A bit of Graffiti in Downtown Milford

A bit of Graffiti in Downtown Milford

Graffiti Downtown Milford.jpg

Sony A6500 169mm F8 1/160 ISO 125
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I saw this graffiti on the side of a building in Milford the other day and thought it would be good for a post for @juliank's Thursday Color Photography contest

Details of his contest can be found here

It's not the most artistic bit of graffiti but I thought it was kind of fun and it is colorful,

I wonder how many people walk down this side walk and are so focused on their phone or looking straight ahead never notice this as they walk by

I may just share this on Farcebook and share on a local page and see if anyone knows where it is, But I should say Photographers cannot answer as we tend to be observant and looking around so I am sure most of them will know where it is

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!steemitworldmap 41.222014 lat -73.057572 long Downtown Milford CT d3scr


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I adore street art and graffiti. People would be surprised about the amount of raw talent roaming the streets.

Ohh yes I am the same and amazed by all the talent that is out there

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It's a great find, it's authentic home-made street art!

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