The Minnow Power-up League - Week #46

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Welcome to the Minnow Power Up League.

Sadly, this will be the final Minnow Power-Up League Post for the foreseeable future. Both Paula and I feel it is time for a break and need to refocus our time. Hopefully the MPL will return at some point in the future.

A huge thank you to @yabapmatt for sponsoring the Minnow Power Up League with 200 STEEM and a bunch of Splinterlands cards every month, and a thank you also to the various sponsors listed further down the post. You rock.

The Minnow Power-Up League was created to encourage members of the community to invest STEEM and hold Steem Power. Holding Steem Power long-term is an excellent way to grow an individual account, and bring stability and growth to the price of STEEM.

We now have 159 minnows that are growing and tracking their progress on the road to dolphin-hood. We also have 49 graduates. Together, last week the league members have powered up a total of 11,238.775 Steem Power. All participants since joining have powered up a massive 328,597.553SP. To learn more about this minnow initiative please do have a read of our introductory post:


Let's Grow Together

Don’t forget we are all trying to grow so please do consider supporting the person above you and the person below you in the league by visiting their blog posts or even voting on their comments in this post.

The Minnow Power-up League

We are using SteemSQL database managed by @arcange to gather details on the Owned SP for each person that has entered the league. The current weekly owned SP will be compared to the SP held last week. The person with the highest SP growth for the current week will be on top of the leader board.

There are 4 levels depending on your SP levels. Once you graduate from one, you will be automatically placed on the next. When you graduate from the 4th you will be placed on the Minnow Wall of Fame.

Level 1


Congratulations to @evanstinger being first in the league this week with a massive power up of 532SP.

In second is @lion200 and in third is @leysa. Well done the both of you!

Also in the top ten is @nonsowrites, @justatouchfey, @mytechtrail, @cryptoyzzy, @bluemoon, @muscara, and @shainemata. Well done on the Power-ups everyone.

Level 2


There are now 41 active participants on level 2, and this weeks winner is @badmusgreene with an amazing SP growth of 737.208 this week.

Congratulations also to @nickyhavey who has finished in second place.

Level 3


@cmplxty you are first in level 3 league this week with amazing growth of 504.323SP. That rocks! @kaerpediem in second place, well done.

Level 4


@chekohler you are first in level 4 league this week with amazing growth of 99.223SP. That rocks! @erikah in second place, well done.

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame. This wall is a showcase of the minnows that took part in this league and graduated to dolphin-hood. @for91days Congratulations, way to go! You are now a dolphin. What an amazing achievement.


This weeks prizes

Sponsoring an SBI unity for the highest power up on level 1 is @contrabourdon and the winner this weeks goes to @evanstinger again with a power up of 532SP.

A big shout out and thank you to @riverflows sponsoring 2 SBI units to the winner on Level 2, which this weeks goes to @badmusgreene!

Also a big thank you to @roleerob for sponsoring an SBI unit to the overall highest power up in the week. This weeks winner is @badmusgreene with a massive power up of 737SP. Congratulations!

Well done to @lion200, @leysa, @nonsowrites, @nickyhavey, @homesteaderscoop, @knowhow92, @kaerpediem, @naturalmedicine, @minismallholding, @erikah, @celestal, and @karamyog who have all received some STEEM this week.

And congratulations to @evanstinger, @badmusgreene, @cmplxty, and @chekohler for placing 1st in their respective level and picking up a pack of @steemmonsters cards. Be lucky!

Thank you everyone.


1 SBI share registered for @badmusgreene! If so inclined, excellent time to power up. And great to see @for91days there on the Wall of Fame! Well done! 😊

Sorry to see MPL go, but certainly understandable. Thank you @abh12345 and @paulag for all of your hard work to have made the weekly encouragement possible for so many "up and coming" Steemians! 👍

Thank you @roleero. The SBI share is much appreciated.

Happy to do my small part @badmusgreene, to provide a little encouragement.

All the best to you for a better tomorrow! 👍

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Ah crap. This should have gone out on @steemcommunity.

Lol. Yes, you are definitely in need of a break! The rankings for levels 3 and 4 are also looking a bit confusing, unless it's not going on weekly growth any more.

I will miss the league, it was a good little driver to keep at it, but there is no arguing that you guys can only stretch so far. HF21 is coming anyway and it may take a while for the dust to settle from that, so I'd say that's the perfect time to take a break. I hore we see the league again, but I don't blame you if we don't.

Thank you @abh12345, @paulag and @yabapmatt for everything.

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oops :D

Paula was burning the candle at the other end as she's out today and wouldn't be able to sort the data out this morning. Proof we do need a break!

Thank you for the kind words and support @minismallholding, much appreciated :)

You know, I did wonder as I was reading it!! LOL!

Up at 5:30, clearly not awake yet!

It's a crazy time to be about, have you lost your mind man!!

Just getting some practice in case something like employment happens.

This is the problem with going to bed before 11 pm - I'm done after 6 hours and need a coffee and food!

You're unemployed also? O.O
In Germany, there's a bank holiday today (well, at least in parts of Germany ...) so I got to sleep a little longer. Nice. :)
Tomorrow I have to be up at 6 again too since I decided not to take a free day just like most from my course.

Spending all day offline takes away much time from Steemit. I'm about to have my 2 years complete soon but I feel off it like never before.

Hope sun is shining nicely at your place too!

At present, yes. And with the current markets that needs to change sharpish!

Enjoy your bank holiday :)

Haha, is good to get the practice in I suppose. I have child alarms. I pray the day that they both sleep in will come soon!

It can't be too many more years. Good luck!

Aye, a year at most. Doddle, lol!!! ;0)

I was confused!!! Ah no matter. Foreseeable future? Like forever? Thats so sad! It must be a ton of work though. We all appreciate every thing you both have done. It was a real buzz being part of it. Really sorry to see it end.

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Who knows, I hope not forever.

Thank you, we appreciate the kind words and additional sponsorship the likes of yourself have brought along :)

We are, or have been, on quite some journey together. Its nice to have back. I will have to find something else to spend my 2SBI pittance on xxx

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A pack of Monster cards? :D

Sometimes this happens!

!giphy fail


I would call the below a resounding success! :D

I was wondering why it earned more than $1.....I didn't even notice it was the wrong account

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lol yeah. I'll send you 50 cents over in a week :P

It's ok u can keep it, it's the least you deserve 🤗

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coffeea Lucky you @abh12345 here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

You guys deserve this break! I hope you get back as soon as possible.

You guys deserve this
Break! I hope you get back as
Soon as possible.

                 - yonnathang

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sad to see you guys go hope it won’t be for too long and thank you so much for all the support and the prizes I really do appreciate everything

Happy to be going out on a high and I’m still going to solider on to dolphin at $0.16 it’s just getting easier

Congrats to everyone especially @cmplxty what huge gains mate

Great work - have a !COFFEEA

Good job, buddy!

Thank you so much appreciate it! All about hitting them goals

I'm waiting on job news and Paula is busy with her work so it seems the right time to focus on ourselves for a bit.

Should still be good for Sundays post, although after the fork prizes might have to be adjusted!

At these prices we'll have Orcas all over the place :D


coffeea Lucky you @chekohler here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

I started 45 weeks ago and made it to level 4 , for you two this was a lot off work but highly appreciated by a lot off us. So thanks for every week and looking forward to the future when you and @paulag have a new league or idea. No pressure hahaha

You hair changes more often than my socks you know? :)

It's been really great watching so many accounts build their SP up, and I hope that Steem gets it's backside into gear at some point so those gains look like something worthwhile!

No pressure at all, let's see what the Steem community have to offer :P :D

The gaga hair do is for special occasions! I hope the community will rise again and continues to be awesome !

@badmusgreene well done on your power up. 2SBI coming soon x

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Thank you for sponsoring the MPL @riverflows :)

You are welcome xxxx

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Thanks @riverflows for the SBI shares :)

I'm also sad to see this amazing motivator stop but I also understand. You guys are doing a wonderful job motivating and helping people with these leagues but your time is just as limited as everyone's.

Anyway, I'm glad I could be part of it, it helped me a lot but I'm graduating anyway, so I would have been kicked out anyway 😁

Thank you very much @paulag and @abh12345 for your hard work and see you around in other projects.

And thanks for the prize, if course 😜

Thank you @erikah :)

We both feel we've done our bit for now and hope others can take over until we are refreshed :)

Congrats to @for91days for dolphinhood and to @altobee for reaching 1000 SP.
And @muscara's back - great!

Congrats @evanstinger! Your SBI unit has been submitted.


Thank you so much!

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Thank you very much @contrabourdon :)

Thanks for this Minnow Power-up League, this league motivated me to grow even more on Steem.

Y'all rock!

Cheers 🍻

Very happy to hear that, thank you and keep going :)


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Hey @evanstinger, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

Oh, wow! Thanks!
Cheers! 🍻

I somehow only realize now that this wonderful series is coming to an end (for the moment) and I have to admit I'd rather offer to continue the service than abstaining from seeing my weekly increase. I have no idea on the workload nor am I not unsure about my future myself. But I care too much about it .... :/
Maybe @altobee would feel inclined to have it continuing too?

Is there any script for the retrieval of the data?

I might need some help during transition time and if you do not feel like providing that: it's ok as I really don't have any idea how much time it needs. But for the moment, I'm keen about it.

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Sadly, this will be the final Minnow Power-Up League Post for the foreseeable future.

¡Gosh! ...finally!!

Finally, I had the pleasure to see my username in at least one of the tables thru all these years. Yes, in the group of the Level 1 pauper ones. Hahahaha

Look at this:

Is not that gorgeous? I am the 21th Powered-Up within the League. And now that this will be the final Minnow Power-Up League Post for the foreseeable future.... I gotta put that bit of the table where my username is. In a fucking golden frame to hang it on the forelock of my bed for the posterity. };)

Holy crap Asher!! You never thought my grandchildren would witness one day, through an official certificated diploma hanging on the pompadour of my bed, their grandfather's exploits across the steem blockchain. Isn't it?

Yes hang that one up, and on Sunday you'll be able to add another next to it :)

Why am I so backward in coming forward? What a great initiative and well done. Have a good break and all the best with your new initiatives @abh12345 and @paulag

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A tough question for me to answer!

Thank you very much @fionasfavourites :)

Umm...Asher - it's gotta be a rhetorical question! I can't answer it either.... lol

So sad to know the MPL will last or halt after this. But I think you did the right thing, why? While we're trying and show our love to steemit, the powerful people only think about their own wallet. While they proudly said that steemit exists because of its communities.. wondering what communities they talked about at that time and decided to launch the HF21 with a free downvote without consuming your VP.

Thank you so much for your hard and excellent works all this time @steemitcommunity, @abh12345 and @paulag are truly an Angel on Steemit.

they proudly said that steemit exists because of its communities.. wondering what communities they talked about at that time

heh :) yeah, umm those communities over there, somewhere...

Thank you @cicisaja, very kind :)

I would like to say thank you to both you and @Paulag for running this. It was a great aid in letting me know where I was, where I was going and could give an idea of how long to get there.

When we set out on a road with no destination in mind and left and right turns and turn a rounds and round-a-bouts, it was always nice knowing how far I had traveled and when that seemingly right turn became a one-eighty. I always had this and the engagement league to help get me on back on track, even if I still have no destination in mind.

Thanks @bashadow, much appreciated.

I'll still be doing the EL, not sure how prizes will look following the hard fork but we'll see, cheers :)

Thank you both for the league and the support! It’s been a great motivator for people to track the progress of folks and see how things are progressing. Best of luck to you both, I’m sure there will be other projects you will have going on here when time permits.

I am going to sponsor the winners of tier 1 and 2 with additional SBI units, so I’ll be sending those along!

Ah that's very good of you, thank you! :)

Thank you both for the msl, it is a great motivation tool! Hope to see it come back some day.
Meanwhile, enjoy your more than deserved break, good luck for your coming projects!

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Thank you very much @pardinus :)

Sad to see it go but totally understand it. I hope the effort continues to insprire continued Minnow growth given the great opportunity these days to become Minnow with less than $100! Look forward to its return!

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$100 a minnow, cheap at twice the price imo :)

Thank you @paulag and @yabapmatt for support of this and a huge thank you to @abh12345 for taking the time to product these stats every week.

Times they certainly are a-changing around here and this before HF21 hits.

Hope you had a coffee and some breakfast now. I had a bit of a lie in myself! 😍

Our pleasure, thanks Gillian :)

Oh look, it's almost lunch and I'm still not out of bed :D

That's a bit more than a lie in. 😱 is that what the discord idle status means then?

You must be up now though. It's well past dinner and pub time. 😂

Ah guys, that's sad news about the league stopping, I was just getting started 😔 fully understand though, it takes a lot out I'm sure but I'm glad I went out with a bang and finished 2nd this week and pretty impressed to have powered up over 450 Steem since I joined the league!

Thanks for the motivation and take it easy. All the best with the new job too!

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Cheers Nicky

I'll still be doing the Leagues on Sunday so no excuses for slacking off. Nice job on the recent power-ups :)

Haha damn, was hoping to get some chill time for the engagement league 😛

I had a lot of "magic beans" from steem engine that created 100 STEEM for me out of thin air this week so that helped. I'm still on a mission to dolphinhood but to increase my SP by over 25% in the last couple of months I'm pretty happy about!

Catch you Sunday 😉

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You will be missed @abh12345, thank you for all the work you guys do. I hope to see you after your break. 🤞🙏

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Thanks @abh1234 and @paulag for everything.Thanks as well to all the sponsors and steem users grinding it out through the crypto altcoin winter season.I and the rest of the league will miss you guys @abh1234 and @paulag

I've asked in the comments twice now and did the sponsorship last week and am doing it again this week, but if I could get tagged so that I see this post when it comes out so I remember to do it that would be awesome, because I somehow never see it organically. X3 Thanks.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, I've said that I will sponsor an SBI share for the top spot in level 3, so that's done now:

SBI on its way to @cmplxty! Just a few days late, sorry. >.>

Edit: OH okay I just saw the first paragraph, my apologies. Nevermind, since the league is on hiatus. SBI sent for this week, anyway.

Thank for doing this for as long as you have to take care and enjoy the break.

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