The Daily spotlights – 31 May 2018

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I’m back 😉 Let the nominations come!

(For those reading this Daily Spotlights for the first time… if you want to help one of your friends to gain more visibility, or just found a post that deserves a bigger audience… just comment on the latest DS by copying the link of the post you would like to nominate. And maybe it will be featured in the next Daily Spotlights…
(For all the rules click here))



Congratz @rwedegis you were nominated by @traciyork who also love to google birds 😉


Congratz @gingbabida you were nominated by @nolasco who let me choose the picture… and I know she also loves beautiful sunsets 😊


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Thank you for the nomination @TraciYork!


You're very welcome, Roger! 😊

Welcome back, @pixresteemer!
Today I would like to nominate @customnature (his post: Reason: the landscape photos he shared with us are amazing. You know...girls and clouds. 🙂

Wow! Thank you so much for picking this. I am honored. And thank you @nolasco for nominating me. I am overwhelmed, thank you so, so much!

I'd like to nominate one of the best sunset post this week by @avon.grace, and here's the link:

Welcome back @pixresteemer!! Hope you got to relax a little?! This is my next nomination!! Flamingo's are pretty cool and @dksart got a cool photo of a cool flamingo! 😊


Absolutely!!! Completely relaxed now... in fact, I'm writing this with my eyes closed...



I do! Welcome back, my dear Pix! Today I nominate the dear @erikah, she is a wonderful Steemian and the host of the #SevenDaysOutside Challenge! A brave girl with a passion for African violets!


I didn't know an Hungarian Calvinist Pastor is also called an African Violet...



Neither did I, apparently...;))

felicidades a todos grandes trabajos