Color Challenge - Wednesday Yellow - Black Eyed Susans


Black Eyed Susans for #wednesdayyellow Got a little extra nature in this photo with the small bee.


Another close up of a single bloom.


Here's the whole plant in a nice little bed with a few other flowers.

Minneapolis, Minnesota. September 2018. All Photos Original.


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Beautiful photos
Bee included.
Flowers and bees go together.
I also love that they stay in bloom a long time.

Yes black eyed susans are beautiful, easy and long lasting :)

TO make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,—
One clover, and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do
If bees are few.
*Emily Dickinson

Your first photo made me think of this favorite poem!

Perfect. I am quite impressed with your knowledge of poems. Literacy is being lost I'm afraid...

Oh I certainly hope not! I know a lot of kids that read. My granddaughter started and finished reading a 500-page book when she was here this weekend. Maybe I should include more of my favorite poems and paragraphs with my posts.

Yes there are beacons of hope :) My kids are actually not bad. My youngest actually read Lord of the Rings during his freshman year of college just as recreational reading around his classes and other activities. My older son doesn't read as much but has become a very good writer. What is lacking is people like you that can drop a poem or literary reference into daily conversation AND others pick up on reference and can relate. The shared common body of literature isn't really there anymore. They are teaching different things these days and memorization is right out.

Fab shot of the cheery yellow flowers.

Yes a last bit of summer cheer from the garden :)

Beautiful colors, it's good because this morning the sky is gray.

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of yellow flower.
I really like this picture.

Good luck in the challenge.

love first photo!

thanks @kuklamasha that one is my favorite also

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