Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame Week - #34

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Welcome to the Redfish Power UP League and Wall of Fame. Its week 34.  This week we have 3 new graduates. and 8 new redfish. There are now 138 redfish growing with us and tracking their road to minnowhood and also 52 graduates. I wish each and every one of you success in growing your account on Steem. The aim of this challenge is to grow your own SP to 500. To learn more about this initiative please do have a read of the introduction post  .  

 Shameless Promotion

 Like what we are doing?  Dont forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: 

Do you want to join?

You can join, or leave at any stage, all you have to do is leave a comment below and let me know that you want in or out.   

Support Each Other

This league gives you the perfect opportunity to visit the accounts you would not normally visit.  Take a look at the league and visit the profiles of one account above you and one account below and lets show each other a little support.

I would like to very much thank @sparkesy43 for doing this the last while.  Its really encouraging to see you use this league to support other like minded people.  We are all trying to grow our accounts, lets support each other.

Redfish Power UP League

Every Wednesday I will be connecting to the SteemSQL database managed by @arcange and gathering details on the Owned SP for each person in the league.The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held when the person joined the league and the average weekly % SP growth will be calculated. The person with the highest % weekly SP growth will be on top of the league. When a person reaches owned SP of 500, they will be removed from the league and added to the Wall of Fame.   


 accounts with no growth or powerdowns are not included in the list above

A shout out a welcome to all of the new people this week @ond, @prasasth, @enosh, @aezakmi, @zappa100, @shaheerbari, @nolimit909, @julianhorack. Welcome to the league.  Do check out the accounts above and below you in the league, visit their blogs and show each other support.  Please also consider supporting @steemcommunity as one of your steem witnesses.    


Well done @marcosdk being first in the league with a massive power up of 175.040 sp since the last league post.  This puts you first in the league.  You will be sent an SBI unit.

@amr008 you are so close in second place I just have to send you a prize too. 

Congratulations also to @yagoub, @julianhorack,, @kalam, @otek, @olivia08, @zaenach73, @isarmoewe as you were all in the top 10 this week with fantastic growth.

Spot Prizes

Lucky number 5 you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  Well done for your first week on the league

Lucky number 15 @khaimi you will be sent 1 SBI unit.  Congratulations, also winning on your first week of the league

 Lucky number 20 @udow you will be sent 1 @SBI unit.

Wall of Fame  

3 new Graduates this week. A big big congratulations to @cryptocopy who has been with us for the last 33 weeks.  Also a big congratulations to @purpletanzanite who has also been with us for the last 20 weeks . Finally a shout out and congraulations to @prasasth, graduating after only one week of being with us.

  You have now graduated and can swim away with the rest of the minnows.  Hope to see you join the Minnow League on @steemcommunity.  You will be send an SBI unit.  You have also earned a place on the Redfish Wall of Fame


Shout out to @amr008,, @isarmoewe, @zappa100, @zemiatin' @altobee, @cwow2, @wizardave, @miguelvargas, @johnstone, @markgritter and @buckaroo. You are all on the home stretch.  Wont be long now before you are minnows.  Keep going everyone.                  

Minnow Power Up League

I am delighted to tell you @steemcommunity witness account is now taking names for the Minnow Power Up league.  If you have SP of 500+ we would love you to join.  You can read the introduction post here   


This weeks league is sponsored by me.  All prizes have been sent

Understanding the STEEM Blockchain Economy

STEEM can be rather complicated, with STEEM, SBD, Resource Credits, Voting Mana, Power UP's, Power Downs, getting your head around it all can be a little daunting.  If you are finding this complicated we have a Free video course explaining it all.  Please do check it out and dont forget to leave a review

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Hi Paula,

Just came by to show support for and check on my brethren in the Steeminati....They are a work in progress....
Since you have been deemed with one of our highest praises
I thought I'd give you a little prize to use.....
And for you, I did this:

Should you want the original larger layered image to change and fool around with, just let me know!

Rich 👍👌

omg I love them, love them love them. I dont know what to say, im really take back. thank you so much

Howdy tonight paulag! I just stopped in to see if you had a recent post out and to see what you were talking about here. And to say hi and just show my support. Are you guys in winter over there? I heard the winters are miserable there because of the cold, hard blowing winds and cold rain, not so much snow though.

sup @janton and thanks for coming over. although its a bad time really cos i am so busy engaging and trying to catch up with you that I have not time for any meaningful posts lol

the winters here are shit to put it bluntly, just as you describe, although this year its very mild. Spring has arrived and none of my garden plants died off. Daffodils are early and all is good. There is also a nice stretch in the evenings. its bring till almost 18:30 hows your winter going?

haha! howdy tonight paulag! Well I hope your life isn't so boring that you have nothing better to do that smack me down in the League contest! lol. Most people have a life and I don't have much of one at the moment so I can spend some long days on here.
The winters're saying it didn't even freeze all winter so your garden plants didn't die? What kind of plants do you grow, vegetables or just flowers and such?

Our winter has been a typical glorious Texas one! lol..fairly mild most of the time but it did get below freezing several times. But here it's nice because even in the winter the sun is almost always shining. Spring is here too, it's quite a thing of beauty.

I dont have much of a life either but my kids do and that keeps me busy being taxi and bank so I dont think I would find the time even if I wanted to drop kick ya down the table lol

I just have hanging baskets and stuff, maintance free to be honest, I even have artifical grass, muck free too so the kids can play out even when it wet and stay clean :-) although they say a dirty child is a happy child, no wonder mine are always you garden?

I want to retire in warmer climates. im thinking spain and I can learn the language when I get there lol. I just need steem to moon big time, actually super super big time for that to happen lol

Howdy today paulag! What a pleasant surprise. I thought I wouldn't hear from you again until you were telling everyone thank you for helping to take me down in the League! lol..

"busy being taxi and bank" ..but ain't that the truth. How many kids do you have?
And that artificial grass is a great idea to cut down on cleaning work!

That very interesting that you are thinking Spain for your retirement years, you could be Asher's neighbor!

I wasn't very familiar with the climate or anything about Spain until I got on steemit and wow, that place looks and sounds wonderful! You shouldn't have to suffer through the long, harsh winters in Ireland in retirement, you should be able to enjoy the climate year round.

I pray that Steem and Steemit will be a big part of that as well!

lol I can picture my thank you post now lololol
2 kids @janton 6 and 11, they give me a really easy life (Not), how about you, do you have any?

howdy again paulag! Oh, 6 and 11! lol..yes that will keep you very very busy indeed. And in a few years you better have a big grocery budget if they are typical boys!

Do you think they will go to college or do you want them to?

No I never had kids of my own but Mrs. J has a daughter with two boys so we have two grandsons ages 22 and 18. I'm not really as old as one would normally be for having grandkids that old but her daughter started REALLY early. lol. Which is fine because we're not too ancient to keep up with them.

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What a drop! Don't do drugs is the answer ;)
Put all my liquid Steem into drugwars.

Posted using Partiko Android

lol its rather addictive and a lot of steem is being spent- nice for the devs. I spent some too. Have you got a drug dealer yet? If not you can make me your referral, its open for change for a few days :-)

Somebody already hustled my referral away ;)
And I would have never guessed to hear this from you: "Have you got a drug dealer yet?"

Posted using Partiko Android

lol I will need more weapons to shoot that hustler so :-)

that hustler has these guys

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 11.59.06 AM.png

lolololololololololololol I have nothing lolol


Posted using Partiko Android

1st place on your thrid week of the league, nice work indeed. I hope you bought at a nice price 😜

I've started to playing DrugWars and the competition is very hard if you start from scratch 😅

Posted using Partiko Android

yep, I did buy a little, but at this rate it will take me ages to take over the world :-)

Wow top 10 :) Thanks :)

Posted using Partiko Android

how cool is that, way to go. Nice work. Keep it up

Wow, top ten again! :)
And @altobee having slightly more SP than me now, this is somehow cool 'cause I feel like in a competition now. Good job, my dear!
I'm excited who graduates first.
(Probably not me since I paused from writing this week.)

Yepee nice work. Head to head with @altobee, who will graduate first 😁

Posted using Partiko Android

We will talk next week, Fräulein - there is a lot in preparation 🤪

Posted using Partiko iOS

Haha, bei mir nicht. Anscheinend sollte ich mich ranhalten. Die Auszahlung ist aber erst 7 Tage später! ;)

Du hast letzte Woche schon gesagt das Du Pause machst und bist hier noch in den Top Ten 😂🧐

Ja, die 7 Tage Verzögerung halt. Wird nächsten Mittwoch sicher nicht klappen.

Yay! Thanks. It's been lots of fun growing with you guys. I'm off to the next pond now. 😁

hell ya, congraulations, way to go. 33 weeks and 339% weekly average growth places you second on the wall of fame, you are a celeb amount redfish now :-)

Lol! That's so cool. I had a few weeks of good growth late last year, I think. I can't believe that was 33 weeks ago when I joined the power-up leagues.

yep 33 weeks of slaving away, but you made it, let hope you dont have to go back there

Hi - I want to give it a try! Nice project - gave you a witness vote...

hi @mitchtokita, I have some good news and some bad news, the bad news is that you need to have less than 500 sp to join this league, the good news is that there is a minnow power up league on the @steemcommunity account so I have added your name to that one

Ok, thanks!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank youuuu :))

Posted using Partiko Android

you are most welcome @amr008

The list has grown so much. It is so nice to see so many powering their accounts up in this time of low steem prices. Steem has increased in value a small amount and we will see what happens.
The people in the redfish league will see the benefits of their actions . Good luck to all of them.

  ·  7 months ago Reveal Comment

I still need around 1300 Steem before the price can go up 🤣
It also helps the people in the power up leagues to gain a couple more SP

Yeah!!! I graduated in just one week.😂😂😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeppeeeee and we have added your name for the minnow league

Posted using Partiko Android

And I had been told by a fellow Steemian that she couldn't join because she's above 400SP. It was somewhere in the initial rules.

yes that was in the initial rules - but rules evolve and bend as time changes, please do send our fellow steemain over :-)

So much happy and Congratulations to all of us! I am so grateful to you Ma'am @paulag.
Thank you to @cadawg who brought me here.

you are most welcome @olivia08, Im happy to see all these account grow and the motivation this provides for people motivates me :-)

Likewise.. I am also happy that you are here to help us grow.

Posted using Partiko Android

Been loving my power up levels of late. Well done everyone and keep supporting each other!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

🧐 thanks @sparkesy43

Great to see the newer members at the top of the list!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I was thinking the same earlier, great minds 🧐

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I don't know how I grow until I see your data. Thank you dear. The more I will be doing it right.

Posted using Partiko Android

I would like to join the program and do my best in achieving my goals.

hi and welcome to steem, I will add your name, but as you havent done much on your account, your name wont appear on the list till your grow your sp

Thanks very much @paulag. I am very happy. I am sorry because late to respond your mention. Congratulation @marcosdk.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks and congrats to you too! 👏

Posted using Partiko Android

way to go to you too. 15th is not bad at all. and an average weekly growth of over 35% is amazing. Keep it up

Hi, I want to get in.

Posted using Partiko Android

no problem at all, I have added your name and it will be included in tomorrows post

Thank you.

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm very happy to be a part of this, and I encourage everyone to do this because it is the best motivation for a better future.
Thank you @paulag

3rd place and 4th week in the league is amazing. i am delighted this is providing motivation to you. steem on

Steemit helps me to get rid of the pain and sadness that I live and gives me a lot of strength to continue to fight the pain...
This is a great community because it has a lot of love and solidarity.
Here are many amazing people like you who make this community a place for peace and a better future...
Steemit is not just a website... It's Much bigger than this.
Thank you @paulag

Yes steem is way bigger. You have inner strenght, you must believe in ur self

Posted using Partiko Android

Dear @paulag

I'm very sorry for this off-topic post.

I'm quite sure that I already asked you before (hope not more than once) to support my little initiative so this request may not be anything new :)

Could you please vote on this dpoll for a friendly community (SteemChurch), which Im trying to support?

It's such a fierce contest and just after 4 days we're right behind SteemitBloggers:

We've another 3 exciting days ahead of us. Perhaps you could ask around your friends if they wouldn't mind support our small initiative.

I would be very grateful :)


Please vote on "SteemChurch". I would appreciate your support a lot.


Hey, sounds great. I'd like to join, please :)

great stuff, I have added your name and you will be included in tomorrows post

Goo Red fishes! See you in the Minnow Power-up League soon enough!

goo, whats goo asher? lolol

It's like Go, but with an extra bit of encouragement :D

nice, so kind of you to go that extra mile 🤣