$75 Up for Grabs ~ Love them or Hate Them ~ Clowns & Scarecrows CONTEST 2018

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With the abundance of artistic talent that is on the Steemit site, this contest is my favorite of the year.

No matter who I talk to there always seems to be an opinion about clowns and scarecrows. Some people hate clowns, some people like myself find them very intriguing. Likewise, some people have the same feelings about scarecrows in general.

This is the second annual hosting of this contest, here is the link to last years. I hope many of the users who are still here from last year return to try and take the prize.


I love dark and macabre type stuff for Halloween. As a family with many kids, our Halloween tends to be anything but macabre. Like the plans for this year are Charlie Brown characters. I luck out since I am fat and old and I get to be "The Great Pumpkin".

So this contest is a way for me to enjoy a little more of the Halloween that I personally enjoy while the family does things more for the kids in the house.

Like last year this will be a 3 part contest.

Round 1 of the contest starts as of the posting of this blog entry.

1.) Round 1 ends midnight of October 8th.
2.) 10 entries will be selected October 8st ~ 5 based on the most upvotes and 5 based on my personal choice.
3.) Only those who enter round 1 may enter round 2
4.) Only users who create their own post and link their entry to this post will be eligible to win.
5.) This post must be resteemed if you enter

The rules for round two will be revealed on October 8th along with the round one winners.

Prizes are as follows for 1st, 2nd and 3rd:

$35, $25 and $15 paid in USD in any of the three following ways.

1.) Steem Dollars

2.) Steem


3.) Paid via PayPal Friends and Family.

Please have fun, enter as often as you like and may the best art win.

In the event there are not 10 entries, this contest will be void but I will still reward those who enter.


MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (<---- that is totally a link to my post by the way. I hid it as a sinister laugh because I thought too much exposition would take away from the impact of my evil... aw, crap, never mind I ruined it. sad clown)

here's my entry, thanks :3

feel the fear of the clown

I remember this one XDDD

As I remember your entry, let's do it again!

Rolls over, stares at the sky "Clowns.... why did it have to be clowns..?"

Because clowns are awesome!

If my line work is shaky it is because I am terrified as I draw... or I'm just lazy.

You will do your best and draw me something wicked!

use sai you clown... LOL sai has stabilizer...stabilizer is stronger than fear and sloth
-turtledance24 2018

only 6 entries??? The hell...extend another week, I suggest, LOL....

What a let down compared to last year before everyone left their account on sales mode.

well, thats steemit for ya, sad thing is, most of the contestant we have this year are mostly my budds, LOOOL, where did tazarp and apsu went??? LLOOOOOL

I don't know.........

My entry and link

bro, ill try to fetch you more entries, LOOOL... WTF...I should had promoted steemit more recently at a group that i know....LOL

till monday next week, deadline?

I will restart it this week.

what do you mean restart? youll make a post about round 1 again? tsk, I shouldnt had stopped inviting people that draw that i met on other sites.... i got so bc with making content, i havent asked some of them to try steemit.

Yes, I will start a new contest later this week. I don't want to extend this one. I will make a new topic and proceed.

nice! I'm doing inktober, so not sure if I'll have time, but we'll see. Is it just clowns, or clowns AND scarecrows?

Either or, next is Orcktober if I follow exactly as last year.

man, my sched is really cramed right now, i wanted to do a gif for this contest but my time is really limited right now, hahaha.

Well, there are some friends that I invited that still havent submitted their entries, lets wait for em...

I thought you forgot to link it, LOOOL

Internet stopped working after I submitted the post so rip LOL

Greetings @erodedthoughts, I love clowns but malignant version. I am writing to know if I still have a chance to participate in your contest?

I will start a new one soon, this one was canceled due to limited entries.

But about the same clown theme or do you have a new theme?

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