ColorChallenge - FridaySkyBlue - Some spring!

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Dear Steemies, today is blue, FridaySkyBlue!

Click on the image to see it in full resolution!

I invite you all to this permanent challenge! Color your day with your own photo or artwork, relating the color of the current day. We have 7 chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow has 7 colors. A week is equal to 7 days. Days are colors.

  • MondayRed
  • TuesdayOrange
  • WednesdayYellow
  • ThursdayGreen
  • FridaySkyblue
  • SaturdayIndigo
  • SundayPurple

What to do?

Resteem and upvote this post (if you want). Post something (photo, artwork) with the color of the day. The photos must be original content! Don't forget to title and tag your post: #ColorChallenge (first tag!) and tag the color day as well. Repeat it 7 times or more, with the 7 colors.

You can download the colorchallenge banners from here:

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Welcome to InspirationChallenge - The first one of 2018! Deadline is TODAY, 12:00 CET, 12 January, 2018




Vinca! Oh, how I love this flower. Did you know that if you pick one carefully, then carefully remove the green stem from the very end/bottom of the flower without breaking the bottom of the flower, there is often a tiny edible sweet nectar drop that you can drink/suck gently out of the bottom of the flower like a straw? This in my experience tends to happen more often more the day or so after a rain shower. Don't eat the flower petals or leaves themselves, though. It is mildly poisonious, has some medicinal properties such as for high blood pressure and for controlling bleeding, and touching it is fine but don't actually try to EAT a flower unless you are under strict care of an herbalist/doctor/etc! I'm not an expert, just a devoted lover of all things green. I love learning all about flowers, herbs, etc. and their properties.

I grew up calling it Vinca, instead of Periwinkle, because my dad was an environmental biologist/engineer for much of my young life and taught me many names of plants, often both the common and scientific-- an interest which continued into adulthood. I have many childhood memories connested to Vinca, and this is such a lovely photo, I just felt inspired to share. I send good vibes your way, hope you have a fabulous day :)

Thank you for these infos. I'm not a herbalist, but sometimes take some herb I know. Vinca is one of my favourite spring flower, and, of course i never eat it. :)))

Memories. :) I am not an herbalist either though my family sometimes will mention that they think I should become one, ha ha... The problem for me is that I have so many interests in life that I don't even know what to do with myself. Maybe someday I will grow up and choose. ;D
I remember my dad being very careful to tell me to not eat it while showing me how to very gently sip out the little tiny nectar drops from the bottom of the flowers. Sometimes it's weird what we remember from childhood, lol.

Lovely pics! Did you use a zoom or laid down close to the subject?

Thank you! I laid down :)))

Am amazing addition to colorchallenge contest! The blue flowers in photo are look so enchanting and I love sky blue color. Nice to visit your blog!

I will try my best and participate in the contest hopefully I will win it..I love anything contest

These are such beautiful reminders that spring will be here sooner than we know.

A lovely shad of beautiful!

i appreciate your post ^^! Thanks.

so beautiful these tender flowers!

the pictures you put are beautiful, I love them

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