Building Lifeboats: Are We Sailing Full Steem Ahead Towards A Global Financial Reset?

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Has The Lifeboat Been Sabotaged?

I’ve been watching the recent downward spiral within both the crypto space and many major markets and pondering whether it’s indicative of something larger on the horizon. I very much believe that we are heading towards next financial crisis and that the elites of this world want their (pre-planned) answer to this crisis to be the only lifeboat on offer. When will this financial breakdown occur? In all honesty I don't know, indeed it's both very difficult to gauge and equally important to remember that the path towards this collapse is paved with the reputations of individuals with a far greater monetary/financial pedigree than I.



Firstly I never proclaim to be an expert in subjects that I’m not entirely proficient within, hence I am no expert within the crypto space and as such I am framing this post as an unqualified opinion and in no way a statement of fact. From a purely observational standpoint, (if it wasn't already) I believe that bitcoin’s integrity has been compromised and that its flotation within the futures markets enabled the powers that (shouldn’t) be to obtain an ever more powerful hand within the market space. Once this foothold was attained it has enabled the manipulators to drive down the price and accumulate an ever greater stake and thus ability to manipulate said price. Although there are names that will be attached to this crypto coup, I personally believe they will simply be the front men for the hidden hand.

One coin to rule them all
One coin to find them
One coin to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

Once you are able to manipulate the price of bitcoin, you then have the potential to increasingly control the sentiment and indeed price within a large percentage of the crypto space. That doesn’t mean bitcoin is dead (who would want to kill their golden goose) but it does mean that each price fluctuation enables an ever more powerful grip upon the market space.

In many ways bitcoin has been instrumental in sowing the subconscious seeds of the manipulators long planned digital currency. Equally, this is a a world of duality and so it has also helped ferment a mindset that wishes to detach itself from the machinations of the corporatocracy and banking industry, as such we could envisage this as a race to the finish line.

To me this speaks volumes as to the importance of detaching coins such as steem from the movement of bitcoin, and that to survive in a true decentralised form we now need to stand on our own feet! How this is achieved? I don’t profess to know, but I have faith that it is a feat that can be accomplished. Now is not the time to argue over matters that when this system falls will be the furthest thoughts from your mind, now is the time to build a lifeboat that will keep us dry during the encroaching financial storm.


Debt Debt Everywhere Until There Is No Food To Eat

So let’s take a look at the economy; the official narrative displays that the (although I believe it to be far higher) current US debt sits at around 21 trillion dollars, within the next decade U.S interest repayments are expected to balloon to nearly one trillion dollars per year. Servicing this debt is leading the US towards a position where it pays more in interest than it does towards military expenditure, Medicade etc etc. Equally, over the course of 2019 the US deficit is also due to rise to one trillion dollars per year. All of this prompts me to question, are we currently in the eye of the storm?

Conversely we have trade wars, rising interest rates, 40% of the stocks within the SNP 500 are down by at least 20%, throughout the world real estate prices are falling, the rising US dollar and interest rate hikes are causing problems for emerging markets. Corporate and government bonds are falling. Tech stocks are declining (from their peak) with facebook falling 36% and apple down 26%. The Dow has plunged in value over the last few weeks with Oct 2018 proving to be one of the most volatile months in the 118 year history of the US stock index. Over the last few years global inflation levels have been steadily increasing. And according to data supplied by the IMF the annual global percentage change for 2018 stands at 3.8%. In short, it’s completely unsustainable and if I know it they know it!


Precious Metals

Firstly, there is a direct correlation between the rising price of gold and an underperforming stock market. Over the last few weeks we have observed the price of gold slowly gain some ground against the dollar. Equally, here in the UK gold’s gains have almost precisely mimicked the 7% drop in the FTSE. Within this age of finance, technocracy and corporatocracy it’s fairly easy to see that the bloodlines elites of this system are fuelled by an insatiable lust for power and money. Although they have infected our world with their greed, hatred, spite and venom, in the arena of finance they are certainly not stupid. By their deeds you shall know both them and their plan to store their wealth and retain the upper hand throughout the approaching financial turmoil.

All of the old money (the bloodline inherited wealth) is heavily invested in gold, land and works of art and antiquity. Indeed for decades they have been accumulating a vast array of tangible assets through a fractional reserve banking system that has enabled them to purchase said assets with other people’s debt, a debt they also receive interest on ... clever eh? Gold is being repatriated to countries of origin and countries such as China & Russia are hastily accumulating vast precious metal stockpiles. Of course there is an array of reasons behind these purchases but again, at its most simplistic level “by their deeds you shall know them.”

In terms of sliver; Banking institutions such as J.P Morgan are amassing huge silver portfolio’s. Silver is probably the most undervalued and yet essential assets on the market; it is also sitting at an historically low ratio of 85 ounces to one ounce of gold, which is 60% higher than the twenty year average.


Interest Rates

Investors have begun to highlight concerns over the raising of US interest rates and equally how this will play out within bond yields. The global marketplace has certainly been rattled over the aforementioned inflationary impact of these rises. Indeed, if we use the month of October as an example when investors began to sell, Asian stocks were exposed as particularly vulnerable.

In relation to the pace of recent interest rate rises President Trump has labelled the FED as “crazy”. Equally, I feel it important to note that throughout the tenure of President Obama the same FED committed to keeping rates at an historic low. So let’s disappear down the conspiracy rabbit hole, are they crazy or is there a wider/deeper narrative afoot?

Firstly anyone that has read any of my work will know that I am not a proponent of the left/right mind control paradigm and to all intents and purposes I believe both narratives are owned, hence I have no specific axes to grind here. That said, by utilising a propagandic left/right, good cop/bad cop (bait and switch routine) are those that operate in the shadows attempting to attach both “truth” and all societal ills (including a financial collapse) onto the right/alt-right and then ride in as a left wing pseudo saviour? Let’s take a look at that idea.


The Death Of Crapitalism

In truth we don’t really live within a capitalist society, what we have is crony capitalism (I have labelled this as crapitalism). Crapitalism is a system where every market and every tax law is rigged to benefit the chosen few. Due to the fact that the Bank of England/FED etc etc are private enterprises there is also a debt leveraged against every pound/dollar that is in circulation, thus meaning that there is never enough money to pay off the debt. Within Crapitalism, the associated evolution in fractional reserve banking has enabled the uber crapitalist to buy up our world (and all tangible assets) with money that has never existed, money that is not worth the paper it's not printed on.


Crapitalism was designed to last just long enough for the chosen to build their machine, a machine of which we are all components and a machine that has bulldozed its way across our entire world. A machine that has attached the guilt for the ecological destruction it has brought and the wars it has fermented onto the shoulders of the populace, using the foundation of this guilt to increasingly lower the standard of living.

The machine uses humanity as the fuel in its engine of control; ensuring that whether white or black, religious or atheist, rich or poor we are all prisoners of a system that demands subservience and increasing dominion over every facet of our lives. We are all victims of the great game of divide and conquer, it’s just that (as countries and individuals) we have been handed different roles. Within the minds of the manipulator, we are pieces on a chessboard, some of us are pawns, some are knights whilst others live like kings; but outside of a human life it’s all transient, whilst their lust for power is unsatiable.

Society is not an organic construct, it's direction is planned decades in advance. Do you understand that to the socital engineer, the populace are considered akin to lab rats that are to be trained to follow the will and direction of the manipulators?

So when this system fails (and it’s designed to) remember that the worldwide (blockchain based) digital socialism they will offer in its place is born of the same system and mindset that created the crapitalist model. Sure (much like crapitalism) the first generation of digital socialism will get many sweeteners plus the propagandists will play to kindness and compassion and portray that this new model will free the world from generations of debt slavery, starvation etc etc. What they will fail to mention, is that we already produce enough food to more than feed the entire world but through greed and bad management over half of it is left to rot, per year this equates to 2 billion tons of uneaten food.

At this moment in time; the mere notion of a cashless society is often enough to raise both incredulity and laughter, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that Sweden and several other countries are already heading in this direction. We have the Swedish central bank testing a digital e-krona, and within the last few weeks we have the IMF's Christine Legarde making a case for digital currency. Equally, during a financial crisis who isn’t going to want free digital money to buy food and heat their house?



In the long term, the new model will not be about lifting us all up to a decent standard of living, it will be about bringing us all down to a level that is just above the breadline, but not enough that we will have a coherent voice or the power of free determinism. It will be a technocratic feudal society (us and them) a system where they own everything and we own nothing, but by the time it gets to this point the collective will have been so propagandised and divided that they will be cheering it on! Their anger will be directed amongst each other and towards the nouveau riche, but will remain averted from the true the architects of their financial demise.

We can see the seeds of this division being sown through search engines and social media where complex algorithms are hastily dividing people into electronic thought ghettos. These algorithmic ghettos cushion reality and pamper to the beliefs of the user. They pamper the belief systems and perceptions to such a degree that once outside these electronic padded walls many people are beginning to lack the mental capacity to civilly debate. Equally lacking the ability to empathise and listen to contradictory views.

Within this process, people will increasingly come to personally identify themselves as a multitude of externally created identities & labels and thus these labels (which will be relatively trivial within and blind them to, matters of worldwide consequence) will become the most important issues for the people that choose to wear them.

It's very important that we point out the failings of our current system, but we need to be equally aware of the (pre-planned) white knight that is going to ride in as our saviour. It will arrive as our friend and as the answer to our problems, but by the time we realise it is our enemy, we may have been rendered powerless to halt its march. Keep in mind, that although I believe a blockchain based digital pseudo social model to be the intended outcome, nothing is set in stone! The power still (very much) resides in all of our hands, and as such how we rise to the impending financial storm will dictate the direction of our species.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Until next time I will leave you to decide who has the perceptualflaws.


Written by perceptualflaws
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Best thing I've read for ages, anywhere. The way you break things down and communicate your point is briliant and I wish I had your skills !!!

I fear that most people will react to the planned collapse in the way that is expected by those that bring it about, and you and I will be forced to submit and watch the bleak future unfold in front of us. It's something I think about often and find it harder and harder to accept.

I am trapped by debt and stuck in the system just as they planned and sometimes I wish I was ignorant of it all like pretty much everyone else I know (some wilfully)

Articles like yours are like a little glimmer of hope because they have the power to change people's perceptions or maybe even repair their perceptual flaws ;-).

High resteemed and will be sharing with friends.


Hey @jimbobbill thank you for stopping by my friend .. I really appreciate the kind words and support and I'm glad the post resonated with you.

Although I don't perceive them to be as all powerful as they would like us to believe .. the architects of the system are masters of propaganda, deception and manipulation .. never more so than within the minds of those that arrogantly fail to believe that they have been manipulated. I'm currently watching social media, the msm and can (and will) pick out numerous propagandic talking points (and tools of division) that are being birthed into our reality.

Since I was a child, I've been observing how they implement these entrainment cycles to shape the direction of our society. In order to supply the pre-planned solution to their self created problem .. it's my belief that the architects of crapitalism are the same ones that are now fermenting anger towards it (problem, reaction, solution).

I think (to varying degrees) we are all trapped by a system that is corrupt, greed/debt ridden and thus paranoid, obsessional and in order to hide it's true intent .. increasingly controlling over every facet of our lives .. and indeed I can very much relate to your personal circumstances. Thanks again my friend.

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Fortunately, every piece involved is a double edged sword.

Sure, the internet is a way to monitor everyone, but it also allows everyone to talk to everyone else, so that the govern-cement can hide no lies.

Robotics is coming... and so people are worried about their jobs, but one step past that is, robots do all the work that people don't want to do, and humans do only what they want to do. Once a 3D printer is programmed to make a part, every 3D printer can make that part. It can't be stopped.

Bitcoin may be controlled, owned, by the people at the top, or it may be a group of freedom fighters who own all that bitcoin that has sat idle. BUT! bitcoin is just code, and you can fork it, or clone it any time you want. The banksters want to own the playing field, but if we realize that they are making unfair rules, we will just go create our own ballpark.

Unfortunately, it has to be this way. Every light casts a shadow.


Thank you for stopping by @builderofcastles

Yes I very much agree with you, in fact I have written fairly extensively about how I am very optimistic about the long-term future of humanity. Indeed, if the control system was as powerful as people think it is, then they wouldn't need to spend billions on propaganda and doublespeak that keeps us fearful and looking outwards for salvation. Equally, in the short term I think many people are going to be in for a rude awakening and that the control system is not simply going to gently pass into the night. When you begin to unravel the control mechanisms that have bound the world into servitude, when you begin to really understand it, you can begrudgingly see that this system is in effect a work of genius .. it might appear like a complete and utter disorganised mess, and on the ground floor it is.. but at the upper echelons it's worked very well to garner ever greater power and wealth into ever fewer hands and to insidiously reshape our very definitions of humanity, success and power .. this isn't a spell that will easily be undone and this isn't a control they will easily relinquish.

in terms of technology, I very much understand the nature of duality and how this manifests itself within the tech that is being created. Indeed, if as a species we can overcome our egoism, greed, narcissism and self-absorption then the future is very bright indeed. For me that is the lesson, the control system is pushing us to change .. whether it's a change for the better resides in how much we want it. As I ended the post.

Nothing is set in stone! The power still (very much) resides in all of our hands, and as such how we rise to the impending financial storm will dictate the direction of our species.

This post was intended as words of warning, the direction they want to take us is not a statement of what will come to pass. That said, I feel the collective must awaken to what is before they can build what can be .. and in many ways, the vast majority of people are still jumping to the tune of the manipulator.

Again, I very much appreciate your take on tech and so will leave with a few words I wrote in a previous post that spoke to the duality of technology.

As dark as the world can sometimes seem; by understanding the law of duality, we can also understand that those that seek to use technology as a driver for their own dark agenda are actually driving our increased desire for decentralisation and emancipation.

Thanks again my friend.

Another instant classic!

I try to be more of a solution guy than a problem guy but seeing the problems far in advance helps not get caught off guard when they manifest. This is awesome education to raise awareness and I am going to read through it again.

As far as blockchain goes, I am hoping that enough capital gets pumped into it to reach critical mass before the current monetary systems complete their decline.

It dies look like we are headed towards a Feudal system with American leaders taking up that torch lately with the trade draconian-ism.

Such a great post again bud.


Thank you @zekepickleman .. really glad you enjoyed the post!

I know what you mean about solutions, they're so cheap that a friend of mine has been buying one silver coin (one ounce) per week since the last financial crash .. by estimations they must now have around about 530 coins .. give or take a few lol I've been watching memes and talking points on social media, slowly building anger towards the capitalist model and I think the populace are being primed for the aforementioned reset/feudal system/wealth redistribution .. in fact by the time it comes I think they will have built it to such a point that the majority will be cheering it on. My advice on the blockchain/crypto space is to put at least half of any profit that you make into precious metals.

Thanks again for the support my friend, I very much appreciate it!

Awesome post, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the truth of "electronic thought ghettos" either. You gained a new follower, and I'm sad I hadn't found your content sooner! There's so much great content within the steemit bubble that it's difficult for me to keep up with all of it sometimes.


Thank you for the kind words and @claydo .. really pleased to make your acquaintance and to have your support on this post. There are some amazing writers/content on this platform so I can very much relate to where you're coming from. Thanks again my friend.

'Electronic thought ghettos'... don't be surprised if I use that term one day in my posts. Love it. A brilliant post as always, articulate and clear in your exposition of what many of us have been thinking. Just to add a little to your post, @acidyo shared this YouTube clip which affirms much of what we know or suspected all along.

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you for the kind words and support @riverflows .. it's very much appreciated! Great video, with charts, analysis and details that certainly appear to provide a concrete foundation for my suspicions. When the banking institutions were talking tough about clamping down on crypto's, the fact there was a bitcoin machine just across the road from the bank for international settlements was an irony that didn't pass me by. Thanks again my friend and I hope you've enjoyed a lovely weekend. :)

I almost missed this well written piece by you @perceptualflaws , discovered it through a re-steem from @creatureye who left a comment on a post of mine; and I'm glad to have followed it's pathway.

A well written piece you have here, with sound analysis and commentary. It was an interesting and enjoyable reading experience.

A pleasure for me to re-steem...



Thank you @angryman .. I really appreciate the support/resteem and hope you've enjoyed a good weekend .. and a big shout to @creatureye for gaining me the extra exposure :)

Financial matters are often thought of as a little dull, which is why I felt it important to at least try and keep it as interesting as possible .. hence I'm really glad it resonated with you! Thanks again my friend.

· matters 'can' be a bit "dull", but you did well in keeping it interesting with your writing style.

Too late for digesting your whole post tonight, but before leaving I have to say that your posts are outstanding not only because of your writings- it is the chosen artwork which gets me hooked. You must spend a lot of time searching for that kind of pictures, I guess. The whole design of your blog is captivating, man.
Good night!


Thank you for the kind words my friend, I'm glad you enjoyed the look of the post and I hope that the read matches up. lol You're right I do spend a lot of time choosing the right artwork for my posts, on my really big posts I can sometimes spend a day plus just choosing the images .. hence I'm glad you noticed! :D

I must say, you write well!
That makes this kind of information easier to understand and digest. This kind of stuff isn't new to me, I've lived long enough to watch the economic destruction of this country by politicians doing the bidding of the people who actually control the system.
However, to have someone who writes well put it into words without all the inflammatory rhetoric that you see so much of in articles written by biased authors is rather nice for a change.


Thank you for the kind words my friend, I really appreciate it. I very much feel that as a society that lives in an age of a million shades of grey that we are being pushed towards both simplistic black and white answers and the extremes of opinion. There are enough people running around with their chests puffed out, getting angry, twitter spats, social media breakdowns and in my eyes the only purpose it serves is division and hostility. When writing, my aim is to at least attempt to display that whatever your views and beliefs, we are ultimately all in this together and that we must not retreat into own own echo chambers. Thank you for noticing @amberyooper

Fantastic post, thanks for sharing, you've articulated very well the problem in front of us and the risks of complacency.

What are your thoughts on Holo / holochain as the silver bullet to end this bullshit? I'm really​ excited for what this project will do!


Thank you for the mind words my friend .. really glad the post resonated with you, I'm just trying to open peoples eyes to the potential storm clouds that are gathering around us.

In terms of Holo, yes I think it's a fantastic idea and one that points in the direction we need to be heading in. Whether it will be THE project remains to be seen .. but like yourself I'm excited by the fact that some people do get it and are building practical solutions to the problems we face. Although the system attempts to hold us back and keep us in monetary servitude .. from a different perspective it is instrumental in pushing people in this direction. I also liked the work of Ric Stallman and the GNU project .. great idea but pretty ahead of his time so not sure it gained the traction or exposure it deserved .. but I like the philosophy.

I see much of the same thing. I do hold more hope in what relief crypto can bring in the situation though. We just need lots of different crypto options that are truly decentralized and that can be used instead of any government e-money.

And the way to decouple STEEM from manipulated BTC is to create fiat pairings for STEEM (and many other altcoins). I think Binance is hard at work making that come into being, as are many others, including Coinbase.

I don't think the interest rate thing has anything to do with political parties. Trump was saying the Fed needed to raise interest rates when he was running (and was correct). Now he criticizes the Fed for actually doing it to the tiniest degree, because he doesn't want the contraction it brings under his record. So the only politics involved is self-interest and lies, as per usual. The Fed is just doing its thing and "managing" the economy. It really should have been raising interest rates a few years ago.

The problem lies within the fundamentals you espoused upon. The underlying economy is so weak, that only artificial inflationary actions like tax breaks for the corporations that can be used to buy back stocks and raise the stock market, artificially suppressing bond yields by buying up bonds, and so on has kept us out of global recession for years now.


Thank you for stopping by @indigoocean I do hold hope for the inherent promise and possibility of crypto's bone of contention being that if we appoach it with the same egotistic greed fuelled narrative that has blighted the world of finance, then we are standing on shaky foundations. Unfortunately, within the rise of bitcoin I witnessed many of these problems being birthed into the crypto sphere .. within the concept we have the possibility of lifting our brothers and sisters up and freeing them from servitude and bondage .. and yet, alas once again many squandered that premise on dreams of quick and easy money. For me this is our lesson and is what we must overcome .. if we can do that, if we can help others whilst helping ourselves, then I feel the future is very bright.

In terms of the FED raising rates, I can certainly understand your perspective and yes the rates should have been raised a very long time ago, in fact if we'd taken the hit back in 2008 and let the too big to fail's actually fail .. I feel those green shoots could now be bearing small flowers .. although, still I can't help but ponder whether (hypothetically of course) if Obama had secured another four years in office, would they be raising them with such haste?

Thanks again for the great comment my friend .. much appreciated! :)


Not to take up all your time, but want to respond on the crypto co-opting you mention, which I also see. Someone said the most interesting thing the other day that I think you'll appreciate. He was talking about the different communities around each of the top coins that has a lot to do with how it is "mined." He said that in the BTC world there was a fierce, adversarial competition between miners. I must get to that computation before you, and only one of us can earn that BTC. Whereas in say the ETH community there is a lot of cooperation to advance the tech (or something like that, don't really remember the others that well). Main point being, there is an inherent value problem with BTC they will probably never go away. But other crypto offers much greater promise of actually being a part of the world we want to create.

In fact, I just came out of a meeting in which we discussed the possibility of our own community token that incentivizes certain behaviors related to a world awake, and creates a token economy around that. If you'd like to be kept in the loop on those developments, just let me know how to best reach you with any of that.


Sorry for the late reply @indigoocean .. I've been offline for the majority of the week so I'm just catching up on messages. Yes, I think you've made some great and valid points and I very much agree that it's the intent behind the implementation of the coin that determines the outcome. In the long term I have great hope for the future of our species, and like I alluded to in the post (if we can detach ourselves from greed and bitcoin) great hope in the power of a truly decentralised crypto space.

My concern has always been for this moment in time and (although it's always darkest before dawn) the manipulation and division that is playing out around us. This is the chaos before the perceptual shift (the shift of ages) and although (like the winter storms) this chaos will pass, the power structure will not simply relinquish their grip upon this world .. and yet from a wider and deeper perspective, they are also the ones forcing our hand, demanding that we change, driving us to create ingenious solutions to the injustices and imbalances they have brought to our socities.

Whichever way you look at it and however frustrating this world can be, we are incredibly lucky to be alive at this moment in time .. although perhaps luck doesn't come into it. ;) Thanks again my friend and yes I would love to be kept up to date with the behavioural token concept .. incredibly interesting! Are you on discord? I'm still in the middle of this house renovation (hence I'm not around as much) but I will always catch up with any messages that are left for me.

Resteemed this gem of truth.


Thank you my friend .. I really appreciate the support.

ENORMOUSLY helpful and well-thought-out post. Thanks!

I think you are EXACTLY on the right track.


Thank you for the support and kind words @mepatriot I really appreciate it and I'm glad that the post resonated with you. :)

You always put a huge amount of time in your articles, @perceptualflaws .... very impressive


Thank you for the kind words @earthcustodians .. and I'm glad the post resonated with you :)

Hi @perceptualflaws

Servicing this debt is leading the US towards a position where it pays more in interest than it does towards military expenditure, Medicade etc etc

So how come banks also most of the time do not have money and need to be rescued (bailed out)?

I dont get it.


LOVE how you labeled it hahaha :)



Hey my friend, sorry for the delay in replying to this but I've been offline.

So how come banks also most of the time do not have money and need to be rescued (bailed out)?

We live in a debt based economy my friend, a financial illusion that ultimately only benefits the few .. equally we should be asking who we owe all this money to. ;)

As you requested, just to let you know that I have just posted my latest article:

Thanks again @crypto.piotr


Thank you for being so responsive @perceptualflaws

Seriously you're the man!

and big thx for sharing this link. will read it before my bedtime :)