Sndbox Summer Camp [Discovering New Steemians + Building Community]

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The Sndbox Summer Camp is a project started by @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 with the purpose of discovering and supporting strong content creators within the Steem community. The Camp consists of several creative content quests, which eventually lead to a summer program in June where they will receive guidance, training and all the help they may need. From there, a handful of participants will be nominated for Cohort 2 of Sndbox (August 1st - December 1st) where they will receive support to develop projects and impact their community.

This post is designed to raise awareness and visibility towards content made by the winners of the last quest. But, before we get to that, here's a list of all the previous quests and their winners. Currently, we have 38 people eligible for the final quest at the end of May, and we are going to hold two more quests in the following weeks. The people mentioned in this post are in no particular order.


Quest Name
Travel, Food & Homesteading@mountainjewel, @travelgirl, @amymya, @maverickinvictus, @raj808, @anna-mi, @evecab, @fivefiveeleven, @wanderlass, @travelling-two , @livinguktaiwan.
Photography & Filmmaking@vadimlasca, @rubencress, @artizm, @victorcovrig, @dmcamera, @mnallica, @tristanoliff, @seenitallfilms, @akbarrafs.
Philosophy, Psychology & Sociology@mariska.lubis, @goldeejay, @revisesociology, @dedicatedguy, @whatamidoing, @iamjadeline, @ericha, @leebaong.

Last week we announced the Writing Quest and after analyzing every entry, we came up with the list of winners, you can read more about it here. Down below, you have the list of winners and the articles they wrote for the quest, make sure to check them out and maybe even give the authors a follow.


About the Article

Darkness, a short story of fiction

@lindahas: It had been 142 years. She had counted every single one of them. Every day, every second... She stood in an older, wooden building. The best room that could be offered was hers. Still, her nose was wrinkled like she smelled something disgusting. For her it was filth. All of it. The dark side.

Learning to Die in Peru Pt. 2 - Sharing Worlds

@jakeybrown: Liquid glass rolls by, the earthy green Amazon threatens to envelope us... Time doesn't slow, but there's more space to appreciate the surroundings of the little motorboat that carries our group. Everyone is in high spirits and enjoying the ride, laughing, talking, taking in the jungle scenery.

I am Costel

@catalincernat: Costel had been sitting in the same place for two hours, still as a corpse, just like the taxi he was driving. His car was a red Dacia Logan and you could tell by its smell that it was brand new. It was Costel’s pride and joy. He had named it “The Red Fury” and could not stop looking at it painting a vivid picture in his head of all the urban adventures he would share with Fury.

A Few Pretty Thoughts

@rasamuel: One thing I’ll tell you, though. One thing I’ll really tell you—you can’t know anything for certain. Take the well beside which I stood with my sister, for example. Amazing well. Made of rings and all. Huge ass rings, of cements about six inches thick and everything. Really huge.

The System

@nobyeni: PATCH_67 processed. Proceed. Time stamp recorded and attached for future reference. Database copied and released. All authority tags revoked. Delete overhaul option successful. System independent. Functioning 100%. As the message appeared on the screen, the crowd started to cheer.


@warpedpoetic: The old man cleaned his lips with a soiled handkerchief, he had pulled out from his coat pocket. His hands shook with the effort but he got the spittle from his beard and the sides of his lips. He pushed the soiled cloth back into his pocket and stared at his plate.

How my first solo-travel has changed me?

@tifaong: It's scariest because you are a STRANGER to everything. You're like a fish out of water, feeling so awkward because you're in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Best of all, there's nothing familiar about you during the travel. It's the most liberating because you're free of judgments.

Earth, year 3025

@gabriellecd: She did not know how long it had been, maybe a few minutes, maybe a whole decade. She slowly opened her eyes with as much speed as a tortoise, seeing a white blinding light that made her close them again. Little by little, her brown, almost black eyes adapted to the brightness of the room.


@imaginedragon: The house was revolting; you could smell it from the street. The smell was coming into the car vents, as I pulled up. The scent made you instantly throw up. Most of the officer's dinners were all over the front yard. The crime scene was contaminated.

The Spirits Behind My steemit story

@maxiemoses-eu: With my eyes above the waves of wonder, who would take me deeper than my feet could dare to wonder? Who will call me? When my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, who will call me forth?

The Quests Continue...

Make sure to follow @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 as the quests continue! And browse their feed to discover amazing content creators across the Steem blockchain.

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Oh crap I was busy traveling and didn't read this on time :( I lost the writing contest !! :( Good luuuck everyonee and have fun working on this !! :D

I want to start by congratulating @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for discovering and supporting strong content within the steemit community. We really do appreciate their effort and we the steemians say thanks to them and congrats to previous quest winners. @sndbox thanks for everything you have introduced into the steemit blockchain.

For me, it's been an amazing steemit journey with sndbox by my side. Hopefully someday I am going to be an active participant for Cohort 2 of Sndbox .


This is great. Great piece by many of the writers. I've been able to read some of the contents in the philosophy, sociology category.

I must confess that they're worthy of mentions and curation

@sbdbox has been tremendous in curation and reward for quality contents. Though I hope to benefit one day.

Big shout out to @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for such an amazing project....

Happy new month as well

i am very happy to be able to participate in this summer camp, i am so excited than i cant see the time of when June arrive.

This means a lot, thanks to @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 for this, and obviusly to @sndbox

See you soon

Congrats to all the winners

First time hearing about the summer camp hope the training will be posted here?

The writers are fortunate and honoured yo gain @sndbox approval. Hard work pays. Hoping to get a chance someday

you guys are so great, I support you. @akbarrafs, @mariska.lubis, @vadimlasca, and @artizm.

Congratulations, everyone! @sndbox, you & your amazing initiatives, thank you! More powers!


Thank you so much for your support :D

love it!! congrats to everyone!!
really looking forward to this and hope to be a part of the summer camp! thankful to @anomadsoul & @guyfawkes4-20 for holding it down and for @sndbox and all of its creators who help make this blockchain experience so great by creating and supporting the creation of great content!


These guys have done an amazing job exploring Steemians across a huge blockchain community. Kudos to @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20!

great post,,,i follow your all post,,,
and try to know some thing

The project is very large and supports investors well
Really very special article
I wish you success

Thank you and I really hope that I can pass and be part of the community of Sndbox

Waaah keren @akbarrafs & @mariska.lubis. Kami semua mendukung kalian!

A great project ,
good luck and triumph to become a very large community and advanced steemit ecosystem in the development and renewal program, thanks for all the support and cooperation

Awesome project, so many awesome contents deserves better visibility and this is the right project to showcase some great content creator

Great !!!!

Wow some amazing work! Thanks for sharing..

Thank you @snbox! Congratulations to all winners and good luck to us on the next quests :)

The Final Quest is edging closer with two more Quests left (Art and ...) to complete the final 50. Again, congrats to all who have made it so far! 😊

Thank you for your support and interesting reviews!
Great job and timely!

Creative success to the whole team and new achievements!

Is it too late to join in with the quests?