Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 24

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital castle.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

Hey everyone.. Nice to see you again. :) Today I want to talk about "etymology" as it has been one of my growing passions, I feel like there's so much more to learn about how words work and what they mean or could mean or could have meant..

The study of this subject is deep and rich and has changed my life ever since, simple words I used to use almost unconsciously now have so much more meaning.

Language itself seems to have so much more meaning and whole new dimensions in my mind have been unlocked in regards to the nature of language and our current languages.


So.. This quest will be a general challenge where you can submit anything about the subject of etymology, could be an essay on the history of a word or a movie or a song or whatever. Feel free to be creative, we try to allow for out of the box thinking entries when it works!

BUT.. We're also going to do a lil bonus round too, an additional 3 XP will be awarded to the person who brings me back the best essay on the history of the word.. "Etymology".

And now a moment for our sponsors!


First up is @ats-david who has helped greatly! If you appreciate this contest or just his efforts in general you may want to look into voting for him as a witness at @ats-witness, he does a lot of other cool things for the community as well!

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Also not a sponsor, though @iexplore has taken a huge workload directly off of my shoulders and is now doing the "catch up" rounds, those should be posted on the @ifc page.. And I suggest giving him a follow and some support as well if you appreciate the work as he is doing an amazingly helpful and important job! Oh and he usually posts the catch up rounds on Sunday the day after I post mine on Saturday.



For this challenge.. If there's a tie.. We will do another round to see who wins.

The winner will be decided by whoever gets the most votes.
The only people who can vote in a qualifying sense are myself and the judges I've selected and we will vote by leaving a comment on the submission that we like the most and say something like.. "I vote for this one" and a reason why we voted would be good too, but is not mandatory.

You have until this challenges post payout ends to submit your post. Though we do accept late entries if you get it in before all the judges vote.

The challenge will finish after 7 days when the post ends and provides its payout cycle and unless there is a tie, the winner will gain the steem, the XP and have a point to go towards their long term win. (minus the 25% for curation)


1. Twenty Fourth challenge starts now and is an etymology challenge. 2. Create a blog post for the contest. 3. Title must contain contest round, "Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 24 entry" 4. Leave a link to your post in the comments below. (This part important and a lot of people forget this, please put the blog link in the right place) 5. And you also have to use the #informationfinding tag in your blog post as well.

Acceptable content

  1. Etymology
  2. Language is primarily in English and if you would like to participate from elsewhere in the world it is up to you to translate your message into English so we can understand you.
  3. We also encourage role playing for those who enjoy doing that. :)

Good luck in the contest!
Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

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Awesome idea for a challenge, I'll have to check out some previous posts :)

Hope you can get in to it the ifc is really a fun contest with a great community i hope i will see your entry good luck!

I might have to wait until the next one, but any community with @apolymask is sure to be a great one ;)

Hey dreemit! Thanks for the positive feedback it's been a while since we talked. And wow you've grown a lot on here! Nice job! :)
And yeah, if you find interest in this contest in any way let me know, I'd be happy to answer any questions or help you understand it better if you'd like to participate in some form!
So far a lot of people have been telling they are having a lot of fun, and it's growing more and more almost every day! It's definitely been a rewarding and fun experience and I have a feeling we're only just getting started! :) PS.. I think there's still time to win the 158 steem grand prize if you wanted to try to play!

Aw, thanks sweetie, building on steemit has been one of the biggest and most fun challenges I've ever had. If I can't jump in on this week's contest, I'll hopefully be involved in the next one :)

That's awesome. And you're welcome. Glad to see you doing so well on here! I've had similar experiences especially recently with this contest. The community that has formed around this game is amazing, and it's changed my life in quite a few positive ways. :)

And.. If steemit continues to grow, I have a feeling this will be a lot more popular in the future, in a couple years down the path! So.. it's definitely a fascinating adventure to be a part of and see where all this goes, it's kind of like we're all playing a real life RPG with each other and lot's of people are learning new things and helping others and it's been extremely rewarding to be a part of.

And okay! We usually do two challenges a week. A regular round and a catch up round which is only applicable to people who haven't won a round yet. The one that's going right now is this one.

It's a pretty easy challenge in my opinion and you just have to go take a picture with your phone or some kind of camera somewhere in the world and try to get a good images the judges might like enough to vote for. :)

If you don't feel like either of these challenges are quite right for you, we try to do a new one every Saturday and Sunday, and they are unpredictably different.. So one week might be tough, but the next week might be challenges you're really good at!

Thanks for showing interesting in the contest and I hope you decide to play in the future. :) Would love to have you even if it's only for just one round! <3

Hmmm i see that the grand prize is now finally growing hope it will reach 200 by the end😁😁

Thanks to you it just grew a little more! I need to mention in a future post how you donated your judges pay, I think that deserves more recognition. :) And yeah! I hope it gets up to 200 by the end as well! That would be pretty epic! :D

Words, who doesn't like words. I have to look up words all the time, google certainly made the dictionary easier to use, Although I really miss my giant hold in two hands heavy dictionary at times. It must have weighed 15 pounds. I miss it, hopefully it is still being used by the individual that received it.

Word! I love words! :D Glad to hear you feel similar and that you even used to treasure a dictionary like that, I hope the new owner appreciates it as well! When younger I used to look up almost every word I didn't know, and these days.. I love getting into the etymology of words! It's truly a fascinating subject and I've learned so much! Have you done much research into the etymology of words bashadow?

No real research into word origins, but lately have been having to look up a lot of new words to me. @warpedpoetic has an absolutely amazing vocabulary when it comes to words, it seems that every time I read a post of his, I find a word I have never seen before. like:"alleluia" praise god , and "harmattan"That is an easterly wind I could not believe when I read about it, but then remembered where he is at in Africa is close to the coast and where the easterly winds would be, but for 11 months out of the year, that was jsut nuts to me. I am used to winds being pretty variable not one direction all the time.

😂 Bro @bashadow, i am glad that I am contributing something to the community through you and others who read my blog.

That's an awesome attitude to have warpedpoetic! :D

I'd be by your post more frequently, but I promised votes on a week long game, so hope to get to my normal rounds in about 6 days.

That's cool you're learning so many new words and yeah those are new to me as well! Also we get a lot of wind here sometimes too. Especially up around the mountains. You're definitely a very wordy person yourself, I'd suggest taking a peak at etymology sometime. :) Perhaps through this challenge you will, especially if you do the bonus challenge.. Researching the history of that word will reveal a lot I think! :)

Cool challenge !

You have been upvoted by @rentmoney because you post was nominated by @bashadow in our Followers Appreciation Promotion

Thanks for appreciating! And also thanks to @bashadow and you for the upvote. :) That's likewise a cool lil program you have going on there as well! :D

I swear I commented on this already.. lol hmm weird. Anyways putting together my post now! This is one of my favorite secret-side-hobbies! I love words :) great round

I remember we talked about etymology once before and you seemed pretty wise about the subject. :) Super excited to see what you come up with! :D

Very good information may be useful 😊😊

here's my round 24 entry!

If you are interested, there I have a Sbi giveaway (3 shares courtesy of apolymask) for IFC entrants. Just drop your IFC entry here as well.

oh cool! checking it out now :) thanks @bengy !

Ok, I swear these things are getting tougher as the time goes on. But I found some stuff, and was able to sort of formulate a post. Here it is.

And here I was trying to do easier challenges for a while.. But.. Yeah.. Etymology is pretty difficult isn't it! perhaps I should have waited on this one until later, though I had been wanting to do it for a while now! I guess it is what it is. Glad to see your entry! :)

What's a challenge without feeling challenged? I learn you learn we all learn. "Hey Mikey likes it" (old cereal commercial for those who didn't get the reference)

I don't remember that commercial lol, I almost thought you meant @simplymike for some reason. And yeah! That's a good point, I like how you worded that.. I think learning is one of the most important things so it's awesome that we can all help each other learn and even earn "money" at the same time as well! Would be really hard to do something like this before steemit. I'm grateful for the opportunity and I hope it lasts for years into the future. :)

Good to know! :) I'll try to do more language challenges in the future. :D

If you are interested, there I have a Sbi giveaway (3 shares courtesy of apolymask) for IFC entrants. Just drop your IFC entry here as well.

Thanks for the heads up, @bengy

If you are interested, there I have a Sbi giveaway (3 shares courtesy of apolymask) for IFC entrants. Just drop your IFC entry here as well.

@apolymask, it has been a busy week! But here is my entry for this round. I hope I'm not too late.

If you are interested, there I have a Sbi giveaway (3 shares courtesy of apolymask) for IFC entrants. Just drop your IFC entry here as well.

Awesome. Dropped a link!