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When I lived in Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, I would love to go pick fresh tropical fruits off the tree and eat them at every opportunity that I had. They were abundant and everywhere in the countryside. One of the favorite fruits was the green mangoes, which is my entry into the #colorchallenge #photography for #ThursdayGreen. Once you try green mangoes, you will be addicted to it. I can guaranteed you that.


Raw, green mangoes are extremely pungent, tarty, crispy, and sour so they’re best eaten with an accompanying condiment or dipping sauce. The simplest condiment is salt and hot chili peppers. Take one or two chili peppers and crush them up with a spoon until finely grounded or cut them up with a pair of scissors into tiny pieces. Add one to two tablespoons of salt. Some people like to add shrimp salt; I personally dislike that smell. And there you have it, a dipping condiment to pair with your mango or another fruit that you want to enhance the flavors to.


Finding the right mangoes that can be eaten raw is not as simple as it seems. Certain mangoes taste great when eaten raw, others are just too sour. The one in this photograph is called Xoài tượng in Vietnamese. You do have to be on the lookout for them at the Asian grocery stores if you want to give them a try. Sometimes you would see them in the supermarket with the green skin, however upon closer observation, they are going through the ripening process. That is not what you want. Otherwise when you cut open the mango, it would be slightly yellow and swishy and not as crispy. The texture and color that you’re looking for is a white crispy one. Cost ranges from $1.50-$3.00 per pound.


As I sat here taking pictures and writing about the mangoes, my mouth is salivating like Pavlov’s dog. I have many fond memories with this fruit, that for sure. I remember when I was living in an American refugee camp based out of the Philippines, there were mango trees everywhere. But because we didn’t have enough to eat in the camp, everyone picked off all of the fruits before they ripened. Except for the mango trees at the Buddhist temple in region 7. I never saw anyone pick the mangoes from there and the fruits just hang there temping me. To this day, I still don’t understand why people didn’t pick off the mangoes at the temple because every day, I would see the monks sweeping the ones that dropped on the ground and put them in thetrash. Mangoes that have dropped on the ground tasted just fine as well. But again, no one ever touched those mangoes. Hopefully I will find out the answer in the future.


Photos taken with iPhone X.

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loooks yumm

Definitely good stuff!

Where in the Philipines have you lived? Different islands, different looking mangoes @nuoctuong. But we have this green mango with shrimp paste! Ahhh, I can't stop thinking of it! We can do a lot of things to a mango, believe me. In my area, during mango season a kilogram would cost around $1.00 USD.

We live in Galang. It’s an area that the Americans leased from the Philippines to house refugees from Vietnam.

In my country (Venezuela) the green mango is also consumed in a very similar way. Here we add salt, pepper, vinegar and "adobo" ... In seasons there are those who sell it on the street, sometimes they put a "secret" sauce (they never say what the ingredients are), it is DIVINE!!
The bad thing about buying it from those vendors is that they dont always comply with good hygiene measures and it is quite likely to get an upset stomach.

mango verde.jpg
Image from Google.

PD: Now that I see your photos, I'm also salivating like Pavlov's dogs, hahaha. I will definitely try them with Chilli Peppers.
Greetings from this side of the world!

When I was in Costa Rica, we had something like the picture you shared above. My wife (then girlfriend) and I drove through the country in a jeep. We stopped everywhere and along the way we saw men and women selling bagged mangoes. We paid something like 200 colons which I think was like 0.50 US Dollar. It was quite divine. I wish I can be back to Central and South America again.

Chào a ạ^^ ng việt sống ở nc ngoài

Chao em.

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In south Africa we eat it with spice and vinegar .id definately try what you posted

Have you tried it with fish sauce and chili peppers? That's another good combination.

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Em thích ăn quả này lắm, ở Việt Nam đang là mùa xoài.

Lần trước anh về Việt Nam ăn Xoài xanhquá chua đi. Giờ nhớ lại còn Chảy nước miếng🤤🤤

xoài có nhiều loại lắm anh ạ :) có quả xanh mà chua nhẹ rôn rốt ý. Mấy tuần trước em nghiện xoài nặng ý, thích xoài hạt lép an giang, mỗi ngày ăn khoảng 1kg trong vòng 1 tuần liền ý!

Have you tried the Alphonso mangoes of India? They're supposed to be the best tasting mangoes of the world.

Ở VN hình như ko có loại này nhưng em search thấy nó giống xoài cát chu chín ở Việt Nam anh ạ!

nó trông rất ngon nhìn thấy muốn ăn và chảy nước miếng rùi

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