Feel Good Friday Contest - New Series! Rewards for the Best Comment!

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Recent global events have triggered animosity, conflict, and hate around the globe. It's high time we had a positive push here on Steemit. Starting today, I'm asking our community to participate by posting one recent event, interaction, or situation that gave you a good Friday feeling. No, I'm not talking about your freakiness between the sheets. No place for that here. I'm talking about genuine feel good moments that are positive, uplifting, and contagious.


I will start us off...My Feel Good Friday moment came yesterday when @kaylinart accidentally double posted and graciously explained the mistake: https://steemit.com/life/@kaylinart/2fw19u-how-to-sabotage-your-relationships. She didn't have to make the declaration but she felt it was necessary. That's fantastic! But it gets better...She then took the rewards from that post and paid it forward to an organization she has passion for: https://steemit.com/art/@kaylinart/thank-you-steemit-for-your-donation.

I apologize @kaylinart for this unsolicited callout but I was genuinely touched by your actions!


Ok, now lets talk about how this game works...


1) The comment with the most Upvotes will win 50% of the CASH 7-day payout from this post.


However, the comment must have the qualifying Feel Good Friday theme included to be eligible.

Comments can contain anything that supports your Feel Good Friday moment, topic, or theme. Any rude, crude, or lewd content will automatically disqualify the comment.

2) The best comment determined by me, your host, will receive 10% of the CASH 7-day payout from this post.

3) The winner will be announced in the next Feel Good Friday post!

Thank you for your participation and if all goes well, we will spread the positive vibes for a very long time!


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I'm all about this post!

I'm having such a good Friday, and feeling good.

There has been a lot of things I have been working on this week, and I'm set to complete them by then end of the workday, completely opening up my evening for unlimited possibilities.

I completed a 24 hour fast yesterday, which I was very happen to do for the first time, I've still been riding that wave a bit and might be the reason for my extreme positivity, but I'm definitely not complaining.

I was able to post the second part of my #introduceyourself posts today. Pardon my shameless plug but I'll include a link below, I'm just very excited to be sharing it.


On top of the fact that I'm already having an excellent Friday, This post tipped me over the top.

Thanks for sharing @bigskykilroy , I really hope this becomes a weekly contest.

Take Care!


Thank you for entry. Please keep an eye out for the results next week!


I definitely will, I've resteemed as well to help get this post out. People need positive vibes in their lives, especially with the way the world is currently.


Thanks buddy, Steem On Brother!

It's that time of the year. Friday Night Lights and I get to watch my daughter cheer her team on to victory. These are the moments I live for so, this is my FEEL GOOD FRIDAY


Thank you for entry. Please keep an eye out for the results next week!

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