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Hi ADSactly readers! It's Thursday, which means for most, that the week is coming to an end. It also means that we can start looking forward to our weekly chat show "Fridays with ADSactly", hosted by @broncofan99 and @princessmewmew


What is the Show All About?

We try to keep the conversation focused on Steemit related topics. This means we will chat about anything from new tools available to Steemians, to markdown tips, to popular Steemians to follow.


Giving Back to the Community

We really encourage networking and getting to know your fellow Steemians, so our Friday's With ADSactly are a great place to meet other like minded individuals.

At ADSactly, we are all about giving back to the community, so we encourage you to come along and share the link to your latest post, and tell us a little about it. This is a wonderful way to get a few extra upvotes and some more interaction on your post.

Your Hosts


@broncofan99 is one of our Community Overseers in ADSactly, and super involved with our Post of The Day project. He is known for his kind and helpful spirit, and is a huge sports lover. Recently he has been making some amazing DTube videos, so feel free to ask about that in the chat!

carmen p.jpg

@princessmewmew (me!) is passionate about food and design. My main love on Steemit is manual curation, supporting minnows and sharing the knowledge I have gained over the past year with every one who is keen to learn!

I have also been running a #wondrouswednesday gratitude contest where you can win some steem and a 100% upvote from myself for a week. So head on over to my blog to read about that!

So, between the two of us, we will definitely have something to chat about.


We Need You!

If you'd like to attend, please let us know in the comments what you'd like to discuss, or what you would like to hear us discuss. We are looking for talking points.


The Details

Find the chat in the ADSactly Discord Server, link here.

We will kick off at 20h00 UTC, and chat for about an hour.

Can't wait to see you there!


Please consider voting for @adsactly-witness as a witness. To read what we are all about - click here




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@adsactly is a community with very kind and talented people. @ broncofan99 y @princessmewmew are friendly and always willing to help! Too bad I don't speak English, but otherwise I would participate in this program, which from what I've read is interesting and productive. I was particularly struck by the number of wallets and crypto coins that have come out in the last few days in steemit. Are they reliable? Will they all make a name for themselves? Should we have them all? And too bad I couldn't participate in your contest, @princessmewmew. The internet in my country is terrible! A hug

This program carries the BIGTOM seal of approval! These two are just special people that usually have something of great interest to discuss. And the after party is always a good time too.

It's fun and informative and a really good chance to meet with some really good folks. It's really the Steemit Platform at it's very best. People sharing and caring.

It's such a great show with honestly the coolest hosts! If you're in doubt, just join in and try it out, you won't regret it! :-)

Hello my best friend @adsactly very important good news. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

Gracias por la invitación, me gusta tu manera de pensar y como quieres hacer de esto una gran comunidad.

@broncofan99, @princessmewmew and @adsactly, Really unfortunate that i am reading this post now otherwise i would definitely joined because i am really keen to expand my growth on this platform.

And in my opinion good to hear how it is mentioned as ending notes as Talking Points, and these words purely reflecting that this session was effective and more subjective.

And for sure i will join next week and try to discuss few points upon my journey and will take advices which can help me in the Journey Of Expansion.

And in my opinion these kind of Conversations can also increase the Engagement Levels and also we can spread the Knowledge Transfer too.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Very great news. I wish you all the best
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This will be my first time joining in the show. I'm curious and excited. count me in!

Adsactly really this a very good community,nature of this community is so soft,Great host,wonderful host dlive,hopefully this show will be rock.Discuss about the steemit related Questions in this show,Everyone like this show,Everyone wait for your great show,thanks for sharing,

Great for all of us thanks.

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