How To Lose Friends And Irritate People - Two Big Mistakes You Want To Avoid Making On Steemit

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The most annoying thing you can do on Steemit is begging people to follow you, upvote your post, or resteem your content. The next most annoying thing is to leave a one or two-word comment on someone's post and upvote your own comment.

This is happening so much recently that a plethora of posts have sprung up explaining to newbies why they should not beg for followers and still people do it.

mistakes on steemit.png

If you do these two things often you will literally become invisible to the whales and dolphins swimming around here and they will not follow or upvote your content and avoid you like the pond scum you are. Nobody likes to swim around pond scum. Forgive me for sounding so harsh but that is what you are if you self-vote a one-word comment on someone's post or beg people to follow you.

Why Is It Bad To Ask People To Follow You

Steemit is like a big party that you as a new person were invited to. You're new to this community and don't know anyone yet. You arrive at the party and the first time you meet someone you ask them to do you a favor.

"Please follow me and check out my blog.", you say. This doesn't work here. Even if they follow you it will not mean anything or help you get upvotes.

Have you ever been to a party where someone was 'networking" by handing everyone in the room a business card? "Do you know how many people actually called them back?*" Zero.

Why is that? Because they don't know you at all and only remember you were that annoying person at the party.

What are you doing on your blog that would make them want to follow you? People only follow people who are going somewhere. Where are you going? If all you are doing is begging for followers then you're doing it all wrong and you won't get the results you are hoping for.

begging for followers for followers on Steemit.png

It's forgivable when someone with a rep in the 20's makes this common mistake unless they keep doing it. For people who have been here longer and should know better, there is no excuse. It's much more effective to really engage with the author, the other people commenting on the subject, and the topic they are talking about.

If you want to get followers on Steemit you have to bring something to the party. The more you bring and share your generosity the more people will follow you. Simple, right?

Here is a post about a guy who has thousands of followers and he got them by asking people to follow him in exchange for a follow back (called f4f on Steemit) and his posts still earn pennies.

Why are his posts making so little? Because real followers are people that choose to follow you without being asked to. Something about your content, writing style, or personality resonated with them so "they chose to follow you". You didn't have to ask them.

Because they chose the follow you and like the content you write they will read your posts and are more likely to upvote, resteem, and have something to say about the topic you write about. Someone who just followed you for a follow back will never read your content, upvote it, or resteem it.

Why? Because they never cared about what you were writing about, to begin with. They just wanted a follow back and have no real interest in anything you have to say. They are not real followers

How Do I Get Followers If I Don't Ask Anyone To Follow Me?

Real followers come from real people who really like your content. You're not going to get everyone to like your content enough to want to follow you but it doesn't matter. All you need is a small group of loyal fans of your content who look forward to reading your posts because they really want to.

When I was a professional, touring musician I had a publicist who taught me about the 25/25/50 rule of publicity.

He explained that in anything you promote publicly in any media, be it print, television, or online:

  • 25% of the people will absolutely love everything you do, say, or stand for.
  • 25% of the people will dislike everything you do, say, or stand for just as passionately as the people who love you.
  • and 50% will have no idea you even exist and will go on about their lives.

A publicist job is to concentrate on growing the 25% of people that love everything about you and ignore the rest.

Easy for a publicist to say because they don't have to live with the 25% that hate them. The celebrity does and that's why they get paid the big bucks.

Now, let me ask you. "Which group of people do you want following you on Steemit?"

Obviously, the group that loves everything about your blog, right?

So why would you ask everyone to follow you? Let the ones that love your content come to you and forget about the rest.

How do you do that exactly? Produce content you really love and do it well. If you don't love your content no one else will. So, pour your passion into content you're truly passionate about.

There's only one place where it is OK to "suggest" people follow you and that is at the bottom of your post. But there's a right way and wrong way to do that.

The wrong way is to beg them to follow you. For example:

Please help me by following and upvoting my blog

The right way is to suggest like this:

If you like my content please consider following me for more great posts about...

See the difference? I only want them to consider following me IF they like my content. If they don't, we're wasting each other's time.

Experienced bloggers and whales know this so when you beg them to follow or upvote you, you're just revealing that you have no idea what you're doing and you'll actually repel people away from you.

If your content was interesting, engaging, and really good, you won't need to ask anyone ever. The content will compel the right people to follow you. But a "call to action" prompting someone who just read your post, placed right at the bottom of your post is acceptable. Asking someone to follow you in a comment on their post is not.

Is It OK To Tell People I'm Following Them

It is perfectly acceptable to leave a comment on someone's post letting them know that you are following them, have upvoted/resteemed their post but don't ask them to return the favor.

Instead, leave a meaningful comment that is relevant to the post's topic and tells them why you followed/upvoted/resteemed their post.

They may or may not return the favor but that really doesn't matter and should never be expected.

I personally only want real followers so if you followed me just because you want me to follow you back and not because you really like my content and want more of it than please unfollow me right now. I won't take it personally.

Why? Because I only want the 25% of people who love what I'm posting to follow me. The rest don't really matter and won't read or engage with my content anyways.

Why I Don't Always Follow People Back Who Follow Me

It would be physically impossible for me to read, comment, and upvote posts from every one of my followers. There are just not enough hours in the day to do this.

I post about music, traveling, gardening, and various other topics. These are topics that a wide audience is interested in.

Some of my followers write about things I don't even understand like Python, programming, or technical stuff. It's so over my head that I can't digest it let alone comment in a meaningful way about it. *Why should I follow them if I can't contribute to the conversation?"

Have you ever been in a room of people who are talking about some topic you know nothing about? What can you add to the conversation? Nothing really.

If you want to know more about that topic fine. Shut up and listen, but don't add a comment that highlights your ignorance on the topic and then ask them to follow you. That's just annoying and you'll be ignored.

Or even worst. Don't leave a one-word comment like, "Interesting.", or "Thanks" and then upvote your own comment.

Which brings me to my next bit if advice to newbies doing Steemit all wrong.

Don't Upvote Your Own Comment

Leaving a one-word comment that adds nothing to the conversation of the post you left the comment on and then upvoting your worthless comment tells people you are a taker on Steemit and not a giver. You did it only because you want the rewards and you don't give a damn about giving to the community. If you did care you would have actually read the post and added something meaningful to the conversation and add to it in some way.


Self-upvoting is frowned upon and repels rather than attracts followers

People are doing this a lot since the newfound power of their upvotes after hard fork 19 and it hurts their long-term success on Steemit. If you're one of them you may get away with this for awhile but eventually, you will be shunned, disliked, and called out on it.

How much do you want to bet that even on a post like this one that is about not asking people for follow for follows and not upvoting your own post someone will leave a comment that makes it obvious they did not read the post. They will either ask for a follow for follow or self-vote their own comment. It's so obvious they don't give a damn about giving anything to this platform.

People with influence in the community will write posts with bad reviews about your behavior like Partial Solution To Self Upvote Stampede --- by @stellabelle
After reading @stellabelle's post I have started doing what it recommends, mainly to unfollow people who repeatedly upvote their spammy comments.

This will not help you succeed and you will lose in the end. Just like someone who always takes is not invited back to parties you will be ignored. This place is a real community of people who care about the quality of the content and interactions that take place on Steemit. If you can't see that because you're so blinded by making money on Steemit than you really don't belong here.

Is it worth damaging your reputation for a few measly cents? I don't think so.

Have you ever been to a party where someone hogs all the pizza, guacamole, beer, or conversation? Do you invite those people back? No.

Those who bring something to the party like a bottle of wine, good conversation, help cleaning up or to pitch in for pizza, they get invited back. Same on Steemit.

Always upvoting your comment that you placed on a good paying post without adding a thing to the conversation only makes you look like a freeloader. Even if you add your expert advice in a comment to someone's post, by upvoting your own comment you are taking from the community for yourself.

If your comment is really valuable to the topic of the post and the conversation people will upvote it.

Instead, try adding thoughtful comments that really expand on the topic without regard to the potential payout and people will more than likely upvote your comment. Maybe even a whale will upvote it or write a post about your comment.


It's tempting for newbies to be lured into making money on Steemit and seeing it as a get-rich-quick scheme, but building a genuine, loyal following takes time and is work.

Slow down and get to know people in a genuine way here and write posts that share your true passion, attracting real followers that care about what your write.

In short, stop begging, mooching, and annoying the hell out of people and start adding, giving, and engaging with authenticity and you'll do just fine on Steemit.

Remember, there is only one place on Steemit that it is alright to ask people to follow you but only if they really like your content and that is right here at the end of your post, not on someone else's.

If you found this post helpful you can read more by following me. I write about music, gardening, traveling, and Steemit tips



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I like your writing, very good.
And I agree with most of your points. I would say however, much of this can be argued and is not baked in stone, and should be considered as new issues, since HF19, or and not old tired issues.

I disagree with self upvoting "SHUN LISTS" a great deal, and here is why.

First of all, do lists like this, REALLY ASSESS the quality of people's comments, they are upvoting for themselves?

Secondly, do they assess if the same up-voters are also spreading the love for others they are interacting with?

Thirdly, should the community be deciding these things as self-formed vigilante groups, or petitioning the developers of steemit, to change the self voting rules?

I could go on and on and on, but I think that pretty well sums up several of my ideas, and I will now self vote myself, as well as several others, that I liked that commented as well.

PS - please let me know if you plan to shun me, so I can be sure not to:

Upvote your posts
Comment critically on your posts

Thanks ;-)

Please keep in mind, I UPVOTE POSTS I want to be at the top of the sort! ;-)
So if I LIKE YOUR POST, you will go to toward the top.

I don't think you really address this issue, and several others...
-What about self upvoters that contribute quality posts too?
(what if they are great writers and love to post, as well as comment?)

I'm not really talking about thoughtful, meaningful comments like yours that add to the conversation, now am I?

Like I said, a one or two-word comment like "thanks" that is self upvoted is a bullshit grab to line their own pockets and those that do it repeatedly should be disengaged.

Your comment, on the other hand, adds to the conversation and is encouraged and should be upvoted.

Hi. I'm really new to Steemit and I found your post helpful. Thanks so much for the advice!

Hello @luzcypher

Nothing annoys me more on Steemit than people commenting without reading the post first. I have been holding myself back from flagging, as Spam intensified last week due to the flood of new accounts

Well I have been trying my best to educate and encourage new Steemians.

I started a series on my blog called BlockChain Blogger and this week I launched Humans Of Steemit with help from @papa-pepper and @surpassinggoogle.

Saving the link of this post for future corrections and warnings.

Followed You


I like the Humans Of Steemit thing you're doing.
@papa-pepper was so helpful to me when I first started on Steemit.
I followed you for more of your Humans of Steemit posts and I would be interested in talking about the Steemit Open Mic contest I'm hosting here if you you're interested.

Keep up the good work

Lots of great tips for noobs. Steemit community has vibe far different than anything I've come across before, I hope that it can maintain that feeling of sharing as the masses flood in to join this is a giving ecosystem not a greedy free for all.

Well spoken words and very true. I think we will self-regulate and grow over time. Steemit has gone through many growing pains in its short history and will continue to do so.

the vibe probably comes from the fact that money making is involved in the general steemit process. People have to be extra nice, extra carefful and well behaved, less trolls, NSFW and shit-posting since those contents would be flagged.

Steemit seems to have succeeded in getting rid of bad content creators, through monetizing the social media.

Wonderful tips as usual, i think this tips must be posted and resteemed frequently for new users to read...
I kind of feel good for getting this many followers and never, NEVER asked anyone to follow me... I guess many are following me back, but i never asked...

That means your content is something worth following and you should feel good about that.

You can always link this post as a response to those kinds of spammy comments. Eventually, people will understand or disappear.

His content definitely is worth following. And he had the most amusing comment.... which I posted a longer response to you about.

Is the title a spin off of the Dale Carnegie book? Clever :D

Thanks for your insight into this topic. I believe its very important that our community needs to talk about. Steemit is a long term game and we've all need to help this community grow with genuine interaction!

Exactly, just by writing good content consistently you'll get followers. And yes, it's a spin-off of Carnegie's book, How To Win Friends And Influence People

Love the book! Must read for just about everyone! Thanks again for this post

I wrote a long/detailed post with a video in it and literally within 30 seconds someone had upvoted it and said they liked my post and asked me to upvote and follow them! There's NO WAY they read any of it, nor watched my video, so what exactly did they "like" about my post? I'm guessing nothing, which is what they got from me in return. >_< Thanks for posting, resteemed!

Exactly. So you share in this frustration too? I'm cutting newbies some slack for a first offense and now I will link this post as a response and if they still don't get it, I'll just mute them off of my radar.

Sounds like a good plan. ;)

Maybe we should own our posts. Be able to wipe out any rewards that we deem spam only.

We can downvote it, but I have never downvoted ever.

I found the same. Been posting vlogs and getting a lot more upvotes than actual views. Upvotes of course are very nice but Id actually prefer people to view them...especailly as they took me a good amount of time to make and edit

There was this one guy who commented with just two words on my post. He didn't upvote my post but he made $8 on his comment alone! Talk about that much steem power! Of course I did't want to be impolite but thanked him instead but geez I do get annoyed because steemit is more than just making money, we are a community!

@luzcypher, wow! Absolutely the best coverage of these dodgy practices I have seen-- resteeming, and worth a rare (for me) 100% upvote!

Not much I can add here because you pretty much said it all... but I'll toss in a cautionary note...

No matter HOW much we all like to think Steemit is "unique and different," and that we are "special" because Steemit is "on the blockchain," it still does not exempt us from dealing with human nature!

On top of what you cover here, it is also somewhat the "duty" of everyone-- and especially those of us who have been here a while to stay watchful and be willing to call out those who comment spam by just copy-pasting the same thing 100s of times... or the relative newcomer who's somehow following over 7000 people in just a couple of weeks.

Yes, I know, "no censorship" and a "free platform" and yadda yadda... but these things can be "site killers." The analogy I used on another person's post was that we can think of Steemit as a good ship we're all sailing on. Sure we can argue that we all should be free to do "whatever we want," but if someone is drilling holes in the hull of the good ship Steemit so we will ALL sink, should that really be part of their "freedom?"

Great post!

Thank you for resteeming this article, @denmarkguy. I learned so much from it. As a newbie, I was following the advice from the person who invited me in. I have already broken some norms by just blindly following someone's advice. @Luzcypher, thank you very much for writing about this.

I would like to second what @denmarkguy states about human nature. I joined two communities about 5 years ago. One was an online community to learn about publishing on Amazon. One was a physical community; an intentional condominium community. 2 very different environments.

The learning curve was fierce in both. Overwhelm, sorting through what was helpful, what was not, trying to contribute but not make people mad left me somewhat crazed for the first 2 months I participated.. I got a reputation in the actual community that I lived in, that for a handful of people still has not changed. They think I am here just to reble/rouse. Regardless of the many hours that I contribute, they made up their mind that I was not a worthy addition to their community. They were one of the founders you see, and they have invested years and much time and energy into it. I however as a newbie, came into it in the honeymoon stage, raving about how wonderful it was, and if we could just change this and this, it would be superb. I never understood the pushback, until just this last year, as I finally see that what to me was a compliment, was to them a criticism.

Having watched new people come to live where I live, and join that online community that I mentioned, has taught me a lot. I would ask all of us to be patient with the newbies. It takes time to learn the norms. Coaching the newbies is really helpful, if you have the time. Taking the time to write a blog post like this is really helpful.

if someone is drilling holes in the hull of the good ship Steemit so we will ALL sink, should that really be part of their "freedom?"

Exactly, we need to school these people on proper etiquette on Steemit or it will degenerate into a spam site. I won't let that happen if I have any say about it. So now when I see it I'll just respond with a link to this post so the can learn and if they still do it I'll mute them.

Been seeing a steady stream of this lately most likely since steem went up in price and now everyone's wants a piece of the pie. Unfortunately a majority of people are greedy and this is what comes of it.

However good news is steemit and steem can continue to evolve to combat this and not reward people who partake in such things.

Posting quality has always given me followers and a network of people now interested in the same things I am. Quality over quantity always wins.

Posting quality does work every time and what qualifies as "quality" is completely subjective based on the reader. Why would you want everyone to follow you when you can have

a network of people now interested in the same things I am.

That is where the value is in the long run on this platform and you seem to be on your way to succeeding here. Congratulations.

Even if there were an official users' manual for steemit, posts like this have to be written, consistently, to catch new fish on arrival. I've actually started calling them out on my own comment section. Won't stand for it!

Me too. That's why I wrote this post because now I can just respond to them with a link to this post

Like you said, so many of these posts are popping up about "begging for upvotes and follows". I hope new users are listening to this advice. It is super annoying seeing "Great post. follow me" on my comment section, as I don't even respond to them anymore. Good post @luzcypher.

I just ignore them or link a post that explains how annoying it is to do that so they learn. You can post a link to this post for example next time someone adds a comment like that to your post.

Great advice, and great fun... I'll buy that for a penny ;)
I can usually tell a good commenter as well. Maybe we need to recognize those more often. The good ones usually keep commenting as they continue to read all of the comments attached to a post.

In fact, that's where I usually find the greatest thrills when posting on Steemit!

Exactly, there is a real conversation happening on a good, engaging post. Become part of the conversation if you have something insightful or meaningful to add.

Sometimes I will read all the comments on a post with a topic I know nothing about. I'll just be a fly on the wall and say nothing, just learning more about the topic. You can learn a lot on Steemit. Some of the best stuff is in the comments.

As a newbie to Steemit, I really appreciate this post. There is a lot to figure out when starting on this platform, especially for people who have never really done something like this before, and good guidance like this is essential for this platform to be an enjoyable place for all of us to share. I really enjoyed how well written your post was, and I look forward to reading more from you in the future! Thank you again!

Aww, thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to help

Leaving a one-word comment that adds nothing to the conversation of the post you left the comment on and then upvoting your worthless comment tells people you are a taker on Steemit and not a giver.

Omg THIS. Yes. I've said it before and I'll say it again, anyone who posts these garbage, spammy comments on my posts will get flagged (at just 1%) for being little shitheads. Granted, I will always explain my reasoning and the fact that it's a mere 1%. Hopefully, this steers some of the newbies into behaving more Steemit-appropriate.

The unfollow rule is a good one as well.

Or you can link this post to their spammy comments. Or post how you feel about it and respond to them with a link to your post. That's why I wrote this post. I got tired of explaining it to people who do this on my blog.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Upvoted... Thank you for this post. It was a must read for me. May I ask you for an upvote... Hahahaha just kidding. May I ask you for some direct advice?

I never do the f4f thing, it is lame and you are right when people pester me on steemitchat and tell me to resteem something before I even read it is annoying and I avoid them.

But is it ok to ask "upvote, and follow if I have earned it". And asking people to resteem for the purpose of getting an important message out there as my minnow posts sink out of visibility very fast. I have 344 followers that I gained organically. And I am really battling against the self voting and follower harvesting practices.

And another point you made I like is that I have had to give up on the notion of making big money here. That may come as a bonus. But blogging with passion must come first. if you have a look at @yoda1917 it shows that I'm not really earning, but I keep going.

Hey any wisdom from you will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance :)

May the STEEM be with you

This is for you ;)

Asking people to upvote or resteem your post inside your own post is not the same thing as what I'm describing here. I'm talking about people self upvoting themselves for just saying, "thank you" or " great post". It's just wrong and greedy.

You got me at the first sentence..

The most annoying thing you can do on Steemit is begging people to follow you, upvote your post, or resteem your content.

Maybe people do not know they're annoying though, so thanks for sharing this. I might go and spam them right back with this post. Jk.

I wrote this post to respond to people who leave spammy comments with a link to this post. It's going to save me having to respond so many times a day. You're welcome to use this post to respond to your spammers too.

I got so sick of f4f that I even changed my 'about settings' to "I do NOT follow 4 follow!"

Also: I see a lot accounts that follow so many people that I know rightaway they are not worth following...

Here is a prime example of someone with a lot of followers and he still makes pennies on his posts

Yeah, I read that one in your post already
Like you said, just a waste of time!

Yeah, Ive been getting tons of beggars lately ;(

I think this GIF is good enough for me to upvote myself hahaha

You didn't just upvote yourself, did you? Jeez!

Two words comment like this one ? Great tips btw !
Keep going :-)

There's nothing wrong with a two-word comment it's just the self-upvoting your comment that is the problem.

This is awesome @luzcypher. I've only been here for about a week and I see people ask for followers in the comments of every post that I've read. I had the little box checked for self upvote on all my post until my wife @lyndsaybowes made fun of me. I didn't even realize that box was checked. I have since unchecked it. I saw a guy post 3 different posts yesterday within 20 minutes asking how to make money on this thing and for people to follow him. The funny thing is just like you mention above nobody was jumping all over that. I love this post and I think I just learnt a lot of what not to do's and a lot of newbies will hopefully read this.

It's OK to upvote your own post and you should like your own content. The mistake is adding a useless comment to someone else's post and them upvoting your comment.

It is given that everyone likes their own post already hence they wrote it. I think since I don't have much voting power I'll leave it off so I can upvote other posts I like. I saw someone purchase a vote from a whale? What the hell is up with that?

I guess there is a market for buying whale votes. Crazy but there it is. I'll stick to writing/

I've seen several different bots that you can buy a vote from. Sometimes the vote is worth less than what you paid for it. :-)

no rules to it ...just be yourself :)

Uhmm.. You have said it all. I really imagine some times we make post but nothing comes out from it like people dont upvote. This could be as a result from how they followed you. Now if you plead for them to follow you meaning you to plead for upvotes as well. Thanks for this post. I have seen my flaw and will take it off from here. Lets steem on and keep it real.

You did exactly what this post said not to do. You upvoted your own comment.

@luzcypher Hhahahahhaaa oooh my... you got your hands full here :)

Well your point of view seems really acceptable. As a new member of steemit community i should really be thankful to your tips . We all know that beginnings are really hard and we do everything its possible to gain some followers and to be visible(its not all about the money ) and we know that not all our decisions are the best . So thanks again for your tips . Here is an upbote for you 😊

You did exactly what this post said not to do. You upvoted your own comment.

All great advices!
Ps. that people up vote their own comments made my day, hadn't come to my mind before that some did. LMAO

Very Good Post. You show me the reality that who I am. I have to prove myself for getting real followers. I try to concentration about giving something to the community rather than asking or begging something from the community.
You Remember the word of Lord Sri Krishna that Do Your Own Job, Don't Ask Or Pray For The Fruit of Your Deeds, Its The God Give You Fruit In Real Time According To Your Deeds.
Thank You Very Much.


thanks! interesting. please follow my blog, and i will f4f the heck out of you.

Actually, this was a good post for noobs like me who don't really know the proper protocol, and the cautious side of me wants to err on the side of...caution. Glad to have you clearing up that politeness in real life translates accurately to politeness on steemit.

Now, gimme all your beer and guacamole.

Hahaha! Beer's all gone but there's still guacamole.

Should be a must read for all newcomers


Could not agree more, and with the massive influx of awesome new content-creators these days, reminding everyone of this is super important!

Thanks, @luzcypher for always bringing it home and helpin the minnows, my friend!

If they hear it often enough maybe they will finally get it.

So, are you gonna, like, remove your image at the bottom of the post that says "Follow @luzcypher?" Cuz, that's like asking for followers kinda. Probably. I'm confuse. Send money!

You're confused because you did not really read this post. Especially the part right before the image that says "follow luzcypher" that reads:

Remember, there is only one place on Steemit that it is alright to ask people to follow you but only if they really like your content and that is right here at the end of your post, not on someone else's.

Or the other part of the post that says it's OK to ask people to follow you on your own post but not in a comment on someone else's post.

Thank you I no longer confuse :) BTW, this was an ironic comment mocking people who don't read the posts. But possibly TOO sarcastic? Good post, though.

Indeed, I have same idea with you.

Even pre-steemit, I thought f4f style statements were really irritating. I don't know what anyone is hoping to get by doing that. It's hardly even more work to read through some posts that interest you and leave a few thoughtful comments, and you'll definitely make more that way than by just upvoting your own bad comments that no one else will upvote for sure.

This seems to be the topic of the day. You'd figure people would figure out after it not working for so long 🙄

Yes, you can unfollow annoying commenters, but you may also mute them.

BTW, no need to follow me ;-)

i couldnt help but to laugh out loud at my job(coworkers looking at me like im crazy) because that one section is all you need to know to show you who didnt read your post and did exactly what you advised us to not do... well played @luzcypher i like you style and love this post even more haha. but jokes asside, thank you for this it helped me out and will add to my growth in this community. You got my follow and im looking forward to more contents like this. Cheers!

Thanks for the follow and I'm glad it helps.

Thanks for this. Especially the screenshots. I've done variations on this, but nowhere to this degree. I'll be resteeming this.

Thanks for the resteem

I have a third one. Don't rush to leave a comment saying great, or well written when there is no way you could have read it in that time. I've had such comments appear in less than a minute after I posted one of my posts.

Or worse... don't post a comment such as this one on a great guitar cover by @dreamrafa Dream Theater - Instrumedley saying "Great voice"... This is a 100% instrumental song. There are no vocals. shaking my head while staring downward. That is a monster of a song though.

I love listening to @dreamrafa play. He shreds.

People leave so many comments that make it obvious they didn't read the post. On this very post, there are people upvoting their own comments for example.

As a guitar player. @dreamrafa is VERY good. Quite far beyond my own capabilities. He's also a pretty cool guy. :) Perfect for our steemit community.

Well said. I've been saying similar things. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour is too be expected, especially when there is money to be made. We have to just spread the word of what is acceptable

Thanks for helping spread the word. I made this post so I can just respond to self-upvoters with a link to this post.

Lol, nice party analogy, reminds me of something...


...good title too...


What's it remind you of?

"The next most annoying thing is to leave a one or two-word comment on someone's post and upvote your own comment." Oh god it is so true. (I'm not going to tell you that I read the entire post but I think I know what you're talking about). Also I read the conclusions. People think that steemit is easy money but in life ther is not easy money, so work for it! Thanks for your words. I will keep have patience to avoid those annoying comments.

Just send them a link to this page and let me explain it to them.

It's a good idea, but almost all of them just speak spanish :/ I'm making my own posts explaining that.

You can translate this to Spanish and post it as your own if you want to

Posting yang bagus

Very valuable and informative post. There is some conflicting info out there (or incomplete info) but this post definitely clears a lot of things up. Thanks for posting.

You're welcome and thanks for reading my post

I kept thinking that these comments are written with requests from bots. They are exactly the same in all posts.

That may be so in some cases and they should be muted

The reason why people are doing what they doing is simply to maximize financial returns, which in the long run will hurt the development of Steemit. I've come to realize that most people will still return to Facebook because many of "sharing" and "liking" are not organic and spontaneous.

Desperate people do desperate things. The manifestation of greed is just unbelievable.

I wish if the developers are working on a downvote button next to an upvote button. Rather than upvoting those people, we can downvote them in a similar fashion and "penalize" such two-worded, time-consuming, value destroying comments.

We have a downvote of sorts and it's called the flag button. I have never used it but it is there.

wow great article , i saved it , as a beginner in steemit , this post help me to improve my account , thank you for effort , amazing content
translate it / saved it
follow you

Thanks. I'm glad you found it helpful.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I've read this from start to finish and I do agree to most or all of what you've stated.


I even shared this to the local circle of friends that I have in Steemit. I was able to attract new Steemians from my office and they need a lot of assistance since they're very new.

What do you not agree with?

probably this,

  • It would be physically impossible for me to read, comment, and upvote posts from every one of my followers. There are just not enough hours in the day to do this.

I get that its impossible, but having more followers isnt essentially a bad thing, Ive always asked people who have thousands of followers, but follow a few why they do that. No one ever gives a concrete answer, so i chuck it up to the psychological reason: more followers than following means the person is important, the more followers against following one has, the more people want to follow them because they seem important.(this is of cause, my own interpretation of a deeper social effect)

I have seen people like that too but that is another topic entirely. What I'm talking about is asking people to follow you for a follow back. It has no value whatsoever and is a waste of everyone's time.

This post is a prime example of how follow for follow does not work

This looks like a prime example. Hahahah

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This isn't a prime example. I'm just bad at english now. Haha. There's a thing called language barrier and lack of sleep.

If there's something I disagree, it's not masking the names on the screenshots (unless you made them up).

I see your point. No, I did not make them up and if they see this post I bet they won't do that anymore. I'm also not sorry to show who did this. Yes, their mistake is forgivable because they are so new but it needs to be said.

And then there are the repeat offenders who keep doing it all day long even when people tell them it is a mistake like in @stellabelle's post linked above. She calls them out by name and should and we will continue until people understand to stop doing it.

This practice of self-upvoting hurts the community in the long run and is equivalent to stealing and when someone steals from my community I am going to name them.

I get that too. You have a point there. It's just my opinion that names should be masked.

Thanks for sharing my post. Much appreciated.

Nah. We're the ones thankful for posts like this. It enlightens us newbies.

Fantastic Dude!!! Very Nicely Explained!!! 👍

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I also don't liek the "I followed you!" comments.
It's like "follow me back" beggars in disguise.

btw: I have NEVER asked anyone to follow me and as you can see at the numbers I am not a believer of the follow back either.

I just followed the OP because I like this post. But judging from the other posts headlines in his history I guess I will unfollow in 2 weeks because this are not my topics.
We will see. Either way both is completely voluntary on my side and any "follow me!" nudge will just make me turn away.

Did I mentioned I hate ads, selling staff greeting "What can I do for you?!?" etc.?

Just so you know. It is perfectly acceptable to let people know you have followed/upvoted/resteemed them and why you did, but to then ask them to return the favor is not good etiquette.

Just so you know, I have a different opinion ;)
stares passiv-aggressive

Thank you sharing this. I was in steemit fb groups because i just joined a few days ago and want to learn more about this platform but left all the them already because They are Super annoying .

Some Steemit groups on Facebook are very cool. Which one's were you on?

I would be interested in checking out the Facebook group. I've been disappointed in - not enough conversations going on. Just people popping in and dropping a link. Which group do you recommend?

Wat is facebook ?

Beautifully written! I really wish posts like this could be pinned or set as "recommended reading". I'm new here myself and already knew these basics but was pretty overwhelmed with the begging. I really didn't expect it or see what people thought they would really gain from it.

I'll resteem this because it's certainly something everyone needs to know!

Thanks for the resteem and reading my posts

cool info.

Hi friend. I has not time to read post , which awr the two mistakes ?
Thank you pliz follow me back #kappa

If you did take the time to read the post you would have read that you should not leave comments like the one you left. I will not follow you back, in fact, I will mute you and ignore you forever. Maybe you should have red the post first.

You have no humor

Not about this I don't. I'm so tired of it.

Oh come on , I even put KAPPA after the post how can you think it's 4 real?
Seriously now, flowers4follows ? ;)

KAPPA doesn't mean a thing to me until now.

I read your post, and loved every line of it. The amount of useful information is astounding. Your writing style is second to none. And the pictures!.. Oh my God, those pictures! Up voted with my whopping power of 2 cents.

Can you follow me now?


You did not read my post obviously which I can tell by your comment.

Oh come on! You could've written something funnier than this)

Found this article via a resteem. Thanks so much for this!!! It really is a mixed bag of people out there. I guess it would just be better if everyone had some etiquette when it comes to comment etc...
Thanks again :)
Following you now - seeing I'm allowed to say this - hehe ;)

Thanks for reading and the follow

Only a pleasure. Keep the great posts coming :)

Thanks for this post and the insight into good steemit practice. I think that you hit the nail on the head here, and people should follow you for your brand and what you're talking about.Nothing is a bigger turnoff on here than seeing somebody commenting on one of your posts nothing to do with the post, especially when as a minnow you may not get a lot of comments! Cheers, resteemed.



I'm kidding... not going to leave the comment at that... I READ your post! ;-) I've been on here under two months and unfortunately have been guilty of one or two of these things as I started out. And one I still (until now) did... the asking for followers at the end of my posts. You're spot-on about only wanting TRUE followers! I'm in that boat too, so no more asking on my part. :-) I cherish much more those who I see read and comment on my content regularly over those who race to comment first and obviously never read the post! Maybe there should be a timer on leaving a reply to the OP... like 2 minutes? That way the person has to have been on the page that long before commenting and leaving. LOL

Either way, thank you for the kick in the butt and adjustment. ;-) Sharing so others in my puddle can see and help to improve the community content as a whole. Thanks again @luzcypher

It is OK to ask people to follow you at the end of your post but not OK to ask people to follow you in a comment on their post

Great post as always, I agree the beggars can be annoying, but the quality content writers on this platform far outweigh the pond scum dwellers!

The quality on Steemit is amazing and worth wading through a little pond scum, I just don't want to soak in it all day.

I wrote a post on this topic this week and being new here, it didn't get any traction. It did of course get a couple f4f comments though! I'm impressed I only saw one in all the comments here

There are more than one actually.

How do I turn off upvoting my own comments? I see it happens on some of my comments, but not always. Don't really like the idea of being shunned for something so lame!

You are confusing your post on your blog with your comments that are left on someone else's blog.

Your comments are never automatically upvoted so you can't "turn it off". The only way to upvote a comment is to manually upvote it so it is never an accident.

Your posts can be automatically upvoted by you but that is not a problem. The problem is adding a comment to someone else's post and then upvoting your comment on their posts which you can only do manually.

Read this post again to understand it. I explain it very clearly in this post. If you still have questions let me know.

Don't really like the idea of being shunned for something so lame!

It is not as lame as taking rewards for yourself for adding such great insight to someone's post like:


Oh okay. I get it now. Thanks for your time. As for the lame part, I meant it as a lame thing to do.

This is brilliant advice!!! Although I know most of it and don't do it, but were very clear, beautiful design and layout. Great custom images and overall a very kick ass post. Wow. Rally great job, I'm impressed. I couldn't agree more! I really like your custom graphics. Great job and thanks for all the recent votes on my stuff, I wanted to return the favor!

Thanks for the kind words. I use Logo Creator by Laughing Bird Software for the graphics. It's really easy to use and creates great graphics.

I'm just commenting so I can finally no Logo Creator at a later date. Please ignore.