9/11 - Results From An Informal Steemit Survey -Does Steemit Believe The US Government Was Involved?

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After 3 days I would like to provide results from the informal survey I carried out on Steemit entitled 9/11 Do You Believe The US Government Was Involved? - An Informal Steemit Survey.

Although this is a discussion about something that happened almost 16 years ago I want to write posts concerning how our world is run today. 9/11 is an important watershed which explains much of what we see around us now. I wanted to know if it was necessary to address the context of 9/11 in my future discussions or if I could skip it.

My question has been well and truly answered by the Steemit community! Thank you!

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The Results

To be honest I did not expect many people to become engaged in this discussion - but I am glad they did! I was shocked at how successful this post was and surprisingly it is currently at the top of the trending feed for the tag conspiracy:

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The total results after three days are:

Number of commenters who believe the government was involved:


Number of commenters who didn't believe the government was involved:


Number of comments (including mine) after 3 days:


Number of upvotes:


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96% of Steemians believe that there was some form of US government involvement in the destruction of World Trade Centres 1,2 and 7.

The results are very clear!

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Comments Of Mention - Agreeing The Government Was Involved in 9/11:

I want to thank all of the people who commented on my initial post. There was some excellent information contained in the comments and I was able to learn several interesting points.

There were too many excellent comments to mention so I have just chosen three that I liked to list here.

  • @titusfrost said: Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.55.31.png
    I thought his post linked here is excellent and really worth reading. I have a lot of respect for his research!

  • @techtek and @teamsteem said: Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.57.32.png Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.57.44.png
    Although I haven't checked this myself I will soon. However I have grown to trust @teamsteem who says they have checked the veracity of this image. Conditioning our minds subliminally happens in all our media. It is very dangerous and is the reason why I don't own or watch a television any more. This is odd and disturbing but happens more than we realise!

  • @anarchospace and @sift666 had several interesting exchanges in the comments but here are two of my favourites: Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 0.17.20.pngScreen Shot 2017-08-20 at 0.16.58.png

The spike in put options for stock trading during the attacks is a real smoking gun. Obviously the people who profited in this manner had knowledge of what was going to happen. Nobody was ever prosecuted for this - but they sure did profit! =(

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Comments Of Mention - Disagreeing That The Government Was Involved in 9/11:

As the results are so one sided I am sure the majority of participants would like to hear the comments made by people who don't think the government was involved with 9/11.

I would like to thank these two commenters because I know how hard it is to be in the minority of a perspective!

I have heard opinions written in this type of language many times online, so I was very interested to look into the profile of this Steemian. Here is a screenshot of their blog page:

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 20.59.24.png

The first word in this profile page is Zionisim which according to Wikipedia is a political movement created in 1897. The history and circumstances surrounding Zionisim are fascinating and deserve their own post.

Sadly I feel that many Jewish people are lied to as much as the rest of our world - perhaps even more! The political movement of Zionisim clearly benefited from the 9/11 attacks as the US began it's military campaigns in the Middle East.

I have yet to hear a cogent explanation of what Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran had to do with 9/11!

This young person makes the point that if the government of the US really was involved in 9/11 they would not have been able to keep it a secret and somebody would have leaked the truth. On the face of it this is a reasonable assumption.

My feelings about this are that the top-down pyramid of control in the US, along with actors from outside the country were able to profit enormously from this crime and keep it quiet. There is so much evidence now which makes a mockery of the official version - yet no new investigation has been started.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.44.39.png

Why Has Nothing Been Done About This?

It is clear that the Steemit community does not believe the nonsensical arguments the "official" narrative sold to us for the causes of 9/11. It is obvious now that I also don't believe this rubbish and I share the viewpoint of the majority in this community.

It is an unusual treat for me to be part of the majority! LOL!

As we know 9/11 was the catalyst for the phoney "War On Terror" which has killed and displaced untold millions across the world. The American people spent trillions of dollars fighting this war and thousands of their youth made the ultimate sacrifice of death during combat. The people also had their money devalued through inflation in the process.

There are clearly some major players who have profited from the untold trillions spent on this phoney war. My heart breaks for the poor people who have had to bear the brunt of the military action. Yet the wars and murder continue!

Why has there not been a new investigation? Why has nobody been to court over this?

I know that Steemit does not represent the majority view point of America but as it grows perhaps this knowledge will spread. We need to prosecute these murderers and looking at who profited is a great place to start! Lets keep educating ourselves and spread this knowledge.

The Jockey believes in You and wants to help! =)

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 23.46.13.png

Thank You Steemians!

I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all of those who participated in this informal survey of Steemians! It has been an extremely interesting discussion that I hope continues!

My respectful thanks (in no particular order) for All the comments go to:

@titusfrost, @surfyogi, @nzfxtrader, @anarchospace, @sift666, @creatr, @lost.identity, @terhtek, @teamsteem, @samstonehill, @canadian-coconut, @thejohalfiles, @ausbitbank, @xeldal, @lrock, @hr1, @aomura, @planetmarketers, @cmoljoe, @foxkoit, @granunic0rn, @jinhyui, @doule, @msg768, @tecnosgirl, @daniel82, @neuralink, @zeidlitwhips, @fingersik, @makecents, @sauna, @pagandance, @dado13btc, @drdave, @rollingthunder, @adyrebecca, @hulabugger, @tunnelrat, @johngault, @richard78624, @andrewdaines, @aljrodven, @majajobee, @oxdude, @ailema, @auskiwi, @andre-ager, @josephmcconnell, @mitchiesfoodrace, @caredycatguide, @stillwater, @flatearthvegan, @treetoptennis, @pagandance, @gerben, @garthfreeman, @shelbymonster, @mwh930

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Jockey believes in Liberty & Truth for All!

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Which movie is this?


its the film fight club


Fight Club ;-)


You haven't seen Fight Club, @teamsteem?! Dude, stop everything you're doing, and go watch it immediately. LOL You'll thank us.


this is cool !


It's an awesome film.


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Can anyone please explain to me how exactly "The political movement of Zionisim clearly benefited from the 9/11 attacks".
I read it all the time how jews and zionists did 9/11 but never encountered anything close to being real. Every linked I clicked was either a jews hate site or some testinomies regarding evil jews but without facts and unrelated to 9/11 or how some specific jew benefitted from 9/11. The closest to being factual was the "Dancing Israelis" evidence which is a clip about "israelis dancing" and filming 9/11 as it was happening - but it actually more raises eyes brows with a question about US government involvement that actually proves anything about the Israeli government.
So, some facts please - how Zionists benefitted from 9/11.


the project for the new american century , a document outlining an establishment of a one world government requiring a suitable boogy man was a rewritting of an isralie document a clean break , israel is largly owned by the rothchilds and works for the benifit of a global government and the bankers and control of oil , the other factor was of cause all the isralies arrested on 911 , some with vans filled with exsplosives , some filming and celebrating


regarding celebrating jews - I already mentioned this - they were filming the 911 as it was happening - accroding to the reports. Did you see the film? No? Why don't you ask the question why? Why wouldn't US government expose this material? In any way - there's no proof at all regarding dancing and celebrating. There's an interview with these people on Israeli TV, but withou the audio - just with translation, so is impossible to know what they really say. I tried to find the original in Hebrew - but no luck so far.
While it is quite possible that many globalists are Jews, it has nothing to do with them being Jews but being the 1%. Yes, there are unproportionally many jews in the 1%, but they are still a small minority and most of the one government globalists are non-jews. The state of Israel is populated by mostly poor jews that survived the Holocaust and Arabs: 80% jew majority and 20% Arab minority.
The rich jews that live in US/Europe and all over the world has little to do with Israel - which is pretty much a standard western country with majority of people being debt slaves ruled by a small oligarchy that controls politicians and the media. Jews were used for milennia as the boogey man by many states. Many countries over the history attempted the "final solution" by killing the jews and stealing their wealth. It never solved any issue, just the opposite.


I did see the original video, many years ago. It showed men with cameras filming the attack on the towers atop a white van, and dancing. IIRC, the location they were filming from was somewhere in New Jersey.

I no longer have the video (that was several computer crashes ago =/) and make no attempt to provide you any proof. You may not believe me.

Regardless, I did see it, as well as the segment that shows Building 7 standing behind the journalist who is discussing that it has also fallen. That video is linked above, and absolute proof that Building 7 was demolished, as there was no way to have known it was going to come down except if it was going to be demo'd.

I have pieced together from such evidence as I have seen that Mossad was used to wire the buildings for demolition as part of the operation that Cheney ran.

Secretary Norman Mineta testified that Cheney was receiving information in the bunker they shared by runner every few minutes, and that testimony strongly suggests that Cheney was the mastermind behind the operation.

I am not an antisemite, nor post any antizionist propaganda - although I do take exception to those that call anti-zionism anti-semitism.

The incredible disinfo campaign that has been continually directed at the public by those behind 9/11 includes every kind and stripe of distraction, diversion, and ad hominem ever invented, including many, many comments from those posing as unconvinced truth seekers.

Given the monstrous propaganda effort to sell the official conspiracy theory, I would not expect the USG to advertise Mossad's involvement in the controlled demolition any more than I would expect to see Dick Cheney in a public appearance in a pink tutu and tights announcing his participation in a presentation of Swan Lake.

Jews are not zionists, not Mossad, not banks, nor the IDF. Some Jews are in all those organizations, and some Jews are in organizations opposed to those organizations. 9/11 wasn't about Abrahamic religions, but religious affiliations are often used to divide and conquer, as is glaringly evident in the Middle East today.

Mossad isn't Jews anymore than Kim Dot Com is New Zealand. Please don't conflate the two.


The real reason was a new currency in the works at the twin towers and the banks were also being investigated at the Pentagon.


how about opening your reply with regarding jews with van loads of exsplosives , ill be interested to hear your thooughts on this


Are you questioning the towers were brought down by control demolition? If not then you must conclude the USA were being that control demolition.

I'm not sure why you are questioning whether it benefit Israel. It seems like there is much more at play here then beginning to wonder exactly who it benefited while the truth about how the towers were brought down still remain unknown by most.


There still is a war about currency. A new currency was being developed at the twin towers. The banks were being investigated at the Pentagon. The Federal Reserve and the too big to fail businesses (the council of the Feds) didn't want the currency change to take away their corruption.....


Honestly, it doesn't matter what intelligence agencies were involved. The MIC benefited from it. Our liberties suffered because of it. All the specifics otherwise do not matter as much. I discredit the "Jews did it" garbage too. There are oligarchs with a chess board. They are not all Jewish.

Anyone who actually believes the official story either didn't read it or are complete idiots.

  • Planes would not disintegrate into the building like that.
  • They cannot fly at those speeds at that altitude
  • Steel does not melt at those temperatures
  • All the evidence was destroyed and much of it ignored
  • The evidence supporting it being an inside job is overwhelming

Most people have not do their own research which is the main problem. They just hear stuff from the MSM, government entities, corporations or their friends, but almost none of them do any research themselves to be able to form their own opinion (so instead they parrot the opinion of the person with the most authority as if its the gospel). Sad really...


Thanks for your great analysis skills


Exactly. I wish people would speak more about the planes. A plane can't just be swallowed by concrete and steel. It has to break! These supposed planes go right in and leave nothing behind.

This video pretty much sums it up!!

Published on Feb 15, 2015

Check out this best ever 9/11 technical analysis by architectural and engineering experts, pretty much proves 9/11 is a lie, even to dyed in the wool deniers.


Just watched the whole video. Makes me wonder what the government is doing now...


Not too hard to figure out...starting wars for personal gain, poisoning people with chemtrails, gmo poisoned foods, insecticides, pesticides that are killing our soils, bailing out failing banks, getiing kickbacks from drug companies that are killing us with their drugs, selling weather control by way of haarp on the stock exchange, lies, coverups ...oh and now mind control by way of technology...Why, mostly greed, power and control, especially population control. A good place to start is by studying their Agenda 21 and 2030...Here is a post I did awhile back that you might want to check out:

Also check out The New world Order:


The Committee of 300


And if you want to know what is going on with The Secret Space Program

The Military Industrial Complex

A good place to hear stories of the Whistleblowers is to watch https://www.gaia.com


Electro Magnetic Frequencies


Artificial Intelligence

Human cloning


Wow, that is quite a response. Thank you so much for all the info. Will take a look.


Yah I do tend to go overboard a bit when I feel passionate about educating people about what is really going on.


i doubt the gov will go to such lengths to kill 3000 of its own citizens, lets top this madness


Why not? It has staged other false flags that killed exponentially more people in the past.


Do you doubt that various people, some of whom are government employees, conspire to profit from war?

The USG has been proven to have committed false flag attacks on Americans many, many times, at least as early as the Boston Tea Party, which, if you recall, was American Patriots dressed as Indians. That is a classic false flag operation.

'The Government' is not really an individual with singular purpose, but a vast bureaucracy in which various subunits are controlled by administrators that tend to have similar backgrounds, purposes, and associations. These individuals are the ones that do the things you conceive of as 'the government'.

Read Smedley Butler, a WWI General and war hero, who testified that President George H.W. Bush's father, Prescott Bush attempted to recruit him to lead an army on Washington D.C to overthrow the USG and install a fascist dictatorship. Butler wrote 'War is a Racket'.

It's a short read, and details exactly how war profiteers operate, and why the US was involved in WWI.

It is difficult to understand that some people will kill others for profit. It is nonetheless true that it happens. Some of those people have worked for the USG, and some of them ran 9/11.


@ssd213 not 3000, more like millions or even billions..No disrespect intended but please do your research on population control...Here is a link to start with:


Also, if you have netflix, this fiction movie could very well be our future:


It`s a pretty good one I agree.


Yep, it convinced me!


To be more precise its my top 6 best full length documentary on the subject so that is a pretty golden documentary.

Phew ... I am so glad so many steemians understand 911 was an inside job! - We are coming to an important place in our history, where truth is about to make a comeback! We cannot let our governments mis-represent and lie to us any longer! Knowledge is power... lets use it wisely!

upvoted and resteemed


I'm not surprised at all to be honest. Most people know what we were told that day is a pile of bullshit, the only ones that make it seem like most people believe the official story is the MSM force-feeding the population that idea. Go figure the MSM tries to sway public opinion using lies and deception... it's not like they do that same crap every day of our lives or anything (sarcasm off).


Thanks budz82 - so good things are changing - just 20 years ago the mood was very different, people foolishly believed their politicians much more than now! It's time to sort the world out while we still have some oceans, forests and wildlife to save!

The people need to demand another investigation. All the 911 commission did was cut corners. Building #7 collapsing wasn't even listed in the report. A 48 story building fell in 8 seconds and it wasn't hit by a plane, but they just forgot to put that in there I guess.


Great follow-up, Jockey! All conspiracies are birthed from truth or lack of evidence supporting the contrary. In the case of 9/11, we have both.

I was at Ft. Benning, GA when the attack happened, just finishing up BASIC/OSUT training.

When we went to Iraq, we were mostly under the impression that we had to oust Saddam. Interestingly enough, they were going to call it Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL), but changed it to Freedom (OIF).


They love throwing little hints in our face for anyone paying attention, which is why an element of the 9/11 attack (via FEMA Tripod II) was codenamed "Operation Treason" (named by the same man (Jerome Hauer) who managed the creation of the Office of Emergency Managment in WTC7 several years prior), while that the overarching codename for the entire operation as a whole was called Project "New Century" which "coincidentally" ties directly to the Project For A New American Century (PNAC) entities and its infamous document titled "Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century" which was released 1 year to the day prior to 9/11 (Sept 11, 2000) which stated that a "New Pearl Harbor" style attack would be required to persuade the American public into going along with the wanted PNAC agenda (which called for a massive increase in defense spending and the fighting of several major theater wars in order to re-establish American military dominance).

All just coincidences of course.

Sidenote: Jerome Hauer was a good buddy of then mayor of NYC Rudolph Giuliani, was the man who managed the creation of the FEMA OEM inside WTC7, was the man who hired former head of FBI counterterrorism (the man who hunted Bin Laden for a decade before 9/11) as head of security for the WTC building (started his first day at work on 9/11) who was told to attend a meeting in the Kroll headquarters at the top of the North WTC tower that morning and because of it would be killed in that days attacks (as he would of been one of the main whistleblowers against the official story in the aftermath so they decided to remove him as part of the attack). As an additional interesting sidenote, Jerome Hauer was also scheduled to be at that meeting that morning, but decided not to go, allowing him to survive the attack unharmed. Go figure right?

Keep up the effort and quality!


Thank you very much it means a lot to me! I have a lot to say and will be releasing posts on a regular basis! Upvoted and followed! =)

vre interesting poins of view! Thanks for this post ;=)


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hmm, let me ask the lone gunmen to investigate this.

Brave Former NIST Employee Speaks out for 9/11 Truth - 'Overwhelming Evidence of Controlled Demolition'



I'll check it out. I just learned about him yesterday.


Great! Please do.

These are the type of topics that are so frequently ridiculed and self-censored on social sites. This is the perfect place to have honest discussions on important taboo topics. Thank you so much for starting this, I look forward to seeing more!

I offer to be slave forever to anyone who offers me just ONE of this evidence:

  • Video showing plane hitting Pentagon
  • Video showing plane crashing in Shanksville
  • Video showing just one more building falling at free fall speed due to office fire
  • Video of just one sentence that isn't lie about any other subject beside 9/11 from politician saying 9/11 official story is truth

Isn't it ironic how the "plane crash in Shanksville" doesn't resemble even remotely any other plane crash ever recorded in history since its inception (plane).


No video
No witnesses
No wreckage
No bodies

Official story: Plane crash



For a moment a was worried I was gonna have to deal with a slave, what a nightmare! But then I realized you probably don't count Larry Silverstein as a politician, right? Stay free!


Save your whip for some other moment :)

I have resteem and upvote your post.
I noted this write :
I know that Steemit does not represent the majority view point of America but as it grows perhaps this knowledge will spread. We need to prosecute these murderers and looking at who profited is a great place to start! Lets keep educating ourselves and spread this knowledge.

Best regards



Follow the money they say, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Thanks for the mention @jockey, I just saw this post and it's really a good follow up post. Appreciate the mention and enjoy the rest of your weekend 👍

I am a new commer on Steemit. Just landed savely on the planet 19 Days ago. I dont know about this unique post who did a discussion on 9/11. Wow You did the riset?
Regard from Indonesia.

I enjoyed reading some of the theories on that first post, but I think the sample size is too small to draw any conclusion about what percentage of Steemians are for/against the official 911 narrative.

Great post though. Upvoted and re-steemed.


Thank you! You are completely correct that is why I thought of it as an informal survey! Still there was a very clear bias! Upvoted and followed you back mate! =)


I would be very interested to see the results of another vote that has the support of some of the bigger Steemians for more exposure and more participation.

I vividly remember walking through my University's main hallway on Sep. 11, 2001, when I noticed a large crowd gathered around the TVs near the library. Everyone was glued to the screens watching the news coverage of the attacks.

The crazy part was this: as they started showing the buildings collapsing on the news, I got this feeling in my gut that there's no way those massive building could just drop like that after a hit from a commercial airliner.

I know it sounds crazy, but it was almost as if some part of me was calling bullshit on what I was witnessing with my eyes.

I still remember that moment to this day.

It's important not to forget about the incident as one of the biggest mistakes humanity did to itself


Mistake? How do you figure?

96% of Steemians believe that there was some form of US government involvement in the destruction of World Trade Centres 1,2 and 7.

The results are very clear!

Oh boy... and thus was born many a conspiracy theory.

  1. Your conclusion is completely wrong.

I'm a Steemian, you didn't ask me and I didn't vote therefore you percentage is inaccurate by at least one person. And since you only got a tiny number of responses relative to the total Steemian population you have no idea what your statistical confidence in that statement is.

Furthermore, you almost certainly have a sampling bias not studied. How many people read your post title or even some of it and didn't bother to comment or vote because they thought "OMG, not another conspiracy theory posts on Steemit. Next!"

The only true thing you can claim is "96% of the respondents to this survey believe the government was involved in the destruction of WTC 1,2 and 7".

  1. What people believe can have no bearing on reality so just because a bunch of people believe it doesn't mean it is true. In fact belief is never a good basis for establishing truth only guiding research and establishing facts.

A few hundred years ago most people believed the earth was flat. They also thought disease spontaneously came out of nothing or that sickness was caused by an imbalance of bodily fluids (humors).

  1. I'm not aware of any of your claims that have not subsequently been refuted (even the tired old options trading data, check Snopes).

  2. As we know the US government is leaky as frack and full of g'damned patriots who would not stand for killing 3,000 Americans like this.

  3. There was never any need to demolish these buildings to start the 9/11 driven conflicts

Just flying the buildings into the Towers and Pentagon was more than enough to let Bush and Co unleash all their post 9/11 fury. They didn't need 3,000 people to die or buildings to fall. Two, three or four planes full of people was plenty enough. The contrived, easily spilled plot to rig these buildings before hand just makes no sense. Occam's razor should tell you all you need to know from there.


I'm a Steemian, you didn't ask me and I didn't vote therefore you percentage is inaccurate by at least one person. And since you only got a tiny number of responses relative to the total Steemian population you have no idea what your statistical confidence in that statement is.

Furthermore, you almost certainly have a sampling bias not studied. How many people read your post title or even some of it and didn't bother to comment or vote because they thought "OMG, not another conspiracy theory posts on Steemit. Next!"

Jockey knows that, everybody knew that before you had written it. This statement doesn't say much about anything besides what it says about you.

As for the rest of your statement I encourage you to look at the very first comment at the top and try to disprove my claim made there that Steel can't fall onto itself through the path of most resistance.


LOL for the admission of an "I have sampling bias and I'm proud of it" mentality of conspiracy theorists.

You know what that leads to? Garbage in, garbage out.


right 100%


Mmmmm, Snopes... The name alone makes me feel warm inside.

Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams. You can put me in the 9/11 was an inside job group.

If you want the truth about 9/11 then just call NORAD (here's their phone number 1 (719) 474-1110) and ask them who would have to give the order for them to stand down.

As it turns out, it's a very short list, and every person on that list is in the United States government.

(NORAD's mission is to "prevent air attacks against North America". If they had not stood down on 9/11 then the attacks never would have happened.)


I don't really think the government was behind it. I think it was more that they didn't see it coming. Like, security services were lazy and such. They never had suffered any real attack in decades, so they weren't in the mindset.


Or call the US NAVY and ask them about their "crashed" A3-Skywarrior drone aircraft (launch off the East coast near Miami that morning from the US NAVY aircraft carrier the USS George Washington which was running a joint wargame with NORAD that morning) which was thought to of crashed while on route to intercept flight 93, but in reality was remotely hijacked id flight and flown into the Office of Naval Intelligence inside wedge 1 of the pentagon instead.

A3-Skywarrior US NAVY Strategic Bombing (retired around the same time as the 1991 George Bush Sr NWO speech), several of which were converted to drones using the Flight Termination System wargame safeguard technology (technology which directly tied to the 9/11 pentagon comptroller, and allowed for remote flight control as well as remote detonation in case of emergency (a mandatory safeguard used in all remote wargame aircraft)).


Interesting, perhaps some tail section or other marker was what was being carried out on the shoulders of all those spooks from the pentagon on the day of. There was some great investigative reporting around Loyd England, whose wife worked for the FBI, in this YT video:

. I watched that one and you can definitely see that Loyd was coached by someone and who knows what they did to him on the day of 9/11 (scopolamine perhaps?). Loyd's story doesn't line up but he is firm about somethings that it seems he was coached to say. For those who are not aware of who Loyd England is, he was the cab driver who is photographed as being on the bridge near the pentagon on the day of 9/11, his cab was supposedly hit by one of the light poles that was knocked down by flight 77. The strange thing is, there is not one scratch on the hood of his cab, it is practically spotless. Loyd attests that a man (who said not one word to him) came and helped to pull this huge portion of pole that was supposedly stuck in his car (it went right through the windshield (apparently) and was lodged into the back seat of his cab. When they go to investigate the cab in the video, it is clear that, for the size of the pole that was shown next Loyd's cab on the day of, that it would be very difficult to have removed the pole without scratching the hood at least a little. There is no evidence that the portion of pole was even resting on the hood, which, again, for the size of the pole, would have been nearly impossible. The possible explanation is that the 'evidence crew' who may have been tasked to bring out the poles (which easily could have been rigged previously to appear to have been knock downs) may have driven next to Loyd's cab and thrown something into his windshield. Then the remaining task would be to possibly scopolamine Loyd (or some other drug) and coach him about what had actually happened. Think about it, you are driving along, suddenly a large plan approaches the road above you, very close to the ground, then your windshield gets caved in by an object... who wouldn't be caught off guard and disoriented? Anyways, there is another video, https://youtu.be/UxMuW8PzeHY that poses other possibilities for how things could have been coordinated with either the type of drone plane you are referring to above, or perhaps a missile fired backwards from the back of a plane, into the wedge 1 of the pentagon (where the curiously symmetrical and clean hole was in the inner section of the pentagon).

This subject is so much alive

Still waiting for Trump to reveal who was behind 9/11 (as he said he should do once he would be chosen president) ...


Yes I remember... Sadly I think that was just campaign rhetoric. I don't think we will see it! Thank you! Upvoted and followed - great tag line for your profile... "Time and tide wait for no man!" ;-)


I'm not surprised that he hasn't, It's the same; here in the Netherlands, maybe even worse; once they're "in the saddle" ... gone are all the promises.
'Time and tide ...', like that one too ... comes down to the same a bit as my tagline. (followed you already)


As soon as a new president is in office he's told to sit down, tow the line and shut the fuck up!


Trump won't release shit... and even if he did it would simply implicate Saudi Arabia (which were involved but not as involved as many would think... basically they are the 2nd layer of fall guys (along with Pakistan) but trust me those are still not the primary entities involved in that days attacks)...

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, the US psy ops man that helped build the strategy to break up the soviet union, is angry

Rials at Trumps capitulation and disagrees with Alex Jones.

“There was no terrorist attack from Afghanistan or Iraq, the generals know it, they are lying, they’re coward - moral cowards, they’re ineffectual… … this 911 was an inside attack by CIA … we don’t have a war on terror … this is not about 911… cause that’s bullshit”

The US terrorist government backed by Zionist terrorists and UN terrorist organization has taken the life of millions of poor innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and the list is still growing.
99% of the Earth's population is controlled by an elite 1% of the population.
All these crimes are just for Elite 1% of that criminals.
I am glad to see that most of the steemians who are not influenced by biased media are raising voice against all kind of oppression.
Thank you

If you believe the "official" story you believe this:

Check out this article: https://www.europhysicsnews.org/articles/epn/pdf/2016/04/epn2016474p21.pdf
It is a scientific study that proves the collapse can not have happened due to an airplane crashing into the towers.

Hi there! I want to thank you all for your contribution to this one and for a fair and smart truthseeking libery and justice society on steemit! I am looking forward for more posts like this and the truth will prevail! We the people!

Who knows s lol

Who knows

Great post... It should be obvious for anyone who has done any hands-on research into the topic that what we were told happened that day, and what actually happened that day are very different things... Keep fighting the good fight, and NEVER FORGET!

If your interested have a look at one of my recent posts on this topic which goes into extreme detail as to what took place at the pentagon that day (will take ~5 mins to read but I think you will learn some things you were not yet aware of, even if your an avid 9/11 researcher). Anyways enjoy!


lmao love the results of the poll .... the nightly news from the mainstream media did not do a good job selling the story it seems ...

I saw a poll last year on The Telegraph Online (UK Main Stream Media) where over 70% answered "Inside Job!" (20k+ participants). That day I realized the wider public had finally come to the conclusion the event was a falseflag, and mainly thanks to information on the internet.
However these days we have falseflags (more precisely hoaxes/psyops) going on every week, and people are still falling for them. Have we learnt nothing from 9/11? Will it take another 15 years before the wider public realizes all these "terror" attacks we're experiencing today are staged to implement pre-defined tyrannical agendas?
I try to cover all these staged terror events in my blog:

whether by incompetence or design, US government is involved

Even if the government is not directly involved

The terrorists had valid visa to train to fly planes in Florida


Cia funded Bin Ladin


World Trade Center is a government owned building whose design was approved by the Port Authority


Those who did this are feeling their souls burning because of our collective willingness to never forget and to forgive. We as citizens of this world have this obligation to keep them burning. Thank you for continuing to add to the fire.

Guys lets be frank about this, atleast 50% of the worlds population believes it was the US goverment, I mean all the evidence points to a demolition


it wasn't the US Government alone, its actually far more complex then that. There were over a dozen sovereign countries involved in that days events (some direct, some indirect, some knowingly, some unknowingly)... From Israeli to Britain to the US (main players) to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Canada (secondary players) all the way to Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and y more (background players). It really was a large scale joint effort beyond what most would expect (I would go into more detail of the role of each country but it would take 100 pages to do it any real justice).


Government involved 100% and PM Mr.Bush did him self because he is the terrorist in the world!

Doesn't Matter Now What Happened Has Happened And We Can't Go Back And Change It, Only Thing That I Would Say Is They Knew About It.

history speak itself.

I really do believe that there is a hidden power managing all disasters that are occurring regularly .The Barcelona attack ,9-11 ,Isis etc
it is just sad

I'm glad to see this post. I missed the original one, the "trending" post is in my opinion not used as much as you may think.
So if it's trending in the "conspiracy" tab, you can expect the results you're getting.

Good to see some decent content instead of the usual "Bitcoin rises" crap, the religious posts and travel nonsense.

Hopefully we'll be able to maintain a certain level on Steemit, and we don't turn into another Fakebook with "I'm going to the toilet" or "I'm eating a pizza" crap.

very hard theme here, thank you for your post

the case for the USA government , and dark forces with it being directly responsible ,is over whelming beyond a shadow of dought , and the more you look into it and all the various facets , the more over whelming it gets , so what will happen as alot of those involved as with the JFK assination are still alive , they maybe feel less at ease , but they are far from being convicted ,

They way the buildings fell neatly on themselves really reeks of controlled demolition. I've been called crazy and lost a fair share of friends because of this topic, but I still stand by the fact that it couldn't have just merely unfolded the way they officially told us.

Amazing creativity. I'm here and I got wonder having seen this how creative people are here!

Like mushrooms we've been kept in the dark and fed shit! This would not happen now with the instant sharing of information and even more so with decentralisation. There is a battalion of smoking guns pointing at 911. You'd be a total twat to believe it was anything but an inside job!


it's still happening today. lots of fake terror events. almost weekly.

If this was an inside job or not. We will never know the exact Truth about this incident. This was happened 2011 and many informations were being removed and changed up to this time.

but y'all know whats great about this happening? The tower collapse 48th to ground in less than half hour. If you think about this. That was very planned of intelligent peoples. and until now we are wondering who they are.


If you want to START to expose 9/11 for what it really was, start with demanding the declassification of an exercise called "NORAD Amalgam Virgo 02-1 Red Spins", an exercise scheduled to be coupled with USSTRATCOM Global Guardian (which was originally to run on Oct 25 2001 but was abruptly changed to run on9/11 instead), an exercise with the theme of near-simultaneous live fly hijackings of commercial aircraft with suicide attack elements using those aircraft against major monuments and infrastructure, an exercise which is still to this day classified and specifically states "9/11 classified information" over the entire official document. It's amazing how literally NO ONE talks about this specific military wargame document (even in the truth community)...

Although from my limited knowledge, yes, there were definitely several strange things about how the buildings fell, I think we have to be careful with conspiracies and informal surveys. When you consider the odd story line that the terrorists were Saudis, but that the U.S. government used the incident as a reason to attack Iraq, the whole thing is more nonsensical than any straight linear plan. It's more about the traditional pattern of using fear and being reactionary to manipulate the populace into a foolish and hegemonic courses of action, which are our ongoing wars in the middle east.


Steel does not turn to dust in mid-air with any admitted technology. The massive steel beems had just a little wind resistance, that does not ordinarily atomise it.

It was the artificial Hurricane Erin (parked of New York at its full strength on 911, as shown in the Nasa images, that structured the physical vacuum ready for scalar interferometry to pump the building with Charge Clusters and microwaves to trigger the dustification.

No. And it is sort of sickening you can make money asking.

A strong effort will bring maximum results!

I am glad that ur post discussion was a huge success , no genius on this topic but I do agree with the majority. A good way to start to unveil the truth , as it always prevails.

It was not a plane but some high explosive to melt metal part of the building. And its obviuos planted evidence and not coincedence. A metal meltdown but a passport next to it which is made of paper and plastic are still in good shape. Think of it, NSA seems like no brainer.

This is very interesting survey and even more interesting results. Thank you for sharing them. I have always believed that the US government (and other large governments) have a hand in many of the tragic events in our world.
I come from Saudi Arabia and I know how awful, unfair and suffocating life is there. Women are treated less than humans, yet the government is still happy, doing what they want to do without any involvement from the human rights, united nations or USA to demand more freedom for the Saudi people. You know why? They want to keep Saudi Arabia as a culture medium to grow, multiply and manifest ISIS-like individuals/groups to import them around the world to wreak havoc, crime, hatred and division when needed wherever needed. The last and most important proof, is the fact that US has sold a huge amounts of weapons to Saudi Arabia for an even more huge amount of payment, even though they know that ISIS came from there and were supported by them. I wonder what would be the results if the question was "Do you think the US government is involved in giving ISIS power and possibly even orders?". I vote yes, just like they did before with Osama bin Ladin, Saddam Hussein, Asad "the father" and many other dictators/criminals around the world throughout history.

Nice article! Not sure where I stand, but you definitely put some time into this!

Hope there will never be a day when the crypto community and the fiat community catch up with each other and duke it out in the open.

Thnak you so much (:

Their is more wrong than "only" 9/11.

Us govt was for sure involved because those morons needed a way to infiltrate into mid east and afghanistan.....Two fighter jets hovering over White house......come on man ....they must be joking......

Wow, Neo's passport wtf!


1983 Marvel Comic

1994 Vice Magazine

June 2001 Album cover for the group "The-Coup"

1979 Album cover (reversed) for Supertramp Breakfast in America

The list goes on forever so I will stop there for now... They sure do love to rub it in our face don't they?

It's pretty obvious the government covered it up to me with all the evidence iv seen. But the most incredible lie being told is the earth is a spinning ball not a flat plane.


Thanks for so clearly demonstrating that the whole flat Earth conspiracy theory is a deliberate campaign to associate 9/11 investigation with such bullshit. It's also nice to be able to note which accounts are disinfo agents.

Would you be kind enough to just provide a list of your coworkers, to spare us the trouble of tracking them all down separately?


I wouldn't go so far as to say that directly did it without facts.. but the stories don't line up for sure... I would initially say they "allowed it to happen" but there is also more to it than just that... but I'll just keep living Decentralized and go on about my merry lil way.. 😂😂😂😂

911 ... 😐

those who are looking for the truth are finding it !
many know that this 9.11 was a set up by the intelligenz agencies
many other followed and will follow because of this scrupulous
humans, dark nobilitys who are ruling this planet .

Thanks for your informations :)



The voice of the people is wise. . . .

Donald Trump interview 2 days after 9/11 at ground zero

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Reminiscing! :( this is the saddest event in America I've witnessed since my existence!

Thank you for providing new information to the friend of steemit @jockey
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I think the US Government was involved. A Skyscraper wont collapse symmetrically. Thats not realistic.

Interesting indeed.

Back in the day people saying 9/11 was inside job were mocked. It seems to me that situation right now is oppossite. People believing 9/11 official story are 'mocked' and they are not so loud as they use to be.

Just remember, "it's for your safety". More like "so we can control you better, you slave!" There is a dark evil in the world and the LIGHT will expose it!!

Wow, I wouldn't expect it to have been so one sided!

Herzlichen respektvollen Dank für diesen sehr informativen Beitrag

You my friend are a true patriot. The majority of steemians are smart enought to see the evidence. I like the idea that we should decetralize a solution. The blockchain is a superpower that has yet to show us its true potential. We owe it to all the firefighters that heard explosions at the basements and saw molten steel, they are heroes that we have to fight for. God speed!

Whether it was an inside job or not, personally I believe it's not but reading articles like these can make you think twice, but the true tragedy is innocent people lives were loss for evil causes.


That's true. The people died were innocent, but what the U.S. government decieded to do after this was to even kill more innocent people, around the world. And even the appearing from a disease like ISIS is the direct outcome from 9/11.

Though it is a conspiracy theory but i believe it cant be done without the US government prior knowledge.

This comes as no surprise to me. A lot of steemians come across as bat shit crazy, conspiracy theorist, anti-science, climate denying, religious loons. Just look at all the ridiculous nonsense that gets posted to the science and philosophy tags.

If someone ended up profiting from some event it doesn't actually mean that he/she organized that event. Somebody may orchestrate and some others benefit from it too. Conspiracy theories are mostly nearly impossible to prove. (Matrix Passport of Neo doesn't prove 9/11, it's just a movie, and besides what is the logic of showing the date of your planned attack on Matrix movie?) And without proof, we cannot judge some people just based on our assumptions.


Did you know that the pentagon comptroller on 9/11, exactly 1 year to the day prior to the attacks co-authored the Project For A New American Century document titled "Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century" which called for a new Pearl Harbor style attack in America to justify several pre-emptive wars to re-establish American military dominance, was also the same man in charge of tracking the trillions of dollars which were missing from the pentagon budget (primary records destroyed in the pentagon that day, offsite backup records destroyed in WTC7 that same day), was also a man who previously worked for a company that provided drone aircraft technology which is used in wargames (FTS) and commercial aircraft (FIS, which both AA and UA opted to add to their 757 and 767 aircraft in 1998), was one of only a handful of people on the planet who got top secret access to the WTC 1 and WTC 2 blueprints as part of the aftermath investigation after the 93 WTC bombing, and was a man who was part of a consortium of companies which convert commercial 757 and 767 aircraft into tankers which are then sold overseas?

Basically, you saying that everything is an "assumption" is a bad "assumption" on your part... Do some research and understand the undeniable connects between some of these key players, their official roles, their past roles, and their direct connects to that days events, and you may soon find yourself with a bit more an open mind that what we were told that day is nothing more then a pile of well packaged bullshit.


Speaking of profiting, does anyone else find it interesting that the majority of the 9/11 insider trading which took place leading up to the attacks was almost exclusively done by a single entity (called Alex Brown, located in NYC, which is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank). And what came of that investigation into this blatant pre-positioned insider trading? Oh ya, absolutely nothing...


here more interesting correlation: https://www.denverlibrary.org/blog/titanic-mystery-prophecy-tragedy
it is the peculiarity of human mind to build links between events and draw conclusions, but not everything goes out from it is true. thats why we still do not know a lot, as you said we should be very open to questioning our own thoughts, while I don't believe much what politicians say, I am also suspicious about these kind of conspiracies. Somebody may argue that Titanic was planned to crash with an iceberg years before by a secret society


The titanic was sunk with the goal of murdering several wealthy individuals which were in competition with some of the worlds most elite families... and in the words of John D Rockefeller, "competition is a sin"...


The titanic had to be sunk so that the elite would get a reason to further advance any agendas that would not rather have been welcomed without the incident.

The very reason why there had to be a 9/11 so that troops would then go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, among others.

Steemit used to be a cool and credible website. Probably not coming back and selling my Steem at the next pump because this site is legitimately full of misinformation.