Contest for Contest Ideas, Lifetime Votes for Winner!!

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I've reached a little milestone, 300 Followers, and I'd like to give a little back to the Steemit community. I'm looking for ideas to hold a contest that my followers create. A contest for the people designed by the people.

Meme create on

Prize Pool

First I'll share what I can afford to do right now. My plan is to sponsor a total of 6 people into @steembasicincome which will give you a lifetime of small votes on each of your posts going forward. It's a small trickle of income that over time adds up. This is a cost of 6 Steem for me. I will also autovote 1x per day for 14 days at 50% power (about 12 cents per vote, or $1.68 in rewards over 2 weeks). This will be 30% of my total voting power each day (6 winner at 50% each).

My Thoughts

Now that you know the prize pool my thoughts. I'd like to split this amount between plankton and minnows, 3 winners at each level. I'm thinking it would be fun to do this as 3 different contests, 1 per week with 2 winners each week. Think that would allow this to be exposed to more of my followers and maybe some new followers.

motivation-3131641_1280.jpgImage Source: Pixabay

I'd like this contest to act as motivation to doing what we all know should be done, write quality content. I'd like all of you to give ideas on how this will happen.

I'm not giving any further direction on what I'd like other then to say my initial thought is that it sould be to motivate people to write quality posts. Recently I was given a little motivation just by someone reading my post and calling me out on making an excuse and here I am writing a post for the 3rd straight day.

Every Contest Needs a Name

As part of your entry please include any name ideas you might have for the contest. Best Name Idea doesn't have to be part of your entry, but ideas would be helpful.

Why SteemBasicIncome?

To me giving someone 1 steem isn't going to motivate them to keep posting long term. That 1 steem would be like giving a hungry person 1 fish to feed them for a day. I'd rather try and encourage someone to post on a regular basis building up their account over time. More we post the more followers we gain, more followers means increasing rewards, increasing rewards mean increasing motivation to keep posting. So this is my attempt to "teach someone to fish and they will eat for a lifetime".

Guest Judge

Judging on the contest will be done by myself and a guest judge. If we go over multiple weeks I will select a different judge each week to help, maybe the winner from the current week can help with the following week. The guest judge will be excluded from the current weeks prize pool, but can compete in future weeks (if we do multiple weeks).

If I see rewards equal to, or near the amount being given away each week this might turn into an ongoing contest as I'd love to give away 2 sponsorships each week.

How to win the current contest?

This contest will be judged by authoritarian is my money after Honestly if I see a lot of support for an idea, positive comments from others, then that will help push me one direction or another. Honestly don't know what I'm looking for, but best idea wins!

Just comment below with your idea and I will choose from entries when this post pays out in 7 days. This allows everyone a chance to come up with their ideas and review ideas from others. Please comment on ideas you like, upvote them to reward each other, and remember this is about helping each other grow more then the prize you might win.

As for the prize for the best idea, I'd like to give away another sponsorship to @steembasicincome program. Plus I will give a full 100% upvote on your next post. Added bonus if you resteemed this post and you win I will include a second 100% upvote.

Please help share this

If you know any plankton (new members) or Minnows that might be interested in this contest please resteem it. Would like ideas from as many members as possible.


You must upvote this contest to win the prize.
To get the prize of any upvotes you must have original content posts for me to vote on. I will not give rewards to someone stealing content and posting it as their own.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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mi idea de concurso se llama conectados (conecta_2.0): primero tienes que hacer una lista de 50 personas femeninos y masculinos de tus seguidores que mas interactuen en tu perfil, y los concursantes deben escoger entre uno de esos perfiles de su sexo opuesto el que mejor les parezca para hacerle bien sea un dibujo, una canción, una poesía o cualquier inspiración positiva. sera divertido conectarse con un desconocido como una cita a ciegas. la interacción mas divertida y creativa sera la ganadora. esto ayuda a la interacción entre usuarios aumentando sus seguidores. @thedarkhorse

Translation: My idea of competition is called connected (Connect 2.0): First you have to make a list of 50 women and men of your followers who more interact in your profile, and contestants must choose between one of those profiles of their opposite sex that best seem to do you good Be it a drawing, a song, a poem or any positive inspiration. It will be fun to connect with a stranger as a blind date. The most fun and creative interaction will be the winner. This helps the interaction between users increasing their followers.

es una idea divertida @centenojesus

Not going to comment on each comment as I normally do. Afraid I may add bias to future submissions and comments. Will upvote each submission as I read them so you know I read it. Goal is to try and keep the upvotes all at 30%, but if for some reason I get a ton of entries this might have to be lowered.

How about reviewing the amount of good content that people are contributing to Steemit. I mean, that is the idea of the platform so maybe by reviewing how consistent someone is with their post and a review of the quality of their post.

mi idea se llama: buscando a mi gemelo.
consiste en: dirigirnos a introduceyourself y captar a un nuevo steemian que en su biografía demuestre una cualidad igual a la nuestra y comentarle explicandole que vas a realizar una publicación manifestando por que el es tu gemelo (ejemplo: si el puso una imagen con una guitarra en su biografía y tu también eres músico colocas dos imágenes primero la de el y abajo una tuya posando de igual manera con una guitarra y escribes algo al respecto) y el gemelo debe validarlo con un comentario. es un reto de agilidad y poder de convencimiento. se premiara a los primeros 3 que lo logren y el premio sera tanto para el participante como para el nuevo miembro de steemit. que mejor manera de ser recibido en la plataforma¿?


My idea is called: Looking for my twin.
consists in: to go to introduceyourself and to capture a new Steemian that in his biography shows a quality equal to ours and to comment explaining that you will make a publication by stating that he is your twin (example: if he put an image with A guitar in your biography and you are also a musician put two images first the one and down yours posing in the same way With a guitar and write something about it) and the twin must validate it with a comment. It is a challenge of agility and convincing power. The first 3 will be rewarded and the prize is for both the participant and the new member of Steemit. What better way to be received on the platform?

If you Could Wish Upon A Star
what would your wish be?
You can ask for that wish to be done in replies to you or ask for them to do a blog to be done and a link posted in your comment to the post. conditions in the entry a link to this contest is provided in each entry, all the self-promotion stuff. Ask if you you had wish, But the wish had to be for someone else you did not know, what would you wish for, Do not make the wish to easy to think of, and ask what it is and why, Hope that makes some sense

Who? When? Where?
A variation of "20 questions" where you take submission photos with a description of who it is, and when and where the photo was taken. Then you post the photo and let people ask yes or no questions until they figure out who the photo is, and when and where it was taken. The first person to get all three correct is the winner, but they only have until the post pays out. If no one gets all three by pay out, the person who submitted the photo is the winner.

This sounds interesting, have not seen a 20 questions contest yet. :)

Well I do like to think outside of the box and to start a discussion. So maybe post with an opposite view than the general public has. You could call it “The opposites”!
If have done it yesterday asking if we could be wrong about cryptos! Blockchain can survive without crypto but I doubt it if crypto can survive without blockchain. You can read on my blog!
Great initiative!

Hello @thedarkhorse I couldn't comment before because I have been very busy. I have thought about this a lot, because I want to make a contest in the future when I'm not a minnow anymore hehe.
I have many ideas in my head, but I'm not sure if it's against the rules to give more than one, so I will give you one of my favorites ideas.

I named this idea "The living object", and basically it consists on humanizing an inanimate object, and it can be anything, you can choose the object or the participants can choose it. The person who really makes you think the object is alive, will be the winner. I also suggest to choose randomly a genre for the story, you know using one of those big salad bowls and putting inside the crumpled papers with the genres like they do on TV shows, and the contestants have to comment so that you can assign them the genre that was randomly chosen from the salad bowl. Sorry if this sounds very complicated hehe, it's just for more fun but you can also just give them the genres that you think are adequate.

I will show you some examples, let's say my computer mouse is the object:

Horror genre: "In the shadows of a messy desk, the mouse was afraid of being clicked again. Trying to escape of Its terrible doom, but tied up with a long wire... the monster was coming again" (I'm not good at horror stories so this can also be considered drama xD)

Romantic genre: "People may think we mouses don't fall in love. But, after all of this time next to her, My heart started to accelerate increasingly. Typing a lot of love phrases everyday but none of these is for me. If she only knew every one of my clicks mean "I love you".

Comedy genre: Day 1, the postmodern cat of the house still doesn't know that I'm not the mouse to which he should be trying to hunt. Should I tell him or just keep having fun by watching how he looses all of his teeth by trying to eat me?"
Not funny at all, haha, but since I love cats this is the first thing that crossed my mind xD.

Well, those were just examples. I think this could be very funny and entertaining . It can be either a comment or a post (of course way longer than my examples). I'm a bit sleepy and my English is not very good,I hope you understood the idea and I explained everything well.
Let me know if you need more ideas, I have plenty of them in my head.

Writer's Blockchain

A contest wherein steemians create a short story (5min read) that features cryptocurrencies as a central plot point.

How about the bootstrap post contest? You get 100 words and no pictures to create a compelling post. You have a 0.25 SBD budget to promote it, use bots etc. Whichever post gets the most non-paid organic upvote wins. There could be rank handicap, for example a minnow would get a -5 handicap against a plankton etc.

As steembasicincome is all about sharing I think your contest should be about people featuring someone else, everyone picks one steemer and talks about why they think this person should deserve a bigger audience or more attention. You could call the contest: Who Inspires You

Your blog about the Museum of Science and Industry brought me here and I would like to see more of that kind. So, for purely selfish reasons, my proposition is: Make it the "a blog in the museum" contest.
I am not your follower, so this is just dreaming aloud about blogs that I would like and not a participation in your contest. Anyway: congratulations for reaching 300 followers!

Oh you don't need to be my follower to get in on this. Just upvote the post and give your idea.

Glad you liked the blog about the Museum of Science and Industry. We had a great time there.

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Name " Plankton Assessment "

write a story ,fictional, on a base of circumstances
this could work into a continual story ,sequels , building on each other

How about some sort of contest encouraging the creative side of steem, you could come up with different relevant topics each time and accept a variety of submission.
You could pick relevant corncerning issues that we face as a society, trying to encourage people to raise awareness of them for a good cause.
For example, if a trending subject that week for some reason is world poverty the brief could be "create a submission raising awareness and proposing a solution to world poverty. submissions can be in the form of short film/documentarys, photojournalism, journalism, expressive art, etc".
This way it encourages content creators from all backgrounds to get invovled, includes and attracts a variety of people from different backgrounds, and it could get pretty heated and interesting, whilst of course, being for a good cause. Raising awareness.

I'd like to see a contest like that! Makes Steemit more real and Steemians not just people who want to help themselves but others in the world too :)

@thedarkhorse why don't you run an exactly 50 words introduce me contest. Entrants must use exactly 50 words to tell you how they were introduced to Steemit and how many current posts they have at the time of submission. Those two bits of information may give you enough to choose a winner.

I have done these contests before and I think it's great, you really meet some quality people on here doing these. I would make it like the NFL Combine, call it Newbie/Hidden Minnow ShowTime, or something like that. Have one of the following newbie/minnow write an essay of which you can check the posts they link that they are most proud of. Find people with the combination of will to succeed on the platform: having shown an in depth, sincere effort to communicate with the community. Next, posting talent based on the content of their work, original of course. Lastly, attitude and interaction with fellow contestants. I would give people major bonus points when they would upvote fellow contestants, for example. It shows what type of people do things right. You likely want to name winners in these contests going forward that you want to maintain an ongoing relationship and support their efforts moving forward, and those have been the main keys in people moving forward, and most importantly not quitting.

Mi idea para u concurso "Concurso de fotografías originales de expresiones faciales de estemianos" en donde el concursante haga una explicación del origen de su expresión. Seria divertido por las diferentes caras de nuestros amigos de la comunidad. Jajajaja ya me imagino la de muchos. Soy dibujante y te voy a enviar un dibujo en el cual participe en un concurso de expresiones faciales, claro esta en tu idea para este concurso serian fotografías originales. Chao amigo espero tener suerte y les deso a todos muchos éxitos con sus ideas.

My Spanish skills are nonexistent. But used an online translator. Figure I'll post the results for others that can't read Spanish and in case someone that can thinks the translator was incorrect and wants to clarify:

My idea for "contest of original photographs of facial expressions of Estemianos" where the contestant makes an explanation of the origin of his expression. It would be fun for the different faces of our friends in the community. Jajajaja and I imagine the many. I'm a cartoonist and I'll send you a drawing in which participates in a contest of facial expressions, of course this in your idea for this contest would be original photographs. Chao friend I hope to get lucky and give them

very good. You translated my idea well. henceforth I will do it in English, no problem, greetings and thanks for reading my idea for your contest. successes to all.

Oh good your English is much better then my Glad the translator program didn't butcher your thoughts.

You are a good dude :-) But better start learning some basic Spanish to help you through your America's travel. hehe The girls will learn super fast anyway and help you along. LOL

My Oldest is already starting to take Spanish. She was debating Mandarin and I told her Spanish would probably be used more then Mandarin.

If someone talks Spanish and I'm around it for a few days again I'd start to at least understand it again to a point. Used to be around it a lot more and I could understand the conversation enough, but like anything else once you don't use it the skill is least until you practice again.

Good call there, Spanish is way more universal. While Chinese people are all over the world they generally speak another language anyway. Not to mention you have to be a natural liguiest to even attempt to learn it.

What about a post on dare, like “I double dog dare you”, or “let’s play spin the bottle”.
Eat something you don’t like.
Do something scary.
Have a new experience/adventure.
Set a goal and actually follow through. LOL guilty🙋‍♀️
Learn a new skill.

I will give you an idea of a contest that I used to run way back. It was a What Would You Do contest. Every week I would create a new scenario and pick a random winner from the comments. You can also decide on the winner every week by your favorite answer.

It's sunday night here so... I don't have many ideas left :-)
But I wish you much success with these contest!!!

The ideas is simple:

  1. Learn before posting.
  2. Interact and feedback if anyone comment after posting.
  3. Engage and help others especially new user in Steemit.
  4. Contribute back to the community and keep growing.
  5. Never give up and keep the momentum.

Steem On!

Great points for how to have success on Steemit, do you have any ideas for what type of contest I should run?

The best contest is based on what are your speciality/skill. Always do a contest that what you are good at.

That probably is a good point. Probably will play a little into how I judge the current ideas as it has to make sense to me.

These contests for coming up with contest ideas are tough :p We tried doing this in @newbiegames and I tried bounty posts and it is just not easy to pull off... But I think there might be a few people in @newbieresteemday, @asapers and @helpie or even @ifc that would like to give it a shot! (also maybe @wilfredn?).

I think that I've gotten some great entries already and we still have a few days left. Looking forward to seeing what else comes in.

Superb idea, good to see you more active now, steem on captain.

You have any thoughts for the contest?

How would this work for you, get them to write a post, on what they think is the best content providers on steemit, their favourite writers, and why that motivates them to emulate them and their success?. As that would be a two way bonus, the people they admire could be tagged in the post, and they may get either a follower or upvote. Or I am on the wrong track with that idea.

honestly there is no wrong track, looking for ideas that are outside of the box...or even ones that fit inside the box of what most contest are on steemit already...was completely open to any and all ideas.

I have not seen anyone else do a contest like that before, so thought it might be something original to try. Hope it helps.

Give me a few hours to clear my mind and think about it, and I will pop back by with an idea for you my friend.

I have an idea but first i have a question. What do you think about if someone reads here about a great idea and takes it for his own account? Not that my idea is so great but my intention is to give the idea to you and not anybody else ;)

If that happens it happens. Not really able to stop someone from running with any of the ideas that are posted here.

My reach is so small and so few people read comments it's really not something I'd say is a real concern. Now if I was a whale and hundreds of people read my every post maybe that would be different.

If you are truly concerned about it we could chat on discord...but I typically never use it so we would have to figure out a time.

Ok, if you do not mind, it should not bother me.
Here it comes :) :
My idea is to write speeches. That's a simple idea .. I know;) ... write speeches but to whom?
There may be different addressees. Such as a speech to the UN or, in principle, to the whole world population, with content that revolves around the people, the earth, our environment etc.
Or a fantasy speech to the population of a paralell universe, where the problems can be very different. Whatever someone can imagine ;)
Or to put it on the personal track - a speech to yourself.
Or a speech to all children of the earth.
Or even to all animals or to your own pet ;)
There are many ways to deal with serious issues or just fun topics.
This could result in very interesting posts...i think :).

Hey this is a good idea and I'm not sure how I missed it! It was sandwiched between your two museum ones maybe? Or ginabot has been slipping lately and I've noticed she's missed a few notifications, so I'll simply blame it on her haha

First, I'm going to drop this link in our @newbieresteemday contest link section on Discord, and any of the other groups I'm in, I'll see if I can post a 'non-member' contest to spread the word.

I'll come up with an idea as well...just gotta think on it a bit, but I wanted to let you know that I saw this.

What day do you want to pick a winner; I obviously can't say much here about them so far, but I'll private message you on Discord with my thoughts? Did you, by the way, get a message from me there? Because there were two @thedarkhorse to choose from? Perhaps you got a little over-zealous and made two accounts then said, 'ah screw it' haha

You probably missed the post because you aren't used to me posting so

Thanks for spreading the word!!

Just looked on discord and replied.

Congratulations on your wonderful milestone of 300 Followers @thedarkhorse You really are on a roll aren't you? And I'm really happy for you. I don't have any ideas atm but would love to help by resteeming this post to get the word out. Good luck with this great contest. I hope you get lots of interest.

Funny how activity breeds good things. Seems like that is said over and over when you first get started. Some of us just like to try things our own way first, then realize that the path was already laid out for us.