Bunnypuncher is hungry contest!! 10 SBD to the winner.

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I’d like to first take a moment to thank everyone that has participated in my other contests. I enjoy hosting these contests and meeting people. I’ve met many new Steemians that are really interesting people it is great.

The contest:

BunnyPuncher is hungry and he doesn't know what to eat. So I'm going to ask you what are some of your favorite native dishes. What do you guys eat.


#1) Leave a comment with at least one native dish or food that you like and eat fairly often. Since a single food might not be enough leave up to 3 foods or dishes.

I want you to resteemed this to spread the word. I'd be appreciative but won't make it a rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget. Followed me so you can see the results of the contest. I’m getting closer to 600 and I would be a happy bunny if I hit 600 or more with this contest.

Lastly it is your upvotes that will make the contests happen and grow in size if you want bigger prizes and more contests then upvoting posts from BunnyPuncher will make that happen.

Contests payouts

The payout will be as follows for this contest.
1st place - $10 SBD
2nd place - $5 SBD
3rd place - $2.5 SBD
The more entries the more winners!

For every 25 entries starting at 50 entries, we will add another winners' slot for $2.5 SBD up to 5 places.
75 entries = 4th place winning slot for $2.5 SBD
100 entries = 5th place winning slot for $2.5 SBD

I'll give out 1 SBD to people that comment and participate usually about 1 per day (could be more but I might forget a day so it isn't guaranteed). This isn't random just me picking out people so just want to disclose that fact. I pick good entries from people and usually lean toward people that don't already have a lot of SBD or Steem to try and make more difference to people that are new to SteemIt.

Cut off time for entry will be: Friday 9th 11:59pm.
At which time I'll pull the list of names after which entries won’t be added.

Older contests I've done:

#newbiegames #newbieresteem #newbieresteemday #competition


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Hi @bunnypuncher, i just stumbled on this post and i'm glad i did.
I love how you are really all out to help newbies and minnows alike.
Im a minnow myself so thanks a lot, ill be sure to partake in other @bunnypuncher contests from now henceforth.

Okay im a NIGERIAN, a native of AKWAIBOM STATE.
And this are my favourite foods.

The first one is called AFANG SOUP AND FUFU. You could visit a NIGERIAN restaurant over there and try it, you would really love it. and below is a picture👇

images (21).jpg

Below is my second favourite and its called EKPANG NKWUKWO👇

images (22).jpg.

Thanks again for this opportunity @bunnypuncher.
Even if i dont get to win, im glad i was able to participate and would also participate in other @bunnypuncher contests.


Thank you for your kind words and joining the contest. My goal with the contests are to have everyone win. Information (web links, foods, new songs, etc), winners make some sbd, I get some followers. I'm putting to together the lists for web links and songs. I'll publish them soon. I would love to try some Nigerian as many people who entered are Nigerian but I don't think we have any where I live. But I will start looking for one.


Lol, you really should look for one because you sure would enjoy our dishes😉

My goal with the contests are to have everyone win

That's really so kind of you.
We have very few people like you doing nice things for minnows like us, we really appreciate.

I'm putting together the lists for web links and songs. I'll publish them soon.

I can't wait, really looking forward to it.
Thanks again @bunnypuncher.


Since you recommended great dishes and are encouraging my contests you win the SBD for today.


Thanks a lot @bunnypuncher


I have no idea what is in the top dish? and the second one is that like dolmades or something. I like this contest, but I even more like the recipes from them.


What's in top dish is called AFANG SOUP and it's my native food.
And i don't know what DOLMADES is but it sounds interesting.
Is that your native food?


Afang? is that a vegetable? It looks like a seaweed? Dolmades are not my native food, it is greek and Turkish and it is vine leaves filled with minced meat and rice.


Lolz, yes it's a vegatable.
Actually two vegetables are used to make AFANG SOUP which are AFANG LEAF AND WATERLEAF.
And why you are not seeing the vegetables is because the meats have covered it.
Where do you stay? you could try it though and thank me later😉
PS. The DOLMADES sounds like a sweet food too, i shud also try it.
Do you have picture?


I live in Belgium and I have no idea what afang is :-) it looks like sponge? haha a picture from a dolmade I have to take from internet. I can show you in a month because I will be going to Crete again with their eastern. But for so long I will nick someone else's picture + recipe http://www.mygreekdish.com/recipe/greek-dolmades-recipe-stuffed-vine-leaves/


Woow the DOLMADES looks more like a food from my country called MOI MOI. And it's very nice.
Below is a link to the picture.👇


aha !! they also call it wild spinach ?! But what do I see on top of the dish than, that with the holes in it? the sponge like stuff?

  ·  last year (edited)

Lol, the sponge like thing is MEAT from COW.
In Nigeria we call it towel- funny rite.
Forgotten what part of the cow it is though.
P.S this contest has made me see and appreciate other country's delicacies.
Thanks to @bunnypuncher, he has such a big heart for minnows
I just followed you @janine-ariane and i'm going to check out your blog right away.


thank you! , I think the meat will be the inside of the guts then. I do not know if i would like it, but i for sure would try it. :-)

Fried chiken, juice apple and coffe

Food i enjoy...

  1. Jollof Rice (Nigerian Jollof)
  2. Yam with egg sauce
  3. Vegetable soup and garri(cassava derivative)

2018-02-15 07.15.49 2.jpg

This is Thailand famous dish, Pad Thai. I fairly eat this when I am super exhausted. This reminds me what a wonderful life I had in that beautiful country.

2018-02-15 07.10.56 2.jpg

Fried rice is one of the best... it can be in any ways how it is done... this is super duper "a need atleast 3 times a week"

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi Bunny Puncher, this is my favourite native dish here in Italy. I would like to thanks @jacksartori for the photos/recipes.

1)Pasta with tomato sauce and prawns
2)Mackerel cooked in green crust
3)Ferrero Rocher (homemade)
Follow, upvote, resteem

Hello @bunnypuncher every time I enjoy more of your contests here at steemit: p thanks for continuing with these good and simple ideas to interact with new steemians and get to know more besides winning some extra sbd. For this opportunity I bring you a traditional dish from my country Venezuela, popularly known as "Empanadas Venezolanas" (also in other countries of America you can find, with other names, textures and flavors, but in essence they are the same), they are made from corn and fried, stuffed with what we like most, cheese, ham, chicken stews, meat, fish, grains, etc. They are delicious, and very simple to prepare, so to start the day with a good breakfast accompanied by a glass of natural juice of passion fruit or guava, and Guasacaca sauce (garlic-based sauce, parsley, cilantro, avocado, etc. so natural or mixed with mayonnaise), uhmmm I'm hungry too xD


Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad you like the contests. And your dishes look yummmy.


Empanadas are ♥ ♥ ♥.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks for hosting this contest.

Ukrainian food.

  • From the first dishes the most popular dish is Ukrainian borsch.
    It is prepared on a meat broth with potatoes, red beets, lard, carrots, onions, beans, cabbage, tomato and parsley, dill, bay leaf, garlic.

  • Of the second dishes, the most popular dish is dumplings.
    Dumplings are made from dough and stuffing. The filling can be salty or sweet. The filling can be mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, stewed cabbage, mushrooms, sweet cottage cheese, cherries, strawberries, currants.

  • Of the third dishes, the most popular dish in Ukraine are syrniki.
    They are prepared from flour, cottage cheese, eggs, sugar and fried in lean oil
    Photos from my cookbook.

Here’s my entry @bunnypuncher! :)

The famous “Balut” of pinoy! It’s basically a fertilized duck egg paired with salt to enhance rhe taste. B3C5C3A2-8805-4CB0-B9E8-5C937258D637.jpeg

The next one is the “Sizzling Sisig”. It can either be pork, chicken or beef. It usually has an egg on top. :) 4E6D23B3-0FBA-47F6-8326-5F312E6ECD85.jpeg

For the dessert! We have this famous “Leche Flan”. It is basically a caramelized egg yolk. It is not baked but steamed . :) ED62CF5F-8D9A-45D6-B523-23D61492F514.jpeg

Isn’t it mouth watering? Hehehe . Thank you for this opportunity and Congrats to your 600 and counting followers! Woohh!! :)


Yes my mouth is watering lol.

Traditional Ukrainian cuisine will appeal to all those who like to eat tasty food. Folk and proven recipes developed over the centuries, creating their own, unique color.
Geographical and climatic conditions of the habitat of the Ukrainian people were so diverse that they allowed to eat both plant products and livestock products.
I picked up three dishes that I strongly recommend to try.

  • Kapustnyak is another vegetable soup, and, as the name implies, it is based on cabbage. It can be fresh or sour, it depends on the sour taste of the dish.

  • Cabbage rolls - buckwheat porridge with minced meat or boiled millet with grated carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables wrapped in scalded cabbage leaves.

  • Nalisniki - sweet cottage cheese wrapped in pancakes. Pancakes, smeared with sour cream and folded into a pan, languish in the oven. Served with sour cream.

If you go to Kiev, do not forget to try the Kiev cutlets and Kiev cake.


Cabbage rolls are one of my favorite dishes. We are going to make them this week actually. So since you entry was on our meal plan you are todays winner of the SBD thanks for you contribution. Thanks for participating.


Thank you, @bunnypuncher. It's a good idea if you want to cook it. I like cabbage rolls too.

Thanks @bunnypuncher for the great contest, I followed, upvoted 100%, resteemed.
These are my favourite native dishes here in Ukraine:

  1. Pie with peas
  2. dumplings
  3. sweet pies




Thank you for the follow, upvote and resteem. There is a local store here that sells items from Ukraine that we shop at. That's where we get ingredients for cabbage rolls and other dishes.

Hi bunny puncher, My choices are:

Kare Kare. It is a philippine stew complemented with savory peanut sauce.


Crispy Pata. A Filipino dish consisting of deep fried until golden crisp pork leg served with a soy-vinegar dip.


Pad Thai. A Thai dish essentially a stir fry noodles made with tofu, shrimp or chicken, garlic, peanuts with some vegetables. One of the healthiest food in thailand



Pad Thai is one of my favorites too. Great choice.

@bunnypuncher my favorite are


Hope you try this foods :)

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Hi! @bunnypuncher..
I share u my favourit dishes I like so much...
1- Fried Pomfret Fish Sea Food..


2- Macroni Pasta..yummy its my favourit..


3 - Chicken Karahi...

Stuffed ginger & lime chicken breasts.

Take your thawed chicky boob/s and slice a pocket into it, lengthwise. Marinate your chicken bits in orange juice over night. Fry up some bacon in a large pan (one that you have a matching lid for is the best choice) -eat the bacon as a snack while you putter in the kitchen. While your bacon is cooking slice up some fresh ginger root and a couple of limes. Taker yer juicy pocketed boobs (the chicken bits, not human boobs!!!) and cram a few bits of ginger and lime in each one. Stab a toothpick or two or three in em to keep em "stitched up" while cooking. turn the heat up on that empty pan of bacon grease for a bit. Splash in a 1/4 cup of orange juice or water to deglaze the pan. (look up deglazing a fry pan for more fun bits of info and tips/tricks) All deglazed? set those stuffed boobs into the pan and turn the heat down to a simmer. Going low and slooooow.... Gas ranges setting: about 2, electrics run about 2.5 to 3. Sear each side briefly, then cover the pan with a lid. Check on em every 10 min or so to make sure they don't get too sticky-friendly with the pan. They are chicken boobs after all, and even fry pans LOOOOOOOVE boobs too.. just sayin... So after about 40 minutes they should be just about done. ***if the pan goes dry at any point, drop in a tablespoon of oil, grease, or butter and follow with a half cup of water/juice and check that each boob is not glued to the pan! -food safe oil or grease...yer cooking! not changing oil on a car or something.... note; this recipe has gotten me laid every time I make it. Your results may vary - I am not responsible for what may happen to you upon completing this recipe yourself. heh I've never taken pics of the food because, well... I have always had better things to do after dinner than taking photos of food. ;-)

Nothing like a good EMPANADA native dish from our country Venezuela after a bike session in the beach!!
Opera Instantánea_2018-03-03_015623_www.instagram.com.png

My instagram to see more pics

Im From Venezuela and my favorite food is:




I'm from Honduras, one of the most sold foods here, at least where I live are baleadas, which are just flour tortillas filled with fried beans and grated local white cheese, then you have the more expensive and varied ones, which are the main baleada with the addition of maybe scrambled eggs, avocado, fried pork meat, sausage etc. Some just include one of these additions but you can ask for as many as you like.

Since we are going native, let's do this!

The first knockout food is what we call Ofe achara na akpuruakpu mgbam in Igbo...

'Ofe' means soup, 'achara' is a kind of vegetable which gets thick is broken and added to the soup, and 'akpuruakpu' literally means moulded and 'mgbam' is melon seeds. So this soup is made of the special vegetable and moulded (mashed) melon seeds, with other ingredients of course.
It is taken with a preferred swallow. The combination looks something like this
images (6).jpeg
Image from All Nigerian Recipe

Another great food is the Ofe Akwu. As earlier explained, 'Ofe' is soup, and 'Akwu' means palmoil nut.
The soul's main ingredient is the palmoil nut from which the palmoil is freshly squeezed out of. And the basil leaf gives it a special flavor too. It is taken with rice and looks something like this

images (7).jpeg
Image from Dooney's Kitchen

This third food looks simple, but it is special.
It is called asaro in Yoruba, and is made by mashing boiling yam tubers. It needs a special touch, and if you can't make it, you'd make a mess of the recipe.
It looks like this
images (9).jpeg
Image from areachops.com

I have shared some of my favorites. I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria, and I am an Igbo lady, but I was born and bred in the Western part of Nigeria, and so my second tribe can be said to be the Yoruba tribe.

I shared of both worlds.

Hi there! I'm from Maracaibo city in Venezuela and we love to eat plantain every single day. So I will show you what I would eat during my day.

  1. Breakfast: Tequeyoyo
    They are made with flour and fill with cheese and plantain.
    descarga (2).jpg

  2. Lunch: My favorite: Plantain cake.
    It's similar to Lasagna but we use fried plantain instead of pasta.
    images (1).jpg

  3. Dinner: Patacón
    This dish is like a burger but instead of bread we use Plantain and inside we use a different type of meat.
    images (2).jpg

The downfall is that if you eat this everyday you will probably gain a lot of weight but you will definitely be happy all day long!


Lol what is plantain?


Those are plantains!


ohw! we call them bake banana when baked it is called in Holland, I think Indonesian influence Pisang goreng.


Yes, exactly they are bake banana and they have different names around the world! I love this contest becuase allows to share our cultures like you and me right now. Thanks for sharing!

But I don't kwon if I'm participating on the contest because the @bunnypuncher haven't give a reply to my entry :(


he will later :-) i think. I love the contest for the same reason! i just have nothing to share yet. :-)

Hello @bunnypuncher
Here is my Entry: This all our Filipino dishes, but the Adobo comes from the word adobar means to preserved. Spanish Word, they bringing adobar here in the Philippines at late 1500s. And we Filipino adopt some of their recipices and made a new ADOBO.







Trust me this is so delicious! @bunnypuncher

  ·  last year (edited)

Boiled plantain & Efo riro(cooked veggies)!IMG_20180304_060901_732.JPGDQmUWMWCtcj7MoLW2jdruvew1U8hu1LApdXKqxz8kP8hqST.png


Amala with Gbegiri and Ewedu IMG_20180304_061338_331.JPG


And finally....
Moi-moi and Garri



I'm nigerian

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Gobi manchurian.
Chicken fry rice.

3.French fries

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hey @bunnypuncher
I am from India... If u been to india any time i will suggest u try my this following fevourite dishes .. I swear u will fall in love with this food dishes... I even try this dishes twice a month
Here we goo...
1.Butter Chicken

2.Chana Masala:
Its spicy.. Try this with chapati

3.Iddli Sambhar:
(made from rice (that white one) and the curry is spicy)


Butter chicken is one of my favorites.

  ·  last year (edited)

Have u been to india or tried any indian dishes?
Eg: Curry?


I haven't been to India but eat Indian food at restaurants over here in the US.

  1. Arepas with pulled pork and avocado

  2. Empanada of ground beef

  3. Cachapa with cheese

All traditional venezuelan dishes, the best of the best, hit me up if you try one of these

  1. Empanada with cheese.
  2. Wild rice, noodle, fried plaintain, and boiled egg. Also called watche. Really good with a ghanian pepper.
  3. Tim hortons!

Love Tim Hortons!!!!


I know it is my favourite canadian food 100%. And Iv'e never tried another brand for donuts honestly, but I know that America is missing out!

great contest

pounded yam and melon soup

egusi-soup-swallow-600x433.jpg credits

I am a Nigerian and belong to the trybe named Yoruba. Thats is our favourite food and its is prepared by cooking yam after slicing them and cooking them, Pound them to taste and prepare the melon soup..

hummn. Its super delicious

Well it is another lovely contest by you @bunnypuncher.
My favourite dishes which I ate mostly are as follows:
1- Mutton Biryani
It is combination of rice with mutton, very delecious it is indeed..

2- Pratha
BITC Roti Prata Class.png
It is my everyday breakfast food...

3- Samosa
This is mostly used food in household and mostly for the guests...
So this my entry for contest... I hope I will win this time...


Here's what Filipinos likes to eat. Sizzling Pork Sisig, Grilled Pork Belly, and Fish Soup. :D

Grilled Squid, Kwek-Kwek and Siomai

  1. Lechon De Cebu

  2. Pancit Malabon

  3. Organic Salad

I will suggest light dishes to @bunnypuncher so as to remain active

  • coffee with strawberries and beef
  • Cassava flakes with peanuts
  • Fried rice

Always good to remain active and not get to weighted down with food. But there are times one wants to "live" a little and eat some rich food.

fish soup and shrimp in hot chilli sauce


I can eat a plate of rice with these dishes.

Beans and ripe plantain

This is the food of life!

  ·  last year (edited)
  • Egg, onions with mushrooms
  • toasted bread with butter and honey
  • fish tuna sandwich

Such an interesting contest again! I got trouble in my internet connection almost 8 hours ago. i was not able to post here so now I guess I am still in the game, so this is the food I often eat especially after a meal. I am pregnant now and I have that craving of eating Cream O vanilla and drink C2 iced tea apple flavor. It is so satisfying and refreshing. I guess my baby loved them too. 😋


Thank you @bunnypuncher for this chance of talking about ourselves. It is like discovering of ourselves in depth.


That's what I hope the contests to be interaction between steemians. I have met a lot of great folks hosting them. Thank you for participating.

Image source: google
Nigerian salad
*3 cups Palm oil
*4 pieces Fresh fish (fried)
*2 stock of Seasoning (Maggi)
*1 teaspoon Ehu seeds (Calabash Nutmeg)

  • Ogiri
    *1 tsp. potash (Akaun)
    *3 Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium)
    *Garden egg leaves
    *3 or 4 garden eggs
    *kpomo / Kanda (cow skin)
    *4 Handfuls Abacha
    *1 wrap Ugba
    *dry pepper
    *2 large onions
    Some things you don't understand, pls endeavor to ask

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Native dishes. Tough for north america. I'll go with Canadian(ish) things we love.

  1. Bacon. yes, bacon is a dish...you can eat bacon alone :)
  2. Poutine
  3. Pyrogies (from the Ukraine...but we have so many Ukranians that moved here, it's a normal dish for us.)

Fun exercise.

  1. Ewa-Agoyin-1024x768.jpg
    Photo source: Google

Popular in the western part of Nigeria, eewa aganyi is a must for every lagosian. Nigerian beans lover are crazy about Ewa Aganyi. Ewa Aganyi is made up of cooked beans and pepper sauce. It is a delicious beans dish, well-known for its softness and tasty sauce.

  1. Moin-Moin-1024x768.jpg

Moi-Moi is a Nigerian staple food which is very rich in protein. Moi-moi is a cooked bean pudding made from combination of grounded – pealed beans, pepper, and onions.
A must try for everybody.

My favorite dishes and typical of my country:

Pabello criollo consists of:

  • White rice.
  • Black beans.
  • Meat Mechada.
  • Fried plantain.

It's a delight.

The Christmas plate:

  • Pig meat hallaca.
  • Chicken salad.
  • Ham bread.
  • Baked pork

Cachapas with cheese and fried pork.

These are the most delicious and typical dishes of my country, if one day you visit my beautiful country do not stop trying them.



Yey! Another one! Here's mine and im starting it with

  1. Pork Sinigang with Gabi

  2. Sizzling Sisig (Pork, Tuna, or Tofu)

  3. Kare-kare with bagoong alamang

Oh my... This just made me hungry too!!! Hahahaha


It does look good. I'm getting hungry too!!!


hahaha its your fault! naah just joking hahaha but the pictures really makes me hungry and the list just goes on and on! So interesting! :)

Very greatefull contests, i will to sign your this contests

Hi @bunnypuncher you should try this combo foods and savour the taste of our Native Vegetable Soup, seaweed salad and Our famous letchon. Enjoy...




That does look interesting. I hope I get a chance to try that.

  ·  last year (edited)

Sure you can sir...just message me in case you need a tour guide in Cebu...! Free of charge..hehehe! I will personally cook another famous dish in our place...BAKASI! you will really love this @bunnypuncher!

Most of the food is delicious. Here I leave my three options.
I eat them regularly

  1. Sandwich.

2.fried fish with rice and salad.

  1. hot dog.

Good choices eat those all the time myself.

Ok, i have upvote and resteem your post and will follow your contest

  1. Lechon Kawali
  2. Deep Fry Chicken
  3. Batchoy
  1. Balut. Sunday get together with my family isn't complete without them!

  2. Haluhalo. Beat the summer heat with this cold treat!

  3. Baked Cheesy Oysters. Because who doesn't love seafood?


Hard to not love seafood I think just everyone does. Some fantastic looking dishes.


Thank you! If you ever decide to come down for a visit, I'll be sure you have them on your table freshly cooked. 😊

My Favorites:

  1. Korean Style Barbecue (Samgyeopsal)

Image Source

  1. Seafood Paella Valenciana

Image Source

  1. Avocado Ice Cream for Dessert

Image Source

Ummm yummy!
This are my native foods I can't do without eating them in a week.

  1. Hominy turkey soup
  2. Butternut squash and
  3. Fry bread
  ·  last year (edited)

Fried chicken, Orange juice and coffee
Following, Upvote and resteemed.

My favorite native dishes are:

  • Currywurst (sausages with a curry sauce)
  • Leberkase (boiled sausage)
  • Kaiserschmarrn (it is actually austrian but popular in Germany too)

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Ewedu and fufu with fish ,bread and bean,Akara and caustard......Are local foods eaten most in nigeria

I will enter a unique dish that I eat that I haven't heard or seen anyone else eat. It is basic but is delicious. Everyone who I met who has ate some loved it.

  1. Pork Chops
  2. Tomato Soup
  3. Cheddar Cheese
  4. Noodles ( macaroni or any of your preferred kind )

Fry the pork chops in a pan. Remove the chops once cooked. Pour your tomato soup into the pan used to cook the pork chops.

Once the tomato soup is heated, place your cheddar cheese into the pan with the soup. Once the cheese is melted put your pork chops back in the pan with the tomato soup and melted cheese. Allow it to sit for a little while as you wait for your noodles to cook.

Once noodles are cooked, remove pork chops and pour the sauce over your noodles and mix. Place on plate and enjoy. Both your noodles and Pork Chops will taste great.

Tip : Eat it before it cools.

(1) Donair Plate = Donair meat with chopped onions and tomato plus melted mozzarella cheese, plus French Fries and a cup of donair sauce.
Donair didn't originate here in Nova Scotia, but Nova Scotia is known for Donair, if you prefer Fries over pita then a Donair plate is an excellent choice that I really like.

(2) Poutine
Really common here, probably more associated with Quebec than Nova Scotia, but here in Nova Scotia it is an excellent and common food that is stereotyped with Canada in general.

(3) Fish and Chips.
Fish and chips is not unique, but seafood beyond common in Nova Scotia.
All over the rural landscape the most common food promoted by their establishments other than Pizza and Doniar would be Fish and Chips.

(Bonus: Personal favorite, but not really unique to Nova Scotia at all)
Pizza, with Olives, Onions, and Mushroom. Perhaps not unique to my location, but there is a lot of local pizza places.

These foods are my favorite native food, it always make my mouth watery whenever I see it, these are popular foods in our town :)

Dried fish dish

Humba dish (pork stew)
unnamed (1).jpg

Crab dish
images (2).jpeg

So yummy!

The original menu of my hometown :

  1. Aceh Noodles

mie aceh.jpg

2.Gulee Pliek U + Cue
this food is really high in protein

and the last...

3.Ulee Kareng Coffee (Aceh Coffee)
This coffee is famous to Europe
kopi ulka.jpg

1-Empanadas, they are very tasty and well known in Venezuela.
2-Arepas, the breakfast par excellence of all exquisite Venezuelans, I invite you to try them.
3-Pabellon, typical dish of Venezuela with a combination of: Rice, meat, beans and slices (ripe fried plantain)
Excellent rabbit contest, helping to grow new people in the community like me, greetings!

I live in Japan and my favorite food here is something called Nabe, which is sort of like a soup or stew. There are various types (sea food, meat, veggies, ect.). They even have special one to help Sumo wrestlers gain weight. My favorite is kim chee nabe, which of course is partially Korean, but I like the extra spicy flavor. Nabe is mainly a winter dish, but I like it pretty much anytime. Must be because I'm American, lol.

I have truly “native” foods

  1. Fry bread
  2. Wild rice soup
  3. Blanket dog
  4. Buffalo roast with prairie turnips

Very good👍

Some rare native food for the Bunny, very uncommon or unavailable elsewhere.

  1. Ngari- fermented fish image
  2. Hawaijar/akhuni - fermented beans image
  3. Petai/parkia speciosa - tree beans image

Oh I love this contest! It makes me hungry too! Lol.

You would most likely redo your meal plan after tasting this...
images (21).jpg

My amazing catfish peppersoup...

See how to prepare also https://steemit.com/howtofriday/@seesladen/my-recipe-for-an-amazing-catfish-peppersoup-steemit-how-to-contest-for-friday

  ·  last year (edited)

Photo credit goes to me 😉
My personal favorite or at least one of them. Waakye (basically rice cooked with beans) with egg, sliced, avocado some stew and shito (our version of a hot sauce or so I like to think. And meat littered across the surface of the food

Next is fufu, which is pounded tuber (mostly cassava or cocoyam) and or unripe plantain; but in this case pounded cassava and unripe plantain, and soup which is mostly groundnut, palm nut or light soup. Sometimes, a mixture of both. Not forgetting the most important part; the meat. Different kinds, different flavors. You eat this for lunch, no need for supper... 😊

My last entry is Banku (essentially made from corn and cassava dough) and Okra Soup or Stew. And not forgetting the meat. In our part of the world, we don't joke with our meat at all... 😎

What a fun post @bunnypuncher! What are my favorite foods?




this chicken penyet, typical Indonesian food. The flavors are tasty and slightly spicy because of the green chili

Apam, typical food aceh, indonesia. this is very tasty at eating with a mixture of coconut milk and jackfruit in the cook

Thanks for your motivation through this contest

Filipino food as I live in the Philipines! By the way, thank you for the contest. I hope you reach your goals. Upvoted and resteemed.

Lumpia with crab meat.

Filipino Empanada




Good, I just saw the public and just read the word "food" because I called my attention hahaha, I'm from Venezuela, specifically from Barquisimeto, and one of my favorite dishes or food is the "cachapa with cheese and fried pork"

It is a torilla very similar to the pancakes but this is maize and is a divinity and its flavor is of biblical proportions

other of my favorite foods is the grill or meat on the stick, where they roast several types of red and white meat, something very delicious

And last but not least because I like it less, it's the slice of cheese, a delicious appetizer that can be eaten at any time.

I hope this has caused a lot of appetite and desire to try them to satisfy your hunger, greetings to all! following, voted, and re-esteemed haha


Hi @bunnypuncher.
I'm also a NIGERIAN and I'm from AKWAIBOM
Here are my favorite native dishes:

    And here is the picture.

  2. UKWOGHO ETIDOTU AND GARRI (it's called BITTERLEAF SOUP in english).
    And here is the picture.
    You should try the dishes.
    Thanks for the contest.

What a great contest!
I love food! Eating it, cooking it, reading about it, even shopping for it..
I am very lucky to live a multi-national life.
I myself am Dutch (half Dutch half German technically)
My son is half Dutch half Indonesian
And last but not least is my partner, who is Hungarian
So I will share a top 3 of my fav foods from each nation, starting with the Netherlands:
#1 Zuurkool stampot, or sauerkraut&mash:

#2 from Hungary, goulash:

#3 from Indonesia (influenced) Nasi & Saté:

Bon apetite 🍽

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Hello, sorry for being offtopic, but can somebody recommend a good tutorial or something? I am totally new to the platform. Thank you so much.


Hey @cindybee. Go check out @newbieresteemday. They are the perfect community to help you learn and grow. Check out @BeeYOU and tell her Mello sent you.


Ok thank you so much @mellofello


Siopao, is one of my long time favorites, literally it means "steamed bun", and it is the Philippine version of the Cantonese steamed bun called cha siu bao.

I really love Siopao and even if I am working abroad I still eat siopao once in a while.

I am thinking #BunnyPuncher might want to try it.

  ·  last year (edited)

hello @bunnypuncher thank you for this opportunity for us.By the way I'm from the Philippines and I love to eat sweet and sour fish(iskabitsing isda)


I also love to eat the (tinolang manok bisaya)


and the last is the (scallop) this is really yummy and you if visit here in our country try eat to it this all thank you 😊


Hello @bunnypuncher, I want to present my menu from the Philippines. It's one of the best dishes here in the Philippines and I often cook this dish because It's a combination of vegetable,meat and soup with a little sour taste. It is called "sinigang na baboy".

Another one of my favorite is this. We call it "Ginataang bilo-bilo" or Sticky rice balls in coco milk. It's a heavy snack that can be eaten in the afternoon.This is usually prepared in birthday parties, get-togethers or fiestas. This dish is really kind of sweet and is cooked in coconut milk.

And the last one is what we call "Pansit". Also a native dish. This dish is always present in birthday parties because it symbolizes long life to a celebrant.

Thanks for giving us newbies the opportunity to also join contests like this. Upvoted and resteemed!!!


Hmmm yummy!

Hi mr. @bunnypuncher my entry:

1- Hot Dot
2- Hamburger
3- Lasagna


My favourite food lumpiang shanghai I bought lumpiang shanghai on a mall It really looks delicious


My second favourite fried chicken and scrambled egg I bought yesterday on a mall

MY Entry:
Danggit - crispy and salted, sun-dried rabbitfish which is also one of the famous & well-known products of Cebu.

VEGGIES: Talong & Okra - both are steamed green vegetables which are nutritious and has a lot of healthy benefits derived from them. They are usually eaten with "Bagoong" or shrimp paste on a vinegar as dip. Best side dish for Danggit also.

Ensalada - mainly consists of tomatoes, onions, eggplants, and green mangoes. All of them are cut into small pieces and best mixed with "Bagoong" or shrimp paste on it. Another great side dish for Danggit too.

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native Russian dish is pasta and goulash (макароны с гуляшом)

Hi @bunnypuncher. Here's one of my favorite food which I believe you'll surely love too. This is Chicken and Vegetable Wrap with fried fresh potato as its complimentary dish.

I chose this to be my entry for the contest because aside from it's way healthier, I know you'll like it as much as I do because it's stuffed with shredded cabbage, radish, and carrots which are the bunnies' favorites. I just so hope this could really satisfy a bunny like you. hehe



Thanks for hosting this contest.
Here are my three favorite Vietnamese comfort foods:

  1. Pho (beef will cook more as I dunk it)

  2. Chicken Congee

  3. Pork Spring Roll

Fried Rice & Tikka Kabab

Hello, I was speechless when I saw the different dishes of typical foods from different places, they all look very tasty, and I hope someday to be I able to have the opportunity to taste them.

I'm from Venezuela and I'd love to show you three delicious typical dishes that we love.

1. The Creole pavilion, which consists of white rice, fried plantain, roasted meat and beans, is a delight.

2. The Venezuelan arepas, are part of the Venezuelan since they are born, 100% recommended and are prepared in all flavors.

3. The fish, delicious and high consumption in my land, when going to the beach is what is requested for lunch accompanied by salads and tostones.

I hope BunnyPuncher is satisfied with these delicious food dishes from Venezuela


I'm gonna keep it simple, the best dishes here in Venezuela are:
And Pabellon

hello here it´s my entry:

i am from venezuela so here it´s my favorite native dishes.
1: Hallaca
Is an corn dough stuffed with a stew of beef, pork, and chicken, fish or other seafoods in some places, and it is "adorned" with raisins, capers, olives[2] and wedges of fowl meat.


2:Pan de jamón (ham bread) is a typical Venezuelan Christmas bread, filled with ham, fried bacon, raisins and green olives


Is a traditional soup (often considered a stew) in several Latin American cuisines derived from the Spanish dish known as cocido.


There is nothing else in the world that gives me so much pleasure when I eat, like the soup of mondongo, it is a soup that lasts 3 days of preparation, I start on Friday, on Sunday it is when it is ready for lunch, after that dish you go straight to the bed, you'll wake up like hungry rabbit Monday :)
PS: the tripe is made up of the stomach of the baca and pork legs are added, ripe plantain and sweet potato is added to give it a sweet touch



It is made to firewood so that it is better than tasty

and for dinner I leave my famous hamburger that I do at home, the "break chest"


greetings and good profit :)