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In the previous post I asked the question :

What would you do if your country was invaded

Link the contest yesterday:

I know this is a difficult question and I especially hate war,. So I just put the question 'if'.
I thought of this question when I saw many images of war in Syria. These are images of infants, families with relatives who have died, refugees have no food to eat. I am a political student so I am particularly interested in this matter, I feel very sad.
Instead of enjoying a warm, happy, happy family life, learning, having fun, they have to live in fear, anxiety and death all around.
Second World War has gone by, but there is still a smoldering war in some countries.
How many families are broken, split because of war. How many mortal deaths from the war have caused the world to choke, mercy.
Approximately 76,000 people were killed in 2014, compared with 73,477 in 2013. In the past seven years, the civil war has continued to spread throughout the devastated country. In 2018, 6.5 million people who fled their homes in the country, more than 5.6 million Syrian refugees were residing in neighboring countries.
Iraqi government troops began fighting the IS. The country became the second war zone.
The fighting between Pakistani government troops and Taliban militants killed many people. The Taliban movement in Pakistan has jihadist sentiments similar to the Taliban in Afghanistan. But the organization operates independently and focuses on overthrowing the state of Pakistan, establishing a strict Islamic rule. There are many other wars. I am a peace lover and I hate war. I do not want someone to die or get hurt. I think the whole world must condemn all bad actions leading to war, besides calling for the support of world peace organizations.

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@cradle with answers :

The first thing that i would do is to keep my family secure and safe, next is to defend and fight for my country in a peaceful, way through pen and not in arms.

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I really hate war, as in i dont pray to even see one or for other to witness it, war! War!! War!!!

War isnt a good thing, it destroy, kill and do all sort of harmful things. We should always allow peace to reign

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Lo primero que hago es buscar un lugar seguro donde proteger a mi familia, después buscar aliados civiles o militares para defender la patria con todos lo que sea posible, ademas de fomentar la cultura defensora de la patria, porque la patria es la humanidad y si la destruyen perdemos hasta nuestra identidad

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War is not soemthing i would really be happy at because war is not an incident to be happy at. But if it happens to my country which i will never pray to happen, i have no choice that to stay and fight for my country. To fight my country with all my strength. So i will fight the war till death.


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It really is a difficult question because if you are totally foreign invaders and want to take over your country you have to defend it, look for compatriots, make an attack plan and try as much as possible to defend the sovereignty of your country. But if these have unpatriotic attached to the invaders you have to kill the traitors of your country first to contribute to such action against your country and then apply the attack plan of compatriots united by freedom.

Thank you so much @a-alice, for this wonderful contest and for choosing me as a winner for Day 2