10,000 Comments And The Water's Fine

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Warning—Bragging And A Shameless Plug Ahead

More than a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about being within reach of a personal STEEM milestone—2,000 earned SP. I was happy to be nearing a second 1,000 earned SP so quickly, considering that the first took ten and a half months to achieve. With this second 1,000, I was hoping to hit the mark within four and a half months.

Screen Shot 20190405 at 8.39.05 AM.png

(Whether I did or not will be in my monthly stats report coming out on Monday, for those who might be interested. Incidentally, there will be other highlights and milestones talked about, too).

Today, I want to mention another milestone, one I've actually surpassed, which I find to be as meaningful as the earned SP, if not more. According to my page on steemworld.org, I've just recently gone by the 10,000 comments mark. It happened sometime last night.

I've mentioned in another recent post that I was celebrating my one year anniversary with the Curation and Engagement Leagues, hosted by @abh12345. The vast majority of those 10,000 comments have come since becoming a member, so the engagement league is definitely central to this achievement.

10,000 Comments—So what?

As far as I know there's no parade or big prize waiting, just my own personal satisfaction. And I'm well aware that I'm not the most prolific in terms of comment quantity. In fact, a look at steemitboard's ranking filtered for total number of comments currently puts me at No. 509.

Not bad, I think, considering it's an all-time comments list. In reality, my ranking is probably higher than that if there were a way to filter out the comment bots and just compete against the humans.

Over the last 30 days, according to the latest @arcange statistical report, daily unique users have fluctuated between 40,000 to 50,000. If I use 40,000 as the baseline, No. 509 puts me into the top 1.27% of daily active users.

There's bound to be some variables unaccounted for here (I don't really know what the overall average of unique daily users is since I started, but 40,000 is the lowest I've seen it, so hopefully that represents the bottom end), and I don't know how many of the currently active are ahead of me on the all-time list (since there could be a number of users on the list who are no longer active) but the point is, I feel good about what I've accomplished here.

This 10,000 comment achievement came over the course of 459 days. Just using that as a total, I've averaged over 21 comments a day. The average is actually higher due to missing days for various reasons, but I didn't keep track of every last day I might have taken off or otherwise flaked, so I'll leave it at that.


I know there's not many of us who will geek out about this, and who knows if it really means anything in the grander scheme of things. I'd like to think that I'm at least helping to keep the social media side of STEEM social. I think that's important for many reasons, and of all the activities to be found here that I could be involved with, I am very happy to be a part of keeping engagement alive and, ideally, thriving.

To all of those who I have left comments on your posts and replied to your comments over the last 15 months, thank you for being there. Without you, well, there would be no reason to comment, right?

Image source—steemworld.org


Nicely done and this is no small accomplishment. :)

The success of Steem in many ways is in the hands of the Users.

Hey, @whatsup.

Thank you. :) I hope it's meaningful to others and not just me. Especially since there are plenty of users who are far ahead of my all-time count.

Like you at No. 320 and some 13,000 comments. Woohoo!

re: success of STEEM

It's tough to say just what all matters price-wise. We can have all kinds of drama (ha ha), and we can have all kinds of successes or failures on chain, and the price doesn't seem to do much. So, I don't know.

However, it definitely does matter when it comes to overall morale and productivity and user experience if people are engaging and posting and curating. It makes it worth it to be here and producing more times than it doesn't. And maybe, all of that will begin to matter more to investors when we're sitting at a million or more active users, rather than 1.15 million dead fish and counting.

While I agree we have too many dead fish in our past, I think the way many talk about retention is plain silly.

There is no reason to assume that all accounts created were meant to blog and didn't stay.
An account is a wallet, it is testing account, it is a name saver, it could be an accident or a fail at logging in.
An employee that left, a scammer that we succeeded at removing...

Anyway, you get my point. Retention is not based on the total number of accounts created. Most websites have some criteria on what a user is to track retention and it isn't the creation of the account.

While I get triggered by those who spew misleading data about our retention there is no question we could do better and should strive for improvement.

I think you are one of the people contributing to making this a fun place to engage and hang out and I appreciate it.

re: retention

All very true. Tough to know what true retention is given that list of different uses you cite and what else there may be to look at. Just thinking about, that would be a fair undertaking to account for all users. However, as you say, there is definite improvement to be had, and we both know plenty of people since we started that are no longer active on any part of STEEM.

re: fun place

Very kind of you. :) You're one of the leaders in that department, and I appreciate that.

I would love to see some criteria that accounts for whether or not the account showed any interest in blogging.

Did it log in?
Did it post x number of times..?
I don't know and can't think this hard on a Friday, but usually, companies use some filters to determine what they should count. It's never... EVERY ACCOUNT EVER MADE.

I should actually give drama tokens for those who imply that. :)

Carry on, I got sidetracked and triggered. :)

Maybe you should give out tokens for that. I was kind of wondering if DRAMA was starting to appear here. :) Instead it was engagement.


Whoot! Thank you, I love these!

Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to steem-engine.com.

The only way to keep the social side going is to...well be social. Comments are a very important part of steemit, especially the meaningful ones, I don't mind an occasional "I liked your post.", but how does one reply to that other than "Thank You". Congratulations on the milestone.

Hey, @bashadow.

Thank you. :) I had really hoped to get to 10,000 much earlier, but hey, life, and so anyway. It's happened, and I'm happy. :)

Meanwhile, you're listed as No. 324 on the steemitboard all-time comments list, so ahead of me by over 1800 comments. I'll try to keep up. :)

re: I liked your post

I haven't seen a whole lot of those lately, but I have been known to ask just what it was they liked about the post. Don't generally get an answer back, but since I genuinely did want to know, I felt it couldn't hurt.

Thankfully, the number of those kind of comments have dropped off.

I guess just like everything here, meaningful is subjective to people. I don't know that I agree—you do have to say something at some point to make the comment meaningful coming from you, right? I don't know. There's an art to it that I know I've been lacking at times, and most of us could do better at it to keep the social side social.

Yes when it cost as many RC's to say "nice post", they went away pretty quick. It was nice to see that I was up there in the numbers also, I had to go look after reading your post. I think most of us lack the art of meaningful, and a lot of that has to do with how diverse the steem world is. I have to actively think at times that there are more non-americans on the steem blockchain and steemit than americans, at times I feel like I am the one speaking a foreign language, which I guess I am.

10,000 better quality comments than any of mine no doubt. Hehe


Hey, @pjau.

Well, thank you. :) I think we can all feel fortunate that the data isn't that discriminating. :) It just says 10,000. I guess we all are left to debate what's what, and unless mine were to ever be compared to spam, I'm not much of a mind to judge. So much here is subjective anyway, and comment quality is right in the thick of that.

We wouldn't want people judging each other would we. That kind of thing never happens on Steem. 😂

If someone thought you were a spammer, they need to be shot. 😋

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Great numbers! I just checked and I am actually approaching 11,000 which is incredible when you think about it. After realizing how key engagement was Inwas also lucky enough to find the engagement league which ha pushed me to maintain the activity here and has resulted in great rewards; both financially and in knowledge. Keep up the great work my friend!

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Hey, @newageinv.

Well, thank you, and back to you! You are definitely within shouting distance of 11,000.

The engagement league has been invaluable to many of us, especially those who have managed to stick with it—not an easy task with all the curves life can throw us at us—so I agree wholeheartedly with that.

So, you're sitting at #442 on the steemitboard all-time comment list. Everyone who has commented so far is ahead of me. :) I guess that's why!

You and I were admitted to STEEM within days of one another, so I'd say we're a good gauge of one another's progress. You've got a great amount of SP in that time, too, so that's awesome. Putting in the time and taking advantage of the bear market has its rewards. :)

Congrat on that. Maybe i will also need to check out my own to see

Well, thank you, @adenijiadeshina. I just looked yours up. According to steemitboard's ranking of all comments, you're at No. 614 with around 8900 comments. Sounds good to me. :)

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Well, thanks for this. Can't say I was expecting to see on this one, but, a welcome sight nonetheless. :)

You are a comment beast on the Steem blockchain.

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Hey, @chesatochi.

That's cool of you to say, but I'm still trailing you, since you're at No. 358, with well over 12,000 comments. :) So, if I'm a beast, you're a.... bigger beast? :)

I don't check this metric but I try to curate and always answer my comments because I am here for the long term.

Howdy sir Glen! Great job, I think it's a big accomplishment and like you said, it's important because if people aren't interacting then they won't stay and the whole thing shrivels up. But I don't see that happening.

Hey, @janton.

Well, thank you. I appreciate that. It took long enough. I know I could have done far more sooner. Maybe I'll be able to keep on track better this year.

I'm way behind you, though. Most of us are. :) Your nearly 43,600 comments puts you at No. 51 on the steemitboard's all time list. That's amazing, considering that you're now higher than people papa-pepper, who's been around for much longer. I'd say that's an accomplishment. :)

re: shrivel up

Well, we're still here. If we're going down with the sinking ship, or already obsolete, we certainly don't know it yet. Some might. I mean, who knows, smithlabs may be right.

I'm still here, doing what I can for as long as I can.

Did you get my message on Discord? I'm wondering if you've seen it yet.

howdy today sir Glen! I wonder about those totals I have because I joined in Feb but didn't start posting until almost 2 months late, I wonder how that affects anything. But anyway, yes if you stay steady then wow..if the platform lasts! lol. and that's not very funny, I think it will. Hopefully the negative things are just growing pains!

I didn't see any discord message! I'll go look.

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Right on cue, @steemitboard, since this is a post about reaching 10,000 comments. :) Thanks for keeping track. It's definitely helpful and motivating.

You're welcome @glenalbrethsen
Feel free to vote our witness to support us. You will get one more badge and more powerful votes from us on your posts.

Excellent results @glenalbrethsen and I congratulate you on your achievements, well done!

Hey, @serkagan.

Why thank you. :) It looks like you're currently No. 323 on the steemitboard list of comments all time, and roughly 3,000 comments ahead of me. So, congratulations to you, too.

Let me be the first to say Congratulations! You're a very important piece of this platform and to answer your question, you are helping to keep the social media side of STEEM social! We're happy to have you! Keep up the good work and Steem on! 😃

Hey, @erikah.

Well, thank you for that. I can't really speak to the "the important piece"—if I am, then we all are, which is actually the way it should be—but it's good to hear that I am a part of STEEM Social. :) Everything you've said to me I can say back to you. It is great to have you here, too.

Onward and upward. :)

Aww. how nice of you! Thank you very much and I agree, Onward and upward. :)

You're welcome. I don't think I gave you you're ranking. You're currently No. 188 all time on the steemitboard list at over 18,000 comments. So you're lapping me. :)

I didn't even know there's a ranking, have never checked, but it's good to know, so thank you for that :)

Congratulations on your yet another achievement. You are doing great! Give yourself a pat on the back. :-)

hey, @quotes-haven.

Thank you. I think this post probably served as that pat on the back, though. :)

I'm happy with this one. I'm going to have a decent monthly report on Monday, too. No spoilers here. :)

Very good! :-)
Have a great weekend!

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