Announcing the Minnow Power Up League

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There is no better time than now to accumulate STEEM Power. Prices are low, all pay-outs are in SP and STEEM, and the blockchain is not as busy as it was. This is an opportunity to grow and when the next wave comes, you will be bigger and better than ever.

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By powering up and growing your account you will have higher SP and guess what higher SP means?

  • Higher SP = higher vote value
  • Higher vote value = you can reach more people
  • Higher SP = proof of long term vision
  • Higher SP = greater chance of support from larger accounts

With that in mind we are pleased to announce the Minnow Power UP league. Taken directly from the weekly Redfish Power Up League hosted by @paulag, and with some eager graduates wanting to track the growth from Minnow to Dolphin, today we are taking names, and the first league post will be out in a weeks time.

The Aim of the challenge is to grow your SP. It’s a long way to grow from Minnow to Dolphin, from 500SP to 5000SP. So, to make things a little more fun and motivating, we are going to run 4 Levels:

  • Level 1: 500SP to 1500SP
  • Level 2: 1500SP to 2500SP
  • Level 3: 2500SP to 3500SP
  • Level 4: 3500SP to 5000SP

How to enter and rules

To enter the Minnow Power Up League all you have to do is comment in any of the Minnow Power Up League posts saying you want to be included, and the following week we will add you to the data. It’s opt in only, and those who register will remain on the list unless they asked to be removed.

To enter you must have a 500 owned SP or more. You will be automatically entered into the correct level.

Prizes will be awarded at each level; however, prizes will not kick in on a level until it has a minimum of 5 participants.

Delegated SP will be excluded, both in and out. We will be working from owned SP values only.

These rules are not fixed and may change over time. Your feedback is welcome.

How it will work

We will be using @steemsql to gather the data. Each week we will update the workings with the SP owned on that day. This will be used to calculate your growth since joining the league (total growth) and the grow for the current week.

Rankings will be based on growth for the current week.


Prizes will be sponsored by @steemcommunity and the team members accounts and are yet to be confirmed.

Do you want in? Drop and comment below and we will make sure you are included in the first week’s league.

Follow @steemcommunity so you find the weekly post in your feed.

Kind Regards

The @steemcommunity witness team: @abh12345, @paulag, and @c-csquared


Any profit made by promoting this post will become a part of the prizes for the Minnow Power-up League.

Dear @steemcommunity I would like to minnow up to dolphin so would you please take me on 😉 now that I Am 500+

I have a lot of catching up to do since my vacation. Is @steemcommunity now a joint witness account with @c-squared? I haven't been following along much since life has been super busy when my kiddo started school, but I have seen members branching out of curie helping to support many accounts on @c-squared.

This is an interesting initiative. Count me in and I will help if abled! I don't post often so it might be slow growth.

I would love to participate. Very cool initiative! Thank you

hi there @mcoinz79 and welcome to the league. I took your starting SP as of yesterday to be 1018.876 so that will put you on level 1

Not there yet but would love to join once I reach the 500SP mark!
To bad I won't qualify anymore for the redfish competition :(

But both are great initiatives! I'll be back! 😎

Good stuff! Yes we are hoping the League will encourage engagement and retention - we need a lot of both right now!

Yayyyyy!!!! So excited and happy the idea has now reached fruition!!! HUGE Congratzzz, @paulag, @abh12345 and @c-csquared!!! I'll be joining as soon as I hit the 500 SP level. ;)

yepeeeee you were one of the ones to help push for this. we are going to see the most awesome pod of dolphins jump out of here in no time

Please include me. :)

of course I will include you, with SP yesterday of 907.965 you will be starting on level 1

Count me in, I am getting to where I like being able to figure out what I am doing, and of course it is always better to have someone else do the heavy work, then all I need to do is copy the data and compare it week over week.

736.906 is your starting SP putting you on level 1. Thanks for joining, glad to have to on board

very cool initiative! gotta find a vote to move around for you guys ;)

That sounds good to us, cheers! :D

I do want to learn more, I have a feeling this is just a tip of the iceberg lettuce...

awesome - witness votes are most welcome

I bet! I have 25 accounts proxied to me also :P (all plankton)

I'm in. This isn't even my final form. 😏

I would love to be included too. I came across this thanks to a resteem of anthonisadavisii :)

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This is an excellent idea! I definitely want to be IN! Thank you very much for this invitation!

Glad you like it and even happier to have you on board. You will be starting on Level 2 as your SP yesterday was 2398.50

Great, thanks a lot! :-)

i want to join but my sp just 100. hiw can i join here?

ahhhhh my good friend, I am sorry but you will have to wait till you own 500SP. But the redfish league will help you track that one

allright @paulag. it's ok. i will be on the redfish League.

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Brother @hattaarshavin, I think you would like to see it.

Yes please count me in! Minnows unite, lets get to dolphin hood people!

Yes please count me in!
Minnows unite, lets get to
Dolphin hood people!

                 - chekohler

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

of course I will add you, its my pleasure. Your starting SP is 739.508 so that puts you on level 1

Thanks so much, ready to tackle level one. So only need to double up now to teach level 2! Super keen!

You are going so fast

Lol the race to dolphin waits for no man or woman, Fastest finishes first

I am swimming as hard as I can

I want to be a part of it...
Increasing Sp is fun and doing it in the form of group/community will be even more fun...
Now I can have inspiration from the fellow league members and also increase my connections and reach for better visibility....

Glad to see this coming to life! I'm a minnow "in name only" (via delegation) but part of Paula's Redfish league... but now I know where I will be going once I reach minnowhood, on my own!

Overall, LOVE these community based initiatives!


please enter me @paulag, I am interested after reading it

I'd love to participate. I've been powering up as much as I can and it's nice to see some progress. It's a little slower than I'd like, but it's progress nonetheless. It will be fun to see how my progress goes from week to week.

Hey, @steemcommunity.

Okay, so I go and take advantage of the lower STEEM prices and then you come out with this! Now that puts me in tier four rather than in tier two. Guess I'm glad I didn't try to do more, or I wouldn't be able to participate at all. :)

Please count me in.

Will there be any rules forthcoming as to how this growth can be achieved each week? Or should I go and look at what was established for The Redfish League?

hay @glenalbrethsen, yep its level 4 for you. We dont have strict rules, you can win steem, buy steem, earn steem, but I think I will stop at robbing steem and rules that one out. the trick is to power it up now matter how you get it.

Hi, @paulag.

I was principally wondering about those who might purchase bidbot votes with STEEM or SBD. Granted, minnows aren't supposed to have a bunch of STEEM or SBD lying around that might make it worthwhile. I'm guessing it's not been a big deal in the Red Fish leagues. :)

Ma'am, pardon me for asking, what does "robbing STEEM", mean.

Guess I'm glad I didn't try to do more, or I wouldn't be able to participate at all. :)


Hi, Glen.

Hey, @aneukpineung78.

What do you think about all of this?

This is another good thing on the blockchain. And I believe that it is a right time to buy STEEM and power up. I have made this plan couple month ago that I'm gonna start investing in STEEM in September, but I finally found out I have to postpone.

I hope everything is good at home, Glen. How's your wife.

She is good. She saw the surgeon on Wednesday and was cleared to go back to work the beginning of October. As long as she doesn't get crazy and do a bunch of things while she's visiting her sisters in Mexico, she should be okay.

Well, that's too bad about the investment. I probably could have waited an extra day for the additional five cent dip, but not knowing when/if that's going to happen had me waiting a few weeks to buy anyway.

Hope it works out that you can buy some before the prices go up again.

It's good to hear the progress with your wife, Glen.

About the investment, don't worry, time will come for me. I hope soon. 😀

I am in. Thanks for initiative!

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hi and welcome to the league, you will be starting at level 1 with an SP of 1194113 to start with

Always in for a great contest which does encourage people to grow on the blockchain!
So count me in :)
Will see how it works. And if there are enough competitors, I will maybe offer the same sponsorship as with @abh12345 engagement league!
Great initiative!

how cool Peter, its looking good for numbers already, but I still have to separate out everyone to their levels and make sure there are enough people for each level.

You will be starting on level 1. Dolphinhood here you come

If there are enough people in level 1. I will sponsor the lucky number 25 each week an SBI share. I will do this till the end of the year. We will see from there!
Great initiative!

Very good support guys I love tobbe part of it.

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welcome to the club @masterthematrix. You will be starting on level 4, our highest level with 4741.194 SP as of yesterday. Dolphinhood is only around the corner.

Wow! Almost there.

Can I please ........ say great job Guys ! And you know what I never had a connection with the word COMMUNITY but steemit fits like a glove👍

really sorry but you have to own SP of 500+ so delegated power is excluded. But you are not far off and for sure you can join then

Hi Paula i know I meant : can I please say ... great job Guys! Not can I please join I know I am not a 500 girl yet bit swimming My way up their 😉

This is great, I want to join. Never have I powered down in my 1 year+ on steemit, this past few months I have been powering up all my earnings.

good man, in the end you will be so glad that you did this. I have added your name, with SP of 2236.121 you will start on level 2

Thank you so much :)

I'm in :) I am not that far away from dolphin-hood but I still have a little bit of ground to travel - lets walk together :)

So happy you joined @carlgnash, so you will be starting at level 3 :-)

I definitely want in!

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amazing, you are in so. I took the sp levels yesterday and you are starting with 1129.975 so you will be on level 1

Great! Thanks

I just graduate to a Dolphin but know the importance of growing the minnow community so I will be following the initiative and supporting those engaging to grow! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! Thanks!

hay @newageinv, thank you so much for the support, I think this post will be a good post to find the long term thinkers on the platform.

Oh and congratulations on dolphinhood - next step Orca

Count me in.

1510.261 SP as of yesterday, this puts you in level 2. welcome to the league

Take me along....👍 love to see my growth without any bid bot use...include me.

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yeppeeeee I grew without bots too, so you can do it

You have a starting SP of 1413.082 so you will be on Level 1

Wow. Great....👌 to be in another engagement....👍

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He @steemflow glad you swimming nearby

Hahah....still in deep dive..waiting you to hold....remember?😉

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We have the power at 100% again so Steem on 👍

Oh good....I want to be include in it but unfortunately My steem power is very weak......but I am trying because my courage is high.....

I am interested in participating.

@practicalthought you are starting on level 1 with a SP value taken yesterday of 540.634. Nice one for joining.

I would love to be included! 😊

lovely bubbly, I will add your name right now.

YAY!! Thank you!

Count me in please. I love anything like this that breaks down what we are accomplishing.

fantastic, the post will be out next Thursday, do keep an eye on your feed.

Lovely. I will be looking forward to seeing it. I've been following some of your redfish league so hoping for more of the same.

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and delighted to have a fellow paddy join in :-)

The start of many. There are a few others fairly active on the site so I'm sure a few of them will turn up as we go along. Thanks for doing it.

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This might be of interest to you @jlsplatts

@sparkesy43 thanks for the support :-) Invite every minnow you know. Lets grow an awesome pod of dolphins

I would like to be included, please! Thanks! :)

I knew I could count on you. Nice one, so happy to see the graduates coming over and joining in.

Please include me .. thank you SC!

hi @cryptobeginner this league is for minnows, or those with SP higher than 500. You might be interested in joining the redfish league instead

yay I'd love to be a part of this! please include me .. thank you SC!

of course you can be included, thanks for adding your name, you are first on the list.

@paulag woo hooo yay! thank you so much :)

I am happy to see this and good timing as I hope to be joining you in the next few weeks.

one step at a time, lets get you graduating from the redfish league first :-)

Looks amazing!
I wish us low levels could join in too.
I will try get 500SP soon and opt in!
Good luck with this project! I will come here more often to see how it is going.

you could join the redfish power up league if you are not already in it

This sounds fun.

Add me please ^_^.

so your starting SP is 622.642 putting you on level 1 :-)

If you'd like more participants, I'll join the league. Thanks!

glad to see you join. Your starting on level 1 with an SP of 561.957

Hi, I would also love to participate, thank you. 😊

fab, your starting SP taken yesterday was 910.149. You are on Level 1

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Seems the more SP I have, the lower my vote so I'm giving some of it away.

lol everyone's vote is getting lower, its just because of the price of steem, but if you really want to give it away I will gladly take it :-)

Tell me something I don't know; the price of Steem went up a bit, my vote still went down. Sorry, you are not on my list for free Steem; you are not poor enough to qualify. Besides, I already made my transfer today, it's public information. Greetings!

My understanding is that the witnesses are using a 3 day average so it is still reeling from the last few days.

If you want to delegate some SP. I will accept it happily.

oh sounds like a very good initiative ! i want IN :D

hi @veryspider and welcome to the power up league. Dolphinhood here we come :-)

Dolphinhood \o/ ......almost rhymes with Robinhood ??? :thinking emoji:


Welcoming all engaged minnows who are powering up in search of 5k dolphin status!

Well I'm powering up @abh12345 but feel a very long way from dolphin status.

Please add me to the league though and let's see how it goes. 😁

I have added your name. Your starting SP taken yesterday was 2326.311. You will be starting on Level 2

Thank you @paulag. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. 😊

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I hope for not long time I get 500 owned SP or more. So I can join this league. Nice initiative from @steemcommunity. God bless this league.

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you are on the redfish league right?

Yes Mrs. @paulag. This is just a wish. I hope some day can get 500 sp more and more. Amin

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Please add me to the list

In which ways can we help the other members?

your name has been added, you are starting on level 4 with an sp of 3628.579

to help other members, great question - you can use the post to actively engage with those you would not normally engage with. Visit a few new blogs and support others with long term thinking and the want to grow.

excellent, thank you @paulag!

I would love to be a part of this
I have been plotting and planning how to make it to the next marker since I crossed over to Minnowhood last week thanks to Make a Minnow
Thank you for considering me @steemcommunity 😊

a new minnow, congratulations, next stop, dolphinhood. Lets crush this place and grow such an amazing pod of dolphins

Game on
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
Thank you @paulag 😊

Cool! Count me in.

awesome, I have added your name so you will be included in the first league post this week, you will be starting on level 1

good stuff, glad to have you join in. You will also be starting on level 1

I'm in!! Thank you @paulag and @abh12345! This is such a great idea to break the huge gap between minnow and dolphin up a little bit ... seems much more manageable that way :)

yipppeeeeeee, so glad you are in. Level 1 here we come.

That's what I'm looking forward to!!!

Please add me to the list


of course I will add you to the list. Dolphinhood is on the way.

I'm definitely in! A week after I reached 500SP was the start of your minnow power up challenge. Good thing there is another one for dolphinhood! Lol

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@jlordc welcome to the power up league. you will be starting on level 1. Keep your eye out for Thursdays post

Please include me on this league

Posted using Partiko Android

of course I will add you, i'm so glad you are joining in. You will be starting on level 1

Thank you @paulag lets go to dolphin it's a long way

I would like to join in the minnow league! Sounds like a good way of charting the growth of my account!

This sounds like a lot of fun. Add me to the power league!

I would loved to be included in the minnow power up league!!!

Your timing couldn't have been better for me. I just graduated from the redfish power up league 2-3 days ago and I was wondering if I could maybe join a program that would help me and fellow steemians of the same level track their progress.

Once again.... Thanks!!!

yepeeeeeeee another graduate. I am absolutely delighted that you are going to join us.

Too bad, I can't be in, don't have up to 500SP 😖😖😖

Can I join the League too?
Thanks a lot!
Steemitri The Mannequin

Im in add me to the list lets see how we do this week.

I wan't to join too.
greetings michael

I am in, thanks for the encouragement!

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Hi Steemians, First I like to wish you @steemcommunity a very Prosperous 2019.

I would very much like to be involved in your program and to participate in it.
I also like to thank you in reading my post. Happy 2019 to all Steemians.

Hello, I would like to join you, thanks to @paulag for letting me know

Can I participate?

Dear @steemcommunity I would like to minnow up to dolphin so would you please take me on

I would like to join the minnow power up League

Posted using Partiko Android

Please add me to the list. Just crossed over from red fish this week.

Hey @steemcommunity,
I've become a minnow not long ago and I want to join =D


i want to enter Minnow Power-Up League.
I was at @paulag's RedFish Power-Up league and i've reach 500SP today.

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