Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 22

Welcome to the 22nd week of The Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest.

Please read the contest rules here

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Rules for Judges


If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.

Do you want to be a judge?

Read all the entries, comment on contestant posts. Leave a positive trail of happiness and laughter behind you like you fart laughing gas and we will notice. Our most active curators and contestants will be asked to join us as guest judges on a week to week basis.



  • Court Jester will get 40SBD
    • Court Jester will be chosen by the judges
  • People's champion will get 0.01-5SBD (Payout depends on value, higher value post will get smaller prize. Remaining value to be handed out to other entrants).
    • People's champion is whoever has highest $ payout at competition close
  • Top 10 prize pool is 40SBD
    • Contestant selected for Punchy's Top 10 will receive 4SBD each.
  • Lucky Door Prize will be 5SBD
    • 5 lucky contestants will get a 1SBD each as a bonus prize.

This week's prize pool 90SBD



A number of people have put themselves forward as curators of content to encourage more entries.

If you see any of these guys around please upvote and thank them. It is because of their support that this contest is able to keep functioning.




Thank you @ausbitbank, @lyndsaybowes who were very generous in donating additional funds towards prizes.

@ausbitbank - 250 Steem, @idikuci - 208SBD, @dj123 - 132SBD + 8 Steem, @carlgnash 120SBD, @punchline - 80 Steem + 10SBD, @take5 - 65 SBD, @nonameslefttouse - 55SBD, @dandesign86 and @redlipstick - 32SBD, @ilt-yodith - 16.891SBD + 10.899 Steem, @amirtheawesome1 / @yesaye - 20SBD, @thedailylaugh - 10SBD, @amirtheawesome1 - 28SBD, @meesterboom - 10SBD, @buttcoins - 10SBD, @groovatti - 10Steem, @profanereviews - 10SBD, @linnyplant - 6SBD, @dreemit - 5SBD, @thevillan - 5SBD, @sisygoboom - 5SBD, @mourningnoodles - 4Steem, @belemo - 6SBD, @steemmatt - 3SBD, @holybranches - 8SBD, @pangoli - 7SBD, @jedi-won - 5SBD, @bitfiend - 2SBD, @diebitch - 2SBD, @lunasilver 0.007 Steem, @acolucky - 3Steem + 1SBD, @cemke - 2SBD, @scan0017 - 2SBD, @imjustsaying - 2SBD + 2Steem, @mourningnoodles - 2SBD, @armiaaceh - 1.5SBD, @richjr - 0.337 SBD, @puncakbukit - 0.1SBD, @aaarif - 0.15 SBD, @mahendranikum - 0.021SBD, @mineopoly - 5SBD, @fromthebeginning - 4SBD, @lyndsaybowes – 23 Steem + 12.286SBD


A big thank you to @gamer00, @artakush, @profanereviews, @anouk.nox who added to our delegation pool this week.

@ngc - 20,000SP, @roelandp - 15,556SP, @idikuci - 1,000SP, @dj123 - 900SP, @holger80 - 500SP, @take5 - 500SP, @flipstar - 300SP, @gamer00 - 300SP, @amirtheawesome1 - 256SP, @mightpossibly - 250SP, @carlgnash - 200SP, @abh12345 - 200SP, @johnthefellon - 200SP, @yesaye - 162SP, @buttcoins - 150SP, @pechichemena - 150SP, @jasonshick - 125SP, @diebitch - 100SP, @zenkly - 100SP, @bitfiend - 100SP, @bobaphet - 100SP, @cemke - 100SP, @artakush - 100SP, @profanereviews - 75SP, @ubongj - 50SP, @groovatti - 50SP, @holybranches - 50SP, @anouk.nox - 50SP, @samueldouglas - 25SP, @nobyeni - 25SP, @belemo - 20SP, @jonsnoww - 10SP, @betavirosis - 10SP, @sisygoboom - 9SP

Please send any donations and SP delegations directly to @comedyopenmic. The more funding we get, the longer it will be possible to run the contest and upvote all you hilarious people.

Important Information
If you see our judges, curators or sponsors comments or posts, please upvote and encourage them. They are giving up their time to help this contest, so if you see these guys around, say hello and give them an upvote:

We are all trying to make this a successful contest to raise participation in #funny and attract more comedians and aspiring comedians to Steem.

This post marks the end of Round 21 and the start of Round 22 of Comedy Open Mic.

Within 24hrs of this post, another post will go out marking the prize recipients. Sorry about the double post, but we need to make sure we have time to enjoy all the entries.


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Original Content

If you believe someone has submitted an entry that is not their work, please let the judges know. You can let us know on the discord channel or as a reply to one of our comments. As long as contestants make an effort to produce original content and provide sources for other material we will be happy to accept the entry.

Good Luck and Happy Steeming!!

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@comedyopenmic Thanks for having me as a guest judge. I enjoyed crawling through some of the most dark and disturbed minds on steemit. I don't think that I will ever be the same with this new fear of the public. You have changed my life forever. To be honest the experience helped me reach out of my steemit bubble and got me to discover new content creators.

Way to go Tim :)

Don't fear the public. Embrace them. Then kill them.

I might be afraid that I will run into someone like myself.....or just run into a tree or something that is run intable<-- add it webster.

Well welcome to the shit show


I'm humbled and enjoying the smell. :)

You know what they say.
Once you go COM, you get daddy issues, a bad credit report, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Well we all know what a powerful number 22 is.
No pressure though peeps :)
Bring it on!!

I'll be submitting some average comedy later :)


Once about once a month you have to suffer me!


Woo hoo! The only thing I love better than average comedy is mediocre sex.

Below is a link to my entry. It's my first be gentle. Also if I missed following a rule, let know.

My first attempt at entering this contest. Below is my entry ..

Look At My Boobies

  • Thanks for the contest.

I resteemed this post using and @resteemr

How do we know if our entry is accepted ?

Check your post for comments. Someone will let you know if it's not following the rules.

Thanks for the reply.

I am certain I have followed the rules to a T.

did my delegation not go through to you guys? I thought I sent 50SP. I will have to check when I get home.

Last time I read a few guys contents and they were funny af specially of @spunkpuppet ,@johnthefelon and @chrisroberts. I hope this time also guys come up with more and more creative content and make us laugh our asses out.

A big fat shout out to @comedyopenmic platform for giving such a great platform to show their creative and funny side.

Obviously, you didn't read mine or you would have mentioned me too.

Oh, you did? Okay, I get your drift. I won't bother you again.

@profanereviews No sir I could not read yours . I just picked 4-5 random once.

But your confidence in your content makes wanting to read it and enjoy it.
Will give you my review once I finish.
Ready to get my funny bones tickled.👍👍😎

Lol he was joking.

Clearly what you meant to say was , he didn't watch my video, He didn't mention me...

Here's my first comedyopenmic entry ever! I was nominated some time ago by a couple of my punday peeps!

I nominate @mariannewest and @eaglespirit!

Yippee! Every week seems to be filled with intrigues and fun. I know this week will not be an exception, even as I look forward to reading (or seeing) hilarious posts that will make me laugh out my ass.
Kudos to @comedyopenmic.

Another day another contest for @comedyopenmic, let`s give fun to babys

Here I am back with my first entry. I hope you see it and reconsider a little about these complicated situations that life has.

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Below is my second entry ...
It's a spin-off from my first entry but is also hilarious on its own.

It's a great new week again, believe me last week was amazing, I read some fantastic entries too, it's so amazing, looking forward to more entries this week.

It's always good to go through your posts.. everything is so perfectly done in your blogs be it the photography, the content or the way of your presentation.

I love to see more blogs from you, followed you :)

Not sure if you would get some time to go through our blogs about personality development as well , and suggest if anything can be improved -

I would suggest that you at least find out what an account is about, so you can fine tune your spamming.

I just went and read it. It's pretty funny. I hope you enter something this week too.

Thanks! :D

I uploaded this right after the round 22 was up and they were so kind to let me post my entry here instead.

Good luck to everyone this week! Make the community laugh :)

Little bit of comedy is always necessary to keep the thrill in life.

Getting ready for the contest post. wooooo! i feel sleepy, i need to go to sleep to get any idea to post in my dream.

@comedyopenmic hehehe.. it's very nice contest. My one friend is a great comedian. I will ask him to join this contest.

Hey fuckerz! ..erm, I mean Jokers! Over here my entry Nª1 to this Round 22 of the contest. A weird one to make YOU, your dog, your cat, the little tweety and everyone in your home horny. Enjoy it!! }:)

Question here. Can anyone join or it must be someone nominated by peers? Thanks!

I entered without being nominated but just in case I have just nominated you in my second entry. Let me know when your done so I can read your entry.

Thank you so much! 😊

Your welcome .. I look forward to reading your entry.

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