Are Cryptokitties a Trojan Horse on The Ethereum Network?

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If you've been using Ethereum these days, you would have noticed that it's suffering from network congestion. This is all thanks to Cryptokitties. The tinfoil in @twinner recently commented that it might be part of Dan Larimer's plan in grinding Ethereum to a halt and diverting more attention to the already battle-tested DPOS algorithm present in Bitshares and Steem. Anything for cryptocurrency worldwide domination.

Taken from @stellabelle's post

It's now becoming highly suspicious that Cryptokitties and the EOS testnet were released around the same time recently. And not to forget a joke Vitalik Buterin made recently about Ethereum 2.0 being EOS. This whole thing is feeling more staged the more I think about it.. since Vitalik's also part of Fenbushi Capital, one of the VCs backing EOS. Found this comment on Reddit just now:-

Whatever it is, it seems like everyone's having a good time flipping cryptos left and right. Maybe it's the price of entertainment the market is willing to pay. I'm just here in my pyjamas having fun with Steem, secretly working behind-the-scenes with some super top-secret agents in making this protocol the center of teh cryptos. Nah, I'm just creating content here bro.


Source: Internet Cat


Hi I'm Vitalik Buterin and can confirm that we are very close to taking over the world, don't tell anyone though it's a secret!

Hi, I'm actually a cat, and can confirm that we have already taken over the world. Don't tell anyone though! It's a secret.

Cats own the Internet since the early 1990. You can't fight that!

But you weren't breeding on the internet before. Dwarf Fortress has prepared me for how this will all end.

Don't underestimate the power of silly games! Anyone remember Homestar Runner?

Waiting for POS....

The world has gone mad.

Virtual collectible kitties slowing down the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.


Looking at that cat made me check to see what was in my coffee...holy crap that makes me dizzy.

ETH got bogged down which is something that @stan has been pounding everywhere he appears. Could there be a grand conspiracy, I guess so. Either way, what it does prove is that the ETH network better do something to increase its transmission speed and quickly. @stan claims many are jumping the ETH ship and join BTS.

It is sad when a $45B network got overrun by a cartoon. There has to be a joke in there somewhere.

The jokes on eth holders me included. But soon no more. Eos. Time to shine

Still deeply entrenched, would be wise to hold some eth just in case

I will keep til prolly for 4 more months just to take profits

Great suggestion @kevinwong.

I am holding my ETH even though it is not a large part of my portfolio.

With all the publicity on that network, I can still see it hitting $1,000. Wall Street is coming with big sums of money and ETH is the second largest by market cap. It has the liquidity Wall Street likes.

Plus, I think many of these blockchains will solve, at least partially, the scaling issue. While they might not become like EOS or BTS, they will move in to the couple thousand transactions per second.

Well it is nearing $500 so I dont know if it is all that bad.

I am not in EOS...BTS and STEEM are my holdings.

We need Steemur Lemurs!

There's a nice ring to it! Someone, do it!

Sometimes the biggest movers and shakers like to keep a low profile, that’s possibly why you here little about me and my posse.

I don't think so....though anything is possible.

Regardless right NOW crypto cats are all the rage!

You got any yet?

Yea the cheapest one! But not really my kinda thing lol!

hahahaha yea I think its SOOOOOOO PATHETIC!

Its EVERYTHING THAT IS GROSS about humanity.

Oh well.... I am used to it and this is just one of thousands of fads, products and various consumer unsustainable rages going on. Hope you profit at least.....

Love you Brother~*~

By the way Alphabet took over check it out

don't know what Alphabet is but the sidewalk labs looks AWESOME!

I am going to contact the and see if they will let me help them!

but ..... why?

Cryptocats may be where it's at
lest you fear and bound to scat
some be enraged that it is staged
A Trojan horse perhaps, of course
With poetry that stinks, me thinks
It's for you and I to decide
to pet the fur...(purr), or step aside.

Kitties can drive a lot of attention, or disperse it...I don't know. I'm looking to a cat with three eyes ;)

I'm still looking for one on cryptokitties! Not enough variety ..

Ahah!! I still prefer cats with fur like this...even when they look psychocats!


Cryptokitties in my eyes all look similar though.

Lol yea I got the $15 cat and got bored after 15 minutes..

I just zappled a couple of news about it. even BBC news noted the cryptocats fever. :)

My idea was to build a something like this on zappl :P

zapplkitten would be a hit. ^^

Haha, i can't even play with my cryptocat now

Documentaries will be made and books will be written about this stuff in the future. I'm curious to see how this little drama will unfold and if we will ever find out the truth behind it.

I really tried buying a kitty .. but all transaction failed ... Hahah .. then I bought more EOS instead 😂😂

I don't think it's a trojan, but I do think it's a novel way to "spend" the cryptocurrency.

Ah I was just joking about the conspiracy, yup definitely a fun use-case. Not many cryptos out there even have any use //..

It’s quite mind blowing and confusing for people who know little about crypto 😅

Crypto definitely needs more use-cases.. or something as universal as a social platform!

Either way, it sure acts like it is! Mhouuuuhahaaaa!!!

Thanks for the fun sharing and easy giggles it gave me, namaste :)

Wont it be profitable to convert crypto into some currency with lower market capacity????????? bitcoins are making so mucg progress right now all for what coz it has only 21 million market cap max... if u invest into something into even lower market cap then today or tomorrow u can make way more bitcoin mining is becomng so expensive now that unfortunately people will lose interest i think investing into btc wont be the best option u hv right nw...i think we should invest into monero or dash for long term investment of go for ethereum for short term what do u guys think?

Yeah I think that's what most are doing, shifting parts of high cap stuff to mid cap, then low cap stuff..

so whats ur opinion holding some monero will be profitable cz they r 35% up right now holding them will be a good idea right???

Maybe? Anything can happen. If you're using it then its good to hold i guess

Classic. . .you posted in conspiracy as well. . .lmao

Have the cryptos gone to the cats?

First time to hear about Cryptokitties. lol

Hand me Dan's cat and I will interrogate her about what Dan has been telling her.

all of a sudden it has become a major hype

Earlier the lyud caught Pokemon, now they breed cats on the Internet.

And it will pass, as King Solomon said :)

hahah trading cats! I dig it :)

Kittens are cute but slowly kill the ETH network.

Kittens slowly kill everything they touch

I just heard about this today, people are selling these cats for serious amounts of money.

Dan I doubt is that petty of a person.
Vitalik maybe.
But that’s what eth is good for kitties, fairies and unicorns. Lol. Eos is the future. I’m slowly selling off all my eth. I don’t hold coins I no longer believe in.

Meow, I do not know about you, but I was not vkurse was happening. Thank you @kevinwong

I love your post kevin! There very informative, i also liked your post on steem power, im hoping to expand and network on here! Crypto is the future! And the future is now!!!, please upvote and follow!

Wow just amazing I like it cat

excellent article

Hi friends, We can be sure that we are very close to accepting the world, no one will say that it is secret!

No I just don't understand what you mean

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I see the digital currency can skyrocket, and also can go free, like steem and sbd, why be so? .. because I have interpreted a currency is an honor for the currency itself. why do those who have parties do not seek a way to maintain that honor? whether it has been designed a certain politics?

Honor, you mean regulation to keep prices?

Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated market

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Thank for sharing @kevinwong

Lol they are playing with each other without loosing anything. Small Investors who are investing in both of them are the real loosers here. 😂😂😂😂

Well playing !!

They are two of the crypto with better acceptance, hopefully it remains that way.

tnx for your info dear

I have seen people attract towards it like crazy ;)
People who are not into cat ,they are even diving in the playground of Cryptokitties ;)

great post bud but i think the ethereum team is working hard have a read at one of the potential ways they are planning of combating network congestion.

I have to watching Troy movie before reading this article Mr @kevinwong.

Is very nice theme

Excellent photography.i like your post and following.