How To Find Or Create Your Community On Steemit

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Community engagement is the glue that binds us together on Steemit, but what is community engagement actually and how do we create a community on Steemit?

We Are Family

Steemit itself is an online community and is made up of many other communities within the site. For someone new to the platform trying to find a group of like-minded people can seem a bit daunting. This post aims to help new users find their place here and get results from engaging with the community.


One way to find communities on Steemit that share the same interests as you is to look at tags you are interested in.

For example, if you are interested in photography or music you can click on the tags photography or music and read the posts of people who have used those tags for their posts.

You will start to notice that some users post in that category often and this would be an indication they are interested in that topic and very active in that community.

You could make a comment on their post and introduce yourself so you can get to know them.

They say first impressions are important so I highly suggest when you reach out to someone on Steemit for the first time in a comment to not ask them for something. Don't ask them to follow you or upvote you as this is not good etiquette on the platform.

Don't add a link to your post or beg for a follow. To do so is just shooting yourself in the foot and it doesn't go over very well. Instead, just add to the conversation of the post they made or ask questions to further the conversation.


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If they wrote about something you have knowledge about share what you know. Embellish on the topic the post is about and just have a conversation with them. Tell them what you like about their post or your point of view regarding the topic.

After doing this a few times on some of their posts they will remember you as someone that adds to the topic being discussed. This makes a far better impression that begging for follows and upvotes.

Adding a comment on someone's blog for the first time that just says: "Hi, good post. Please follow me and I follow you.", is not only annoying but it is the online equivalent of a door-to-door salesman or telemarketer bothering you at dinner time.

No one likes that and you will get ignored at best and downvoted at worst. It amazes me to see how many new users there are with a minus -7 reputation from spamming people with these kind of comments and they still don't get it and continue to spam.


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So, it's very important to add a comment that shows your genuine interest and/or knowledge of the topic being discussed. People will begin to follow you naturally when you do this.

Once you have done that a few times begin to post on your blog about the topics you have knowledge about.

Here's what a lot of new users don't understand. The number of followers you have is not as important as the quality of those followers. That is why asking for people to follow you is a waste of time and will not result in more upvotes to your content at all.

It doesn't matter how many people follow you, what matters is that the people who do follow you are genuinely interested in what you post about.

What Communities Are Active On Steemit?

There are many communities within Steemit and some are more active than others because some topics are more inclusive than others.

For example, music, the universal language, is a popular topic worldwide as opposed to knitting which may be a more niche topic compared to music.

Finding a more general topic may help you find more users to engage with than a less popular topic. You shouldn't choose a topic solely because it is popular though. It's better to choose a topic you really are interested in.

That said, there are some topics that gather more interest than others. Music, photography, travel, art, crypto, food, health, history, love, life, money, nature, news, and story are all very popular topics on Steemit.


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Any of these categories are very popular but there is also a downside to posting in such popular topics.

Here is a screenshot of a very popular topic on Steemit, the tag Steemit. A new user seeing this thinks that if they publish a post with the tag "Steemit" they will get a lot of views and upvotes.


This could be true but because there are so many people making posts with that tag your post will get buried in the feed before anyone gets a chance to see it. Add to this fact that a new user doesn't really know anything about Steemit yet or have any followers and chances are good no one will click on your post before it gets buried.

Before long the new user wonders why their posts are not doing well and they end up giving up before they really even began.

A much better approach is to find a topic you will always find interesting and find the people who are regular contributors to that topic and begin a conversation with them on their posts.

This takes time and will not happen overnight. If you were thinking that you could just come to Steemit and spam 100 comments a day asking for follows so you will one day get rich you are mistaken. That's not how it works here.


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Building a community or getting involved with an existing one is a labor of love which is why it's so important to choose topics you really have an interest in and to consistently add to the conversation.

There is no faking sincerity so if you're just feigning interest to get followers people will see right through that and no one wants to follow fake people. Ask yourself, how many telemarketers phone numbers do you have to call if you ever need someone to talk to? The answer for most of us is none.

So, don't be that annoying person that spams peoples' comments and instead find and engage with a community that shares your interests and you'll do just fine on Steemit.

Community Come First. Rewards Come Later

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Once you have found a community of like-minded individuals add your unique knowledge and insights to the conversation around that topic.

Start by reading others' posts on your topic and embellish what they are talking about in their comments.

Let's say, for example, that you like food and someone has made a post of a fantastic recipe you really like but the recipe has dairy in it and you're allergic to dairy products. You could add a comment that lists an alternative ingredient to the recipe that would substitute the dairy with something else that is non-dairy.

Or you could make the recipe they posted and take some pictures of the dish to add to their comments while thanking them for the recipe and telling them how delicious it is.

This would be helpful to the topic being discussed and is no way spamming the author. They may thank you for the comment and be grateful for the insight, certainly more thankful than if you spammed them with a link and they will remember you for all the right reasons.

After reading various authors posting about food, you may discover that you know something about food that no one else is posting about and it inspires you to make a post of your own.

The main point is to really get involved in discussions within the category you hold an interest in and to do so frequently, consistently, and genuinely.

There are no shortcuts to engaging with an online community. You either engage or you don't. These are just tips to community engagement that get positive results.

The takeaway here is to be genuine. There is no secret to it really. Just be real and really communicate within the community. Simple, right?



  1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

  2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. credit


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Contests, Challenges And Chat Rooms

Getting involved in the many contests and challenges on Steemit is another great way to get to know people on the platform who share common interests with you.

If you're a photographer you can enter ColorChallenge or for artists, there are design contests you can enter.

For those into sports check out SteemSports and if you like food go meet @gringalicious right now.

There are groups of people surrounding so many different topics to be found on Steemit and in each group it soon becomes evident who contributes regularly to that topic.

They will be the ones who post about that particular topic on a regular basis and consistently respond to comments. Other authors may even mention them or link to them in their own posts.

These are people you want to build a relationship within your niche and get to know them, first by engaging comments on their posts, then in posts of your own, and then in chat rooms.

What are chat room?

Chat rooms like SteemitChat and Discord are where all the action is behind the scenes on Steemit. Think of it as backstage where you can mingle with people using Steemit.

This is were you can really have a fuller discussion with someone than is possible in a comment box. In other words, this is where the real engagement is happening and where you can begin to develop relationships with other users.

Where first reaching out to someone in a chat room though, use the same rules of etiquette as mentioned earlier. Don't just send them a link to your post and beg for an upvote or follow. Don't act like a telemarketer as it makes a bad first impression.

Be a real human being and make some friends there. Comment on one of their recent posts. Perhaps where you had started a conversation on prior to reaching out to them in chat to continue the conversation in more depth.

Develop friendships one person at a time and one day at a time. For example, maybe find out some more interesting facts about a post they had made and send them a link to it so they can read it too. Not a link to your post, mind you, but to someone else's or even something off Steemit that relates to their post in some way.

NOTE: If you're not really interested in the topic someone is writing about, don't do this. This is only for topics you and the person you are chatting with are really interested in.

When To Be A Fly On The Wall

There are times on Steemit when it is best to be a fly on the wall. To just listen, observe, and be silent.

One example is when you are very new to the platform and you stumble upon a post on a topic you are unfamiliar with and it is obvious by the comments on that post that the people engaging in those comments are far more knowledgeable than you are about the topic.

The last thing you want to do is add a comment that highlights your ignorance or, even worst, beg for a follow. Adding a link to your unrelated post asking for an upvote will get you a response similar to a hanging up the phone on a telemarketer.

Instead, be a fly on the wall and read every comment to see how seasoned pros engage on this platform and learn something. This will be a far better use of your time.


Image credit

I've done this for weeks before, absorbing the information these posts were giving and thinking about what I have learned before even thinking of responding and it has inspired many good posts of my own.

Weeks later, when that person wrote another post on the topic and I finally felt like I had a response that could add to the conversation, I made a comment and referenced their earlier post as well as the current one. This usually gets a really good response.

The idea that someone actually took the time to read more than one of an authors posts before responding intelligently tends to make a good impression on authors and helps you stand out in a crown of weak responses.

You'll be memorable to that author just for taking the time to be real.

I hope some of this ideas help you in your journey on Steemit.

What do you do to stimulate engagement within your community on Steemit?


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thank you for this post. it was very helpful to a new comer!

I really appreciate what you said about being spammed for upvotes and follows. I am just beginning to get active and it is really bothersome. As you mentioned building relationships goes a long way and etiquette is always a winner I feel. Thanks for your insight...


This is a good place to learn things about Steemit.

They have a section on proper Steemit etiquette I think is a must read for new and seasoned users alike,

A very useful post for the community of Steemit, we also of the Italian community have created a nice group of friends, we are growing well with a thought based on originality and quality.

The group Steemit Community Quality Support grows well, the posts I read are getting better, this is a good signal for Steemit. I do all by myself, I hope you understand that I can not always follow all posts. Thank you for your support and for sharing in this group. your post was upvoted for its quality and originality!

Shortly there will be a trail that will upvote for the best posts, there are already people who will give me their upvote in trust for my work. Continue with this great job, soon the benefits of the group will grow.


@luzcypher you have used my service for a long time and I have always supported you without ever asking for anything and never receiving anything in return for you, after another vote and comment, I would expect at least one thank from you!!! I'm sorry to vent, but I'm not a robot and I work so for those who do not consider me, is not nice.

Steemit is what we wanted Facebook to be, I looking forward to seeing a music community for instrumentalist


There are plenty here already. Come see the Steemit Open Mic contest. You'll find some there.


OK I'll check it out


Yes, come!


Hmmm. I'm a brand new steemian and I definitely like the feel here. But, somehow I think It won't be long before Facebook catches on.


Are u sure?

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Hey @luzcypher, really nice post, with some good advice! Building a presence goes a lot easier with some Steem Power so I would like to point out this initiative. It provides a boost in Curation Rewards, especially for those with little Steem Power. Hope to see you in the thread one day, Steem on!


What is it? Some kind of bot? I read all your posts about it and still don't understand. Did upvote you though as it seems to help minnows somehow.


Lol friendly thinking! Many people have the same question you can check the comments :p
Curation Rewards work in the way that the first upvoter gets a greater weight assigned to their vote then say the 10th or the 100th. The final return is also dependant on Steem Power. The Curator Gem, by its scheduled boosting, is guaranteeing a significantly increased return on your vote against average. Theoretically, this should bring the most benefit to those that actively Curate new posts, as they will be able to cast their vote in earliest. People that like to contribute can consider to cast their vote late, to support the active human Curators. Hope this clears it up, thanks a lot for the upvote!


Not really but thanks for trying. I prefer to just build authentic relationships one person at a time. Authentic engagement gets my upvote and I suspect this holds true for many others on the platform.


I agree authentic relationships are truly vital for our platform. I will send you a link when the results of episode 1 are in. It will probably become clear then.


Great Article with Tons of excellent advice for SteemNoobians and for the more experienced SteemBoatCaptain ! thanks for sharing. It's all about community and you've hit some important points. particularly liked the fly on the wall bit


SteemBoatCaptain, that's funny.

You know how a fly on the wall feels?


This is well detailed and inspiring
I love information that help me get better so am following you asap

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Thanks for the follow and reading the post.

I'm actually looking out for a community on culture


That is a very broad topic for sure.

Here's the link to the trending posts under the culture tag

It's really unclear to me what the upcoming Communities feature of Steemit will entail. Will it "Balkanize" the site? But I understand that as the site gets more and more users, some method of organizing and filtering needs to be implemented,


They have talked about this for a long time now and it seems to be close to being implemented.

Here are a few posts that talk about it further for anyone interested.

Steemit Community Feature Is That The Big Surprise --- by @cryptoctopus

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So lovely! How can I be in? I am new here ^^


If you click on your blog in the upper left-hand corner you will see the link "home".

Once you click on "home" you will see a list of Tags and Topics on the right side of the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of topics and click on >Show More Topics

Here is a screenshot showing where to click


That will take you to a page with all the topics listed on Steemit alphabetically that looks like this.


Click on the topic that interests you, read the posts, and begin to engage with people. Hope this helps and welcome to Steemit.

Yes communities are so important. I got involved with the Homesteaders community very early on in my time on steemit and that has helped so much.

Two big positives of communities are mentoring and retention.

If you find a good community there will certainly be people there who will help answer all the questions you have as a newcomer to the platform.

I would also suggest that the retention rate for people involved in active communities is much much higher than those that go it alone.


Very good points and I would have to agree with both of them. Thanks for the added insights.

Steemit makes our dreams come true. Proud Steemian...

@luzcypher I really want to engage in people who are into talent and I want to join them. I like to beatbox and I am finding community that can understand my talent and can recognize it. Can you guide me to find this type of community?


There are lot's of musicians gathering at Steemit Open Mic (the longest running music community on the platform) which I host and you can find on my blog, but there are also other musical communities that have spawned from there.

Try these tags looking at both the new and trending tabs of each tag.


There is a beatbox tag but it looks like someone started it and dropped the ball. Maybe you can revive it yourself.


I really want to revive it Sir but I don't have enough SP and SBD to make it possible maybe someone will help me to fund it for the goodness of the community I can really revive it and I can campaign many beatboxers here in Ph and most of all to the whole world :)


check out the #rapchallenge

This is all very good information for everyone, not just newbies like me. I love being able to find people with similar interests. My only problem is there are so many great communities that I enjoy that I spend hours and hours reading everyone’s posts and engage in them that I run out of time for posting. Now that says what great communities and people are here that I can get lost in them for that long at a time. And I still don’t even begin to touch on some that I wanted to visit. Thanks for sharing.


It is a rabbit hole at times and I have fallen down it on many occasions.


Too funny thanks for the laugh. Yes it is and here I am still doing it haha.


Too true, how easy it is to get lost in a maze of reading recent missed posts, checking out resteems by favourites Steemians, finding out about new Steemians and then realising an hour has gone by. I hope you find your Steem balance soon.

Community engagement starts with communication itself! Read each others content..share your ideas..and keep steemin' on! Great post, thank you for sharing #luzcypher


I agree and glad you found this post useful.


Certainly did...check out my latest post for a good laugh


The guacamole looks good.

good post, Iam actualy looking for a community of photography


Great! You can start by looking a the photography tag's trending page and new page.

Another good tag to look under is the PhotoChallenge, ColorChallenge, and you'll find lots of shutter bugs in the Travel tag as well.

What kind of camera are you shooting on and what kind of photos do you like to take?


ps following :)


ye, thanks now Iam looking for that. :d


if you like STREET PHOTOGRAPHY we have a new community on discord. here is the invite you are most welcome to join. we post and share our motivation, posts to promote for each other, tips and profiles, links to street photography related articles online and more.. we even run the odd competition when we can find a sponsor !!

lfn contest header.jpg



thanks man, Iam on it


Cool. I will check this out as I'm getting back into photography too.

If there isn't a community for #RestingBitchFace yet you heard it here first! Still trying to find my niche and new to Steemit.

Holy Crap this is the longest steemit post I have seen yet! Kudos to all the effort that went into writing it.

Hello I'm Nurse Jamie and I look forward to seeing more!


I understand what you are saying, but I do have a question, since our votes or well power gets "deluded" how to keep active with a community if in the end only one person will properly benefit from the one upvote? I guess a comment is stimulating too, but I do feel bad for not adding towards someone else's rewards.


The point is to not focus too much on how many upvotes you gave or got and just communicate on topics of common interest. Bond with people and get involved. That is when people will follow you without asking them to, that's when they will upvote you. Bring something to the table and make it engaging and helpful and the rest will take care of itself.

thanks for the heads up and hints. appreciate the effort!

Excellent informative post with great community minded tips suitable for all types of users. Thanx!

Great post and great advice!

Your post inspired me so I made my own beer specific 'How To' post. Advertised you there. Hope you'll like it!


this was awesome.


That means a lot coming from you @stellabelle. Thank you.

Excellent post. Resteemed.

Thanks for sharing. Steemit seems opposite of instagram. I already like the community better than Wordpress.

as a new person on steemit platform these reviews are very helpful to me. I'm trying to build a community and a little more I've got a valuable lesson from your writing .. thank you

Nice post my friend 👍🏻 It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets a bit put off by "steemit spammers". This community really is interesting and I enjoy it so much more when I come across the genuine folk.

Decided to not be a fly on the wall for this one, but I do play that role often! lol (lurking in the background, soaking up knowledge and views with my shades on... 😎).


You learn a lot being a fly on the wall.

This is really helpful information for a new person like me.

Yay! Thanks! I just joined my first discord community thanks to this post! 😃👍


Thanks for this

And it's awesome that Steemit isn't a circle jerk where the top guys humblebrag and preach non-stop.

I'm constantly amazed at how Steemit is pure and rejects bullshit.

We aren't validated by money, upvotes and followers only, and that's amazing. Other forums are mostly about money, money, money. Ugh.

What terrific, constructive advice for Steemians news and old. Thank you! 😊😊

Nice post. in fact it's a bit like in real life but you underestimate the power of knitters :-) I'm not but i know they already have a place elsewhere. Warning when they'll come in mass. So, i go back to the wall....

Yeah it is a little spammy at first but I think just to get those initial follows you will need to just spam a little bit. :) anyway I love this article and your really helping us noobs to get onto the correct path early on. Thank you.


No, you don't need to spam at all and it will not help you on Steemit.

I got all my followers without asking for a single follow or spam.

I can also show you a user with over 12,000 followers they got from asking for a follow for a follow and their posts still only make .20-.30 sbd per post.


Because the followers they have don't care about their content and don't upvote them.

People that follow you because they want to read your content are real followers and you don't get them by begging and spamming.

This is really great. I am a newbie on Steemit and you have answered all the questions bothering me before now. Thank you


You're welcome. Glad to help.

Nice post man! We are bringing some brazillians to Steemit now... Mostly artists and content creators... We are thinking of creating a tag to help bring all theese people together...


Sounds like a good initiative. If you have any musicians bring them to Steemit Open Mic.

Very helpful article! And thank @stellabelle for resteeming so I found it!


You made the comment "It doesn't matter how many people follow you, what matters is that the people who do follow you are genuinely interested in what you post about." Someone else once wrote that 'you are trying to build a following and not just a fan club.'


There is a distinct difference for sure. The only time I ask for follows is in the image at the bottom of my posts. If the content doesn't inspire someone to follow me then they are not the follower for me.

It really is a waste of time chasing followers. Here's a post that illustrates my point perfectly titled, Ladies And Gentlemen I Present To You The King Of Follow For Follow Failure --- by @trevorlyman

@luzcypher man thanks for taking your time to do this. Helped me understand so much more. I feel like this should be in the official getting started guide of ! I will share this with everyone I bring to steemit from now on! Cheers man.

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@luzcypher - I have spentsome time today trying to find out about communtities on Steemit, how to participate etc. This is by far the most detailed post I have found on the subject. You give both the reasons why to be part of a community and how to be a useful member. Great post, thanks!