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RE: Let's make #introduceyourself great again! - An update on @welcoming!

in #community4 years ago

I miss those introduceyourself post, it was like a culture inside of steem community


Its still a culture though, the comments i got on mine was so encouraging.

very true @georgeetukudo the culture is still very much there i got a few nice posts on my #introduceyourself

It all comes from the massification... The more people getting in, the less effort in each introduction... it's bad, but I expect more of that to happen as STEEM gets more mainstream.

I don't quite get why an individual would post an introduction with less effort when there are more "competitors" - I thougt it would work exactly the opposite way. :D

People who get here first are usually the smartest... the unwashed masses bring the low effort people by the bucketloads, the majority of the mainstream public is way more lazy than those here.

i nee to enhance my career on steemit please tell me how to introduce myself on the steem!!!

Did you read my post? ;)

i mean to say i was tried to introduce my self on steemit with picture but not published yet i tried many times but still have this problem

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