Fiction Comp - All writers are welcome - #1 Week 1

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Hello, all fiction writers!

Welcome to the 1st fiction writing competition week 1.

Ever since I posted the introduction to the fiction competition...There have been moments where I would just stare idly at the ceiling thinking up different writing prompts. It hasn't been an easy week...Believe it or not...I am very excited to see how every thing will play out.

What is Fiction Competition?

For the sake of those who haven't seen the introduction post...I think it would be best that I give them a run down of it but instead of posting the same things over and over again...I have decided I will just link the introduction post here. New comers can read all about the competition here. Please familiarize yourselves with the rules of the competition and how it will be run. In order to run it as fairly as possible those rules were created.

Writing Prompt!

Well, the moment you have all been waiting for for...this writing prompt will test your mettle. We will be able to see how you will weave an interesting story that will sweep the audience off their feet. So without further ado....

Having seen the fall and rise of empires...the death of his loved immortal tries his best to not mingle with society by holing himself up in a cave far away from any civilization. During one stormy night...his home becomes the shelter for a stranger who is the spitting image of his grandson.

To be honest...I didn't want to use this prompt for the start of the's a bit difficult...a lot of things can happen and people can misinterpret it. But I guess...I will just let it be and let you folks decide how you want to play around with it. :)

Submission time

Please make sure that you have familiarized yourselves with everything in the introduction post before submitting your story. Today is the 10th of September and you have until the 15th of September to leave your submission in the comments. Hopefully, this will be enough time to let your creative juices flow. If you want you can also submit it to the workshop for criticism and advice but please be sure to mention that the story is for the fiction competition. :) (Don't forget to have the link put in the comments as well.) :).

Note: If anyone wants to provide a better image for the competition...I would be really happy and I am sure every one else would appreciate it too.

Please do let other people know about the competition so we can get as many interested participants as possible. Thank you all for your time. Good luck with the competition and much love to all the wonderful writers out there. :)

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I would to participate :) good luck to you all :)


Everyone can should give it a try too.


Noted @authorofthings, best of luck with the competition. :) It is a well thought short story.

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Thinking and story brewing hat on. Game on :)


Looking forward to your work @hopehuggs. :)

good luck with the competition, put in the work and Im sure it will be a big success


I am sure it will be mate. Thanks for cheering up the potential contestants :) We will make it big and hopefully a lot of people will also learn something from this :)

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I think I'll give this a shot


Looking forward to what you will come up with :)

I will try do something like this in the future, This post'll be a great reference!
followed you!


What do you have in mind that is similar to this mate?

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Do I have until the end of today to submit a piece, or until the end of the fifteenth?


Great work there @krizia. Good luck with the competition :)


Thank you so much for creating an opportunity like this!


Good luck with the competition @aedroberts, really enjoyed reading the story :)

My entry, at the eleventh hour. Today is the 15th. Thank you for hosting this contest, @kyrios!


@carolkean, Really nice work there...dang I would love to see a complete story of that I am sure it would be great. Good luck :)


It is a complete story. A god has withdrawn from human society and vowed never again to meddle in human affairs. A soldier at his door tells him he must do what he can, in the here and now, and the god makes a decision: he will once again try to help humankind. That's his character arc; that's his resolution of conflict; he had given up, but now he will go back out there and fight the good fight. I didn't think I needed to spell it out, having had it hammered into me, in fiction workshop, that authors must trust the reader. Unfortunately, readers often say my prose is obscure and I need to make things more obvious. Thank you for taking time to read and comment.


@henry-grant, great work with the story. Good luck with the competition :)

awe man. I missed the deadline. next time :]


Aww well its alright. There will be another one soon @nideo. Keep your eyes peeled :)

Can't believe I only see this now, so many days too late.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the next one!