It's official, We Are a Minnow! Looking Back

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Thanks to all of the support we get from the Pay It Forward Community we have been voting like a minnow and now even a dolphin for some time, but we reached an important milestone in Owned SP making us Minnows! Figured it was a good time to reflect a little.

Whats your story.jpg

Humble Beginnings

Think many people have no idea where the Pay It Forward Curation Contest came from or how many steemians we have impacted. Last year I (@thedarkhorse) wanted to figure out a contest that could be run for a few weeks, maybe longer if there was enough support. Lost as to exactly what type of contest to run and wanting my followers to tell me what they wanted to see in a contest I ran a contest for contest ideas. There were a ton of great ideas given, but a theme did stand out to me about trying to help smaller steemians get more recognition. At the time @lynncolye1 has agreed to help me with the contest and has been part of the efforts ever since.

While debating all those entries I had a couple real life experiences including meeting Betty that guided my direction. I want to give a snippet from that post to help you understand the Pay It Forward mentality and the effects it can have. See a simple kindness at the hockey rink towards me then turned to my doing a simple act for another. Here is a snippet from my Paying It Forward.

As I approached she was shaking the cart in frustration. She was facing my direction and noticed me coming so I gave her a smile and walked up. With that she paused her attempts at getting the cart just right so it wouldn't roll away. Never asked if she wanted help as it was clear she needed help at that moment.

Asked if she could hold my cart for a minute while I loaded her bags. Took me all of 30 seconds, but she literally had to wipe away a tear as she thanked me. This took me a little by surprise as it wasn't a big deal and not the first time I've helped someone load their groceries at this store. Never has anyone gotten so emotional over something so little.

She then told me that this was her first shopping trip without her husband there to hold the cart, he was buried on Monday. Her husband would come with and push the cart up and down the isle. Then at the car he would hold the cart as she unloaded the cart. He couldn't stand without the cart or his walker, so this was his job ever since retiring almost 20 years ago.

When I reached out to put my hand on her arm in comfort and she stepped in for a hug which I gladly gave her. With my foot holding my cart from running off, balancing on one foot, there I was hugging a woman I've never met before with my eyes watering up thinking of her situation and how taking a few seconds of my day could impact someone so much.

At the end of that post I challenged everyone to go out and do a small act of kindness to a stranger. We never know what impact that little act might have on someone.

PIFC Banner 2.jpg

Pay It Forward Curation Contest was born

As this all happened while trying to figure out what contest to run it became clear to me that we needed to find a way to help other steemians that weren't getting the exposure they deserved due to how hard it is for new people to get seen. So the PIF Curation Contest was born. That is link is to Week 1 while the contest was still on my account and as you can see when it was announced I was seriously think it would only last a couple

In that first week some great people like @viking-ventures, @pundito, @trudeehunter, @wolfhart, @psionic-tremors, @bengy and many others took part in each seeking out 3 steemians with a reputation level of 54 or below to feature.

A few notable people were featured early on in the contest who have continued on to become very active members of the Steem community. Without digging around to much I know that @trincowski was featured by @viking-ventures in week 1 and now he is one of our Judges and has been entering the contest from nearly the beginning.

While many have come and gone that were featured the contest wasn't ever about trying to get everyone to stay on Steem, but rather to do a simple act of kindness by sharing posts of smaller steemians so they get some REAL PEOPLE visiting their posts who then engage with the authors. This simple mission has been a huge success and excluding the Spam Bots comments trying to get people to join their discords, vote for witnesses, follow me crap, and welcome to steemit let me tell you all the things you need to know comments there are many times the PIFC community members are the only real comments on someone's post when true newbies are featured.

More then a contest

Those who have been around the Pay It Forward Contest know that it's more then just a contest and we all knew that pretty quickly. It was becoming a community of like minded people who enjoyed taking a little of their time each week to give back to those who needed a hand. As such it was time to create an account for our community and move the contest over to it.

On June 14th 2018 we posted our first account builder post. The idea was simple, get the community to help fund the start of our account via upvotes and SBI shares. I had a very humble goal of reaching 100 SBI shares before launching the first contest on @pifc of which I bought 25 right away. Kind of funny looking back at that now, but shares cost a lot more then as Steem prices were much higher so it was a good goal.

Here were some of the earliest SBI purchases for @pifc, Thank You all for getting us jump started!!

DateSponsorNumber of Shares
06/24?2018@reonlouw5 Shares
6/20/2018 15:40@andrewharland3 Shares
6/20/2018 11:22@psionic-tremors1 Share
6/20/2018 10:25@rlt471 Share
6/19/2018 7:27@gwilberiol1 Share
6/19/2018 4:50@dkid1415 Shares
6/18/2018 15:46@donna-metcalfe2 Shares
6/18/2018 14:24@cicisaja1 Share
6/18/2018 6:57@shanibeer2 Shares
6/15/2018 4:47@thedarkhorse15 Shares
6/11/2018 5:19@thedarkhorse10 Shares
Then On July 30th we had enough Delegations, SBI Shares, and saved up Steem for prizes that it was time to move the Curation Contest over to @pifc and Week 18 was our first week live on this account. This was a pretty big deal seeing this contest which I only thought would last a couple weeks launching onto it's own account in it's 18th week.


Huge recent jump in SP

Thanks to a couple very large votes from @theycallmedan, and some consistent larger votes from @knircky (@steem-bounty witness) and @blockbrothers (witness) we have had a huge jump in our SP over the last 30 days. This boost along with the continued support of our community has given us a huge boost in our ability to help others.

Reaching 500sp Owned is just a stepping stone to our next goal of 1,000sp owned. Have to have goals and this is our next one. More owned SP we have the stronger our vote without paying for delegations which frees up more resources to use for prizes. We are going to be looking at some new prizes ideas to use for Week 52 which is just around the corner...CRAZY to even be saying that. One Year of Paying It Forward is coming up.

Need some help...

Need some help sharing our story. Thinking that we will look back on more of our past entries, who was featured, and some of the effects of our efforts here at @pifc. If you have any interest in writing a post about your journey that we can post from the @pifc account please let me know directly. Or even just a paragraph of info that we can share with everyone on how you came to the PIFC community. As always open to ideas on how we can share our community members stories and increase exposure for PIFC and each of you.

Images are either our own or are free use with no attribution required from Pixabay.


Congratulations! I know the first couple of weeks I wasn't really around. I was in over my head with another group. I was already doing the work there, why not help give a bigger push? I guess the rest is history.

I owe just about everything to @thdarkhorse, @wolfhart and @pifc. I love getting to see the entries and being that little spark of support.

You've been a great addition to our community and a so glad that you found your way to us!

I remember that time and the other group, along with the tireless effort of yours and a couple others.
Interesting time that was.

Now that's a milestone!! I'm so glad that I have been a part of this from the beginning, and although my involvement has waned, I'm still glad to do what I can :) Thanks @thedarkhorse for making this what it is, and of course @wolfhart, @tryskele and @viking-ventures ... and so many more :)

You do what you can and it's always appreciated. Thanks for your nearly year of support and assistance!

Thanks for putting this history together @thedarkhorse! As I write this, I don't think "thanks" is anywhere close to adequate, but ... Don't have the words at the moment.

I really am grateful to you and all of the other members of "our" (even though a "Johnny come lately," I consider myself a part of it ...) Pay It Forward Community for steadily working on making it what it is today.

Many of my best memories of my "journey" on the Steem blockchain are associated with it. Interactions with the "regulars" have always been a blessing to me. In addition, in my own small way, my contributions have led to "meeting" other Steemians, like @blessed-girl and @insight-out, with whom I still correspond on a regular basis.

All the best to you and the community for a great 2019!

You have been around plenty long that you shouldn't feel like a "Johnny come lately". It's great to hear that you have made connections from your efforts towards PIF.

nice work, I know how much you dudes are putting into this project and the great work you do for the community go un thanked at times. A big thank you from me and a massive congraulations on becomming a minnow. Hope to see you join the minnow power up league, growth seems to be faster once you get to this level

@paulag would you mind dropping the links for the leagues? I would like to enroll @pifc and I'll make sure to share the links in an upcoming post.

And thank you for all you and @abh12345 do for Steem. Witnesses like yourself is what we need more of, those who are focused on building engagement and growth of others. Keep up the good work!

and here is the redfish league too just incase you know willing steemian

Just getting started as there is a great opportunity toncontinue growing with the community support you are having! Dolphinhood is around the corner!

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As a community we have become so much stronger then where we were 6 months ago. A lot of us have powered up consistently and this really makes a difference. If we learn to work together and support each other even more then we already do it will be in everyone's best interest.

I remember how I got into this when @headchange found my post and featured it on week 16. I really liked the idea that I immediately joined. I remember @trincowski saying I move fast. For that case, yes I did move fast.

I thought if it is for helping newbies then where else should I look for? I jumped into the #introduceyourself tag and picked two that made me won on my very first entry.

I had to admit and sad to say, the two are not active on Steem in the last six and seven months. I just hope they are doing good in real life.

The #pifc has helped many and I see that it continues to do so. Congratulations!

Love that you jumped in right away. Showed the type of person you are. No question many of those we featured aren't around anymore, but that is ok. It's about making a small gesture of kindness and there is no way that we can know what the results of that are. Over time the more small acts of kindness we do the more likely we are to reach that one person that really needed it at that exact moment where you will make a large impact.

Hope to see an entry from you next week!

It has been one hell of a year. There has been ups and downs but mostly ups. We are stronger and more determined.
The amount of people helped by @pifc has exceeded every expectation. All from an idea from @thedarkhorse along with a lot of will and determination
Many more years to come

You have been an important part in all of this. Thank you for all your help and your passion to keep helping others even as you are fighting your own battle.

It makes my fight easier when you help others. Even though you can’t do hardly anything. The mind says go go and the body says. Whhhahahaha

There is always someone who has it worse. Try and be an inspiration for them.

I will share mine first😊
It was a few days before the week 3 ended when I found @energyaddict22 post about "the pay it forward curation contest" he mentioned about "help yourself by helping others" and I follow the link, put my comments, asked many questions and afraid of my ability in english but then @thedarkhorse, @lynncoyle1 and @energyaddict22 who I considered as my first mentor on steemit, encouraged me to submit my entry😊 I think I joined on the week 3 or 4 and dragging my hubby @dipoabasch next week. I won the judge's choice award from @lynncoyle1, I got my first SBI and she sent me an SBD 😊 too.

After the first SBI, I purchased another SBI for myself and My hubby and keep trying to submit my entry whenever I could.

I found many friends from the contest and they dragged me to whatever events that would bring more experience for me to have fun on steemit and grow.

I am here to admit that the pay it forward curation contest is one of the influenced project that change my behaviour on steemit and a big support to keep me having fun on steemit. I never thought of winning anymore after a couple winning later, because it's not my goal anymore. I wanted other learned from my experience by joining this project and so glad that many of my featured bloggers still around and they even grow faster than me 😊

Oohh.. I think I will create another post of "looking back" to "move forward" post about pifc😊

I miss @energyaddict22...always had great chats with him. Love that his business has taken off to the point he doesn't even have time for Steem, but wish he would pop in every so often and say hi.

Really look forward to your look back post!

I thought that he'll show up once in a while.. but he didn't 😯 so.. I considered that he already enjoy his business and will return later...

I will make that post later.. though I know I'm not the early participants and honour members of pifc😊.. I'm happy with everything 😊

You have been with us for so long and have featured a number of steemians that I'd likely have never met otherwise. It's been great having you be part of all of this.

I'm so glad that you're still a strong part of this and so many more things on steemit! cough cough steemmonsters lol

I look forward to reading it
You are an influence here on steemit and now Monster Cards .

Thank you @wolfhart 😊 Im not an influencer while I never write anything for steemhunt 😂😂😂 I only supported one project.. pifc on steemit too.

Your attitude is what makes you an influencer with all the people you have come in contact with, your engagements. It’s a gift

Congrats on the minnowhood its deserved and on towards 1000 sp and offcourse I gladly be a part of this great group !

Love that you have joined up with us. Your efforts have been great and hope to see another entry from you next week!

Thats highly appreciated coming from you, i Made alot off friends here and i love the idea off paying back, and yes i Will enter again, i am on holiday now enjoying the snow in austria with the family so i Will try , but i Will be back, keep up the good work ad blog to you soon,

I Will , family first and inthe early morning Some steem hahahah

Ahahaha. I remember that. @viking-ventures had to show me the link because I didn't even know about the feature "mentions"

How quickly time goes by.

Time goes by indeed! I don't remember much of that part - just trying to help you out when things went a little wry at the beginning. You're still not free of trouble, but you handle it well now.

I remember those troubles and trying to figure out how we could help to get his rep score back up. What a mess that was.

I'm glad to hear this project is still growing and has some support from bigger accounts.
I still remember the early days and want to show my respect to @thedarkhorse and his team!
These are the people who believe in steem, steemit and the steemians!

Keep up the good work and


The added support has really been a turning point financially for pifc. Now we just need more people to help have an entry in you for next week?

I would love to participate more often and try to find the time to make an entry next week.

It's been a great honour to have been part of this initiative. It really is one of the shining lights in the sometimes dark world of Steem. There is so much going on that is counter productive, but there are these little genes that carry the light forward.

A little bit of kindness in the right place at the right time can really change the course of history (or a platform!). You never know when that moment is, so you just keep reaching out!

Congrats on making this milestone, hopefully with more to come!

You have been one of our longest standing members and supporters. Thank you for all you have done to help PIF along the way. @pifc is just a platform to allow great people to do great things and you have been there week in and week out doing just that!

Thanks... but I'm just doing the same as everyone else!

Congrats @pifc and glad I could play some part in helping this community grow. It just shows what can happen if people take initiative. Brilliant, wish you continued growth and all the best for 2019 and beyond

Been great having you join our community. Looking forward to our continued growth together.

Lets find out how many SBI Shares we are up to.

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