Lol. Yes, you are definitely in need of a break! The rankings for levels 3 and 4 are also looking a bit confusing, unless it's not going on weekly growth any more.

I will miss the league, it was a good little driver to keep at it, but there is no arguing that you guys can only stretch so far. HF21 is coming anyway and it may take a while for the dust to settle from that, so I'd say that's the perfect time to take a break. I hore we see the league again, but I don't blame you if we don't.

Thank you @abh12345, @paulag and @yabapmatt for everything.

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oops :D

Paula was burning the candle at the other end as she's out today and wouldn't be able to sort the data out this morning. Proof we do need a break!

Thank you for the kind words and support @minismallholding, much appreciated :)

You know, I did wonder as I was reading it!! LOL!

Up at 5:30, clearly not awake yet!

It's a crazy time to be about, have you lost your mind man!!

Just getting some practice in case something like employment happens.

This is the problem with going to bed before 11 pm - I'm done after 6 hours and need a coffee and food!

You're unemployed also? O.O
In Germany, there's a bank holiday today (well, at least in parts of Germany ...) so I got to sleep a little longer. Nice. :)
Tomorrow I have to be up at 6 again too since I decided not to take a free day just like most from my course.

Spending all day offline takes away much time from Steemit. I'm about to have my 2 years complete soon but I feel off it like never before.

Hope sun is shining nicely at your place too!

At present, yes. And with the current markets that needs to change sharpish!

Enjoy your bank holiday :)

Haha, is good to get the practice in I suppose. I have child alarms. I pray the day that they both sleep in will come soon!

It can't be too many more years. Good luck!

Aye, a year at most. Doddle, lol!!! ;0)

I was confused!!! Ah no matter. Foreseeable future? Like forever? Thats so sad! It must be a ton of work though. We all appreciate every thing you both have done. It was a real buzz being part of it. Really sorry to see it end.

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Who knows, I hope not forever.

Thank you, we appreciate the kind words and additional sponsorship the likes of yourself have brought along :)

We are, or have been, on quite some journey together. Its nice to have back. I will have to find something else to spend my 2SBI pittance on xxx

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A pack of Monster cards? :D

Sometimes this happens!

!giphy fail


I would call the below a resounding success! :D

I was wondering why it earned more than $1.....I didn't even notice it was the wrong account

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lol yeah. I'll send you 50 cents over in a week :P

It's ok u can keep it, it's the least you deserve 🤗

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coffeea Lucky you @abh12345 here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

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