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Here are your winners this week:

People's Champion

Goldilocks' Discontent (I.I. extended bonus feature!) [Honorary Part 5]


  1. @doomsdaychassis: Week in review V memes . Comedy open mic round 33 entry 2
  2. @amirtheawesome1: Scolding My Cousins Part 1 - Comedy Open Mic Round 33 Entry 1
  3. @lordbutterfly: Tomorrow, Tommorow i love you Tommrorow // Comedy openmic round #33
  4. @diebitch: Bad love poems - Comedy Open Mic Round 33
  5. @dollarsandsense: The Underwear Edition - (Cartoon-off) (Comedy Open Mic Round # 33)
  6. @ruth-girl: Ruth's Tragic Fate (Photo-Fiction) - COM #33
  7. @dante31: Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 33 : Your Horror Movie Cliche
  8. @spunkpuppet: Comedy Open Mic Round 32 : OVER THE SILVER SKY TO THE WORLD OF NEVER : Part 44 - Enter Through The Exit
  9. @kigigha: Curse My Luck: Comedyopenmic 33 first entry
  10. @belemo: A Crooked Love Story: Comedyopenmic 33 second entry

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Congratulations to all the winners, to keep going!