State of the Sndbox Competition Entry : Up

in #sndbox3 years ago

Hello Steemians!

This is my entry for the State of the Sndbox competition for march!


This was done in 3D , I should be packing my bags and doing some last minute shopping because I am going to China at the end of the week but I guess I can squeeze in a bit of time to do the Sndbox thumbnail contest.

So basically my idea is a guy climbing stairs. The stairs are an analogy for the steem journey that we take. Usually going up is a sign of ascension, progression to what our end goals are. Plus going up the stairs is tiring so hopefully there is some kind of reward waiting at the top right? right??

If you notice , there are two stairs that combine at the top. If you take a closer look, the stairs form a shape of an Up arrow. And the up arrow is also ... surprise , surprise ,...the logo of the upvote button! Boom, Everything is all connected like that !

Some other angles just for fun :




Thanks for watching,
Till next post!



Nice one! Can imagine an animation coming out from this 3D.

Thank you! Yeah I was inspired by a lot of those phone commercials , minimalistic with nice motion .

Ya, they were awesome.

Nice logo and a really cool concept!

thanks buddy , need to work on the intro for the show soon

Congrats @wanaf! I'm having problems actually seeing images today on Steemit due to my slow internet.

haha I should be the one wishing you congrats because you got third place , higher up that me :D Nice work ,
very cute and I can see you put a lot of effort into it , followed!

I did, it took me several hours. I can't wait to see yours. I think my internet is better today ;)

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Great 3D art, now I can finally see it. It's awesome how you integrated your concept with the upvote and the idea of ascension.