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After 15 Years, the DEW Technology used on 9/11 Still a Secret

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The Central Bankers Attack America

In New York City on September 11th, 2001 the United States was attacked in multiple locations by Military Grade Technology in ritualistic fashion. In the aftermath, two stories were presented to the American people; one being the "Official Story" the other being the "Controlled Demolition" theory, however both are fraudulent and demonstrably false. So after fifteen years of research what can we conclude about what happened on 9/11?

Well we can certainly look at quid pro quo, who benefited, and to that end there is no end to the list of names. Lot's of people want to point the finger at the second level, the known suspects, the people in charge when the towers got hit. Those people certainly are to blame, but they were not the prime benefactors. The obvious conclusion when analyzing the wars and the policies implemented post 9/11, the obvious prime benefactors were the private owners of the central banking system that was spread to every country the Western Powers invaded post 9/11. To argue that these post 9/11 wars were done for anything but to prop up a central banking system and spread Federal Reserve Central Banking to the nations invaded is not being honest. The first building constructed in Iraq for example, post the invasion was a central bank in Mosul. So when we talk about those responsible the individuals pointed out by James Corbett in his "Who was Really Behind 9/11" & "9/11 Trillions Follow the Money" documentaries are just scratching the surface. We need a massive new investigation into the technology used and the insider trading and the central bankers whom benefited financially the most from 9/11.

The Real Message Sent by Using LENR Technology

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The powers that shouldn't be, have revealed to the world their advanced military grade space platform that uses high powered Microwave technology, likely sourced from Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. The plethora of evidence collected by Dr. Judy Wood tells us that the 7 buildings in NYC were turned into dust by molecular disassociation created by using a high powered microwave directed energy weapon, likely powered by "Cold Fusion". This report on Directed Energy Weapons suggests Microwave technology is the future and most powerful weapons systems in the DEW field. Therefore the message sent by the powers that shouldn't be is simple. We have this technology and we are willing to use this technology against anyone including our own citizens. After 9/11 the powers that shouldn't be have invaded multiple countries and no one has even tried to stop them.

From Toasted Cars to Seismic Readings, and the Presence of Tritium it was a DEW

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Not long ago, it would have seemed preposterous to suggest that the US Military or any military for that matter had directed energy weapons capable of turning 7 buildings into dust. However, someone does. The evidence is more than plentiful when examined honestly. The controlled demolition theory has never gained any real traction because it was set up to fail, by the very same people Steven Jones, Richard Gage who had already worked to quell the existence of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, which these "Architects & Engineers for Truth" had long before 9/11 worked together to destroy giving LENR the misnomer "Cold Fusion". See the below presentation by Dr. Judy Wood and let the evidence speak for itself.

Dr Judy Wood at the Breakthrough Energy Conference 2012

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Evidence suggests a Space Platform was the Source of the Directed Energy Weapon

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The evidence suggests that a Directed Energy Weapon powered by Low Energy Nuclear Reactions was the cause, but what was the source? A space platform, as the damage pattern stems from directly above the targets on 9/11 in NYC. You can see that the only damage to the surrounding buildings came from debris from the 7 WTC buildings. If the DEW had been fired from a ground based source, the buildings surrounding the WTC buildings would have been in the way of the energy beam and therefore would also been destroyed. Furthermore there would be significant damage in a straight line to all the buildings in the path, not just a select few. Further evidence is the holes left by the energy weapon are straight down as the below photos show:

World Trade Center Tower 6 - Hole Right through the Center & No Debris left

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WTC 6 Second View from inside the 8 Story Hole

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So in conclusion, just by looking at the pictures from 9/11 we can easily determine if a Directed Energy Weapon was used, it was fired from above. As no one was able to see the source of the DEW that day, and it came from above the towers, that means it must have been a space platform. With the recent advancements in space warfare technology, and the recent creation of a directed energy weapons market in the financial world that is set to be a 24 billion dollar enterprise by 2020, these weapons clearly already exist. Also "SPAWAR" has been conducting LENR tests at least as far back as 1994, see this video playlist I compiled. So we can see that the Military has DEW's, that the space programs are testing LENR before 9/11, and the evidence points to the use of a space platform that took down the towers. Sorry but Tim Osman, I mean Osama Bin Laden certainly was not in command of some sort of space platform capable of making this happen, in fact there is very few countries if not only 1, that has this type of technology.

So the world was introduced to free energy technology, however instead of freeing us from the powers that be, we were enslaved by it. No one has really challenged the powers that shouldn't be militarily since 9/11, they have been going on a Team America World Police tour since, but the only result is the spread of central banking and the forced use of the Federal Reserve notes to keep their giant ponzy scheme going. Russia and China are both attempting to develop Anti Satellite Technology since 9/11, likely because their military analysts came to the same conclusion. The Western Powers have militarized space, and have technology that no one else can compete with. I have covered this information in countless videos on my YouTube channel, however mainly in the Star Wars: The Ether Awakens, and the Illuminati Space Wars: Episode 1 videos, please check them out.

9/11 = IXXI The beginning of the Final Social Cataclysm

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It is a simple fact that some people knew about 9/11 before it happened, this is easily provable by looking at the 15 billion dollars worth of insider trading that took place. That the Masonic Symbolism of IXXI, the guiding geometric pattern of their temple on every masonic apron was also the date that 9/11 took place. The Jesuits have had IXXI on their rings for hundreds of years, pictured below. From my research I believe the significance of the date 9/11 cannot be overlooked, as I believe the evidence suggests that Jesus Christ, was born on 9/11, 3 BC. Therefore making 9/11 2001 AD (2001 = 3 in Numerology), the reverse date of His birth. Considering our world is run by the Occult Forces often called the Illuminati, the date chosen has massive occult significance. I believe they decided to make 9/11, 2001 the day the Anti-Christ was born, kicking off the final social cataclysm.

Jesuit IXXI Rings:

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Masonic Depiction of IXXI

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Solutions and What Should be Done about 9/11

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Inform the masses, protest, use social media, create videos, blog; use your natural born right to the freedom of speech to tell as many people the truth as you can. I was awoken by someone protesting 9/11 and since then I have hopefully awoken hundreds more. Anyone can do what I do, especially you the person reading this article. Simply by up-voting this, more people will see this information. If you share this article that will also help to wake others up. We need to spread this information far and wide. There are still people being killed in wars because of the lie of 9/11. There are still firefighters and rescue workers who are sick and dying because of the fumes on 9/11. We need to stand tall and tell the truth no matter what it costs us personally. There is too much at stake surrounding this one event for us to remain quiet. The 9/11 narrative must be taken back from those whom committed these atrocities so they cannot use it to continue creating wars and drone bombing children. We need to DEMAND an independent investigation not conducted by the criminal government and headed by Phillip Zelikow. We must use our powers as an anarchistic group of intelligent people to come up with an open source, decentralized investigation into 9/11 and we need to demand that our investigation is enforced with legal action. I believe steemit has the power to do this, I believe this steemit community could come together to start a real investigation...

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That some crazy stuff right there. Such a crazy mystery. One that is so hard to figure out. The directed energy is very compelling. That Tower 6 just boggles my brain, its like someone scooped it out, melon style!

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Thanks for writing such a great article on this topic; it's always really frustrating to hear the propaganda on the radio and television instead of hearing the truth. Even though it's been over a decade there are so many people still don't know what really happened. I've shared with some of my friends what I know about this topic but some still refuse to believe it. There are some people that believe some of these fact but not all. I'd love to share more about this topic but I am concerned about being labeled a nut or even worse being put on a dissident list, event thought I think I already am. Do you have any tips or words of encouragement for someone who wants to be more vocal about this topic but is concerned about censorship and wrongful labeling.

Have you seen the new videos that have surfaced lately linking 911 with the Mandela effect?

I have watched pretty much about 95% of the material on the internet about 911 but I never ever came across this footage from.
From my acting and TV/ Film production background I can attest to the dialogue appearing to be heavily scripted and staged and blocked, in addition there are some other peculiar things that the narrator STONED RAPPER PHD notices that also seem odd to me. Take a look and let me know what you think!

That's funny, you just shared a video that was made by a good friend of mine. Run2Christ makes excellent videos, and yeah I have seen that video before as I am obviously subbed to his channel. Thanks for posting this comment! Have a nice day.

Word of Encouragement about reaching others:

Excellent post! Thank you so much for your research and continued work! Following with pleasure! =)

Great article. Thank you. It seems there is no end to the deception and corruption.

That was great and it makes sense. The only thing that makes me question this theory tho, is that I've watched several 9/11 videos. There are flashes where it looks like bombs going off right when building 1 and 2 start falling.

Those are water tanks exploding outwards, those 'spurts' that have been explained as charges going off by advocates of "controlled demolition" in 99% of 9\11 videos are far too small to of moved the required amounts of material out of the way to pulverise the buildings. The Directed energy evidence presented by Dr Judy Wood is far more plausible than anything the so called 'truth' movement advocate.

Hi great combination of facts and theories. We all know the Government narrative was crap. I wonder how long they expected it to hold water? David Rockerfeller is gone.

I read somewhere that in the mid nineties that the owners of the towers had undertaken a report to assess viability of demolition. The same article from memory stated something like the quantity of electricity to run the buildings was the same as a town of 150,000 people. Whatever the number was, it seemed very energy inefficient. That along with asbestos meant the demolition bill was going to be almost $1 billion.

I guess it was somehow fortuitous for the new owners they never had to deal with that future demolition bill...