held this contest, and has give me a great appreciation


Thank you @bunnypuncher . Just won . Congrats to other winners

This happened to me in schooldays. My school conducted a inter-school district level competition ( all the branches of my school in the district) where interested students can participate. There are many categories like powerpoint presentations , oral presentations , art , computer software skills etc. but no bloody sports.

I was forced to participate by my class teacher in any of the above categories. I chose powerpoint as I am good at that. I passed the initial levels and chosen for final level. I was asked to prepare some unique topic to get a edge over others by my principal.

I googled for hours for best topics , made some probables like — space travel, nanotechnology , alternate fuels etc. I showed my principal , she gave a look something like this.main-qimg-e55736dd61c0a5d289ba8da48e0964c3-c.jpegShe said — I am an idiot to chose the above topics as everyone would prefer the same and might have googled just like me and asked if I have any other topics. I said — Madam , How about ‘ ETHICS , MORAL ,CODES’ . Then she was like — That will be a different topic, nice choice. She gave a green signal.

On the D-Day , I was very nervous and recapitulated my slides. My principal gave me thumbs up as she was sitting with other guests like — zonal head , district head, principals of other branches etc.

So, it’s my turn and I started my presentation. I was in good swing, I spoke about — cheating in exams to greedy politicians, tax evaders to bribe thirsty police, doping in sports to hacking……. when suddenly this piece of shit appeared on my computer screen and thereby projected on the white screen WITH A HUGE SOUNDmain-qimg-eb15dc7e0d18ad47866dba680e17f2c1-c.jpeg
My Principal:
Hope you understand my situation 😂😂😂....Thanks for such lovely competition @bunnypuncher .Thanks for reading and have a nice day.Yours @sonuuday

The first moment that comes to mind is one from my childhood. I was invited to a birthday party at a friends. My family must have been hard off at the time because instead of actually buying a gift, my mom grabbed an old lego set (incomplete mind you) and wrapped it. It was horribly embarrassing when he opened that up in front of everyone. Mortifying really.

Thanks for this amaxing contest @bunnypuncher. Keep it up and more grease.

I once went to an indoor soccer game. During the warmup I was eating some cheese nachos. I was paying attention to where the ball was because it can come up into the crowd. My friend called my name, I turned my head and you guessed it…..the ball came up, hit my nachos and they slammed into my face. I wasn’t hurt but cheese was all over my face and in my hair. Everyone thought I was crying but I was laughing so hard. My friend had to take me to the bathroom so I could wash my face and hair. I still laugh about it all these years later. I never even got new nachos!

Here we go again :)

I once kept gambling in @bunnypuncher's contests when I knew it was futile. Matter of fact I'm doing it right now! When will I ever learn? Smh

I got laid-off in 2001, I was a cnc programmer. 6 month later the company I worked for set me up an interview at another company. During the 2nd interview they asked me to program a small part ... couldnt even remember how to start the software. Was so embarrassed I stopped the interview and told'm I wasnt the guy they were looking for.

We were in an airplane having a bit of a bumpy landing. 😲 Big airplane, +/- 200 pasingers, all verrry quiet, and nerves.
In all that quietness, suddenly a little girl started to sing "Er is leven, er is leven, naar de dood!" ("There is life after death!") - a popular song in the dutch language.
You could instantly tel the passengers who understood dutch: they all start laughing.
It broke the tension.
I will never forget how that little girl picked up on our collective emotions.


she is right. Thee is life after death. Believe it and prepare for it. Endeavour to be on the right side of eternity; ........Heaven

Thanks for your contest!!

My embarrassing is cold and sneezing, when i have get cold then i cant control my sneezing, that is the main problem. Already followed.resteemed and upvoted.

LMAO I still remember my most embarrassing moment in school. It was one time I slept very late due to some projects I need to finish, in class in college I fell asleep and had a dream about school, and then in my dream my teacher called me out and asked me a question, because it seemed so real I suddenly woke up, stood up and screamed SORRY SIR I DIDNT STUDY😂😂 everyone looked at me and laughed while I was clueless as heck because my teacher was in his desk checking papers then I suddenly screamed 😂
Still hoping to win someday!!

i once danced at a wedding while drunk and fell on people on the dance floor... i think they were hurt.. :P

Thanks for doing it. Oh boy, I got tons of embarrassing moments but a quick one is two job interviews ago: on a sunny day, decide to walk to the interview (1,5h walk) while jamming to some music then in the middle of the journey... BOOM! I get the nastiest feeling of diarrhea that one can imagine, luckily i managed to not ruin myself or anything, but the rest of the 45min journey I remember well. Eventually, I did find a public toilet to run my business but by the time I got to interview I was sweating soaking wet. They must've thought I was a junkie.

There ya go.

Still waiting.Already followed.@upvoted and resteemed

congrats to the winners.

It was my first time of using the ATM. That was years back and young then. I was struggling to withdraw money. I didn't get it right due to lack of experience as a first timer but the ATM was kinda old and slow. The people on queue behind me were just giving me this kind of look. I was really embarrassed. Lol

My luck is not with me i think.Followed,upvoted,resteemed.

Well, I'm in again.

When will i get the chance to win.upvote and resteemed.

It was when I burned a mercun in the class that I didn't know the teacher was approaching. Then when he said hello to students, suddenly the mercun exploded with it's loudly uproar. Oh God Shamed on me 😥

Thank you so much @bunnypuncher this is going to help my daughter whos having her first baby in 2 months. Bless you :)

my most embarrassing moment was when i was held up in a traffic and i had bowel movement.

Congratulations to the winners. Me next time . Thx @bunnypuncher for this great contest

My most embarrassing moment was when I sneezed in public and cattarrh fell out... Eeeewwww... Hahahahah
Its funny now anytime I remember. But that was really so embarrassing. I felt like the ground should open while I jump in. Lol

I never expected to find some great people here on this amazing platform
there u can see so many people who you make happy with your daily contest. I know u probably heard it or read it from so much people but thanks for doing this. Best wishes for you @bunnypuncher o/
Congrats to all winners


Welcome to the platform and thanks for the kind words.

Well my embarrassing moment is , couching in exam hall and not able to stop it . I drank water and did everything I could but wasn't able to stop couching .

Congrats to all the winners
My Most embarrassing moment was when I was pressed on my way out, looking around for where to ease myself.
I almost did on my body but later got a comfort zone.
Thanks @bunnypuncher

I burped in the middle of ethics class.. what's more.. I'm in the front line of seats and when it happened, the instructor looked at me like "What the hell?" 😅

I had a wig made for my birthday. My friends were filming me, and as I tilted back my head, the wig fell off. I had this ugly bald cap on. Everyone saw.

We are all humans ;)

My most embarassing moment that I couldn't forget is when I slept in my Psych class. The class ended and all the students got out of the room. I woke up while the teacher is erasing the writings in the board and greeted me "Good Morning!" when he noticed me waking up. It was a 7am class btw... XD

I sneeze a ton when I eat spicy food and then i need to uh use a lot of tissues... I gross myself out...

When I was eleven, I was a crazy boy.
One day, I made one embarassing moment in my parent's bedroom.
There was nobody at home at the time, so I got in the bedroom excitedly. First, I put my mother's make up all over face, to the point I looked like a freak. Then I turned up the music and began to dance like a babbling bumbling band of baboon.
I was unaware of someone came in the house and and BAM! He busted me in my freaky state in the bedroom.
I was so shocked and panicked, I didn't know what to do. So I just stop moving and said nothing, just standing like a statue.
Do not ask me about my friend's reaction at the time, He laughed as if he was gonna die. I was so embarassed.

That should be when i mistakenly fart in public i thought it was not going to sound but i was so wrong, All eye of me that day


Hahaha you won the Internet with this commentary: D
I remember I used to have a similar situation on a bus in the summer: D
it's probably the most embarrassing moment in my life: P


The annoying is if the fart smell


Oh that was you hahahahah

my most embarassing moment was way back college days . during reporting , I'm so wet because I just finished mopping the classroom (as a working student) then suddenly the teacher arrive and assign me to do the reporting . in the middle of the reporting I split in front of my teacher and classmates and I saw my crush laugh at me .

I clogged the toilet at my friends birthday party. The good part is that no one ever knew.

My embarassing moments is when I'm on aircon public utility van and i farted so loud....

one of my embrassing moment is when i started using steemit and i commented
to a post with a comment "great post"
and the reply was "great comment"
for a while it made me happy but then i realised it was a spam comment
that is why author gave me a signal,poor me
i have never repeated that mistake again

One embarrassing moment was on the bus to school many years ago.
I usually got on kinda early when there were no others on the bus, so i took my window seat and because i was so tired i fell asleep.
Next thing i know, i wake up very suddenly and let out a huge fart that's heard around me, especially this girl who had chosen to sit next to me while i was sleeping... Poor girl, i got the most awkward look from people around me.

That, that was so embarrassing...

There are many rich in the world. But there are very few people in the world who have rich people in mind. It would have been better if everyone was rich in mind.

I'm hoping I will be lucky this time.

Hi , I am new here..Can I join your contest?
My embarrassing moment is happen during my school life. My sister dog like to follow me to school... The dog even enter my class and all my classmate asking who the owner of the dog. Because the dog dirty and smells not nice.. I felt ashamed and I just can say "It's not my dog, it's my sister dog".😅

Thank you


Sure, you are in with that comment. Welcome to SteemIt.


Thank you...

I remember falling asleep inside the bus and missing the right stop which is kind of embarrassing

If i win it will be a embrassing moment

I am not able to recall any such incident, but sometimes when I try to defend my fact in a conversation and other guy gooles me wrong!!!

It was very embarrassing having to leave the store and the grocery items I pick because I left my wallet


It just happened to me today.. I went to buy a chocolate drink and an ice-cream. It's happen the market didn't have debit card autopay. In my wallet don't have enough money to buy both, so I end up only buy an ice cream for my daughter ☺

I Don't Buy Bitcoin in February from 6000$, I am very sad because we never don't see this price, good buy!

That day of trip I wanted to go home, I got the visit that comes to women every month and ruined everything

Winner of the bunnypuncher contest=never
Well I hope I will be selected next.

Nice giveaway :)

every time i see the result of this contest i feel embrassed as i am participating from more than a month still never got picked!
hope i will get something soon

The embarrassing moment I have ever experienced is one of interesting people it turns out he is not my friend steelah it I was very embarrassed

wish to be lucky

The embarrassing Moment I've ever experienced
Hehehe felt like laughing first when remembering it.
At that time I have a female friend and I want to express love to my friend is ready real, it turns out that in front of my mama, apes really my fate

I thought someone was talking to me from afar little did I know that he was talking to another person behind me.

At that time I was cleaning up the kitchen at the stall and kept my boss came to say it said that then I scolded him after I know it was what I was angry my boss is not another employee

hay @bunnypuncher can i also win this contest?

Most embarrassing moment I tripped over in front of a lot of people

Well wah I am embarrassed when considering this moment
At that time I was walking with my girlfriend then I stopped by buying flowers, my intentions would love to flower it to my girlfriend and it turns out I love flowers to other people not my girlfriend, and she was angry at me she thought I had a mistress

Could you believe I completely forgot about the location of a power button on a CPU. gosh! It felt as if the earth should swallow me and my bosses where there renderinge and asking silly questions like are you a graduate. I dont know what came over me that day. Anytime I remember it, I will just realise have once being stupid

The embarrassing moment that I experienced was when I went on vacation to waterboom, while being watched the water game I suddenly fell in front of many people

so here is my entry for contest , lets see who wins

I had one embarrassing moment to scold my boss at the office without me realizing that it was my first new boss of work as a new employee😁😁

miss you bunnypuncher

My most embarrasing moment was back in my high school. Sadly, it was on my 13th birthday. I guess I was growing out of my uniform or so, i heard laughing and whispering behind me, I wasn't bothered at first untill I realised it was about me. The sides of my uniform had torn open and my purple shorts under were revealed. It spoilt my entire day.
Another similar occurance happened it my senior year. My school gave me new uniforms, they were too long so I folded them myself. One day on my way out of class, my uniform got stock on a nail and the folding I need loosened. I would have gotten away with it as that was not the embarrasing part. Thr embarrasing part was when a classmate screamed "omg look" and pointed at me then the whole class started laughing. 😩😩😩

Thanks for the 3rd place contest last day.
Shame moments yes I will not tell because this is very embarrassed and confidential😊😊

It's hard to win in your contest, too many participants ..

When I was a child I used to mistake other women for my mother hahaha.

It was totally embarrassing xD

I am ashamed that I have ever fallen in love with the president's daughter, but she does not know me..

I am embarrassed when no one cares when I fall off a motorcycle.😊😊

My embarrassing moment happened last Saturday during the steemgigs talk show on steroids discord channel with @surpassinggoogle. . I forgot to mute my device and someone called my phone when @surpassinggoogle was talking. I kept on talking to the person not knowing that my voice was on the show.
@surpassinggoogle had to paused till I finished the call.
It was such an embarrassing moment after the call when I discovered that everybody has been calling my name out to mute my mic

can i be lucky one?

I once helped a friend(not friend now) to settle some bills. She started ducking me and refused to pay back as promised. I went to her apartment to meet her and sat with her roommate for a couple hours. She didn't show so I left.
About a week later I get a call from her mother telling me she will arrest me.
She said i stole the girls documents and was using them as leverage for my money. -_-

Police got involved and the girl made a meal of it with crocodile tears. Was so embarrassed as neighbours watched me get cuffed.

2 days later, her roommate brings out the documents and claimed she "just remembered where she kept them".


Congarts to all winner.
i hope i will win. heheheh

The embarrassing moment in my life is when school I ever photographed a boyfriend with my underwear..He saw my underwear because my skirt is open ..😊😊

I hope to get luck in your daily contest, the humorous humiliating story in my life is very much, among other things I urinate in pants for not daring to leave the house .. hehe

I remember one day at high school when my sandals got spoilt as a result of heavy rainfall. I literally had to trek back home on bare foot with my sandal on my hand.... Never had I felt so embarrassed. All eyes were on me... 😂 😂 😂

Let me share recent emberrasing momemt- few days ago i used washroom when i was done and tried to flush there was no water to flush.I than took a bucket and brought some water from kitchen to ......

I want to win your contest again..

I want to look for luck in your contest in order to produce SBD and later I will use to buy votes, I want my account reputation fast rise ..

I am ashamed if I do not wear cosmetics ..😊

An embarrassing moment.

when I was ready for Steemit post and my internet service could not connect me. It's not funny really.

Congratulations to the winners.

Congrats to all winners..

The embarrassing moment in my life is when humiliated by the teacher in front of my friends ..

Nothing better than winning in your contest, I am ashamed if I did not win it.😊

Congratulation of the winners! :) good lucky for all!

I got embrassment in my dreams

My embarrassing moment: no morning shower on Monday because of the rush to the ceremony.

All my life moments embarrassing.... Of the more positions that happened to me on exam days... Always get embarrassing positions for me and I in the exam commission... I'm studying at law school. Fourth Grade One day I went to the exam and sat in the seat allotted to me and I received the paper and I started answering... And I sit down another student came and told me this seat allotted to me and I looked at the seat I found my name and its name is written on the seat after a lot of arguing the exam supervisor came and told me are you in any class you study I told him I'm in fourth grade... Burst of laughter and summoned the doctor of material and the doctor told me what are these questions that you answer I said perform my exam... He said first of all today is the third grade exam and now tell me again what are the questions that you answer Actually, I don't care about the study, and I don't know anything about the stuff I'm examining, and nothing about studying at all.

Congratulations to the winners, do not expect me to stop your contest if I never win..😁

One of the embarrassing moment that happened to me was way back when i was in high school. When one of my schoolmate tease,bully and mock at me when he pass by in our classroom together with his friends.

Good morning :D

If I say a shameful moment in my life, I'm afraid a lot of people are laughing at it ..

I once fell from a 2 meter mango tree, it was a shameful moment in my life ..😇😇😇😇😇