Reminder/Notification that we have three active rounds in the Information Finding Championship going.

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Hey everyone! I wanted to either remind you or bring it to your attention that we currently have three rounds going in the IFC! The subjects are as follows.. A round for the judges, occult/hidden and the best ways to make money online or from home.

Round 15
A round for the judges.

Round 16

Round 17
Best ways to make money online or from home.

Things seem to be going well around here at the IFC! We have 4-5 new entries today so far, and.. We're going to be talking to a professional game designer soon to see if he can help us improve the game.

Plus we're also working on setting up an embassy at the Crypto Empire, and.. I just keep hearing and seeing so many amazing and positive things about the IFC that I'm pretty flabbergasted and humbled.

This started as an idea in my mind, but wouldn't be possible without all the great people who have brought it to life and added their own unique personality and spirit and style to it. I stopped saying it was "my castle"quite while ago, it is "our castle".

Much love to all of those who participate in one form or another, and especially the couple people who are putting in a lot of work to really make it happen. <3 This wouldn't be what it is without you. Thank you.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

If you are new to the IFC and curious about any of this.. More information can be found below, also feel free to ask any questions and myself or someone else will do their best to help answer. Cheers! And hope you have a good rest of your day/night whatever time it happens to be there!

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very good @apolymask! The game is getting clearer and the message is sharp and crisp! Awesome!

Also our @newbiegames folks are going to be jumping on board to help you too! Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks davemccoy! :D Nice to hear from you and glad to hear you think it's getting clearer and sharper and more crisp. :) I've been working on it! And a good amount of it is thanks to you and your earlier advice! So cheers to you. And cool! I heard through the grapevine something about newbiegames featuring the IFC in the future, which sounds like great news to me! Hopefully we can all help each other grow and become more. :)
Thanks! And will do! And also thank you for your help and presence in general as well! :)

I'm happy to help! I think this is something that will develop and develop and love that so many of our people are behind you! Its a great compliment for what you are doing and I'm happy to see the progress!

Thank you very much for your presence in general too... Its people like you that make this something that I look forward to it every day! :)

That's awesome of you. :) And yeah.. I have a feeling more and more that something really special is happening here.. It's hard to quantify, but there's like a "spirit in the air" so to speak.

And wow, what an awesome thing to hear. That was really nice of you to say, and you know.. I feel similar about you and was just thinking similar things, the way the IFC is going right now and the community that is springing up around it.. I'm excited to wake up each day and see what new happens every day. It seems like there's almost always something interesting and positive and new happening. It's really cool. :) Especially after dealing with a lot of dark times in life. It's good to see some good things happening!

Cheers davemccoy, keep up the awesome work. There's a lot of people around steemit who really appreciate you and what you do!

Same to you @apolymask! It is awesome to hear your respect for me and I feel the same way towards you!... I feel the spirit in the air for your game too and think you've crossed that important threshold. So congrats and now let the flower blossom!

Can wait to see you you end up by the end of the summer! I think it will be amazing!

Word! :) I appreciate how we can reciprocate in such ways, that's not too often I experience it so I definitely take extra notice when I notice it. heh. And yeah for sure! I'm super curious to see what this all looks like by then including the newbieresteemday and newbiegames as those are both new and doing really well for how new they are. Oh! Also.. I got in touch with spiritualmax like you suggested and we're planning on doing an embassy over there and there's more in the works. Lot's of growth! Yet.. Take it even further, and if steemit is still here for a long time.. Imagine 5 or 10 years down the road what this will all look like? Mindboggling! :D

Let me know whats going on with @cryptoempire I've delegated 100 SP over to them and hopefully I can transfer that over to IFC at one point when things get going or however that'll work!

I talked to the guy who created it a couple days ago and he said he was going to set up an embassy for us, that's about all I know at this point! I offered to help in exchange and get the word out more about his efforts, though I haven't heard back from him and since he just launched his new RPG game I'm not surprised. Sounds like he's pretty busy. So.. Guess I can't help you much right now, but I'll let you and everyone else know more when I know more! :)

Awesome thanks for the response @apolymask ! Was more just curious to see if my SP delegation or whatever could somehow generate more money for IFC!

You're welcome.. And I'm not really sure! I do appreciate the sentiments though. :) <3 You're an awesome person and I'm glad we found you. Or you found us. Whichever the case, you definitely feel like a major part of the IFC family. :D And I look forward to when you decide to do some judging as well! Also it sounds like you're picking the artifact to choose a quest, that should be interesting!

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