"Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" - Part One

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This will be the last time I ever speculate on the future in a negative light. After this, I will be focusing my writing towards fiction mostly, with the occasional philosophical piece or satire.

Before I dive into my novel series, I feel compelled to share a potential future which has been looking like a possibility to me for quite some time now. I have not spoken in detail about this theory in any length, mostly because I know how fantastical it would sound to most people.

Nevertheless, I have throughout the past year made several observations that seem to give a little credence to the prediction, and so while I may feel that it is more unlikely to occur than likely, the possibility of it coming to pass seems significant enough to me that I must share.

Before I explain what I believe may come to pass if we continue to do nothing to prevent it, I first want you to watch this 90 second video for a new company that makes smart appliances.

The first thing you might ask is; how the fuck is this an advert for smart appliances? Well, the answer is simple; it's not. You see, we all clicked "yes I agree to your terms and services" so many times that our data has become the primary means of introducing consumers to products they are likely to buy. And yet we still see an ungodly amount of advertisements on YouTube and TV- and very often they seem to be taking an abstract approach to marketing their products or services. It is my belief that, for the most part, television and YouTube advertisement has become more about controlling the mind of the viewer than about selling.

I do not want to spend much time decoding this video, for I have already done so with a video that was telling an unsurprisingly similar story. But, I would like to offer my interpretation of the very first six seconds of this video. It is going to be pretty fucking crazy, and moderately mature in the context of content(not really), but I have little doubt that this interpretation is very close to the mark. My hope is that if I can convince you of this small, insane thing first, then you might take my larger prediction seriously- for I feel this may be one of the most important things I will ever write. I feel that way now, at least. Anyway, prepare for weirdness.

This is the opening scene. I am making the claim that this path represents the shaft of a penis and the building a vagina. The car park then we can see is the tip of that penis. An added factor that I have noticed, is that depending on what you are viewing this on, and depending on how you are sitting, lying or holding your phone is watching it one, then to a male viewer, this could look to the subconscious mind like their own penis penetrating a vagina- the trees even seem to be indicating a bush. Lol. I am quite serious though, i believe that for some unlucky male viewers who are situated in such a way as so the path is aligned with where their penis would be if it were erect, then the psychological effect of this could be far more powerful.

So, now we have established the penis, we might note that the woman - a powerful looking woman who appears to be very wealthy - steps out of the car and onto the car park head of the (or your?) penis - with her high heels! Straight after it changes to a feminized man surrounded by smiling women.

Now, here is my very serious interpretation of these first few seconds. The subconscious mind catches sight of what looks like a penis penetrating a vagina- or if we are in the right position, our own penis or a representation of it. Next, a rich and powerful woman steps out of the car and stamps on the head of the penis, or on the head of your penis if you are in one of the aforementioned positions. So, it was a tease, and a rough one at that with the stamping. There is no sex on offer here, mate. But wait - right after the stamping we see a man with four women around him, he looks like he can get sex any time he wants with four women around him like that.

Now, this may look like nothing to you, but I think that for many men who watch this video, especially those who watch it in a half zombie state unaware of its nefarious intent to fuck with their minds, they will learn the unconscious lesson that you no longer win a woman by buying her things or protecting her, you do it by being more like her.

Now, either that made a lot of sense to you, and perhaps even explained somewhat of your environment to know they are up shit like this, and if so, perhaps now you will take what I have to say seriously, for it will sound far crazier by the end of this than what I just said.

Or, perhaps you now think I am mentally ill, a sexual deviant who sees cocks and fannies everywhere, or just someone with a really active imagination. If either of these is the case, then I would have to say that all three of them sound like something that would result in a fairly interesting read, so you might as well just continue on.

The future that I keep trying to persuade myself is never going to happen, but that I am repeatedly observing signs that it may, is a future where the people finally have freedom.

I know that many might argue that's a good thing, but do we really understand what freedom is? I have considered it in depth three times. The first time I left thinking that freedom means to be beholden to no one's rules but your own. The second time, I arrived at the opinion that freedom means to have no obstacle in life but your own conscience and will. The third time, however, I thought deeper about it and came to the realisation that freedom is an impossibility - at least within this material realm. Even if there were no governments, no forceful humans attempting to exact their will on you, what freedom would you truly possess? You'd still be beholden to the necessities of the flesh, to the availability of nutrition and refreshment, and to the wildlife that also inhabits the Earth. You would not be truly free.

They will have us believe that freedom means "to be free from dominating forces." That's what the implication seems to be when looking at the word. But, does it truly look like it means that to you? Let's consider the words "freestyle," "freefall," or "freethinker." "Freestyle" does not mean "free from style." "Freefall" certainly does not mean "free from falling." And "freethinking" certainly does not speak to someone who is "free from thought". So, should we take freedom to mean free from domination, or much like the other words, does it not suggest that freedom means "free to dominate others" or perhaps even more appropriately, "free to forge our own dominions?" This definition would fit the freedom I see on the horizon.

In the video I shared, it shows the crown going up in flames, followed by the words, "and from the ashes... comes freedom." If the crown represents authority, and if the burning represents the destruction of authority as we know it, then what type of freedom will be left?

I have spoken many times of how I believe that "anarchy" is an agenda. People are being conditioned to hate their governments and authority in general. Now this could just be a means of driving people towards decentralization, but these fuckers are far smarter than I am, and if I can think of many ways to do that without cultivating anti-establishment sentiment within the masses, then I am positive they could have too. So, the anarchistic programming seems to be serving another agenda to me - the incitement of a revolution, and controlled leaks such as pizzagate appear to be stepping stones towards that goal.

So if a revolution does happen in a number of countries around the world - I have seen far more evidence that this could be in store for the UK than anywhere else, but I am sure it will happen in more than one country if it happens at all - then what sort of freedom do you think will be left for the population? It will be a freedom akin to Alistair Crowley's law of Thelema - do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

I have been working on this for an embarrasingly long time considering how few words I have written, so I am going to wrap this up here and start on the next part later tonight. In the following installment I will discuss how the law of Thelema might look in practice, and how Steemit is potentially an experiment - funded by an anonymous third party - to observe how such an anarchistic blockchain society might operate.

Thanks for reading.

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The original law of Thelema came from Rabelais book—Gargantua and of Pantagruel.


I didn't know this. Thanks. Though, I only used that for the title because it sounds fitting in regards to the freedom I suspect they have in store for us. I don't intend to mention Crowley or Thelema again in any larger context than I already have.


Interesting, I feel we live in similar times as when Rabelais wrote that book.


I just looked into the series. Certainly sounds interesting to me, and apparently heavily satirical too, which sounds a bonus. I have very little time on my hands right now, but if I ever do, this series has been added to the list of books I would like to read. So again, thanks for the information.


People have the wrong interpretation of "Do What Thou Wilt."

Life is a flower, wilt thyself. Meaning life is what you make of it. The Buddhist would say, "All life is suffering." So if we are all slowly dying then we need to be having the best most greatest time of our lives while we are alive on this planet.

The meaning of life is to have a life of meaning. I say, "life begins with an empty canvas. So paint you a good life."


While I love your theory, it doesn't sound like it would be one shared with Crowley, who I now know adopted this from an earlier story. I hope to read the series in future, and perhaps in that one it will mean yours, and we will find that it was simply Crowley who perverted it. But, based on what I read about the novel series on wikipedia, it sounds unlikely at this point.

The word was more popular in his day and seems to be gaining traction again. Probably because of everyone talking about this phrase though. Lol.