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To celebrate reaching 666 followers I will be giving away $6.66 SBD to one lucky artist or photographer! This one goes out to all the misunderstood. As we know Lucifer was a fallen angel. He merely refused to bow down to authority and wanted to give people free will. We mean no evil. We just don't think anyone on this planet has authority over anyone else. We understand evil is by nature. We see the good and bad in every situation. To us the heroin addict homeless thief is equivalent to the multi-millionaire priest. We understand we are all suffering. We understand suffering to the fullest extent. We have wanted to end it so many times and the only thing keeping us alive is the art. Creation, our God.


good guy.PNG

TO ENTER... Do ALL the following: 1. Upvote (25% or higher) 2. Resteem this post 3. Submit a link in the comments to your best ORIGINAL photograph or artwork!

On February 11th, ONE WEEK FROM NOW, the poster of my favorite artwork/photo will receive $6.66 SBD and I will feature my fave in an announcement post!

Most importantly I'd like to use this as an opportunity to find other artists and photographers that I admire so I can upvote them in the future.

Thank you for your time! Don't forget to Upvote and Follow!

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Lots of great entries so far!!!

Well, since it is quite difficult for me to chose one BEST, I have decided to still to stick to the theme 666



Oh, you killed me with this one... I have no chance at all. Soooo extraordinary! Congrats, @axeman!


You never know what the judge will chose, sooo :)


Ahah, below is my entry... it´s an old creepy angel in a sadly well known local cemetery.


All my favorites will be featured in the winner announcement but only one will take the prize $


Good choice, Thank you for your entry!

This is my contribution to the competition. I name it Head Like a Hole. Oil on Canvas. 60x80cm. This one took me two weeks to complete. I created this one after a break up with the worst ex you can imagine. When you have been in a relationship with a narcissist you have been with the devil. You give away all of your best qualities for hope of something amazing at the end. The knife represents her power over me. The donkey represents belittlement of others. The green glove symbolises the ability to do things without being noticed. I added a funny side to the image as well with the sagging boobs, duck feet and her hairbrush going walkies. It was a weird one but at the time I just had ti get all that angst out of my system to feel peace again. ENJOY!
Head like a hole.JPG

As this is my favorite photo i will post it here.
The theme of the contest post is about lucifer the devil, so i think that this picture is quite interesting too, because lucifer plays with fire and this wooden wall seem like it is burning.

magische feuerfassade goetheanum holzhaus.JPG



Cool perspective, thank you for your entry!

Congratulations on getting to 666, that's awesome! Thank you for putting this together. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and suggesting I send a pic over this way.

I painted this a few weeks ago and although I have some other "favorites", this one has been really popular with the people who've seen it and it was one of the more fun pieces I've done recently.


Check out this timelapse!

All my best, thanks again!


Ah very cool entry! Very good use of color. Noted!

Welp, i don't have anything devil related but... red is a good color tho.

Goodluck to everyone!


Reminds me a bit of tank girl and the gorillaz. Thank you for your entry!


Oh you just gave me an idea what to listen to :D I should thank you for doing that contest


Great art! Thank you for entering!

FB 31January-343-Edit-Edit.jpg
better if nightmode is on

Thought I should give @axeman some competition in the portrait department.

The idea was to create an poster like advertisment for ciggarest with a 70's-80's mood that would work in a glossy magazine but with todays sharpness



Great image! Very iconic look! Noted.

This is my entry :))

anjinho B&W.jpg


Great photo, Thank you for your entry!


Thanks so much :))!


Something about this image catches my eye. Noted.


Killer reflection! Great entry!

i picked the four deadmen in armor and red shorts for this contest :D atleast thats what i see lol



This would make for some great blotter art! Good stuff!


👍😁🍷 how about this one hehehe sneak peek


Interesting idea! Great subject - I will watch it closely!
My shot:


Nice, thanks for entering!

Congrats​ to 666 followers. :)
Here is my artwork for your contest. Have fun guys.


Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro


very cool, thanks for entering!

Nice contest! Here my entry :)



Amazing, thanks for your entry!


Thank you! ;)

Here is my entry! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! :)


Great macro shot! Very clean. Thank you for your entry!


Thank you! Macro is my favorite type of photography so I post all my stuff to steemit! Have a great day! :)


Same, You too man!

Congrats on the 666! :D
It's hard to pick my "favourite", or something that I say it's my "best" one, so here is one of my images that I just felt like sharing here:

Oh and I just had to :D :


I'm like the least violent person ever but I really enjoy excessive gore. A true walking contradiction. Thank you for your participation!


Same here :D And the Doom Generation is a brilliant movie ^_^

Congrats buddy ! Steem on !


Well played. Thank you for your entry!

DIAMOND, mixed media collage with antique papers, wasp nest, teeth, wings & other found objects. Commission from a tattoo artist named Mike Diamond who has a collection of creepy clowns. Happy 666!


Very interesting combination. Lots of creepy crawly stuff! Thank you for your entry!


thank you! yes! i forgot to mention the pigeon foot up top. *all found creatures- no one was harmed in the making of this piece.


i hope this is right. :) i didnt know if the pic popped up with the link so i put it in separate.



Very cool! Macro is a fave of mine. Thank you for entering!


Is that fog or an edit! Either way it's a terrific photo! Noted!


Ah! I like your style! Thank you for your entry!

Congrats with great number and cool idea!
I'm also looking forward to see some cool stuff in comments.

Here is my contribute. I see this image as one of the best in my career of amateur wildlife photographer



Great photo! I love when I take a shot at a perfect moment! Thank you for entering!

Que bien, pásate por mi blog @dalhayroos


Very cool long exposure! Thank you for entering!


Ah, I love aquariums!

WOW. nice contest :)
it will be fun to join. Thank you my friend

This is a great contest!

My Original Artwork Entry - 'Lightning Strike'


'Lightning Strike' was the 66'th entry for your 666 contest.
That's got to be a good sign!


here is my entry...OK its not my original photo
BUT in defense you cannot say that it doesn't conform to the theme AND AND its is the undisputed picture of Lucy...right ..right lol

I'm disqualified huu ???
@axeman you got my vote nice picture

I am submitting my video composition for your consideration. I could write thousands of words about this project. This one is over 3,200 photographs at 1 second intervals in 2 minutes of video.
snap (3).jpg


This is a perfectly acceptable entry! I appreciate you stopping by and entering your work!

Wonderful thoughtsIMG_20180205_175549.jpg

Thank you for this contest! Love meeting other like minded souls, as I have been feeling a bit like a ghost here lately. Thinking I may be invisible.
https://steemit.com/art/@izabellablue/usd6-66-sbd-for-666-followers-contest-or-art-challenge-contestnumber 6 art contest signed.jpg

Here's my entry! All the best!

Hi my friends, i try to entry in this Challenge, Thank You.


Since you're celebrating your 666 followers,
I choose this entry. Maybe it is not inline with theme but it shows something during any celebration.



There truly is no theme to the entries. Just your favorite. Looking to find inspirations and more great artists photographers to support!


thank you so much for conducting this contest @anthonyj

Here is my entry. A fallen Automaton, sketched in 2016.
overgrown automaton.jpg

That time I did this self portrait shot FB_IMG_1518105073412.jpg

I figure id post another one ....because i like this one better FB_IMG_1517887492149.jpg i was going for basic little shot of the moon and right as i snapped thre shot ...bang this happened ....once in a lifetime

I don't want a dead animal on my wall, but here's my piece, my middle PF 40.jpgname is actually Shetane... True story...

Up-voted , Resteemed
What a great ideas for a post , good luck to everyone , xxx

This is quite interesting. I hope you'll like this entry, Light Me Up. 😊


Hi, @anthonyj! I'm relatively new so I'm not sure if I have a 25% upvote but I thought I'd message you with a link to my recent artwork that a lot of people (it's also my favourite) just loved!

More than the prize SBD, I think it's nice that you're looking to discover more artists so here goes. Tell me what you think :)

bachelor girl copy.jpg


25% upvote just means to use 25% power while voting. Amount is irrelevant. Thank you for your entry!

Swimming Competition

this picture is when my cousin is have a division competition.


Congrats dear here is my contribution to this beautiful contest.

Who is winner sit