Travel with Tara : Color Challenge : #WednesdayYellow : Yellowstone!

in #colorchallenge3 years ago

Let's just call it yellow :P
These pics were taken at Yellowstone National Park, USA.
My entry for the Color Challenge by @kalemandra!

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Photos are well made and that is an interesting place, but it would be nice if you would describe in short what we are looking at? A thermal well? Does it have a name? Upvoted, @taraamin77, but please don't leave it just like that.

I have done several posts on Yellowstone before, hence I did not think it was necessary to post more details.
But just FYI, they are the areas surrounding the geysers.
The area around The Grand Prismatic Geyser.

Beautiful place and photography. following you....

Thank you :)

its not full yellow its yellow or some an others @taraamin77

Thank you for the observation.

Very special place, the yellow is caused by sulphur. Up and resteemed.

Thank you so much! :) The sulphur stench was strong too.

nice pictures :)

Thank you :)

So this is a pace that could potentially erupt and do so much damage?

It could totally erupt in a few years.

very good taramin77


Thank you :)

Wow this is soo w

This is so cool! Awesome photos! If it sprays on you it'll burn the skin I'm guessing? :O

Well, you will dissolve entirely :P

Awesome photography with this color.I am voting you.Please check my post.

thank you :)

I need to go there for sure!!

You definitely should. It's beautiful! :)

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