The Daily spotlights – July 14 2018

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I’m back… even a human-bot has to take some rest from time to time… and I had to check the flight tables to Asia 😉

Congratz to the nominees of today!!

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pixresteemer_line_pictures.png picture

Congratz @photoquest you were nominated by @deerjay because she was afraid you would send that killer to her place 😉


Congratz @itchyfeetdonica you were nominated by @nolasco because she asked @deerjay and both agree… it’s a good one! 😉


Congratz @lymepoet you were nominated by @traciyork because she loves concert-eyes, especially the alien ones in the back… 😉



Omg @pixresteemer!! You always make me laugh and I thank you for that and for everything you do!! 😊
This is my next nomination and looks even more awesome in full screen!


Thank you so much @deerjay 😊
It was a big...big surprise ... very nice of you. 😊
Thanks @pixresteemer. 😊
I really appreciated. Your sympathy . 😊

You're very welcome @neliacordeiro!! It was a beautiful photo!! ❤

I'm very grateful, @deerjay 😊
I wish you a lot of love in the heart... 😊

LOL, @pixresteemer! I didn't notice those alien eyes until I used my secret decoder ring... 😉

My nomination for today is this one, but good luck picking just one shot because they are all WICKED AWESOMESAUCE!


You are the sweetest, @traciyork Thank you for appreciating Jockey's Ridge

You're very welcome, @youhavewings!

You can always get good prices, check them out, my frieend ;)! Great Post! Today I'm nominating this one, because, among other reasons, I love tea!
by @madlenfox

Cheers, my dear Pix!


Thanks @pixresteemer for the feature! It's interesting that you chose to post my only photo of the burner instead of all the other photos of the hot air balloons ;) ...
I nominate @fotostef's post:


Hi and Thanks.

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Great! Truly appreciated...
As you can read in my newest DS, I'm a bit sick right now. So I keep it very short...
But I'll come back to you when the human part of this human-bot is better ;-)
Thanks again!

Hi, yes, I read that; hope it's temporary. The upvotes are there, as and when you post; if in the future you wish to apply for the delegated SP, just see whichever contest is running at the time. :-)

Ahaaa... flight tables to Asia? Sounds interesting... whereabouts I wonder....