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After a lot of hard working “Daiesthai War” development team is happy to inform you that the daiesthai_war pre_sale is now available on our Official_Website:

home page.PNG

It’s time for you to arm yourself with arks of power, weapons, and spells.

What is Daiesthai war?

Daiesthai war is a PVP war game based on the Steem blockchain where you can buy, collect and trade Arks of power, weapons, and spells.

Battle Scars:

War mode
The normal mode of the game is called 'War mode' where there will be only one winning team who will get battle scars.
The number of battle scars won or lost will be higher in tournaments than in war mode.


All prices are initiating. Once the pre_Sales are over. Items prices inevitably will rise


Our packs are divided into three types:

  • Chaos Pack: where you have the chance to open purple Chaos and yellow legendary random weapons and spells or the limited edition ark ‘PAOXI’
    PAOXI for post.png
  • Legendary Pack: where you have the chance to open yellow 'legendary', purple 'Chaos' and red 'Epic' random weapons and spells or the limited edition ark ‘PITY ‘
    pitty colored.png
  • Epic Pack: where you have the chance to open yellow and red random weapons and spells or the limited edition ark ‘THE TRUTH ‘
    THE TRUTH for post.png

The three arks: PAOXI, PITY and THE TRUTH

Will be available for winning in the packs only for 3 weeks.

Blockchain gaming:

With blockchain gaming growing faster every day, we decided to release the alpha of the Daiesthai War on STEEM.
An epic game that gives you the opportunity to choose your team and fight side to side to earn battle scars, the money of soul, holly upvotes and of course the glory.

Rare and limited edition:**

  • The three Arks: PAOXI, PITY and THE TRUTH
    It will be available for winning in the packs only for 3 weeks.

  • More rare and limited edition arks, weapons and spells are coming soon, so prepare yourself to own unique items.

  • The mystery ark:
    One of the arks available now in the store will be chosen randomly as unsalable again so you can have the chance to own a rare ark.


Market :

The market will be available as soon as possible for you to buy, sell and trade your items.
You’ll have the chance to sell your unneeded items and search for your missing pieces, so in the meanwhile, you’ll have to arrange your set wisely.
As we want to ensure being more precise with our clients we added a countdown option on the market page on our website which we will set it soon.


Our plan:

  • Our team has put a lot of energy and creation developing Daiesthai War and we are looking forward to present to you a catchy game.
  • At the moment you are capable to join the early access and be more privileged.
  • The beta version of Daiesthai War will support android, iOS and windows.
  • You will be able to purchase the blueprint of the ark which allows our clients to upgrade their items
  • The game will be in 3D mode.

1st-week sales:

As an appreciation for all the people that supported us from the very beginning, we decided to discount the prices of most of our items with a 20% reduction so you can easily join in the war.

Let the rewards begin

Twenty lucky summoner will be chosen randomly to win a special award. All you have to do is comment resteem and upvote on this post.

For more information Please click here

logo 00_00_06-00_00_13~1.gif


Welcome to Steem Blockchain @daiesthaiwar
Since this is your first post about this project it would be nice to have an introduction about your Team, your Vision of the project, Roadmap and some extra information about the Gameplay mechanics.
Your site looks visually appealing but without any further information about yourself and the Game mechanics I'm not willing to invest into it.
I hope you will provide further information about yourself and the project to attract more users and investors.
Good luck, guys!

As much as I am in love with the fact that there seem to be multiple new games evolving, some more information about the team and especially the game would be awesome. Look at @nextcolony for example, I think they do a nice job with their marketing campaing. They don't release many game details as well, but they built up some excitement about the game plus they are transparent about what well-known users and investors they have on board.

@masterthematrix thank you for your comment. Of course, you have the right to know more and more about the game and our team. We wanted to keep things simple in our first post but you'll be expecting more info in the next few days.

You really need a new logo... im shocked you spent this much on upvotes but you didnt spend 20 bucks on a better logo... but its fine just keep going, because with just a little money spent on some better graphics and in one day the whole project will be looking 10 times better

and also,, what kind of name is this? Is it a foreign nme? Are you going for athai audience? I mean... shouldn't you think about changing or at least ADDING to the name to something we can actually remember or pronounce? Maybe put an english translation in parenthesis under the name?

Also that video... ok... please tell me it is a joke? It is very confusing, it doesn't explain anything... you just keep using the same shot over and over , panning zooming in on these weird animal machines? I mean please, show some screenshots of the actual game, please remember this whole steem based game thing is about the technology, no one is actually trying to play these games they're just looking to support some interesting new blockchain developments so please, in the video show off some of the actual contents of the game, not some weird CGI lolol Good stat i guess?

@ackza we really appreciate the strong comment you just posted and that's exactly what we need to keep going forwards . Well from now on we will consider people thoughts as a priority. For the logo we're certainly going to improve it, i 'll discuss the name suggestion in discord you're welcome to join and see what sould we do. Next video will be much better. Thanx for pointing those headlights.

Thank you than I will wait until you publish more information.
Don't be afraid that you put out too much information this community loves good "communication" and "transparency" since we had a couple of bad actors already on this platform. And the users here are getting more demanding and sophisticated about Dapps and investments in general.

Cool. When did you guys start working on this game?

steemit blockchain

steemit blockchain

steemit blockchain

steemit blockchain

steemit blockchain

Lol. Please fix that. You cant make a mistake like that and think people would take you seriously. Even your video says STEEMIT BLOCKCHAIN.


Yeah. Nothing says, “We are experienced, want to build on your blockchain, and hope the community will buy our product!” like getting the name of the actual blockchain wrong in your promo video.

I don’t know if it’s all of the recent shenanigans by other games around here or not, but I’m feeling like this game isn’t going to live up to anyone’s expectations.

Maybe someday we’ll get some serious devs around here...

People are already spending money... I dont get it. Wasnt Drug Wars enough of a cautionary tale?
If users can be dumb enough to "invest" millions in unsustainable payments from gambling games on EOS and Tron, why expect more from Steemians.

@ats-david ,@lordbutterfly, we understand all the doubts and hestitations surrounding investing in our game as we are well aware of the previous bad experiences with games on steem blockchain. We may not be as experienced or as you said "serious devs" but we're trying our best to deliver a good product and we hope that we will grow in experience as the game grow . Yet we believe in our dev team and his ability to improve and in our ability to deliver. We're counting on the steemit community to keep us honest and we'll share our progress in full transparency in future posts .
Thank you both for your feedback.

Nothing against you guys. Just trying to spread a bit of awareness. Maybe you make a knockout game, maybe you dont, im just saying that people should be cautious...

@lordbutterfly We fully understand that and we hope that we gain your and the community's trust as the game grow.

If users can be dumb enough to "invest" millions in unsustainable payments from gambling games on EOS and Tron, why expect more from Steemians.

It seems to be mate, that Steemians only stick to this blockchain and have no clue about eos or tron, or even before them dodgy games and ponzis on Ethereum. Sad fact lol..

editted in just now... The first thing I heard of this new game was from this post..

We all make mistakes so we will fix it as soon as possible, anyway Thank you for your comment,

Why don't just appreciate all the efforts and the development being put behind this?
And I think they need to sell some of their packs to meet the costs in running their DApp.
Let's appreciate them instead of pulling them back.

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Read the comments. I answer your question.

@aftabkan10 appreciate those words and we hope daieSthai will make a hit on STEEM blockchain

wow~ new game on steem!

Just my luck... purchase something, nah we've stopped loading now, sorry :(




Hello @cadawg . Glad that the issue was solved, please feel free to contact us if you face any other problems again. We will be happy to help you at any time.

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Also, this just looks like a massive scam.

This game looks very interesting I already made my first purchase, I hope to be lucky!

This does look interesting but we need alot more details before we feel this is going to go smoothly (I feel I am speaking for many Steemians when I state this). Especially after all the problems with Drugwars and many people losing lots of money.

I would rather a game spend another month in development and have a solid plan and roadmap than come out and be buggy and have to keep making changes (many people hated the way Drugwars would make major changes sometimes with as little as 24 hours notice).

Great idea and I wish you all luck.

Or no notice in many cases. Totally agree with you here. I thought the game was further along in its development at first read. I’ll hold off doing anything with this one for a couple of weeks.

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I just signed up and bought sin of wrath.... i love the 3D demonstrations of your products can't wait for the game to start.

Thank you for your support

great job guys!!! will be an amazing game

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