ColorChallenge: FridaySkyBlue - Light-blue waves

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I invite you all to this permanent challenge, that has already been succesful at the NIUME community as well. Feel free to upload awsome artworks or photos, relating the color of the current day.
We have 7 chakras with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow has 7 colors. A week is equal to 7 days. Days are colors.








What to do?

  • Resteem and upvote this post (if you want).
  • Post something (photo, artwork) with the color of the day.
  • The photos must be original content!
  • Don't forget to title and tag your post: #ColorChallenge (first tag!) and tag the color day as well.
  • Repeat it 7 times or more, with the 7 colors.
  • Put your links of your entries in a comment bellow.

Today is blue, FridaySkyBlue. Your posts can be searched by tags, and we'll help each other by seeing, commenting and sharing them.

I made a new Steemit account, @colorchallenge. All of its revenue will be distributed among the best participants.

At last, here is my entry for today, my acrylic painting, Light blue waves:



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Hi kalemandra So much fun this, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your challenge
I've also joined your

Great idea! Think I might finally be pushed to start taking my camera out again! :D

My submission for MondayRed

so peaceful!

thank you @kalemandra :)

Beautiful as always never doubt you

Beautiful and comforting :)

now that looks like some chinese porcelain, let's see what i can find in that color today.

I always get it wrong- I uploaded all my blue work yesterday lol!
That is a beautiful painting, so tranquil!!

Beautiful paintings. following you , I am @theia7 new to steemit.


Thanks I followed back. I'm trying to follow as many artists as possible :-)


That is a very nice initiative :)


I have followed you :) Lovely work!


Thanks, I followed you too! I think I managed to follow all the artists in this thread but it's going to get tricky as more people comment, lol!


It hard to stay on top of lol, I was away for the last 18 hours and I am back and trying to get back to everyone and it is definitely something you need to stay ahead of or it gets out of hand!


Good post

I started yesterday with this post and continued today with this one. I love this #colorchallenge so much! Thank you dear :)

Thanks for the challenge, I have resteemed! Here's my BLUE challenge for today:

Hey .. That is a nice initiative ..people will surely be busy and surely will Have fun :) .. I have one question thou ... IT is according to which time zone ??? :)
Upvoted !

Soothing beauty...ahhhhhh. Upvoted and resteemed.

Beautiful patterns.

Wow, simply Beautiful :))

I am so excited to join this. I am now a follow of yours and i will be following the challenge page as well.

My fridayskyblue entry

My bluesky is a bit dark but it's already midnight in my country))

New to Steemit as of today!!! Just participated in the color challenge! Fun stuff!! Here is my post:

That's beautiful :)

wow, great reward! congratulations! :)

Love this idea.... just didn't have an indigo painting on hand, so I'll have to wait for the next rotation. (Saturday here) Great work! Gw

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Nice painting!
Upvoted and followed.
Please refollow and upvote my art if you like id :)

Very nice :)

Start your week with a Steemit positive message Kalemandra!

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation" - Robert H. Schuller





I'm sure to the hit the upvote button. This is wonderful...

Good concept and I love the Friday sky blue color

Great blog post with the pics on it! This one is pretty cool, like the rooftops.

Hi @kalemandra, I am just started my color challenge journey! I enjoy this challenge and I also love the share the message behind all the pictures that I upload! Thank you for creating such a platform for us to share our pictures! Cheers!

This will be my Thursday Green!

And this will be my Friday Blue!