Let's make #introduceyourself great again! - An update on @welcoming!

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I miss those introduceyourself post, it was like a culture inside of steem community

Its still a culture though, the comments i got on mine was so encouraging.

very true @georgeetukudo the culture is still very much there i got a few nice posts on my #introduceyourself

It all comes from the massification... The more people getting in, the less effort in each introduction... it's bad, but I expect more of that to happen as STEEM gets more mainstream.

I don't quite get why an individual would post an introduction with less effort when there are more "competitors" - I thougt it would work exactly the opposite way. :D

People who get here first are usually the smartest... the unwashed masses bring the low effort people by the bucketloads, the majority of the mainstream public is way more lazy than those here.

i nee to enhance my career on steemit please tell me how to introduce myself on the steem!!!

Did you read my post? ;)

i mean to say i was tried to introduce my self on steemit with picture but not published yet i tried many times but still have this problem

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I think every day on steemit, you gain a new experience either from bots or from people.

You're right :)

Always glad to see people upvoting themselves with 100% while upvoting the post with 5%!

New users need to be well treated for sure.

You are showing them exactly how to do that by upvoting your comment with 100% while not doing that with the original post! Way to go ;)

Hello @theaustrianguy I must say that I really love your project. You are indeed a selfless steemian who supports the community with a pure heart.

After reading this update by you, a thought came rushing into my mind but I can't comprehend if it's going to be accepted by the community or considered to be a spam. The thing is that although I've been in steemit for about 3-months now, but haven't properly introduced myself with the criteria/features you stated above, which I'm convinced is necessary to build a unique audience/follower. So I was thinking of doing an introductory post with the above criteria stated by you but can't decide if it's right or wrong. Please I need your advice as I don't want to do what is unacceptable in the ♨️ community.

I made a second introduction post past 3 months as well, since my first was a bit lackluster and nobody opposed it.

It was well received.

Just don't do it for the sake of doing it and you're fine.

Thank you ;)

I don't think anyone will have a problem if you post a second introduction after three months - Especially when you are not copying the old one but rather are making a new one with further information. So take your time and make a great one - good luck ;)

Kk thx theaustrianguy for your kind reply, at least now that I'm given a go ahead I'll start working on my next introductory post. Kindest regards sir, keep up the good work🙂👍.

so you can improve it later

The only thing is, from what I have understood and read.. That we should only post 1 time in the introduceyourself tag.. But other than that, we are free to make eternal and indefinate introduction posts in all other tags... I am going to do the same thing Edy... Post 1 time in introd... tag as nr1 tag.. You know, you can give a post 5 tags, the 1st one is the tag it will be catogarized under and appear under when people browse the site / blockchain (rofl) .. :DD

good advice, you can give your Intro posts a version, thats what im gonna do. Like v. 1.0 , then 1.1 , 1.2 and so on... then it is also a way that we can follow our developments on the site and personally with our lives!

pret.t.y. cool :)

Wow so amazing blog seriously it's needful

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First of all thank you for doing this great work...

When I did my introduceyourself post in the end of January I was very surprised and glad that so many people interacted with me and so many people voted for me. It was a kind of motivation!

Even if the salary of the next posts wasn't that much, I'm sure that this friendly and warm welcome made my a little bit steemit-addicted from the first day on 🤗

Today I realized that's not the salary what Steemit is about. But I thin k many people need a few days to realize this. So I think it ist much more important to support new steemians - especially when they are doing their homework from the first second at Steemit by presenting a unique and interesting introduceyourself...

I absolutely support your work!

P.S.: just a little annotation: I nearly skipped your P.S. 😂 Maybe you can write this information a little bit more present?

thank you. but what do you mean exactly?

Maybe creating an account named Wilkomin or something "sorry for the lousy german,.

introduction posts were used to be an encouragement for the newbies who have started to use steemit but now things are different now introduce yourself has become a sort dishearten because now in trending you don't see them alot. so this is the very first step a person loose his hope. but i am very happy to acknowledge that you have been working on this process and you are making it easy for people to join. community work at its best

@theaustrianguy, I really love this project and initiative! In my opinnion, the introduce yourself section is a really cool part of Steemit, and helps to connect us - a community of strangers.

I also really like the statistic you posted about the number of users still active out of the first 50 you resteemed. That is fantastic! This is a really positive reinforcement to motivate people to stay active in the Steemit community, and to keep writing!

I'll definitely be following, and resteemed this so any followers can read, but what's even cooler is that I was browsing posts for inspiration on what to write about today. Even though I set up my account a while ago, I am fairly new to posting on Steemit, and I never wrote an #introduceyourself post. Needless to say, that's what I'll be writing tonight! :D

Thank you for the kind words man :) I will take my dog for a walk now and then look for intros again - is yours up yet?

Good post. I still havent introduced myself, despite being here for a few months now.
This is the kick in the behind I need *O:

Even I have to do this exercise to begin with can you give cetain tips

Thanks to you for providing this great service and for pointing fresh science lovers to de-stem/steemstem.

wow! Congrats! Awesome to see @transito supporting such an awesome cause!

Thx Karen ;) Yeah, having the support from people with a lot of SP is definitely really helpful if you have a project but not that much SP - So @transisto 's support is of course incredibely helpful!

This is awesome ! I still didnt had the chance to make an introduceyourself post, so i might consider it next week :) !

I think it’s marvelous that you recognized a problem with the #introduceyourself tag and decided to do something about it. If we each take a little bit of the initiative to improve steemit, it can easily be a top social media platform someday.

Like you pointed out, retention stats improved have improved just from your part in making @welcoming . Kudos to you my friend! We are all a family here and shouldn’t be shy in helping each other out.

Whales are always watching for minnows that want to make an impact on this platform! It shows that if you have a good idea/content on steemit, the whales will support and encourage you!

Enjoyed the post @theaustrianguy !

a huge Thank You to @theaustrianguy for keeping Steemit more attraktiv and usefull.
it is in our interest to keep this platform clean and popular. Of course, earning money is important, and ultimately, I want to achieve that, but first and foremost, serving before earning is important. That's why you strive for the best content and then the money follows automatically. And above all give the authors the necessary respect in which you leave a good comment. I always believe in the good in people. Let us prove it to all.
Greetings from the carribean. mikeCee$_72 rot3.png

When i did my inroductory post,i got just.00.80 . Almost nothing. Dont know why cos i wrote best thing. Its been so long now. First week of jan. this year. U can check if u wish

Thats not why i'm here . Im here to learn so i like commenting on people posts even though people dont read mine. Maybe im not lucky enough

It can be hard to get started man, I totally understand how it feels. To be honest, $0.80 is not that bad for a first post! Sometimes I get literally nothing haha!

Yes i have done many posts that brings nothing and i still did write on and on

Maybe you should focus on a little bit longer posts (no colorchallenges, etc.) and try to not use pictures you are not allowed to (you can use most pics from pixabay.com for example).

Ok i'll try that. Thanks so much

dont worry, just follow my account and we will help each other with upvotes and resteems and all we can do to get more views and earnings in HEEEREEE!!

I will follow all that follow me.. its hard to build up in here!

depends how your life is.. some people are travelling around with their cameras in perfect order to make great Foto blogging, others barely have time to sit down and have some time online.. others again have their laptop melt down after 1 week on steemit... life is a byte tough!

Thanks much. Have you done your introductory post?

Thats not the idea of steemit ;)

Nice.. I wish I knew this when I posted my intro post. Very nice and helpful post sir.

Hmmmmm its amazing too see how much effort you and the team are putting in place to make here sweeter for us and the incoming Steemians. Wow.. More grease to your elbow. Thanks so much

what an initiative and support for new comers which is very helpful and shows what a true community should be like. you doing great. will keep in touch so once i have spare sp, will do the needful
thanks for sharing and helping out

Ahh nice to know now i can teach my friends on there introduction some of them have not started yet.

The work ain't easy but you are doing your best to support the newest bie. Good job, hearing of @welcoming for the first time. I got some friends introduced to steemit, I hope they get lucky. Well done


Thank you @theaustrianguy i am from austria too and i also take a look to the #introduceyourself tag every some time. Nice articles that i think deserve an upvote, get it from me, but i also report spammers who use the introduceyourself tag for shit post with 1 video not introducing themself to steemcleaners, because i hate it when the tags are spammed with shit posts on memes or advertising.

Awesome initiative @theaustrianguy. I'm a new member here on steemit and was willing to not bother about my #introduceyourself post. But I think I have had a change of heart already all because of you. Making a killer introductory post is really a good way to get started on this platform and you gave succinct hints on how to go about it. Thanks a lot man!

This is a great initiative to support the newbies on steemit. Thank you @theaustrianguy in helping the new steemians. Keep steeming and inspiring!

Wirklich großartige Arbeit, die du mit deinen Accounts hier auf Steemit leistest und dafür sorgst, dass die Community zusammenfindet und neue Leute gepusht werden!

I'm a little too newbie to recall those days of the #introduceyourself greatness. I hope following you and @welcoming will be a breath of fresh air to introduce myself to other newbie and experienced Steemians. Happy trails!

Thank you for your work. I try to greet new people too in french community.

You gave me a great idea! Do the same as you or @neuvorstellungen but with the francophone community. Thank you!

I'm gonna pass this on to my new steemian friends that I've invited to the platform. Shoutout for the guidance @theaustrianguy..

Thank you for this recommendation 😍
Sometimes they use the #introduceyourself to add information they didnt include in their first post I think. I will be posting my #intorduceyourself to let others know my hobbies so that I can connect to those who have the same interest as mine ♥

Thank you @welcoming @theaustrianguy ♥ 😍

@theaustrianguy good observation, especially the action taken, decisions like this is what makes steemit great.

I have not written an introduction article yet. Guess its time @welcoming

Good boy, good initiative, good post - great approach. Supported obviously!

Hello there @theaustrianguy.

I didn't know about this project until now, will definitely talk to you on Discord as I already have a good idea for it.

See you there!

Awesome. I love that Steemit is about community. And that so many people are trying to improve the community. I get confused with all the things that I should do or could do. My #introduceyourself post must be my worst post thus far. And it would be good to improve it somehow.

But in the meantime, I'll just keep plugging away. And learn as I go along. Thank you for a great initiative.


Great work. I think it is really good to introduce yourself in the proper way that will make the steemit community to receive you and welcome you well. I recently join this great community about 3days ago and I am so happy that I finally took that bold step to join. When I wrote my introduceyourself post, I was so happy that people were welcoming me to this great community. The kind of support this community have for new steemians will go along way to help us grow. Great post once again.

Amazing work! I wish I knew about it when I've started.
I also like to read the introduction posts, but as you said, the tag became a bit messy.
I'll follow you and give my best to upvote and encourage the new users!

I hope more people read this post..too much spam nowadays.. :(

This project of yours will really be a great of the community.
Thanks for this

I have to thank the Steemit community as a whole! I started two weeks ago with a #indroduceyourself post and everyone was sooo welcoming! I had heard great things about this platform and all of those positive whispers I had been hearing for the past six months were spot on!

I am all for a section that people can reach out and begin to connect with people! :)

Thank you all that welcomed me with such open arms! I really appreciate it! :) Can't wait to meet more established Steemers as well as some new ones!

It's awesome this project is doing so well. I hope it will continue to grow and have high retention rates.

This is a great program. May I have some free time to find some introductions, especially from Indonesia. I support this program. Because I think this is an action to post introduction is much more pro.

Waw...What a great way to grow reputation for new steemians....

Thank you for all you're doing, @theaustrianguy! Your @welcoming on my intro post set the tone for everything good that was to come on Steemit. I appreciated it then and I appreciate that you're continuing to help introduce serious users! :)

This was an awesome article! One of the best ones I read this week! That's why I decided to mention this article in my Top 3 Steemit Articles Of The Week-post!

Congratulations on your award :)! If you want, you can contact me, and I'll buy you a cookie someday!

PS. I love this project! As I said in my post: "These kinds of projects are something we need to support in order to grow the community of Steemit!" Keep up the great work man :)!

-Crypto Kid

This is such an amazing gift that you are giving to promising new users! You totally welcomed both my brother and sister who joined recently and I am so grateful that you made them feel welcomed on their first posts! ♥️

I can highlight the other side of introduceyourself posts. I am a newbie here. I read that introducing posts are very important, so I spent hours with writing a (more or less) good introduction post. But people create many introduceyourself posts and mine was almost unvisible at the new tab in a short time.
Of course, it didn't retain me from creating new posts.
But I still have a problem here. It is really hard to find valuable articles. Yours is very detailed and informative and I am happy to find it. But I usually click on a post that is only two or three lines without any additional meaning. Do you have any idea how can I find valuable content? Is there a tag for it or something?
By the way thanks for creating the welcoming section.

You just should keep an eye open, follow authors you like, etc. ;)

Yes, it will work, but now I am discovering. :)

I think It's not that interesting why new users joined steemit, but what they are willing to give to become that :)

This is such a great cause, and a great opportunity to delegate to as well.

When I first started here all those months ago, I honestly had no idea where to start, I think I would have found the @welcoming section really helpful had I come accross it. I’d love to jump on board and get involved with making sure other people don’t get lost when they are fresh here.

Everyone deserves a good intro and a new audience to share it with. Thanks for being awesome!

What a great idea for welcoming new members here. I didn't realize this even existed, but I am glad to see someone thought of it. The New and Trending pages for every topic is filled with posts that have been upvoted to death, with no real value on quantity. I will be following @welcoming and engaging with new users regularly!

I love hearing that something like @welcoming exists. (I'm now following.)

I've been on steemit for about a week and a half, and was unpleasantly surprised by what is happening in the introduceyourself section. I try to wade through the posts once a day to see the the fresh faces, but it's a little laborious. The learning curve on steemit is so steep, I think it would be especially hard for non-native English speakers to navigate it all.

Thanks for creating @welcoming!

thank you for a detiled description how a good intro should look like

I was never lucky enough to "take advantage" of that section. But it is a good thing to be done here in the community. Keep it up with the good job.


You make some excellent points, @theaustrianguy :)
I still haven't even posted there yet
and I'm on day 15 of being active here. All the best :)


Great initiative Martin! :)

sounds like a great initiative


This seems like a great idea, I am a new user here on SteemIt and I was just wondering how I should start things out and this seems like the perfect way! Thanks for the heads up :)

Great initiative @theaustrianguy! I have been here for almost a month and am yet to post my #introduceyourself blog, so I am now happy I haven't and I will definitely try to make a post worth while and tag it with @welcoming :)

I love the way to start Steemit journey by introducing ourselves using hashtag Introduceyourself ♥️

Good post. Thanks a lot. I follow, resteem and upvote your posts.

Good ideas must be encouraged so that we are motivated to write further

Am so speechless . it really amazing, God blesz you .

Thank you for your project. I followed it! But My introduction is a Dtube video. Unfortunately, Ididn't write any post. I am a newbie here and I didn't get how can I connect with you on discord

Hi, I just followed you :-)
Follow back and we can help each other succeed!

Everybody wants money hiding himself !!

I´m new here and still finding out about this great community. I have posted on the @introducing blog. and was very welcomed.

I thought of re-posting that here because I noticed that the feedback towards my website or the posts ´ve done about my work has been very poor in terms of feedback or opinions.
When I read this post I thought it would be good to get more results on my true objective. Feedback and constructive opinions about my work. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you for creating new ways new strategies for people like me that are still new to all this great community.





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I see, read and enjoy your post, steady and innovative. thanks for sharing

Thanks for the great information.

I wish i had this to read before I joined. Great work.

thanx for information

Thats good post

Thats good post

Cool post, i just started yesterday and I found this helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Hello, am new here if y'all don't mind putting me through this whole thing...

i am really loved your project . thanks your sharing

good luck for the post ...it was so nice......

Hello and thank You !

Hello this is Ahsan here. I'm new on steemit and looking forward to know as many of you as a can. Follow me and i will definately follow u back to know all of you. Thanks

finally. it's really good. just by chance i saw you get i almost never check the trending page anymore just of the reason u are talks about.

I am shunlai
I live in Myanmar

nice post @theaustrianguy. i will be waiting next content from you.

Que bueno leer este tipo de post, soy nueva en steemit y muchas cosas me faltan por conocer. Leo la introducción de muchas personas y artículos que me llaman la atención. Me ha costado lo del chat en discord. Veo mucha gente exitosa y personas dispuestas para ayudar con todo lo de la calidad y autenticidad de los escritos. Se que he cometido errores pero quien NO empezando. Esto me anima para realizar mi introducción. Gracias por hacer de steemit algo mas sencillo con la explicación.

It's sad that people are like desperate to grow without enjoy all the good things that this platform offers to us and without share anything with others... I'm here since 23 days and I know that growing here is a process that takes time but for now I'm very happy to meet new people and enjoy reading good content.

Hi @theaustrianguy
I join steemit a week ago and I still learning on what and how to do on steemit, This article is like a treasure for me. I will rewrite my #introducemyself based on your article. I really hope your help. Very usefull article, thank you

Services of @transisto, @acidyo, and @teamsteem are not appreciated as much as they should be. As investors and the long time users, they deeply care about Steemit and I see more evidence every week. To these three amazing people, we need you and we need more people like you!

I learned something new from your post.. thanks a lot, more strategy to be creative..

Our project is to collect authors contribute quality contents manually where curation hunters hassle free minimizing their time searching to put their votes worth and report spammers in order to maintain the beauty of this platform.

we are glad to see if you have time to visit our station dropping your votes.

i am new to this community dont know much about before . But sounds reallly good. Hope those days come back

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Good Stuff, Welcome. Cant wait to see what content you will make . Have a great day

@welcoming will not make any content :D

Hello am a newbie, am @steemtab just joined few days ago but I notice my introductory post is not receiving attention .i don't know if there is any advice for me or any way people here can help me with it. You can check it out on my blog @steemtab thanks

https://steemit.com/kr-newbie/@uhyun2/6-james-has-changed-phoebe-ryan I'm started five days ago korean newbie
But whales do not boat my post help me please
If you can boating my post???? Trendy music introduce contents
Resteem and follow please!!!!!♥♥

I am @tomasbonillo and I follow your posts very closely, I think they are a good contribution to the community

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