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Join us in the Whaleshares Discord as more and more details are released about the upcoming projects and changes coming within the BeyondBitcoin and Whaleshares Communities. Opportunities are all around us in the cryptospace, blockchain technology is in it's infancy and everyone here today has a chance to get in on the ground floor.

Whaleshares officially has a new logo, and this logo represents both aspects of what is coming. The overall design represents the greater community that will thrive across multiple blockchains as the Whaleshares DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) takes shape, and the inner logo represents the official Whaleshares token (WLS) that will be the native curency of the new chain.

The Whaleshares BETA platform continues to evolve as new features and functionality is built-in. We are giving everyone a chance to preview the new platform we are putting together and provide a channel for feedback in our Discord. Currently, this is a "closed beta", meaning that only team leaders and support groups from the Whaleshares, Bitshares, and EOS Communities are being given access the beta to test posting and other features as they get added on. However, we welcome you to start the sign-up process to reserve your username and be ready for the official launch.

Although no official launch date has been set by the dev team, we are aiming for 2-3 months from now. There are a lot of new features and functionality being built in to Whaleshares that will give it a very different user experience than here on Steemit ~ based on sharing, teamwork, and cooperation.

There are so many new platforms in development that will be launching this year that will find synergy with the new Whaleshares platform. When we asked everyone to think about what they would do if they had their own "Whale Token" we wanted to emphasize the fact that cross-platform sharing and support will be encouraged and rewarded by a large community of whales working together to help others. Leveraging the synergies between chains to help large communities of people, while earning decent rewards for your efforts and involvement is a win-win for everyone.

As I have been saying for a while now, 2018 will be a great year for all of us willing to keep our eyes and options open. Thank you to everyone who helped make it another great week, my 43rd here on Steemit.

BeyondBitcoin / Whaleshares

As the official Community Coordinator for BeyondBitcoin / Whaleshares, I continue my efforts to prepare everyone the new projects and cross-chain partnerships beginning to take shape, oversee the weekly initiatives, contests and challenges, as well as the weekly live events and shows produced by our community. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and this flurry of hectic activity has one goal - to bring positive change and opportunities to everyone who is looking to be part of a vibrant, cooperative and friendly community.

You will here us reference Mutual Aide Societies (MAS) with regard to future chains and platforms as we go along because that is what the team is building. Open and connected societies of people from around he world coming together with the mutual goal of helping one another.

Coordinating Projects Under Development

  • Whaleshares DAC / Platform
  • BitsharesTalk.io
  • EOSTalk.io
  • EOSAngels
  • Project Milkbox
  • Smoke Network
  • MASDACS.io

Our Current Contests/Challenges/RSVPs:

🔊 BitShares Hangout #67 | 2018-4-14 | Sat @100PM UTC | OpenSource Agenda
[Beyondbit Raffle Powered by SP!]
Help us Stream this Event LIVE!

🔊 EOSTalk Live | 2018-4-14 | Sat @800PM EST | OpenSource Agenda
[EOSBit Rewards!]
Help us Stream this Event LIVE!

🐳 WHALESHARES Community Sharing Challenge! (Promote Whaleshares Discord)
[Whaleshare Prizes Inside]

BitsharesTalk Logo Design Entries - Help Us Choose A Winner
Vote for YOUR Favorite Logo Design!

💬 Project Milkbox Tweet-Off > #Tokens4Tweets |"Tell Your Story" Challenge
Share Your Twitter Voice for MILK!

Remember, even if you don't have art/design skills, you can still earn Whaleshares for helping us spread the word about these challenges on Twitter with the associated Tokens for Tweets challenges.

🐳 Learn more with all of us on Whaleshares Discord Here:

EOSTalk Live is Growing Fast

Our LIVE show has moved to Saturday Night.
In the last show we had an update on the MASDACS.io cross-posting platform, discussed the DAWN 3 release and EOSIO Hong Kong Meetup, and gave an update on our weekly community initiatives.

We announced the upcoming format change to the show. We will introduce a weekly guest speaker RSVP post to allow DApp developers, DACs, Block Producers, and others working in the EOSIO space a chance to signup for a spot on the weekly show and earn EOSBits for their participation.

Check out the EOSTalk Live RSVP here:

More announcements about @OfficialFuzzy's EOS Angels project which plans to bring an exciting new decentralized venture capital options to developers of DApps being built on the EOSIO software will be coming soon. This will include full sharedrops on EOS Token holders. You can read the full announcement here.

Each week we discuss the development of EOSIO, the benefits of DApp projects being built on it, and some of the governance standards being built in. Join us each Saturday at 8PM EST.

Streaming Events hosted on Youtube

📢 Join the Blockchain Revolution on the EOSTalk Discord Here:

Check out the forums: EOSTalk.io

💸 If you don't have a Bitshares account yet - you should!

CLICK HERE to Create Your Account Now - It's FREE!

DApp/Project Announcements


The Whaleshares BETA is up and running smoothly this week. Accounts access is currently limited to team leaders and support groups from the Whaleshares, Bitshares, and EOS Communities. Early access into the beta is to help test site functionality and features as they get added on.

The BitsharesTalk Forum BETA which works on the new Whaleshares chain was also launched this week. The forums give the Bitshares Community a place to post information on worker proposals, DEX updates, and bitshares compatible projects and tokens.

Please note: Both platforms are still in early BETA testing and certain features/functionalities will be missing or turned on/off at various times for testing and upgrades.

You are welcome to start the sign-up process to reserve your username and be ready for the official launch.

Whaleshares BETA: https://beta.whaleshares.net
BitsharesTalk Forums: https://bitsharestalk.io
Bitsharestalk Telegram: https://t.me/bitsharestalk

📢Smoke Network

The new Smoke Network TESTNet website has been launched and is available for everyone to check out. Account approval will be selective to those active in the Smoke Telegram, and all data/usernames/earnings are temporary for testing purposes and will be cleared before the official platform launch.

They have an ongoing Airdrop promotion as they count down to the Official ICO on 4.20 (April 20th). Check out the website for more details. Note, you won't find info posted on Steemit anymore since they were attacked and downvoted for promoting their platform here.

Website: https://smoke.network
TESTNet https://testnet.smoke.io
Pitch Deck : https://smoke.network/Smoke-Pitch-Deck.pdf
Whitepaper 2.0: https://smoke.network/Smoke-Whitepaper-2.0.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/smokenetwork
DEX: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/SMOKE_BTS

📢Poject Milkbox

The dev team has been working hard to structure the Project Milkbox and, now, we want to know your ideas and opinions, that's why we decided to start our first open forum in which everyone can participate. Let us know your doubts about the program, as well as your suggestions, everything is welcome!

Steemit: @milkbox.info
Discord: https://discord.gg/dw58678

📢 VICE Network

VICE continues on schedule pushing towards it's release date on June 28 with a rapid series of announcements over the last 3 week. Following partnership announcements with Playboy Entertainment and Penthouse, VICE has announced a rapid series of exchange listings for the pre-launch Vice Industry Token (ERC-20).

The VICE Token crowdsale ended on March 20 and it's time to claim our tokens to your Ethereum wallet. The process has been posted in a very clear tutorial on their blog. The refund period is open until June 28th, 2018, should you want to back out, otherwise follow the steps in the blog post. It's super quick using the "claimAllTokens" function and will cost roughly $1.25 in ETH Gas Fees.

REMINDER: You have to keep your crowdfund tokens in your same ETH wallet in order to receive the 50% bonus. So if you move out tokens to sell in the pre-markets you will lose that bonus.

Website: https://vicetoken.com
Preview: http://dev.vicetoken.com
Telegram: https://t.me/viceindustrytoken


DPorn is moving along with its development schedule according to the latest posts on the official @DPorn blog. PORND token rewards are starting to payout now, but you have to register your bitshares account wit hDPon in orde to receive benefits.

Only Verified transfers will be made. Please, send a min. of 1 PornD , Or BitShares to sorenman1 on Bitshares . In the memo field, write your discord name and SteemIt handle. We'll start the process manually, but move to an automated bot in discord at a later date.

There is a growing community coming together in their discord with members launching NSFW contests to help bring people together before the platform is launched which is really awesome! Weekly NSFW challenges have been initiated by @persefone and supported by @fucktime, they are currently on week 3.

Be sure to follow and join the discord for the latest updates, and get in on some FREE Token Giveaways.

Info Post: https://steemit.com/nsfw/@o0pepper0o/5n78xsr2
Discord: https://discord.gg/Bjpwaqr
DEX: https://bitshares.openledger.info/market/PORND_BTS

As I do every week, my @kalemandra #RainbowMontage @ColorChallenge image explores the colors from some of my favorite posts and topics I submitted during the week. Please enjoy and follow along with me as I continue my journey here on Steemit.

Here are some of my posts from this past week:

📷 MACRO Photography : 6 Original Pictures From Around The Gardens

🍅 Organic Garden Wall Project Update

🌷 Flower Friday - Take A Moment to Stop and Smell the Roses!

📢 RECORDING: BitShares Open Source Hangout #66 - (April 7, 2018)

📢 RECORDING : EOSTalk Live! (April 7, 2018)

📢 RECORDING : EZIRA.io Hangout #2 (April 8, 2018)

😘 Happy HUMP DAY! This Week's Artistic Nude Photography Plus NSFW Community Updates! {nsfw}

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Congratulations !! I think I have to join in Whaleshares Discord. Thanks @steempowerpics for sharing the blog which is very helpful for go ahead on sreemit.

Yes, come join us. Lot's of friendly people to welcome you in.

@steempowerpics The progress looks great. Happy to learn something special.

Thanks for mentioning me and my challenge!

A hug ♥

The new WhaleShares logo is pretty neat!
I definitely will be looking into the VICE token!
Hope you and Daniel are doing lovely! Hugs⭐️

great work man congratulations on the accomplishments 👏 incredibly useful update btw