Do you want 500 SP Delegation?

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Happy Sunday, everyone!

No long introduction this time, after reading the title you probably want to know why I’m giving away delegation and how you can get it.

With SBD prices soaring the past few weeks, I’ve accumulated a significant amount of liquid Steem, which I’m holding to see what’ll happen with the price. Now, I’m considering powering up 1k of it and delegate it away, 500 SP each, to two minnows for 2 months.

What do you have to do? Well, I don’t just want to randomly delegate it away which should be obvious, because this post would be kind of pointless then. I want to delegate the 500 SP to Minnows who will improve the Steem community. Be it with their posts, their actions, their commitment or by attracting new users.

If you think you fit that profile and would like the delegation, do the following:

Write a post about why you should get the 500 SP and what you will do with it
• Present what you’ve done in the Steem network (or other social networks) so far
• Link my post in your post so people know what this is about
• Post a link to your entry as a comment below

I’ll give you a week, until the 21st of January, 23:59/11:59 pm UTC+1. I might pick people to help me choose a winner, it depends on how many good submissions there are. @suesa
When the 2 months are up, I’ll probably re-distribute the delegation to other minnows.

Furthermore, I encourage everyone with a higher SP to do something similar. With Steem price rising and the user base increasing, there are more and more users with very little SP, even if they invest. If we want them to stay, we need to give them more impact on the platform.

It’s not real decentralization if there are a few hundred who can decide what’s good content and what’s not and the other thousands are left to their mercy.

Because of that, I want to remind everyone again of the @steemstem account, which votes on quality science content that has been read, evaluated and checked for plagiarism by the steemSTEM curation team. If you want to support that you can either delegate to the account, trail it or join the trail bot @anarchyhasnogods set up (message him about it). The last two options guarantee you some curation rewards.

Now, get your computer and write me why you deserve the 500 SP delegation!

EDIT: In case someone abuses the delegation, either by upvoting their own spam comments or by flagging people just because they don't like them, the delegation will immediately be withdrawn.

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GIF was created for me by @saywha and @atopy , rest of the signature by @overkillcoin

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Hi @suesa. I am a community mentor in a newly formed discord group and also run a chatroom supporting and promoting the scuba diving community on steemit. I could really benefit from a delegation to help reward members of the #promo-mentors community and continue to support the diving community, but I shall leave it to my entry to explain in further detail. Many thanks for this opportunity:

I vote for @raj808 - he is very active in more community support projects than I can name, yet, somehow, he finds time for everyone. I think he has clones. Or he never sleeps. He makes all of us feel we are a priority to him. We love Raj!

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

@suesa I can't speak to many of the folks on this but I know @Raj808 well. He is also an active member of our Isle of Write, where he spends time helping to promote recognition of steemit creatives in the writing and visual arts fields. He has many, many responsibilities across several groups and yet he finds time always to make whoever he is speaking or dealing with, feel like the only priority he has. He never just does what "needs" doing, he always goes above and beyond in my experience.

One of the big questions with a delegation I suppose, is will the SP be used responsibly and in a way that benefits the community? I believe @raj808 has shown himself to be someone who will do just that.

Ultimately, I think that @raj808 is an excellent writer, who works to support the community as a whole. I agree that he deserves a delegation, simply because he works so hard within steemit and discord to support others!

Hello @suesa I want to say that @raj808 really deserve to get a SP delegation. He is very active in the community we are both in as a mentor and I believe he will use it wisely and help make others to benefit from it.


@suesa i vote for this guy.hes very active in the promo-steem community and he gives out workshop to people so they can have the knowledge on how to improve their writing skills.

I nominate @raj808 to be delegated some steem power to because he is an outstanding and patient mentor on a discord channel and has been very supportive in the channel. I believe he is more than worth it because he has the potential. 👍👍👍.... Go Raj go Raj go Raj

Yes, not only is Rowan (raj808) active in many communities, but he's expert in a niche which can be so helpful in the growth of Steemit! Plus, he's just a super nice guy and very deserving of a delegation. I'll second, third, fourth, etc his nomination as someone with impeccable standards, a good work ethic, and someone I'd trust to handle a delegation responsibly.

Good morning @suesa, I vote for @raj808. He's very committed to building the Steem community. He is a mentor in the @promo-mentors discord channel and also a top curator who directs and help minnows improve on their writing skills.

I won't participate because I think other people need this more than me.
Just commented to let you know I and everyone else in Steemit appreciates it! Resteemed.

"Me too" , in a different perspective 😉

Maybe other people need it more than you, but no one deserves it more, IMHO. @suesa, I've delegated 500 SP to Yair to help me develop the local Israeli community. He's been doing an amazing job and deserves all the support.

Another good place to look is the curation league. There are some very interesting minnow curators there.

greetings from the other side, Tecky

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such kind a gesture @suesa @techslut is rare , i will also give this contest a try and see where it will lead me .... got 85steem power and i had a group setup on whatsapp where i get to vote for everyone on the group because i have the highest steem power there and my 100% is worth just $0.003 . one big lesson i have been thought doing this that i have got to give my best no matter how small. those guys in ther recieve the upvote with Gratitude because they know its the best i can do for now..

thanks for bringing this up @suesa .

The World is Yours

I know how you feel. I am one of the strongest voters in our little community and my VP. It suffers.

It will only get better...

I have commented on this first comment so that i get a slight chance of being seen! So that may may be my entry can be seen.

Hope my assumptions of my post being seen become true lol.

That's actually the opposite of smart, as I usually check the latest replies to me , not random comments somewhere else.

Wow, this action seems to have diaqualified me already!

No. I saw it, so it's fine. Sending me the link through (like someone else did) would have disqualified you

That reminds me of Steemit chat,thanks for always helping out answering newbie questions and fighting spamming.

I remember when i had just joined and around July/August when some guy called bilal messed up the whole channels with offensive words! I know you cant forget that guy...thanks for helping us by removing him with other guys like @moobs @apsu and others.

@moobs is the best!

Haa i forgot to include to include you in the list @acidyo.

Seems you have a lot. I'm hoping someday my posts gets popular so I'd be seen by people like you and eventually earn as you do☺☺☺

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I suspected this (giving out SP) could catch on and become a thing. That is a wonderful way of increasing engagement. Since I got mine from another fantastic steemian.

May the best minnow win. I'd watch from a distance on this one as I have already been lucky to get from another person. Thanks for doing this.

lol, i guess whyit was given to you was your name because it got green run


I will contribute, given my growing small community of course I really need additional delegations. I have previously hired delegates on @blocktrades for 4000 sp. perhaps with this addition, I can give upvote equally to my entire community so they will fast to propagate. thank so much

I feel badly in need of the delegation. because remember, many people I have incorporated into this platform. I need, advanced directives for initial #tag writing for this post.

You can choose your tags freely, as long as they fit the topic. "community" might be a good one.

I just finished this post. and I hope you can consider it for me. thanks so much..

Thank you for the advice.

for the first #tag, what should I write when my post is finished?

I don't really care about that, just make sure it fits the general topic. I used "community" as it's about community building. Inventing an own tag for it seems a bit silly if one requirement is that you link back to this post.

Thanks so much my sister...i will paticipate..

Very nice initiative! I don't consider myself a minnow so I won't participate but I just wanted to let you know that I think it's great you're doing this.

This is why I love Steemit. I joined about a month ago and have had nothing but amazing support and have found amazing content daily.

This is a very generous offer to help those who are trying to get started with Steemit.

I’m going to participate in this “challenge” in the next couple days. I joined Steemit to persevere and be an asset to the community. This might finally be my first shot at getting out of minnow status.

Thanks @suesa, I’m really excited to see how this turns out!

Thank you suesa for being so selfless. people like you are the ones that will keep pushing this platform till it goes through the roof! I also like the fact that you shed light on the fact that thousands of people(myself included) don't have enough steem and can't or Don't want to put in an investment which sorta traps them in this cycle where they post, work hard but don't get any views or votes. I'll definitely take part in this competition :)

Thank you, and also do appreciate all your help in @steemchat

Your response and assistance is greatly appreciated.

stay blessed

awesome post

I would like to nominate someone for it on my behalf.

I wrote a post about a service created by @neander-squirrel that everyone on Steemit should be using, and he offers it for free. He even returns the verification fee back to the user once verified.

I put a line in it the post to nominate @neander-squirrel for your contest on my behalf if it is possible.

Do that :) I'll take it into consideration

I second that nomination. Gina is life.

This is my proposal, for the creation of a community, to vote for quality content in the Spanish language.

The Spanish-speaking community needs projects that support them and if they delegate me, steem power will initiate the development from proposal to project in operation, many people leave the platform and are valuable users, amazing writers, photographers, artists, and they leave because they do not get rewards. the scope they expect.

My proposal is focused on maintaining and increasing the number of people who publish quality content in Spanish.


I have always liked to support you in everything you have done I hope you will be delegated by the SP a hug for you brother

you got it

I support this project, this would be a great support for all people who speak spanish, good job @the01crow

Tienes mi apoyo!!!

I really like your proposal, I support you to get the delegation.

Excelente iniciativa!

Excelente propuesta para ayudar a la comunidad de habla hispana.

cuenta com ni apoyo, tu iniciativa me parece lo mas sensato y excelente para la inclusiónde la creciente comunidad hispana en este mundo de steemit

i really like this prosposal, not only because it's for my comunnity, it's because in spanish there are literally no whales, only dolphins with sub-communities and their own rules that difficults the job for content creators to get noticed by another dolphins in the community.

so, what i'll love to see is more content curators who really apreciate our jobs as content creators more than seek a benefit by making the poeple almost beg for a vote. and this what his proposing.


Excelente iniciativa, estoy segura que es la mejor propuesta y en mano de un equipo profesional y capacitado. Tienes mi apoyo =)

I support your proposal! Apoyo 100% tu propuesta, éxitos.

Excelente propósito, incrementar la comunidad en Español y con buen contenido

For every steemit user who need spanish curation. I give my upvote to the01crow!

Spanish speaking users ar growing as fast as community itself, and that's what makes Steemit so atractive, it's reliability and adaptability. Cast my vote!


te apoyo maestro

Excellent brother crow, full support with the initiative, greetings.

Eres grande @the01crow muchisima suerte en todo esto

excelente @the01crow una maravillosa iniciativa la que estas proponiendo. Cuentas con mi apoyo.

Great, supported! @the01crow

Mi apoyo @the01crow. Espero pronto puedan delegarte esos SP para que ayudes a los talentos emergentes incentivándolos con tus votos.

I will support u, we need it in spanish community! thank u I trust!

Apoyo tu propuesta! La comunidad hispana necesita mas proyectos como este que impulsen y motiven a los usuarios a crear contenido de calidad! Éxitos!!!

Apoyo tu propuesta!

Me gusta mucho tu propuesta @the01crow espero que se pueda cumplir

totalmente de acuerdo y apoyando la propuesta de mi amigo @the01crow!!!

I support the project

Es una excelente propuesta. Personas como tu es la que necesitamos con una visión muy objetiva para la mejora de nosotros los que estamos iniciando en steemit, por tal manera debemos apoyar este tipo de propuestas. Muchos éxitos y Bendiciones. Saludos.

Tienes mi apoyo crow

@the01crow sería genial que te delegaran los SP para tu proyecto, seguro lo hacen saludos.

Thanks for this opportunity to help visible individuals whose actions are having positive effects on steem ecosystem. Thanks a lot

Here is my entry :

Happy to see that @euronation made it here. I hope this wonderful opportunity is given to @euronation because many steemians and Nigeria community at large would benefit from it.

@euronation has contributed immensely to the platform, therefore I nominate her for the giveaway.

I support this movement, it a help for many

@euronation deserve this delegation to be able to further a noble course she is currently running

@euronation has helped a lot of lives and is ready to do more. With this SP delegation, she is ready to do more

I go for euronation because of his selfless service to the steemit community

Hi @suesa, That's very generous of you. I really appreciate and want to avail this opportunity to grow myself and also the people who joined through me. Here is my entry [Why Do I Deserve 500 SP Delegation By @suesa]

Steem On!

That was fast. Good entry.

Yup, I've got dancing fingers. All they need is a keyboard. :) TY!

Self voting on your own comment might get you out of the picture tho.

Thank you for considering something like this

Very interesting and I hope to work for that delegation and bring a lot of good to the community.

Here is my entry Shoal of Minnows | Strength and Survival in numbers

Thanks @suesa for this wonderful opportunity given to us to help our community to grow.
Thanks a lot
Here is our entry

The @abuja-steem really needs this.

I wish we can win this, to help us grow our community

Totally committed to making impacts and lives better. I support them on this.

@abuja-steem is doing a great job and will definitely do better if awarded the 500sp.

It's really cool that you are doing this! I participated in a similar contest a few days ago by @anomadsooul, so can't do a double entry, but I think you guys are great for wanting to help minnows. We really appreciate the support =)

Great Project and giving back is a cool gesture. Im not rich, I am a minnow but I see others that need this more than myself.

NOTE great signature. Really love the stuff I keep seeing from @overkillcoin. Going to have to visit and likely follow the other two, @saywha and @atopy

Wow. You are so awesome @suesa. Thank you for wanting to give back and help the small ones. I'm not participating because I 'm too new; this could be better handled by someone with more experience. I just wanted to echo my gratitude. More power to you!

I would adore delegation, but sadly I think I am out of the running :( However, I am near a milestone and I have been thinking about how to give more back to the community. I post a lot of advice and tips for minnows, and even have an advice column, however I want to do something more... Steemit is such an amazing place that I am so grateful for every day, and I watch my beloved community changing lives each and every day, and I want to change more lives!

You have inspired me to do something somewhat similar (although I unfortunately don't have much $ to offer, I hope what I can give will be even more beneficial than monetary rewards <3

I'm off the draft my post now, and...

Good Luck Everyone!!!

Thank you :)

Like a few other people on here, I'm still a minnow but I won't participate, because I believe other people need this more than I do. However, I wanted to say thank you for helping us minnows grow. It's not easy and many of us need people like you. People who are generous and/or give us good advice.

Great incentive again @suesa ! I would also recommend other SP powerhouses to do the same. I think leasing your SP like this could in time lead to a lot more human content curation, which are also necessary if we want new people to stick around!
I think there are others that would do better with that SP than I do, since I am only online for a limited time each day. Good luck to the people writing a request ! And may the winners use it for good!

Well, I don’t just want to randomly delegate it away which should be obvious, because this post would be kind of pointless then.

^ seriously made me laugh out loud.


I just want to point out that many of you are voting on your own comment/entry. This won't get you any closer to your goal. Just a friendly advice. If you want a chance to win this don't vote for yourself.

Don't worry she reads every comment, you won't stay unnoticed.

I think most aren't aware that constant self-voting on comments isn't the way to go. It's not just about the comment here but also about their general behavior. My selection process is that I first read the post and put it in a list if I approve. I then look at the posts, comments and voting behavior of those on the list.

Many apply but only 2 can be chosen so I have to be thorough.

Thanks for the opportunity
I'll definitely participate in it

If we want them to stay, we need to give them more impact on the platform.

This is really in synchrony with my thought in recent times. I am happy you are doing the 500 sp delegation. It will help as well as go a long way to build this platform for all.

This would make the steemit platform a better place.I would surely participate in this and i hope to win the 500sp delegation.

I really love this idea and I'm up voting and resteeming it on my blog. Would you be so kind as to give a definition of "minnow" so those that are new know exactly who qualifies @suesa. For example is it based on time on steemit, is it based on reputation, is it based on number of posts they've made, is it based on the number of followers they've got, etc...Just to make sure everyone knows exactly who this is for please, so there can't be any confusion due to language or unfamiliar terms being used, or whatever.
When I first joined and people were using terms like "minnow" and "whale" I didn't understand what they meant at all, so it might be nice to be really clear on what the term means in regards to this contest. :D
God bless you. :D Have an awesome day! :D

You're correct, the definition is a bit ... vague. For this contest, I'll generally consider those below 1k SP as minnows, but those with less than 500 SP have a greater chance at winning.

Thanks for taking the time to clarify it so everyone knows. :D Have an awesome day! :D

As yairdd puts it, others need this more than me, so I also decline the offer and leave it for people who can use it better.

I have been growing quite fast and do a lot for the community already, but that delegation will put some weight on individuals that don't do it yet to start doing it, hence it can be a huge motivator.

Good Initiative.

wow that's very kind of you! i won't participate because there are thousands of other people who deserve the support more than i do.. but you're so generous, i appreciate it and hope that your winners are going to use the steempower for a good thing :)

Hello @suesa! First let me say thank you for such a wonderful opportunity for a chance at receiving 500 SP Delegation from you! I have been really reading about this lately and learning how delegation of SP really helps the community as a whole. I am definitely interesting in participating and creating my post as to why I would be a good candidate to receive it.

Is there a fee for receiving this delegated Power? I know that everyone has their own terms on how they are distributing but I wanted to ask you personally if there was a fee we need to pay upfront? I want to prepare my funds and have it ready in case I am that special someone that is chosen for this opportunity! Thanks in advance for your time :). Upped and Steemed so that others can view this incredible opportunity~

Nope, absolutely no fee in my case. That's why there's this contest instead :) You'll get the 500 SP for free and get to keep it for the time I mentioned, unless you abuse the power that comes with it.

Wow awesome! Thank you so much for clarifying that for me :)

Beyond anything that i have encountered so far in this platform,an opportunity like this is truely [email protected]! A million thanks for your valueable help for us minnows and looking forward comes the verdict of our entry! Definitely i will join and encourage other minnows to participate. May you will be bless more so that others are also bless! I will ask your permission if i can resteem your post! Thank you and more power!

Wow! Such selflessness! People like you that think of other first is what this platform needs the most. It wouldbe great if others emulate your action and give chance to other as well. Hopefully the two people that will be chosen will use that delegated SP to the betterment of the community as a whole. Thank you very much and more success to you.

This is so nice of you to do, @suesa! I hope this will inspire some new members to get more invested with the network :)

@suesa an awsome oppurtunity...will going for it anyhow will share the link sooner...

Not sure I qualify because I have used my rewards to better my life but... I wanted to say a huge thank you for continuously looking out for minnows and supporting them. Me being among them :)

May the most deserving win this! Bless your heart.

It’s not real decentralization if there are a few hundred who can decide what’s good content and what’s not and the other thousands are left to their mercy.

Thank you for thinking in these lines. I have just joined Steemit and due to an injury have not been able to create posts so far but I am participating through commenting.

However, I have understood this much - it would take a hell lot of effort to acquire any significant Steempower.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I absolutely love the idea @suesa! Recently I started a new Steemit Community (@geopolis) aimed to support and connect authors in the fields of global sciences. By now there are already quite some people very enthusiastic, but we lack the resources and voting power to properly kick off the project. A delegation of 500SP would really help us in the first few months and would be appreciated by the many members of the community!

The post with the goals and potential of the project was already published a few days ago so I can't really incorporate this contest anymore, but I really think it deserves to be considered.

Here is a link to the post:

And thank you for the opportunity!

This is admirable initiative @suesa to help out not just minnows like us but most importantly the steemit community. We need more people like you. By the way here's my entry
Thank you so much and Good Luck to everyone.

I thank you for the opportunity being presented forward to the steemit community in this is very unusual display of (literally) "Putting your money where your mouth is." I would rather share a vision of what I see possible on this platform, and then you may pursue whatever avenue you must.
--This unusual mix of place, time, people, consequence is quite fascinating and has happened very few times at this scale in world history we currently weave. Technology endowed by the fruits of ongoing research, labor and ingenuity of so many towards the common goal of reaching higher plains in the self-fulfillment realm among those who choose to exercise the endeavor are truly staggering, as this platform will reveal in the coming months and years.
--I feel there is an opportunity of nothing more simple than making real systemic gains of accountability based dynamics to the free will of those that truly create excellence within any idea. Those are all members who contribute, and are justly rewarded due to the will of compensation within the freest market dynamic possible in accordance with that free will sees real triumph, rather than the bloated costs of diminishing free expression and will due to a more powerful source's personal interest, enforcing their will over the perceived hopes and eternal truths that so many feel need to be met, rather than that "Influence Class" member.
--The opportunity on Steemit is such that it could be a blip, a hiccup in world history, creating a few ripples in the way we as a civilization gather thoughts, their importance, and their implementation. Or it could be looked back as a defining moment that doesn't just change the dynamics of economic decision, science/intellectual decision, spiritual decision, thus creating new decision making cogs that can (possibly) better mechanize and synthesize the transparent independent human will. The moment can end in history as a fad, or the thunderous force of say a note being nailed on a door by Martin Luther.
--Regardless of being chosen I see there so much value here I have no choice but to start my own personal campaign in making this more aware to those with the loudest voices that carry clout among the masses of people I am share respect. I would much rather see a calculated, coherent sharing and development of the ongoing pursuit than a "manic peasant revolution" with torches lit by the one line branded speech on a piece of paper from an anonymous mailing list.
--My opinion is that your choices (should you go forward with this idea) should take all of the above into heart in making the decision. Having someone who views this platform as purely transactional, with little regard the sense of urgency in such a large amount of resources they have to build value upon Steemit. Whether Steemit is the platform, all of these dynamics mentioned above will be changed due to the genesis of the blockchain. I would rather see Steem become the mode of transport for that to happen, as I feel it's a force multiplied weapon of free will and accepted righteousness.
Sincerely, @cryptkeeper17

You never disappoint my man... You really are everywhere (3x today lol). Keep it up, I see you are doing great! And thank you for the "booster upvote" and also for signing me up for that basicincome site. I'm still trying to figure out how it works, but you once again are ahead of me ;) ... Its awesome to have friends that work to help each other... I got your back, so if you need me for anything lmk.

my discord user name/code is @cryptkeeper17#6637 for your info. I have a heck of a time sending messages there. I am not even sure I get them or not.

As much as anybody would love this for themselves, I also don't think I am in need of it! There is a user in which I think would love the extra help, He/She looks for good content reads it and always leaves a comment @sv1rby I think this User would be well deserving :)

I love what you are doing @suesa and I totally support the idea. many posts could be found this way. I have written the post and here is my submission. I hope I win.

Thank you so much @suesa for this awesome opportunity. I have no idea if we have a chance to win, but it is good that you made me think to write you a coherent response. Just offering to give us a "chance" to be heard is something that is very motivating. So thank you for what you are doing and I hope you like my entry on behalf of #newbieresteemday

@ suesa Wow. What a great opportunity you are offering. I will need to put some deep thought into my post submission. I will return with my entry very soon. Thank you :-)

Thank you very much for this contest. I poured my heart into my entry, thank you for taking the time to consider me! Newbie minnow here to contribute original content for the long haul! My entry:

Here is my proposal. It involves getting more persons into the Steemit community and helping them grow in the community irrespective of the race, language or country.

Hello dear @suesa and the others,
I do not want to participate in the contest, just I want to say that I am getting everyday influenced by works done like you.
And my future plan is to organize a conference related to steemit in my University and answer the questions of those who will attend, is it a cool idea? I just wanted to take your opinions! just tell me in the comment!
once more I appreciate you! Followed and resteemed.

I think it's always a good idea to introduce new people to steem and steemit!

Hi @suesa,
I initially did not want to enter, but after thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided it would be a good idea to show my support by doing a little more than just saying thanks!
My entry:

very good post

If I get it, I will vote for them new users, and for the right people to work with their own results, without plagiarism. @suesa

Its very nice @suesa
Thanks for update and good sharing

Really nice your post, and like this steemit. i want your next post sharing us, all the best........

I am sorry sir..... i a little bit steemar, please !!!... withdraw your flag

Advice for the future: Don't write spam comments, write comments that actually relate to the post.