Welcome back and congrats to the new job! :)

As you may have noticed, I received the changes of HF 21 with mixed feelings. Beside good effects (self-votes are less attractive than before, 'bitbotted' shit posts are getting flagged, abusers are getting flagged) it is a fact than many small and middle sized users earn significantly less than before. Just follow the (many) comments in the weekly posts of @double-u (I suggest you to check the last few ones) and you will see what I mean (people commenting there are respected Steemians like for example @chriddi).
It is true that some whales or former bid bot services are curating manually now, but they are just not aware of the less known users ... you need to have reached a certain 'level of fame' to get their attention.
A positive exception is @curangel run by @pharesim which really is upvoting small accounts (which you easily can check with SteemWorld).

Of course I also still see poeple crying around about the hardfork.

Neither in German nor in English the verbs "cry" and "criticize" are synonyms. I think it's just unfair to let it appear they were. :)
In every big project (objective and constructive) criticism is badly needed for improvements and precious part of the process of further development.

But to be honest, it mainly comes down to two groups of users: ...

As pointed out above, here I have to disagree.

Sure, not everyone seems to benefit immediately - But I have seen many good posts from smaller users rewarded quite big as well. And I hope, curation gets better and better. I still think we are on the right way. :)

But yeah, I was a little bit hard to equal crying with criticizing. Without critique, we probably wouldn‘t even have those changes.

Thank you for your comment!

Caring less about the rewards is the right thing to do, when you more concentrated on the things you are doing and note the outcome, the rewards should not make you waiting for them )) Good efforts with this post. Thank you!

Glad to see you “back”! Works sounds insane but that marathon sounds pretty exciting, congrats on both 😉

I agree with your overall thoughts on STEEM, in fact they are spot on. I think the changes so far are positive and while we have a long way to go, things are looking up due to the changes made with the fork.

Also.. you have one of those job things?!! 😱 Who knew that was a proper way to pay ones bills without having to rage online about what you feel you deserve for your blogs? 😜 .. ok enough snark out of me. Glad to see you posting and hope you are well ❤️

Thank you for the kind words :) Yeah, I got one of those REAL jobs, not just a „wannabe“ blogger and @steemmonsters professional 😅 But I guess (or actually I am 100% sure) that‘s a good thing.

Regarding the marathon and the heavy hiking - I will write more about that soon!

Es schön mal wieder von dir zu lesen. Ich hatte so ähnlich Zeitprobleme wie du und hatte deswegen auch nicht so viel Zeit für Steem.
Ich wünsche dir noch viel Erfolg auf Steem und im Job

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Studium ist eh wichtiger ;)

I am fascinated by how efficient the recent changes were; I think it shows the best when one looks at trending. Just the fact that one can look at trending without being bored is already something.
Personally it's a bit tough, because being a small account, the new rewards curve is hitting hard. But then, every now and then a big vote is coming in and cause for excitement! It feels honest and like a very positive change; I am absolutely fine with that!

True words. And if the longterm benefits kick in as we all hope they do, small accounts will heavily benefit as well :)

Oh yes, there is that big 'if' as well ;)

Good to have you back! Glad to hear that you are progressing well with your training routine. I'm meanwhile back at running my 10 k loop in one go ;)

(..)the consequences of the hardfork look promising on the first view.

Fully agree. We are not there yet where the new possibilities of the EIP can bring us but it looks promising indeed.

Saying so, I will start using my daily downvote power today

Happy to hear that! If someone like you is taking up on this it will help a lot towards normalizing downvotes. In my opinion downvotes had always been integral for Steem to function as intended. Now with the separate mana pool, there is a real chance that downvotes will be used as widely as needed. And I'm confident, the more they are used the less igniting they will be perceived.

What I also appreciate is the reduction of the 15 min vote penalty window. Going down to 5 min now makes it possible again to curate the New section at the 4-5 min edge. I'm trying to reserve time for going there every day.

Congrats on the 10k :)

Regarding the downvotes, I agree that they have to become a „normal“ thing. Curious when I will receive the first revenge flags though 😅

And yeah, no more „long“ waiting for the vote to be more effective.

As you say - So far things look promising :)

Ich finde es außerordentlich begrüßenswert, wie du deine Prioritäten setzt! An erster Stelle Beruf(ung), dann Sport um gesund und fit zu bleiben, dabei noch Zeit einplanen für Spiel und Spaß.

Marathon und Berg Marathon sind sehr ambitionierte Ziele, alle Achtung! Ich selbst laufe erst seit drei Monaten, es macht unglaublich Spaß!

Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei allem, was du tust!

Sehr cool, dass du auch mit dem Laufen begonnen hast - Schon ein „Runner‘s High“ erlebt? :)

Ja! Tolles Gefühl! Auch heute, mein erster Intervall Lauf bei Regen! Kam völlig durchnässt zuhause an, aber happy. ;)

Good to see you!

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Great to see this update! Sounds like you found a great place to be and maybe gain a healthier relationship towards Steem with it ;-) We'll see you around when we'll see you around!

(Great photos too :D)

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